Our Interior Designers Say These Once-Popular Kitchen Trends Are Set To Come Back & Dominate 2024 - House Digest (2024)

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Our Interior Designers Say These Once-Popular Kitchen Trends Are Set To Come Back & Dominate 2024 - House Digest (1)

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The kitchen is the centerpiece of any home. It's a place to gather, to eat, and to pile things on the table as soon as you step in the door. For 2024, our experts predict these once-popular kitchen trends are set to not only make a comeback, but dominate the year in design. In this House Digest exclusive, leaders in the world of interior design pull back the curtain on what you can expect to see on your favorite HGTV shows, in showrooms around the country, and even in friends and family's homes who are doing renovations. If you are shopping for inspiration for your own kitchen, this is also a great place to begin.

The look and feel of a kitchen is important to setting the tone of the rest of the house. Trends of the past might inspire nostalgia in you, or give you the ick — depending on how you remember them. Luckily, the resurgence of natural wood cabinets, colorful marble backsplashes, and terrazzo flooring all come with a modern twist. Some options, like a kitchen with lots of plants, never seem to have gone out of style at all. Whether you love them or hate them, these trends are here to stay.

Rich, natural wood from the 70s style kitchen

In 2024, you will likely start seeing kitchens that look straight from the 1970s. "For years, we have been scared of darker wood tones in the kitchen, and normally go for an ashy light oak or simply painted cabinets, but the curve is changing in 2024," Carissa Henderson, Interior Designer and Design Coach at A Bold New Hue, told HouseDigest in an exclusive interview. Designers are branching out and embracing the boldness that comes with darker colors.

"We are starting to get tired of the stale, modern kitchen and are going to see a rise in embracing a more traditional look but with a modern twist," Henderson continued. "Warmth and texture is coming back into the kitchen in a big way." The stale kitchen might be the abundance of all-white options on the market — which might feel a bit sterile to some. Bright, painted cabinets have also been fashionable in the past, but might be falling out of favor. Instead, Henderson insists that 2024 is going to be about creating warm, comfortable kitchens instead of rooms that are just functional. Darker wood is the way to do this.

Rounded kitchen islands and cabinetry inspired by the 1970s

Shape is such an important part of making a room visually exciting. In 2024, trends borrowed from the 1970s and 80s are coming back to keep spaces looking fresh. "[That era] really embraced curvy and abstract structural elements in design. Rounded corners and soft edges are going to become more popular as we go through 2024," Henderson told us. "We have already seen the curve revolution in furniture, and this is going to become even more infused into the actual structural elements of the home. Go for a postmodern kitchen style or mix these curves with more traditional kitchen features. Either way, the look is super elegant and eye-catching."

She's not alone in her assessment, as Artem Kropovinsky, Founder & Principal Designer of Arsightagrees. "The geometric designs were one of the most popular features in interiors during the 1980s but are now back," he shared in an exclusive interview with HouseDigest. "They are once again finding their way into wallpapers, textiles, and art. It is about the provision of arenas that marry memories with revival culture."

Colorful and bold marble slabs from the 80s

The 1980s were all about bold statements and plenty of color. Because of this, many of the design trends from this era are playful and bright. For this reason, Henderson believes statement marble pieces will be all over in 2024. "The basic white quartz countertop and backsplash has been used in almost every kitchen remodel for the last 10 years," she shared. "Recently design has been shifting towards a lot of 80's influence with lighting and furniture."

Instead of neutral, familiar options, like white or grey marble, the trend in 2024 is to make countertops a bit more exciting. "Now we are tired of the basic quartz and bringing bold, gaudy 80's glamour back to the KITCHEN as well," Henderson said. "Not only are you going to see really bold marble in fun shades, but you are going to see more fully drenched walls and especially fully covered marble islands. Not only that, but you are going to see some mix and matching of statement marble as well!" In the past, kitchens have embraced color through painted cabinetry or statement appliances. These days, the countertops themselves can provide all this and more.

Rattan furniture from the 1970s creates a vintage vibe

Our Interior Designers Say These Once-Popular Kitchen Trends Are Set To Come Back & Dominate 2024 - House Digest (5)


Once considered an option for just hippies and bohemians, rattan furniture will be back in a big way in the mainstream in 2024. It's durable, versatile, and has a cool natural look that adds a cozy vibe to kitchens. "The resurgence of rattan furniture is marking a return to the vintage trend with modern-day comfort to give a seventies look that blends well with contemporary aesthetics," Kropovinsky shared. "This comeback emphasizes our need for natural textures and sustainable materials in our spaces."

In a world full of mass-produced stuff, rattan furniture adds a touch of authenticity and uniqueness. It brings a timeless elegance to any kitchen and its natural texture and earthy tones give off a chill and cozy atmosphere. The durability of rattan furniture is also why people love it. Made from the strong stems of the rattan palm, this furniture can handle a lot of wear and tear. Rattan doesn't easily warp or break, so it lasts a long time. This makes it a great investment for homeowners. Plus, rattan furniture goes with pretty much any interior style. Whether your kitchen has a rustic, coastal, bohemian, or modern vibe, rattan fits right in. You can easily customize it with cushions or throws to match your taste. And there are all sorts of rattan furniture pieces, like chairs, tables, and storage units, to fit your space and needs.

Vibrant color blocking from the 1960s

While white kitchens might be seen as timeless by some, 2024 will see designers lean into the bright and fun colors of years past. "If the 1960s taught us anything, it's bold color choices," Henderson told us. "This trend is going to be prominent in eclectic kitchen design styles, especially in the peach, yellow, and pistachio color palette." We will be treated to color popping up in the most delightful of ways. Those who long felt constrained by design's penchant for neutrals will finally be able to break out of the box.

"We are going to start seeing color on countertops and mix and matching cabinets," Henderson continued. "After so much of the sad beige trend over the years, we are now craving personality and vibrancy in our spaces!" While painted cabinets for pops of color have been the norm for years, 2024 might see the comeback of laminate countertops. They were popular in the 1960s and come in many different colors. As seen in the photo, color can also come through chairs as well. These shades look particularly nice when mixed with the dark wood cabinets also suggested by Henderson.

Indoor plants add a touch of nature

Our Interior Designers Say These Once-Popular Kitchen Trends Are Set To Come Back & Dominate 2024 - House Digest (7)


House plants in the kitchen can serve many practical purposes. Herbs like basil, mint, and rosemary, can be grown on a windowsill. This way, they are always close by for dinner and you get the benefit of fresh clippings in your meals. This also promotes sustainability by reducing reliance on packaged herbs and minimizing food waste. Having plants around can also make us simply feel better, especially if we live in urban environments without much greenery.

"Integrating indoor plants inside urban spaces such as those seen during the seventies houseplant boom reflects our need for nature connections within such settings," Kropovinsky told us. "This marks important aspects of biophilic design which enhances well-being through bringing some part of nature into our homes." Studies show that exposure to indoor greenery can reduce stress levels, boost mood, and increase productivity. In the kitchen, where daily tasks like meal preparation and cleanup can sometimes feel like chores, the presence of plants can help create calm. They also just look nice! It's easy to add visual interest to the smallest of kitchens with plants. Hanging or trailing plants can make creative use of vertical space, maximizing storage and adding functionality to kitchens with limited square footage.

Terrazzo flooring from the 1970s adds a playful touch

Our Interior Designers Say These Once-Popular Kitchen Trends Are Set To Come Back & Dominate 2024 - House Digest (8)

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We are in our kitchens a lot, so we need a flooring choice that will hold up. Terrazzo is known for its durability, making it a great option to have in high-traffic areas of the home like the kitchen. It's also bright and fun visually — making it a great conversation piece, or just something fun to look at during hours of meal preparation. "Terrazzo flooring, after being forgotten since its inception in the mid-century era, is making a come-back on stage," Kropovinsky said. "It is loved because it can be colored easily as well as applied anywhere due to its attractiveness to both residential and commercial spaces hence echoing 70s' ethos – practicality meets playfulness."

It is made by combining different materials like marble, quartz, granite, and glass then embedding them in cement or epoxy to create a smooth surface with colorful specks, forming a visually striking mosaic effect. It can be polished to be quite shiny, or remain matte — depending on your preferences.


Our Interior Designers Say These Once-Popular Kitchen Trends Are Set To Come Back & Dominate 2024 - House Digest (2024)
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