Design Your Perfect Storage Wall with Modular Pieces from Contempo Space (2024)

February 15, 2024 by Dane Collins.

Use Contempo Space's unique collection of innovative modular pieces to build your storage solution with creativity and style. Imagine seamlessly integrating shelves, drawers, cabinets, and open spaces designed for TVs or decorative items, all within arm's reach. But why stop there? With our versatile Studio pier wall, you can create an opening for your platform bed—one of our custom designs or your existing platform bed—complete with built-in shelves and drawers that double as functional nightstands, mirrors, and more.

Our modular system is designed with flexibility in mind, featuring a variety of pieces such as the Alta and Aventa wardrobes, the luxurious Bella collection, corner units for those challenging spaces, and storage toppers to ensure your storage reaches all the way to the ceiling (never neglect your vertical space!).

Understanding the Basics: Modular Pieces Explained

When embarking on the journey to create your ideal storage wall, starting with a foundation of knowledge about the pieces you'll be working with is essential. Contempo Space offers a diverse array of modular units, each designed to serve a specific function (or set of functions) while also providing the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with other pieces for a custom storage solution.

Alta Wardrobes: These free-standing wardrobes are the workhorses of our collection. Available in various configurations, Alta wardrobes can stand alone or be combined side by side to create larger units. Standard dimensions start at 72 inches in height and 21.75 inches in depth, but don't forget that customization is our specialty.

The versatility of Alta wardrobes makes them an ideal starting point. Their various configurations, from single-door models to larger, multi-compartment units, ensure that there's an Alta that fits whether you're storing clothes, linens, or miscellaneous items. Side-by-side combinations create expansive storage walls that look as though they were built with your space in mind.

For those who desire more, storage toppers can be added to extend the height, reaching up to the ceiling if needed.

  • Alta Narrow Wardrobe Closet - Left Door, 2 Exterior Drawers


  • Alta Wardrobe Armoire - 3 External Drawers


  • Alta Wardrobe Cabinet - 3 Shelves, Double Doors


  • Alta Wardrobe Armoire - 3 Drawer Wardrobe, Shelves, Hangrod


Aventa TV Wardrobes: Centered around entertainment, the Aventa units are designed with a space for your television, flanked by closets, drawers, and/or shelves to keep electronics, media, and accessories organized and accessible. Matching the Alta in default height and depth dimensions, these pieces ensure a cohesive look when combined, creating a functional and stylish entertainment area for the bedroom (or living room).

  • Aventa Bedroom TV Armoire - 4 Drawer


  • Aventa TV Chest - Chest with TV Space, 8 Drawers, Wardrobe Doors


  • Aventa TV Wardrobe Wall Unit - Free Standing Bedroom TV Unit


  • Aventa TV Wall Unit for Bedrooms - Free Standing Bedroom Wardrobe Unit


Bella Wardrobes: For those seeking an elevated level of sophistication and capacity, the Bella collection elevates your storage with an additional 16 inches in height, bringing the base to 84.25 inches. These units offer more space and feature upgrades like full-extension drawers and versatile interior configurations. Like their counterparts, Bella wardrobes can be topped off with storage toppers for those who aim to maximize vertical space.

  • Bella Double Hanging Wardrobe Closet with 2 Hang Rods


  • Bella Free Standing Closet - Wardrobe Storage Closet


  • Bella Armoire Wardrobe - Ultimate Bedroom Storage


  • Bella Narrow Wardrobe - Left Opening Door


Corner Wardrobes: To ensure no space is wasted, our corner wardrobes (available in both Alta and Bella styles) are designed to wrap your storage around any corner, providing a seamless transition and utilizing every inch of your room.

  • Alta Corner Wardrobe Closet - Free Standing Corner Closet


  • Bella Corner Wardrobe - Corner Closet w Three Hangrods


Storage Toppers: Available for both straight and corner units, storage toppers are the crowning pieces that allow your storage to reach new heights. With options including single or double doors and shelves, these toppers come in heights of 14”, 22”, or 34”, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every space.

  • Extend Your Height +22" - Alta Wardrobe Storage Topper Right Door


  • Extend Your Height +14" - Alta Wardrobe Storage Topper Double Door


  • Extend Your Height +22" - Alta Wardrobe Storage Topper Corner Unit


  • Extend Your Height +34" - Bella Wardrobe Storage Topper Right Door


Studio Pier Wall: At the heart of our bedroom solutions, the Studio pier wall offers a versatile backdrop for your platform bed—or any kind of bed. Featuring overhead storage, wardrobe cabinets, and options for overhead lighting and mirrors, the Studio wall stands at a default height of 72 inches with an 18.5-inch depth. Designed to complement both Alta and Aventa units, the Studio can be customized in depth to match the 21.75-inch standard or adjusted in height to align with the Bella collection for a seamless bedroom ensemble.

  • Studio Pier Wall Bedroom Set: Storage Headboard with Cabinets


  • Studio Pier Wall Bed with Storage Bridge and Corner Closet


  • Studio Classic Pier Wall 4 Drawer Platform Bed w Mirrored Storagemax Headboard


  • $3,609.00

With this array of modular pieces, the foundation of your custom storage wall is limited only by your imagination. Whether you're looking to display your television, store your wardrobe, or create a complete bedroom solution, Contempo Space has the building blocks you need to start constructing your dream space.

A Deeper Dive

Enhancing Your Bedroom: The Studio Pier Wall

The Studio pier wall stands as a testament to Contempo Space's commitment to combining form and function in bedroom design. This modular piece acts as a backdrop for your bed and a comprehensive solution that incorporates storage, style, and convenience into your sleeping area.

The ability to customize the Studio's depth ensures that it can align perfectly with Alta and Aventa units, creating a seamless transition from bed to storage. Moreover, for those looking to match the elevated stature of the Bella collection, the Studio can be adjusted in height, ensuring a uniform appearance throughout the bedroom.

The inclusion of features such as overhead lighting and mirrors further enhances the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the Studio pier wall, making it a focal point of any bedroom. Whether you're aiming for a minimalist look or a more elaborate setup, the Studio pier wall can be tailored to fit your vision, offering a unique combination of personalization and practicality.

Maximizing Every Corner: Corner Wardrobes and Toppers

Efficient use of space is a hallmark of thoughtful design, and with Contempo Space's corner wardrobes and storage toppers, no area is left underutilized. Corner wardrobes are engineered to fit snugly into the often-overlooked spaces of your room, providing additional storage without disrupting the flow of your design. Available in Alta and Bella styles, these units ensure your storage solution feels continuous and cohesive.

Storage toppers, with their variety of heights, shelving, and door configurations, play a crucial role in extending the utility of both straight and corner wardrobes. Adding these toppers effectively utilizes your vertical space, reaching up to the ceiling and maximizing your storage potential. Whether you're adding a single shelf topper for a subtle increase or a full-height double-door topper for substantial storage, these additions make it possible to tailor your storage wall to your exact needs.

Customization and Integration

One of Contempo Space's defining features is the unparalleled ability to customize nearly every aspect of your furniture, ensuring a perfect fit for your space and style. This customization extends beyond mere dimensions to include finishes, colors, and configurations, allowing you to create a storage solution that is truly your own.

Customizing Dimensions: While the default dimensions of Alta, Aventa, and Bella units are designed to meet most needs, the possibility to further customize these measurements means that even the most challenging spaces can be accommodated. Whether you need a wardrobe that's shorter to fit under a sloped ceiling or a Studio pier wall that's deeper to align with your existing furniture, Contempo Space's design team is equipped to make those adjustments.

Matching Depths and Heights: The integration of different collections within your storage wall is made seamless through customization. The Studio pier wall, for instance, can be customized in depth to match the Alta and Aventa units, creating a uniform facade. Similarly, if you're drawn to the elevated elegance of the Bella collection but wish to incorporate Aventa units, those can be adjusted to match Bella's height, ensuring a cohesive look throughout.

Interior Configurations: Beyond external dimensions and appearances, the interior of your storage units can also be customized to suit your needs. From adjustable shelving to a variety of drawer inserts, your storage can be as personalized inside as it is on the outside. This level of customization ensures that not only does your storage wall fit your space perfectly, but it also serves your unique storage needs efficiently.

Design Inspirations and Practical Applications

To inspire your journey toward building the perfect storage wall, let's explore a few practical applications and design inspirations that showcase the versatility and potential of Contempo Space's modular pieces.

Entertainment and Storage Fusion: Imagine an Aventa TV wardrobe at the center of your living room, flanked by Alta units on either side. This setup not only centralizes your entertainment area but also offers ample storage for electronics, books, and decorative items, creating a focal point that's both functional and stylish.

A Bedroom Oasis: Utilize a Studio pier wall as the backdrop for your bed, integrating overhead storage and built-in nightstands for a minimalist yet functional bedroom. Expand outward with Alta wardrobes on either side, ensuring all your clothing and accessories are within reach. The seamless integration creates a harmonious bedroom environment that's clutter-free and calming.

Home Office Integration: In a home office, combine open shelving units with closed wardrobes to create a space that's both organized and inviting. A custom storage wall can house your books, display decorative items, and conceal office supplies, ensuring a tidy workspace conducive to productivity. We even have computer armoires that include a built-in desk and can be combined with Alta wardrobes for seamless storage.

Transforming Your Garage into a Storage Powerhouse: Envision a garage wall lined with Alta wardrobes, customized to store and organize tools, sports equipment, and seasonal decorations, keeping everything within easy reach yet out of sight. Integrate open shelving units for quick access to frequently used items, and consider a combination of closed cabinets for valuable or sensitive materials.

Planning Your Custom Storage Wall

Embarking on the creation of your custom storage wall with Contempo Space is a journey of imagination and personal expression. And we make it easy! Here's how to get started:

  1. Measure Your Space: Begin by accurately measuring the space where you intend to install your storage wall. Consider ceiling height, room width, and any architectural features that might influence the design, including floor molding.
  2. Envision Your Needs: Think about what you want to achieve with your storage wall. Is it primarily for storage, entertainment, or a combination of both? What items will you be storing, and how much space do they require?
  3. Consult with Our Experts: Reach out to Contempo Space's design team with your measurements and ideas. They can provide guidance on how to best utilize your space, suggest pieces that meet your needs, and help with customization options.
  4. Review and Customize: With the design team's help, review potential layouts and configurations. Customize the dimensions, finishes, and interior configurations to ensure your storage wall is perfectly tailored to your needs.
  5. Place Your Order: Once you're satisfied with the design, place your order. Contempo Space will take care of the rest, from manufacturing to delivery and setup, ensuring a hassle-free process.

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Design Your Perfect Storage Wall with Modular Pieces from Contempo Space (2024)
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