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Welcome to Hix Marine Services, a full-service professional marine repair center. We’re located in Bradenton, Florida and we service boats from Manatee and Sarasota counties.

We’re no stranger to boat maintenance and outboard repairs. Hix Marine Services was established in 1989 and we have repaired hundreds of boats and motors. Throughout the years we’ve been honored to meet many good people and we consider each customer a friend.

Because we’re boaters, we know the importance of a good running and properly maintained boat. We are experienced and knowledgeable boaters ourselves who also enjoy running a marine repair business and we take great pride in our work.  

Call Hix Marine Services and allow us to meet all your boat maintenance and repair needs. We are located in a secure and private location situated in Trailer Estates, Bradenton. For easy access from Sarasota Bay you can find Hix Marine Services east of Mile Marker 16, NE 30º. Click the link below for driving directions. We look forward to meeting you. Happy boating folks!


Can I rent a boat in Lewiston without having the proper license? The answer is yes, but there are certain restrictions. If you live within 15 miles of one of California’s oceans or large lakes (Sacramento River) and have a driver's license then all that is necessary for renting boats from local providers like ABC Water Sports Rentals LLC., 

Are You Sure This Is Legal: Can Anyone with an Owner’s Permit Take Their Boat Out Without Being Fully Licensed?: LA Times says no!


In California, you do not need a Fake Driver license to drive boats. All that's required for operation are the boat and safety certification exam! As of January 1st 2018 there will be an updated law where anyone who operates one in CA must have completed their lifetime card which costs $10 at time of application

A new regulation went into effect on 01/01/2018 requiring all boaters over 16 years old applying for either renewal or initial registration with DMV (Motor Vehicle Department) after 12 months from original date they became qualified operators by passing approved Boating Safety Exams


In addition to the card-carrying regulation, California law places some age restrictions on boat operations. You must be 16 years or older (or have your parent's permission) if you want:

1) To operate a motorboat that weighs over 30 pounds per square foot of engine/propulsion unit and has 15 horsepower or more; 2 )Use one fake id as driver in an "unauthorized use" situation - such as fishing without being licensed by both state & local authorities who govern where they allow this activity at any given time depending upon seasonal conditions 3a.)Operate ANY vessel(sailboats included!) weighing less than 400lbs


The safety of your boating operation can be increased with a little help from these courses. They are available to anyone who would like them and will allow you to obtain the "boater card." Statistics show that those who have passed these tests before had less chance for accidents or fatalities in their vessels, so it's worth investing!

When you pass the course exam, your boat insurance premium may go down. If convicted of a moving violation while operating it can lead to even more difficulty with proving ownership and legal possession if caught by law enforcement officers who are not familiar with boating laws; in this case we recommend taking an approved DMV-approved course before they catch up!


Liability insurance is not required to drive a boat, but it's recommended that you have this coverage. Accidents can be costly and property damage may occur if there are any injuries or lawsuits involved in an accident while boating. The premium for liability policies typically comes out cheaper than repair costs from accidents as well so make sure your policy covers what matters most: protecting yourself!

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