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Howdy Leonardo Milhomem – Brasilia, Brazil Cicada Photos December 31, 2005 2005 Archive of Annual Cicada Signtings July 17, 2004 June 8th – July 17th 2004 Cicada Comments Cicada Watches Transit of Venus Preserving cicadas Earler post They’rrre Gonnne!!! Still nothing on Long Island Weird white abdomens None Here… NONE! ZIP! NADA ONE! Gone but not forgotten! Maryland Cicada Vacation Still Not Here……….. Thank God they’re gone!!! FRESH AIR, AT LAST!! Missing those fascinating creatures terribly Got Wings!!! Still here Freaking OUT!!!!!!!! Where are they (in S.E. Mich.)? preserving cicadas Cicadas in New York Males mostly gone only a few females, but what about the eggs? miss them already Yaay they are almost gone! Did we miss out? They’re outta here! Bye bye Cicadas Cicada Status They’re all over the place A new emergence area in 2021? All Is Quiet Cicadas fading away… Last Call at the Cicada Singles’ Bar Alas, they are mostly dead by now Gone No Cicadas CICADAS Lifespan Any Cicadas in Havre de Grace MD? Fading Away Brood X is going strong here Fading Away Fading Away Brood X is going strong here Brood X Dying Off Cicadas CIcadas still in full swing? Cicadas a-plenty here Cicada Free Weekend Any cicadas in Blacksburg, VA? they’re still around Still Sleeping I guess cicadas still in Princeton Losing hope on Long Island Ivy League Cicadas Could They Still Emerge? shadow42 i have found only two empty shells in my yard Thriving in Nockamixon State Park wow Cicadas in Hoosier National Forest, Indiana Starting to die off on the east coast The cicadas are singing in Ann Arbor! No Brood X in Wash. State 🙁 Sightings Aplenty in Ann Arbor, Mich still waiting in detroit hypocenter of activity Cicadas in New York Not Dead Yet! Found One Answer to “Where are they?” (Karyn, Hazlet, NJ) Cicada Countdown Will some males be alive on July 2? Finally found some…. To Marie about the Cicada wings They are Gone! (I hope!) To “CicadaX2001” Scared to Death cicada sighting 1987 Film Fest in honor of Brood X Cicada wings Cicadas in Baltimore Mostly females remaining here… To Lisa about Kings Dominion LOCATION OF CICADA Puzzel of the Chinese Cicadas Mindy’s Prayers and LI Cicadas it’s been weeks of cicada events Dying Out in DC So far, so good! They are here! I Hope it is True No cicadas during Reagan’s procession THEY ARE DYING OFF Waiting for Magicicada on Long Island Baltimore again … They have arrived in South Brunswick Going away anytime soon HELP Seventeen years? Or Sixteen? Cicadas in Baltimore Waiting and Hoping (still) Magicada Cassini confirmed/// Cicadas in show business they are coming Hey PENNSYLVANIA: Look Here gone to soon on the wane Cicada Psalm unpredictable On the Wane To Jim @ West Chester/Pottstown sightings along rt. 519, NJ What’s going on in Baltimore? Cicada Wings for Debbie There gone!!!! We’ve had lots of them for 2 weeks strong cicada microscope images Going away anytime soon? Saw only one today…. Cicadas in New York Return to the ground WHEN WILL THEY BE GONE? Im so scared Not seen any Where they won’t be: Great Fishing! Poem: My Lady Cicada cicada sighting Traveling for Cicada’s No Cicadas yet! None here yet Cicada (Locust) they are here :oO Wings/Recording Cicadas Long Island Update Cicada City PA – where to see them Where are they? To Gerry in North Mass. Cicada songs I’ll sure miss this Magicicadical craziness! Visited Princeton as per Advice: Great! June 18, 2004 June 17th – Nov 26th 2004 Cicada Comments Found nymph in shallow soil thanks Lindsay Australian cicada website moved just sayin hey About the microhabitat selection of the emergence of cicadas Because they don’t cicadas found cicada Want that sound NH sighting Cicadas in Il Howz it. Thanks Shells It was a GREAT cicada season! They say there is a monster underneath the bed… welcome back! CICADA cicada season found cicadas in yard Cicadas are everywhere What’s that noise? Hi Cicada on my window! Back from Vacation cicada sighting It isn’t over until the last cicada sings… Finally!! Deer Tick = LYME lots “o” cicadas! LI cicada sightings! Brood X: the Next Generation saw first cicada They’re here! Ann I’ve got at least one where are they A huge one fell into my pool Baby cicada Waiting for Hatchlings, and Remembering a Long Hunt Nymphs Hatched from Eggs: Clarification No Brood X’s live in Texas Cicada Brood Unknown nymphs Hatched Nymphs: Think I’ve Finally Seen Them?! Very last septendecim? I got pictures! first one tonite they are hatching! They are here!!!! brood x in 2005? Tibicens Wait Till Next Year? another Brood X location on Long Island They’re Here! Cicada siting Christmas in July Comic strip Don’t expect questions to be answered on the message board Tibicen soundfiles? 2004-07-09 ARIZONA /TUCSON /CHERRY ST /(Just So. of UofA) cicada fairwell Cab i cicada??? spotted They are invading Vegas First Chloromera Cicadas…in Goethe’s Faust! Cicadas in Texas Finally Arrived! lots of cicadas SIGHTING! First Tibicen! Cicada Protection And the Endangered Species act Sightings First Cicada A cicada in our yard The Very Very Last Magicicada Septendecim! One cicada heard Friday am, July 2 Lack of sightings on Long Island Tibicens Cicada eggs and nymphs Lonely cicada heard Magicicada e-group heard one Heard one Eggs – part 2 Eggs? Alas, absent in Ann Arbor X Files Some cicadas still around in Western PA Cicada Wedding in 1987 Cicada Display Rainy days & Resin Singing, Flagging, eggs Egg Rescue Periodicals quieter, Annuals making some noise Nearby sighting, for the record cicada First annual (Tibicen) cicada heard today! Are they still singing around here? Periodicals quieter, Annuals making some noise Nearby sighting, for the record cicada First annual (Tibicen) cicada heard today! Help with casting… Resin Bubbles Haven’t seen one Casting In Resin… A few straggler Cicadas still going in Princeton Cicada singing New Search in Connetquoit Park A cicada carving Patapsco State Park Cicadas patapsco state park? thanks to marie Waning cicadas and messages Long Search At Connetquot State Park New Yahoo Group Don’t go to Cincinnati Forget about periodical cicadas LI Cicada Time Line for Elkridge Md eggs Anyone know when they will be gone? eggs… How can you tell when the eggs are dropping?? Any eggs dropping yet? CICADA Sightings and Hearings PA – still a few A Magicicada Mystery on Long Island Fruitlless Search Tonight In Suffolk Co. LI Fruitlless Search Tonight In Suffolk Co. LI Miracle Cicadas got some! Magicicada Musings Ann Arbor Cicadas My Dad and the cicadas Cicadas in NY!!! Havre de Grace, Cassini behavior etc. Heard some in Towson, MD on Fri. Sat. RE: Large Cicada Why So Late On LI Large cicadas are Tibicens (“annuals”) FINALLY!!! To Lenny looking on Long Island Pictures Brood X meets Transit of Venus photo Fond of Cicada’s LARGE CICADA Go To Princeton For Last Look CICADA X O.K. SEARCHING Jersey “Kewl” Any Cicadas Left in New Jersey or Pennsylvania? PA – fading away Where are they??? Andrea, you may be old in 2021 To Michael in Adrian SICK SICK SICK preserving cicadas June 8, 2004 May 25th to June 8th 2004 Cicada Comments Cicadas Numbers Declining No more bird talk cicada’s after dark Enough with the birds? To Grace in Abingdon, Md. No Cicadas! Enough with the birds-This is a cicada board They have landed in Georgia… Birds and “fung-cadas” I hate cicadas! I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!! Flying Like Mad Squirels Enjoy Cicaras Terrible Practice Cassinis are still in full swing Invasive Species Killing Birds Killing birds, are you? SO SAD! Cicadas are fewer and fewer! Another location: Valley Forge Mt. Yellow Eyes Still eagerly awaiting Ryan in Towson The Cicadas are here….still On their way out They’re back… cicada destruction I drove 500 Miles to see them!! Cicada`s Lots of Them, AND a Bonus cicada sightings Have seen them in northern surburb of Philadelphia Reply to “West Michigan Cicadas?” Cicadas in Long Island A few show up on S.I. NOTHING Cicada sighting Still waiting….. Cicada`s Where are they? cicada noise near towson drooping branches Canton Michigan cicada sighting cicadas Emergence in Ann Arbor Scared Sister Will be OK lol Today’s Golf and Cicadas in southern IN Cicada Hypothermia Michigan/Ann Arbor Cicadas Where Are the Eggs? Why All the Dropped Branchlets? Dexter-Ann Arbor cicadas cicadas around here? It looked like a cicada, Come Back Cicadas!!! loudest area around baltimore county? no cidadas yet cold affecting cicadas bluebird eating cicada nearest Cicada site Light-eyed cicada! Cicadas on a golf course in China why still nothing and happy about it To Fred in Alexandria and anyone else being invaded by the Cassini None here… Cicadas still with us! No Bugs Lasting New cicada pics! Here in force CIcadas in Long Island THE MARTIANS HAVE LANDED GONE!!! damn PGA Golf Cicadas ZOOOOOOMMMMMM! Enfin! Les cigales sont voisines ! Things I have learned about cicadas They Are Here! They are here Performing Outdoors with cicadas To Priscilla from Smithville The Cicadas scared my pet WHen ?????? Still no sightings Investigation on Long island Fascinating no cicadas here either concert in Indiana Black colour is definitely kind of protection Not here, thank GOD! Still none Near Philly? Cicada location in Princeton and feelings about the buggers We went to Princeton… Not a single Cicada in site! what is that? Scared of them Will they be here? Cicada locations in MD Cicada airplane with two cicada engines Missin hind quarters possible answer washington crossing Just go to Princeton already! performing with cicadas in Washington’s crossing? Where Will They Be? Alive & missing hind ends….???? cool weather and cicadas Have arrived here!! NOT A SIGHTING: NEED YOUR HELP! 17 year cicadas at Haverford College June 1 still nothing NOT A SIGHTING: NEED YOUR HELP! Noise level theyre everywhere To Chelsea in Ellicott City…..Got Wings? Don’t Give Up on Long Island Nationalistic Cicadas For you folks near Philly: Green Lane is the place! They’re All Over Princeton, NJ We are moving in 15 years! I have now seen 2 species in my brood X emergence wonderful occassion No Cicadas Sightings on Long Island Found A Nymph Skin! They’re everywhere! Blue eyed Cicada Splat Now we’re seein ’em Cicada Love Close up in Va. Nowhere to be seen in Jenkintown Pa. Finally! To Holly in Indy to Lisa Hornel from ny I’m Overwhelmed!!! Woo Cicada Hoo!! The Howard County Swarm Cicadas attempting to leave Baltimore! cicada behavior None in Philly region = predation or delayed emergence? Milky White on my wall Do they sing only when it is warm? Scared Sisters Friendly cicadas… To Bob in Baltimore Cicadas are Princeton’s school colors 🙂 The Party Has Resumed Pesky Cicada Critters Where are they? my beagle and kids love them New Englanders: Go To Princeton To See Them! Good Riddance! Cicada Calendar Can hear them from the mountains For folks in DC area Cicada infestation wrecks havoc on HVAC well where are they??? Loads of them here! Are Cicadas Blind Where are they? Invasion of the cicada’ s (while on riding mower) Maryvale Castle Events m.cassini Washington DC Cicadas emerging in Michigan I had the ride of my life! blue eyed cicada Where to find cicadas in Indianapolis North of the Turnpike, Dinosaur Rock cicada sightings I Have Heard of them before – Finally saw them! Cicada Count: Zero Not here but tons in in southern West Virginia Not a Sound! Kind treatment of Cicadas and egg laying. Cincinatti is loaded with Cicadas! Bike Riders Beware! Another bathroom cicada encounter! Any in Long Island Yet? Pssing Through No Cicadas here ! Can anyone explain this?? Located in North Georgia Mountains – Amicalola Falls Protect your ears A lot of Cicadas Are they gone already? WARNING: Cicada’s and Skirts New photos of Terpnosia vacua Cicada Panic They are in Gettysburg…I heard them today! VDOT Against Cicadas? in my neighborhood, finally! To “Unique Blue Eyed Cicada” Cicadas South Jersey cicadas None In Hagerstown… Bummin’ None in Rochester but alot in D.C. None here but plenty there! Found Them!! Plenty on the Mountain To Kelly in Columbus, Dated May 24- White Cicada I HATE CICADAIS When will they arrive? Not here yet…. So fascinating to watch them up close AGGGGGGG To Priscilla of Smithville still waiting TO CHRIS, Carlsbad, CATO They’re here! my new friend Where are they??? 1987 Cicadas For Kim at Smithville School May 29, 2004 May 25th – May 29th 2004 Cicada Comments For Kim at Smithville School still no cicadas! cicadas do pee Bunch of Cicadas out in NEPA Roadtrip Finally found some Cicadas found in Cincinnati anyone know where i can see them locally? cicada golf hazards unique cicada caught!!! Cicada at work cicada spotted CSI PA – where they are (and where they are not) PA – Still emerging!!! Hearing them from afar my cicadas wings are wilted 🙁 Will they come to Minnesota Where are they!? STOP CICADA ABUSE! Where are they? Archbald PA Lake Nockamixon, Bucks County, PA Still not here My Home Isn’t Safe Anymore Feel stupid They are still around cicada sighting outside Ann Arbor! I hate cicadas… Wow Still waiting! how much longer? Cicadas in Dublin Yeah for the CSI ‘-) My House is Possessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! White Eyed Cicadas NONE! They’re Close! Loud little buggers, aren’t they? “Anti-Cicada Policy at My Son’s School” CSI Went to Princeton today Not as loud as before… Finally found the mother lode of cicadas in Indianapolis! Just back from Hershey Park They are everywhere Cicadas — Come Baaaack!!!! Cicadas in Towson!!! New Gallery and Blue-eyed Cicada Pennsylvania WHERE ARE THEY??? Where should we go? Sooooo Loud Everywhere I found which direction they are moving in. Where are they??? Cicada songs – fading away 🙁 Webcam with audio? Philadelphia, PA suburbs Friend visiting Princeton from Seattle Not here yet…… Brood X Street Locations NE Extension / PA Turnpike Traveling into Hillsborough Smithsonian attack cicadas and hershey park I am 15 minutes from Princeton and still I do not see any! White eyes? None yet., Are they blind? Gold eyed cicada can they see?? or just stupid.. Keeping my ears open for the Magic nasty! how to avoid cicadas? Cicada Attack! Where are they? CICADAS!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! Black Eyes first live one welcome cicadas! what a buzz! Swarms They’re back! Crunchy Critters invade West Virginia! Guess What? Flying Everywhere Heere! They’re so cool! Cicadas like blondes Found Brood X Cicadas in Upstate NY? Trip To Washington DC On the Mall Sightings in NJ? Where are they? 100s [AT] Battelle Darby Park koo koo bugs Cicada in NJ ANY SIGHTINGS IN SMITHVILLE,NJ YET? need a few white eyed cicada Not hear yet! 🙁 Boy are they ever loud!! None spotted Yet! I heard them over the phone from Princeton! looks like dive bombers The noise is deafening where the heck are they?! The Maddening Noise They freak me out Nastiness are they coming? manhattan cicadas Cicadas Washing the windshield Cicadas take a lickin’, but keep on tickin’ They all may have died… SEEN IN GETTYSBURG, PA Still waiting in NC mountains Cicadas Make Great Models nothing dramatic Egg laying Cicadas everywhere BY THE BILLIONS!! Egg laying Cicadas everywhere BY THE BILLIONS!! Cicadas a no show Another blue-eyed cicada “The Eyes” how far upstate will they come? attracted to light? Still No Cicadas! Where are they? Indiana PRISCILLA!! I MAY HAVE SEEN TWO! AAHHHH! Michigan Sightings Cicadas early arrival NONE HERE YET PLEASE Say it isnt so!!!!! Are any hatching still? Just a few – bummer Cicadas Everywhere!! Where are They? Giant cicada! The Enterprise is here The smell of Cicadas Recipe May 25, 2004 May 23rd – May 25th 2004 Cicada Comments Giant cicada! Cicadas are up in eastern PA! Unsuccessful Hunt NONE HERE YET!!!! Emerged 5/22 blue eyes killers Sight When will this end? 17 Years Ago They’re heeeere! They’re DEFINATELY here! No Sightings Yet It’s Like a Science Fiction Movie!! Cicada’s coming to Hagerstown?? “There Back!” They’re Heere!!! Hoards of Them OMG that’s loud Swarms!!! There Here! GRAMPA’S FARM Our cicadas make great “scarecrows” for our cherry trees THEY’RE FINALLY HERE, TOO!!! You can have some of ours!!!! They are learning to fly better! Finally Found An Adult everywhere NONE!!! They are in MD/DC area Anxiously Waiting The emergence pattern is not what I was expecting They are most definitely here! Every Where Where are they THE ALLIENS ARE HEAR They’re Here When do we get them? In Princeton Waiting….Impatiently First noticed them Thursday May 20 the plagues of Egypt? Nothing compared to what’s coming! They’re everywhere! None here yet Finally…… Cicadaphoria! Still going strong First sighting of the year. Our cicadas arrived May 11th! Love ’em! Just a few of them are here! millions they’re everywhere White Cicada’s? Sitings but no singing ew cicadas everywhere! They took the city Camping with Cicadas no live ones where are they? The big bug invasion Cicadas? so curious… great there here Crabapple Trees and Cicada YIKES!!!! Where they this noisey? HELP, THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Still no sight of them! None Spotted Millions Nothing where I am ENOUGH IS ENOUGH They’re Heeeeeeere None here yet 5/24/04 Cicadas Are At Or Near Peak In Elkridge Md. NONE None here yet! All Over! Cicadas in full tilt There are everywhere! Cicada Experience Cicadas Yuck! Yippee! Cicadas at last Mmmm mmmm good. Still looking Cicada clear for the 28 approach Cicadas in Full Force Faster than a speeding cicada Timespan They’re Heeeeeeeeeeeeere!! Merrill Creek Reservoir Indiana Cicada Still Waiting Cicada They’re Singing in Crownsville! Nothing yet Lots… They are EVERYWHERE Still not too bad Where are they? Found a few None Here Where are they? they’re here Are we getting them??? The smell of the Cicadas Nothing in Pottstown, PA will I see them??? I’m going crazy! FLYING Where Are They? Unbelievable!!! Where are they? Cicada sighting Cicadas in Montgomery County PA Albino Cicada Hey Priscilla from Smithville TAKE THEM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cicadas in Delaware? To Kristen from Rockville, MD Cicada Feast in Tennessee How long do they live Cicadas around Princeton, NJ NJ Cicadas Where are You? PA – emergence picks up steam THEY’RE HERE! Awesome sound I’m gonna cry! Cicada Sighting They’re Here! The Hills are Alive! Cicadas spotted in Clover SC Crawling back yard Attack of the creepy crawlers! cicada sounds a cicada down my blouse! Wow! Still Waiting! Still waiting… cicada sightings An Unwelcome Alarm Clock! there here! Cicada Urine they are here male and dead female Emergence in Kingwood Township, NJ Waiting They’ve Taken Over My Neighborhood! miss the cicada’s song Upper Bucks (by the Delaware river) Their everywhere We are INVADED!! They are all over here!! Yay Cicadas wow Finally!!!!!!!! Population is fragmented First Evidence of Cicadas SO LOUD!! they’re nearby… P U!! cicada sighting Cicada shells smell A strange question… THER’RE HERE!!!!!!!!!! All three kinds! Holy Molting, Batman! Yee Haw! They’re here! Southern Indiana What an amazing thing! Like a giant car alarm Deafening! None here full swing 1st sighting NONE HERE Ivy League Cicadas Still waiting “They’re on our doorstep!” Hmm cicadas everywhere None Yet!!!!

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August 10, 2007

Archive of Magicicada Discussions from 2007 – Brood XIII

Filed under: Brood XIII | Magicicada | | Periodical — Dan @ 1:36 pm

This page represents 171 sightings, comments and questions about the Brood XIII emergence in 20007. The next emergence happens in 2024.

Jennifer — what you have isn’t Magicicadas, but another species like Tibicen. Tibicen emerge in late summer and not in broods.

Comment by Dan — August 10, 2007 [AT] 9:21 am

I live in Pleasant Grove, Alabama near Birmingham. We’ve evidentally got a large brood of cicadas here. I heard them in the trees the other day while out for my walk. It was deafening. I had no idea what they were. Last night one flew in the house and scared me half to death. I did a little research and found out what this bird-sized insect was. Now I am fascinated.

Comment by Jennifer — August 10, 2007 [AT] 8:41 am

Hello JK Fuller

I live in New York and could send you a dead specimen of a cicada if you so desire! Are you looking for a Periodical Cicada or Tibicen species?

Comment by Elias — July 10, 2007 [AT] 5:00 pm

I forgot to mention, I am in the middle of Dallas — Fort Worth metroplex in Texas.

Comment by Shelley — July 7, 2007 [AT] 9:01 pm

ok — I think I have cicada’s in my yard. I realize this is a board for cicada lovers, and I am not. I don’t go kill things, because I believe they are here for a purpose. However, they are scary the crap out of me while I am trying to weed. I realized today that the gigantic junebugs were only the shell of a bug… and that got me to thinking — where is the live one? I don’t know how to post a picture, but I do have two… is there someone I can email? I think if I knew what they were… then they wouldn’t be so scarry. Thanks — sunriseh2o [AT]

Comment by Shelley — July 7, 2007 [AT] 9:00 pm

Anybody aware of any Cicada groups around Chicago that might be expected to still be around in the next 5 days or so? I’d love to get one last look at a good-size group before they disappear for the next 17 years!

Comment by pat — July 6, 2007 [AT] 11:49 pm

They are still plentiful and very active in Blue Star Memorial Forest Preserves on Lake Avenue in Glenview as of today, July 3rd. They seem to be a later group than those in Schiller Woods as there are barely any dead bodies in the Glenview preserve. Hurray!!!! Had much fun playing with the little darlings. =0)

Comment by Caerann — July 3, 2007 [AT] 6:31 pm

The cicadas are ebbing but still going strong in the forest preserves just east of O’Hare. Here’s some of my photos:


Comment by ramon — June 30, 2007 [AT] 12:53 pm

Can anyone send me a (dead) Cicada?

A few years ago I took my wife, a California girl, to Virginia where she heard cicadas for the frist time and was completely facinated. We happened to find a great cicada specimin but I managed to let the birds get it and she was heartbroken.

Can anyone supply me with an American (I know I can get them from China on Ebay)?

(remove the zz from my email)

Comment by JKFuller — June 29, 2007 [AT] 8:03 am

You say it was fun, but you’re trying to kill off the next generation — some people…

Comment by Dan — June 29, 2007 [AT] 6:50 am

Hey,well.,looks like their pretty much gone,here on the west side of Wonder Lake.weekend of 6/16,they where still quite loud and active,but also dropping off the tree tops,by 6/20,they where dropping by the shovel full,and their sing was becoming much softer,by the weekend of 6/24,only the slightest sound,and dropping from the trees.Now 6/29 ,theirs no sound and only afew have dropped from the where left with the cleanup and hope they didn’t damage my English Oak,which I started from a acorn, to badly,The tree is on its 4th year,and it got alot of little slits,I’am hoping that by spraying small areas of the tree,it will kill the eggs.It was alot of fun while it lasted.

Comment by j.mayer — June 29, 2007 [AT] 3:13 am

I thought it was slowing down,but today I decided to go back to the Lagrange woods one more time. As I turned left on to Lagrange rd from joliet rd,I started hearing more and more Cicadas from both sides of the road while driving. I turned into the woods and there were many pockets of Cicadas still singing. I got out of my car and was watching them fly everywhere. One Cicada landed on the top of my hand, then we watched each other for ten minutes and he flew off to join his friends. If you have time,go see for yourself because 17 years is a long time to wait. They are also still strong at the forest preserves at Harlem av and Joliet Rd.

Comment by Rob — June 25, 2007 [AT] 6:53 pm

Are they dying yet? I have had enough of them in River Grove,Il.

Comment by Kathy — June 25, 2007 [AT] 10:33 am

Well they are pretty much gone in Brookfield, the din and the chirping have drastically stopped.

You can see the evidence of the egg-laying by the browning of the trees all over the place.

I still see a few stragglers here and there, but they are few and far between.

I believe Brookfield was one of the first emergence areas so not suprizing they have checked out here early.

Comment by Pablo — June 22, 2007 [AT] 5:17 pm

If your around the forest preserves on harlem ave and joliet rd, they are still singing loudly. I posted yesterday on the Lagrange woods, but put it in the question section. It was very quiet with only pockets of Cicadas still singing. Maybe they were one of the first to emerge.Last week, it was very much louder.If anyone seen todays wgntv news at noon,then you heard what Tom Skilling said about Cicadas. I sent him an email,but I know it will never get answered.

Comment by rob — June 21, 2007 [AT] 6:52 pm

In my area of Wheaton it’s definitely much quieter over the past few days.

Comment by Lucy — June 21, 2007 [AT] 10:38 am

cicadas really seem to be dying off. Has anyone else noticed this? Not nearly as loud or prevalent….

Comment by jb — June 21, 2007 [AT] 7:09 am

Sorry for the last two entries (shows I dont know what im doing). Here are the links to the pic and the video:

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Comment by Maria — June 18, 2007 [AT] 11:04 am

Sorry, I didnt tell you we were there Saturday and Sunday June 16/17.

Comment by Maria — June 18, 2007 [AT] 10:20 am

We were at Lake Geneva at Aurora University and the Cicada were EVERYWHERE. When we got there, as soon as we opened our windows, WOW… what a sound!! I managed to get a couple of great pictures and even recording their song. Not sure how to post it on here, but would be glad to.

Comment by Maria — June 18, 2007 [AT] 10:17 am

I’m heading to Lake Geneva, WI, the weekend of June 23-25. Could anyone tell me a good place to look for the caicadas? I would really love to see them or at the very least see the remains of a hatch and hear the songs.

Comment by Sheilah — June 18, 2007 [AT] 7:01 am

Have all of the cicadas emerged already? I live in Grayslake and still haven’t spotted any. Is it possible the soil around here still isn’t warm enough for them to emerge?

Comment by Gramps — June 17, 2007 [AT] 5:36 pm

Saw a few dead ones in Wheaton this morning, although the trees were full of singing cicadas yesterday.

Comment by Lucy — June 17, 2007 [AT] 4:52 am

Palos Heights is crawling with these things. I can’t cut my grass without dozens of them dive-bombing my face and getting caught in my hair. So many are now dying around my trees that it looks like Cicada mulch. The smell isn’t pretty either. Their wings are pretty, but I’m not a big fan

Comment by Colleen — June 17, 2007 [AT] 3:52 am

June 16 — Northeast side of West Chicago — No sign of any cicadas here until yesterday (Fri June 15), we saw & heard a few Friday, lots more heard today.

Not sure where they are emerging from, there are no signs of exit holes anywhere, but it sure sounds like they are FINALLY starting to show signs of life around here, although not in the huge numbers I have seen elsewhere.

Comment by Dave — June 16, 2007 [AT] 4:42 pm

Found one in my yard in Georgia this week

Comment by Susan Williams — June 15, 2007 [AT] 7:16 pm

Today I was boating down the Cedar River near Atalissa, Iowa. When we reached a portion of the river near the Wiese Slough Wildlife Management Area, my friend and I heard the cicadas singing. We found a cicada floundering around in the river, pulled it out and let it fly away. After we got back to my parents cabin we could hear more cicadas in the woods but due to the horrendous amounts of mosquitoes we didn’t go and check it out. But I can definately say in this part of Eastern Iowa, the cicadas are out, although apparently not in the huge numbers they are in Illinois.

Comment by Joel — June 14, 2007 [AT] 5:47 pm

Here are some photos of one that literally followed me out to my car in the parking lot of Hewitt building 3OP in Lincolnshire. I walked past it, it turned around and followed me.. I picked it up and took it home in my car’s glove box and then proceeded to take photos of it.

Comment by Andrew Keyser — June 14, 2007 [AT] 4:23 pm

Cicadas are all around Lincolnshire (esp. around the area of Hewitt buildings; they’re trying to get in through the revolving doors… unfortunately for them, it doesn’t work so well)

They’re also in Vernon Hills (near Westfield mall), and a VERY audible drone is coming from the MacArthur Woods Forest Preserve across rt. 21 from the mall.
This is somewhat close to the Old School Forest preserve (which I reported on last week)

Still waiting for them to show up in Gurnee next to the intersection of 45 & washington where my house is..

Comment by Andrew Keyser — June 14, 2007 [AT] 10:19 am

June 7, Large emergence in Big Foot Beach State Park (southern Wisconsin next to Lake Geneva). They emerged on the 7th and were still sitting low on the bushes the 8th and the morning of the 9th. As the day warmed up on the 9th they began to fly up into the trees. There was some singing, but it was not deafening yet.

I also visited a business park in Chicago, IL (Hewlitt?). Very loud with lots of fungus infected individuals.

Magicicada do not seem to sing as loud as other cicada species (as individuals). Is that true?

Comment by Douglas — June 14, 2007 [AT] 10:07 am

Valerie: its normal not to hear then at night. The only time you’ll hear them at night is if there’s enough artificial light present to made them think it’s daytime. It isn’t unusual to have small numbers of the insects in some areas.

Comment by Dan — June 14, 2007 [AT] 6:21 am

I live in south Wheaton. I hear the cicadas during the heat of the day but not at night. Is this normal? Also, there seem to be very few of them. I’ve only actually seen four bugs and I spend a lot of time outside.

Comment by Valerie McIntyre — June 14, 2007 [AT] 5:07 am

Coming into work this morning the side patio was littered with dead Magicicadas which I was surprised to see since we are in a fairly new industrial park, we’re at I55 and Weber Road in Romeoville. Do you think they emerged from this location or traveled here?

Comment by Mary B — June 14, 2007 [AT] 4:23 am

Well, I haven’t seen a single Magicicada until today. In Aurora,IL, they pretty much emerged today. I have only seen and heard Magicicada cassinis so far. No M. septendecim. Many of them are still very small. One landed on my neck and began to sing a song.

Comment by Daniela — June 13, 2007 [AT] 7:40 pm

You will not believe this. First of all, we live in Plainfield, in a subdivision that is only 10 years old. Yesterday morning, my 8 yr old son found a cicada at the bottom of the swimming pool. We got it out, it was stiff as a board, but my 6 yr old daughter wanted to keep it. We put it in a tupperware container, and this morning, IT WAS ALIVE! It sat at the bottom of our pool for at least 12 hours, and in a sealed container for another 12, and still lived!! We don’t know what to do with it, as it can’t move it’s wings enough to fly away. We don’t want any animals to eat it. These are amazing creatures!

Comment by Jill — June 13, 2007 [AT] 5:25 pm

I finally got to see some! One of the guys I work with brought some to work (in a cicada house) and they are so cool! Smaller than I imagined, but it sure made my day. I released them under a big tree, and they climbed right up and started singing.

Comment by Lucy — June 13, 2007 [AT] 3:56 pm

I am a long-time resident and nature photographer in Chicago, and remember the last invasion in ’90 (when I was 22). This time, it seems like there are even more.

I also drive a lot for work, and this gives me the unique opportunity to travel to/enjoy the surrounding suburbs. As the weeks have gone on, I noticed an increasing amount of cicadas until yesterday (the 12th), which I would estimate is the absolute peak for their numbers out in Elmhurst, where they are all over the downtown, and…

An incredible visual and auditory experience can be had if you head straight to the Des Plaines River Forest Preserves on Lake Ave., just east of River Road. There are tons, and the noise is so loud it is almost deafening.. after even 10 minutes of it, you almost have in your head what happens when you leave a loud rock concert!

I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t experienced this relatively-rare nature phenomenon to get out and do it (and obtain photographic or video evidence)… for too many people simply take it for granted, and we won’t have this opportunity here again for 17 more years!

It is truly remarkable.

Thank you.

Comment by Bob Collins — June 13, 2007 [AT] 5:37 am

Brookfield is infested with them, went for a bike ride in the forest preserve near the zoo and the noise was deafening.

Comment by Tony — June 12, 2007 [AT] 2:09 pm

I live in Ottawa, Illinois and I’ve seen only one! Ottawa is near Marseilles, which is full of them, so I’m thinking the little guy (or girl) got lost. Here’s a picture of my little buddy sitting on my hand:


By the way, can anyone give me any information pertaining to Ottawa’s cicadas, or lack thereof?

Comment by Courtney — June 12, 2007 [AT] 9:59 am

check out the forest preserve just south of the tollway and the cumberland exit. The noise is so loud, that even with the car windows rolled up, ac on, and in traffic, you can hear the cicadas as you drive on the nw tollway! They are very active here, flying low.

Comment by S.Jensen — June 12, 2007 [AT] 6:26 am

They might be — they might be running out of steam.

Comment by Dan — June 11, 2007 [AT] 8:50 pm

New question Dan. I noticed today that the cicadas are flying lower than they have been the last few weeks. Are they wearing out? I really don’t want to get covered in them so I run to my apartment!!

Comment by Michelle — June 11, 2007 [AT] 7:34 pm

Tons of cicadas near the Purdue-North Central campus in Westville. Other than the area in Valparaiso at the intersection of US 6 and state route 49, not to many other spots in Laporte / Porter counties in Indiana.

Comment by Tbone — June 11, 2007 [AT] 4:53 pm

I was driving on Lorraine Rd. in Wheaton and, finally, heard the cicadas singing. It wasn’t deafening, but I hope they’ll be more the warmer it gets this week. I’m so anxious to see one.

Comment by Lucy — June 11, 2007 [AT] 4:18 pm

Sat JUN 09 2007 LOTS of cicadas flying across North Ave in Elmhurst between York Rd & Rt 83, also southside of I290 on the way to Oak Park & on Irving Park Rd in the Forest Preserves in Schiller Park. Even with the windows up, the noise is deafening.

Comment by PlantLust — June 11, 2007 [AT] 12:40 pm

I live in an old section of Lombard and they are out in force here! The noise is ear-splitting! For awhile it seemed as though it wouldn’t be as heavy an infestation as in 1990, but then the heat hit—and so did they! Some have even managed to crawl inside the netting I put on some of my shrubs. Amazingly, they are also out in the parking lots at Wannemakers on Ogden and the Trader Joe lot, also on Ogden!

Comment by Pat — June 11, 2007 [AT] 10:19 am

The forest preserves along the Desplaines River in Schiller Park are loaded with cicadas now. We went to a parking area on Irving Park Rd right along the river yesterday. The sound of their calls was louder than I’ve heard it yet and the trees are loaded with them flying among the branches and over the road. One even flew into our car window while we were driving! I think he was kind of mad that we wouldn’t let him out until we stopped the car near a tree (we didn’t want him getting hit by a car in the heavy traffic). He kept buzzing while we held him until we let him fly away.

I have a question about the sound they make. When we hear it in some areas where it is the loudest we actually hear two pitches. One is the buzzing that you expect to hear and the other is a higher pitched buzz sort of like the sound a jet makes when it is off in the distance and coming towards you. Is this change in pitch the sound of the cicadas coming from a distance? Or is it an echo of the sound? Or is one species making the lower sound and one species making the higher sound?

Comment by RH — June 10, 2007 [AT] 10:47 am

Rykk’s photos below are of a Pandora Sphinx moth.

Comment by T. Paul Wrobel — June 10, 2007 [AT] 3:51 am


I saw this yesterday at work here in Virginia Beach. I walked back to the office and took this picture with my camera phone before it moved too far away. It looks just like a cicada, except the wings are solid, not clear and veiny. I’m posting both my original picture and my amateur attempt to brighten it up. The green is a very bright green, and the dark green is very dark. It also had it’s wings splayed out instead of backwards.

If it is a cicada, what kind is it?


Comment by Rykk — June 9, 2007 [AT] 11:30 pm

The woods are loaded with them at Rt 6 and Old 49 north of Valparaiso,IN but not much else to the west. I did hear one for a short time in my tree in the front yard, but it was soon silent and no exoskeletons in my yard. Strange how they can be loaded in one area and absent in another adjacent area. Too much development I guess.

Comment by Dan — June 9, 2007 [AT] 9:02 pm

OH my gosh in the burbs of chicago in a forest preserve near the last exit on the tollway. by o’hare airport, ,MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF CICADAS!!! (literally im not kidding) my freind was right next to me and i had to yell for him to hear me 2 feet away over the 90 decible sound of cicadas. there were literally clouds of them. I cought about 200 in this bucket and let them go at a local forest near my house. you can see the whole life cycle!!! the nymphs, the mating, the shedding skin, a jet flew over and they got louder to OVERPOWER THE JET ENGINE 150 FEET ABVOVE US!!!! when we left my ears were aching from the sound. anyway you got the messege. lots of cicadas! TOLL WAY NEAR O’HARE!!! ROLL WINDOWS DOWN AND LISTEN> THEYRE IN SOME WOODS> THERES SO MANY YOU CAN SEE EM FLYIN AROUND!!!

Comment by Elijah — June 9, 2007 [AT] 7:20 pm

If you go straight west on 290, go to Elmhurst or Villa Park, you won’t have to do any hunting, they are everywhere here, i can’t find a way to get away from them in Villa Park.

Comment by jb — June 9, 2007 [AT] 4:51 pm

Hi, anyone know where the best place to go cicado hunting is? I’m new to the chicago area and want to see these bugs. Willing to drive out the ‘burbs, but unsure where to go. Thanks for any tips.

Comment by Amy — June 9, 2007 [AT] 11:49 am

Reporting about 10 (ten) Cicadas spotted in the Old School Forest Preserve in Libertyville, IL.

Pics up on flickr, here:

Search Results how long are cicadas active (Page 3) (3)

Comment by Andrew Keyser — June 8, 2007 [AT] 8:34 pm

I just wanted to report that I’ve heard cicadas in the forest preserves on Thornton Lansing Rd in Thornton, IL
as well as Lansing, IL in the area of Stony Island Ave.

I drive through Homewood, IL every day on the way home from work
and it’s quite noisy so I do know what they sound like.
They’re not swarming but I did feel like I wanted to
roll the windows up in my car as I was traveling
down 183rd St in Homewood.

Comment by Judy W. — June 8, 2007 [AT] 1:42 pm

Thanks Dan for for the answer, the drone is back again! I started out terrified by these little fellas and now I’m kind of taken by them, how weird is that!! I’m still kind of scared of them, but don’t tell anyone!! I still visit this website every day despite my reservations.

Comment by Michelle — June 8, 2007 [AT] 11:41 am

Yes- they need to dry out and be reasonably warm to sing.

Comment by Dan — June 8, 2007 [AT] 10:07 am

It’s so weird, all of the sound of cicadas is gone after the storms last night. I live in Downers Grove and we have a large amount in the trees outside our apartment. This morning there is no droning sound and I looked out the window and it looks like they’re all hanging on the trees sleeping or something. Anyone knows what’s up?

Comment by Michelle — June 8, 2007 [AT] 8:45 am

I live in Lombard and they’re HORRIBLE!! I think with today’s heat they decided to be really active. They are flying all over the place. The trees are full of constantly moving cicadas. I cannot safely make it to my car in the driveway. Neither the front or rear entrance is safe. A few rogue cicadas have made it inside by riding on my husband’s shirt and shoe. Ugh. My mom is in La Grange and we argue about who has it worse. My husband works in Oak Park and seen very few. I don’t mind the noise, I just can’t stand them flying all around.

Comment by Ellen — June 7, 2007 [AT] 10:10 pm

I live in a heavily wooded area in Lisle, not far from the Arboretum. We haven’t seen ANY here. You might hear a single one up in a tree now and then, but that’s it. I’m wondering if they are going to miss us, or if they will be here late. Anyone out there with answers????

Comment by Robin — June 7, 2007 [AT] 7:54 pm

West Nile Virus spray? Maybe. If they sprayed when the cicada were out and laying eggs. Normally pesticide is inert by the time in gets deep into the ground where they live.

Comment by Dan — June 7, 2007 [AT] 5:15 pm

We live on River Road — across from Schiller Woods in Schiller Park Illinois along the DesPlaines River….17 years ago the cicadas were so heavy in the DesPlaines — Oak Park area along River Road…they sounded like hail hitting the window when you’d drive through the woods…this time…nothing….we’ve seen a few half dead ones crawling on the ground — and on trees….but nothing at all like last time…is it over? Did they skip us? What gives? I know they sprayed the woods very heavily the past few years because of the West Nile Virus hitting alot of locals — I’m wondering if this coulda’ killed ’em off….any input would be appreciated.

Comment by John Vilona — June 7, 2007 [AT] 11:39 am

This morning on my way to work, i was driving with my window half way open, when all of a sudden i feel something hit me on the head. I looked to the backseat and happened to find a Cicada. The little fracker hit me on da head! lol….

Comment by Miguel A. Beltran — June 6, 2007 [AT] 4:25 pm

Oh my gosh they are everywhere! Massive amounts, we’re talking thousands upon thousands in Villa Park. They are flying into my car while driving and swarms flying about everywhere.

Comment by Sheri — June 6, 2007 [AT] 11:01 am

live in Crystal Lake and have been looking for 2 weeks, if they aren’t here already will they never be here, do i need to do some searching in other areas or just wait longer? Anyone know anything?

Comment by stephanie — June 6, 2007 [AT] 10:21 am

They truly are an incredible phenemonom of nature….none to very few in Libertyville but are in numbers in Lake Forest and I went to the western suburbs Saturday and it was unreal…..literally trillions in Western Springs Hinsdale La Grange The Morton Arboretum etc…..thye have to be sen and heard to be believed !

Comment by Bill — June 5, 2007 [AT] 10:55 am

Okay, I’m trying to find the miraculous wonder and intrigue that you guys have been delighting in with these cicadas.

Although it’s been facinating reading about them, as I travel through Chicago’s Beverly area on my way to work and see legions of cicadas swarming tree’s to my left and to my right, up and down both 99th and 103rd street I know in my heart what is true.I will probably still raise my car windows with the sincere belief that if one of these things were to touch me I’d go into cardiac arrest, pass out and ultimately die.

Forgive me.

Comment by Melissa — June 4, 2007 [AT] 6:07 pm

Another fantastic site to view the magicicadas is the campus of Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL. We had a wonderful time with the kids listening and watching all phases of cicada life!!! Very scenic, easy to park and walk around. Check it out!

Comment by S.Jensen — June 4, 2007 [AT] 4:44 pm

incredible,thousands upon thousands flying thruout the trees,sing,kind of a bummer cleaning up after the empty shell casings.7:30 PM the backyard was boiling with another batch of nymph’s.W. side of Wonder Lake.Il.

Comment by j.mayer — June 4, 2007 [AT] 2:57 am

Amazingly I just heard an (unmistakable) septendecim from my backyard here in Bloomington, Indiana (south central part of the state). Is this a Brood XIII cicada way out of its territory or a Brood X straggler (3 years late)?

Comment by Mike Gasser — June 3, 2007 [AT] 8:14 am

JUST UPDATED my site. Check it out. Lots of images of the Midwest magicicadas.

PS Please put a link on your homepage.

Comment by John — June 2, 2007 [AT] 11:45 pm

We went to Goodrich Park in Naperville, IL today and my what a sight! We were driving to another location to see the cicadas but as we drove past Goodrich we heard the deafening buzz of the cicadas even though we had the windows rolled up and music playing. We got a few pictures that I uploaded on Flickr, but I have to say that several hours later my ears are still ringing! I’m thrilled I got to experience this.

My fave pic: Search Results how long are cicadas active (Page 3) (4)
Comment by Tonya — June 2, 2007 [AT] 8:25 pm

Went to McKinley Woods in Channahon today to see the cicadas, and lots of exit holes and shells, but they’re all way up in the trees so on the way home, near the I&M Canal and Rt. 6 heard the unmistakeable buzz and pulled over only to be surrounded by many Magicicadas! I gotta tell you that they get kinda ticked off when you try and pick them off a branch and let you know so. I think they know they’ve got a job to do and don’t detract them from it!
What a beautiful work of art this insect is and what a shame they’re with us only once every 17 years.

Comment by Mary B — June 2, 2007 [AT] 5:35 pm

I live in Alsip, IL and I haven’t seen any cicadas yet, but I can hear them in the woods along the Cal Sag Channel.

Comment by Julie B — June 2, 2007 [AT] 2:26 pm

Sugar Grove, Il

I have not seen a single cicada as of yet in my area. Even went to the forest preserve [Bliss Woods], not a thing. When do we giv up looking for them?

Comment by Deb — June 1, 2007 [AT] 11:39 am


Comment by JOE TEPE — June 1, 2007 [AT] 9:17 am

A friend of mine spotted two cicadas at the McBride Raptor Center outside of Iowa City, Iowa last night.

Comment by Joel — June 1, 2007 [AT] 6:18 am

I volunteer at the Macbride Raptor Center in Solon, IA, and spotted at least 2 cicadas in the woods there last night. I almost stepped on one, but was careful to navigate on my way to the nature center. I’ll keep my eye out for further sightings.

Comment by Dawn — June 1, 2007 [AT] 6:16 am

Nothing so far in the Cary area. Does anyone think the weird weather this year has anything to do with the inconsistency? Haven’t seen or heard one at all.

Comment by TJ — June 1, 2007 [AT] 5:38 am

I was at the Rogers Lakewood park in Valparaiso and saw thousands upon thousands of shedded skins at the bases of trees and clinging to the lower branches. Saw a few unsuccessful emergences stuck dead in their shells too. Many, many gulls were picking through the grass and eating them. Hopefully the gulls didn’t make a dent in the adult numbers as I don’t think gulls this far inland is a natural thing….they are scavengers.

Comment by Dan — June 1, 2007 [AT] 4:04 am

one of these SOB’s fell in my orange juice cup this morning. they’re getting out of control. i can’t wait til they’re gone. how much longer do we have to deal with them?

Comment by jb — May 31, 2007 [AT] 1:29 pm

Highland Park, IL
Went outside this morning and there was no mistaking the cicada’s chorus that greeted me. There definately emerging on a consistant basis in our area, but if it’s going to be anything like it was in 1990, I would have to say that the majority of them are still underground. Can’t imagine how loud they will be when the rest of them arrive! Looking forward to it though, as I think it is a very cool sound.

Comment by DV — May 31, 2007 [AT] 8:47 am

day by day where seeing more,our backyard,as hundreds of empty shells,with more showing up every day.incredible yet odd,they showed up on 5-24,by sat.5-26 we could here them in the distant s,everyday it sounds a bit closer / louder yet our trees are silent,yesterday the sound appeared to be a couple blocks away,yet our trees and the neighbors are silent,has anyone else came across this?i know their still in the trees,when the birds land on the branches,the cicada’s scatter,odd.i have also noticed cicada’s with deformed wings or have died while shedding their shell. W.side of Wonder Lake.

Comment by j.mayer — May 31, 2007 [AT] 7:19 am

I’m way up in northern IL, in the easternmost corner… Has anyone seen or heard any up near me (Winthrop Harbor/Zion area)? I’ve taken my son to Van Patten woods on several days over the past couple weeks, but we’ve only found mosquitos!

Anything up near us???

Comment by Linda — May 31, 2007 [AT] 6:11 am

The emergence is on just east of Portage, IN. Just when I thought we wouldn’t get any, I heard a lone cicada in the tree a few doors down. I was working in my garden and noticed the ground just under the surface was riddled with holes a bit bigger around than a pencil. I have yet to find some skins, but they will turn up. I remember them here as a kid in 1973 and am glad they have not been wiped out by development.

Comment by Dan — May 30, 2007 [AT] 7:20 pm

I posted in the wrong spot!! They are the Magicicada cicadas up in McHenry! They are on Chickaloon Drive, and some can be found on Curran Road. Once you turn onto Chickaloon, start looking at the trees, amilboxes, telephone poles, whatever… they are on it!! Once you turn onto Chickaloon, if you drive about 1 block, you will start to see them. There are newly hatched ones, the “ghost” ones, and adults are flying, singing and buzzing around! There are so many empty shells littering the ground as well! It was an awesome spectacle of nature!! This was at 6:30 pm today, 5-30-07!

Comment by Kathryn — May 30, 2007 [AT] 5:51 pm

I haven’t seen any in Chesterton, Indiana or in the Indiana Dunes. I wonder if the sandy soil keeps them away. But yesterday (May 29) after work I drove to the Moraine Nature Preserve just south of Highway 6 and just east of Calumet Ave. (Old 49). As I approached my usual parking spot, I spotted empty skins on the trees, a hopeful sign. I parked at the edge of the forest and the beginning of a prairie, stepped out, and immediately heard the hummmmm. It wasn’t deafening, but it was very apparent and it seemed to come from all directions. A few steps from my car and there they were in all their buggie red-eyed glory: perched on trees, climbing up blades of grass, and, pretty quickly, climbing up me. I’m used to the skittish annual cicadas, so was a bit surprised (despite all I’d read) at how docile these little critters really are. What an amazing the force of nature! I’m definitely coming back here again to enjoy the “show.”

Comment by Steve — May 30, 2007 [AT] 12:11 pm

If you get a chance to see the cicadas shedding their shells, don’t miss it. Its a beautiful sight! It happens sometime between 9 pm -11 pm, maybe also as late as midnight. We don’t have cicadas naturally in our backyard, but we saw a yard where all of the trees had their trunks wrapped in plastic to keep the cicadas from climbing them, so we took about 30 of them home, let most of them go on a tree in our backyard and kept a few in a terrarium. It was amazing watching them come out of their shells! They are completely white except for 2 little black stripes on the top of their heads that look like bushy eyebrows above their red eyes. Their wings are shriveled up little stubs but after they are totally out of the shell, their wings start to unfold and they look like they are wearing white lace wedding dresses as they spread out their wings to let them dry.

The heaviest gathering of cicadas that we’ve seen so far is in La Grange and Countryside, but I’ve heard that Brookfield Zoo has a lot of them too.

Comment by RH — May 30, 2007 [AT] 7:25 am

They are emerging in Franklin Park as of a couple hours ago. It’s like hundreds came out of no where. I have not seen any in Melrose Park, Northlake,River Grove. Oak Park or Forest Park.

Comment by Franklin Park IL — May 29, 2007 [AT] 9:37 pm

Northbrook. I think I might have begun to hear the cicada’s songs this morning. Maybe?! I was sitting on my porch and, suddenly, all the squirrels and chipmunks started acting totally nuts! I then noticed a sort of background humming noise that seemed to be getting louder. I dunno…maybe it was a truck! The cicadas are in full force a couple blocks over and are now coming out in droves every night in my block.

Comment by Shelly — May 29, 2007 [AT] 7:32 am

My parents live in Forest Park and as of Saturday the cicadas had not yet emerged. People I know in Western Springs and Park Ridge have both had emergences already.

Comment by Bruno Cattivabrutto — May 29, 2007 [AT] 7:07 am

I live in wilmette and have a seen a few dead carcasses on the sidewalk so far. I grew up in a ciccada-free location, though we did have gang violence. any idea how much of this is going to hit wilmette? I haven’t heard of any wilmette/evanston/winnetka sightings. do they come to the lakefront as much as western suburbs?

My wife is really terrified and she was 13 the last time around and she describes the ciccadas like a zombie movie — crunch, crunch, crunch.

Comment by briand — May 28, 2007 [AT] 7:10 pm

their threw out are neighborhood now,early mornings,backyard has youngster that cracked out during the nite,we can hear them afew blocks away ,but not a sound is coming from our backyard yet.Wonder Lake,Il.

Comment by j.mayer — May 28, 2007 [AT] 7:18 am

Saw a ton of shells yesterday on trees and lightposts driving through part of River Forest (Forest Park?) by Chicago Ave and Thatcher.
Went back today to the nature center at the forest preserve at that intersection, and saw alot of adults hanging out, and empty shells. More of them than I’d expect had deformed wings. Got to see one of them hatch out of its shell, a recently hatched one with unfurled wings, still white, and another nymph getting started. Took a lot of pictures, which I’ll send along. They are so cool! This is my first time seeing the magicicadas. Where I grew up in Detroit we only ever got the annual ones.

Comment by Melanie — May 27, 2007 [AT] 8:05 pm

I have seen lots of cicadas in my neighborhood. This evening my husband and I were out on the driveway and yard around our house and we saw dozens of nymphs coming out of the grass, crawling across our driveway, heading for trees. I went to look for molting nymphs in my neighbor’s garden, and eureka! I saw several in various stages of molting, including one with new wings, another with growing wings, and another literally hanging from its shell. I felt something on my leg while I was standing there, and saw nymphs crawling up my leg!
In the mornings, we see newly grown adults just resting on our house and our deck. They are easy to pick up and I brought a few to school the other day to show my students.
I expected lots of cicadas here (Des Plaines), because seventeen years ago they were very prevalent when I lived just two blocks from where I live now!
However, I haven’t really HEARD them yet!

Comment by Katy Berman — May 27, 2007 [AT] 8:05 pm

We saw thousands at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL. It’s fair to say the ground was crawling with them.

I’m sending a few pictures to the webmaster.

Comment by Bob Aldaz — May 27, 2007 [AT] 3:48 pm

I didn’t actually see any cicadas, but while driving through Elmhurst & Glen Ellyn this afternoon their unmistakable singing was very loud.

Comment by Lucy — May 27, 2007 [AT] 1:09 pm

I drove to Illinois from Detroit this morning to photograph the cicadas. I didn’t find the numbers I was hoping for but did see a few hundred. I found them in DuPage county at Fullersburg Woods, Maple Grove and York Woods Forest Preserves but the majority were on trees in the Hinsdale business park.

Comment by T. Paul Wrobel — May 26, 2007 [AT] 9:01 pm

I haven’t seen a single Cicada. I Live in Michigan City, Indiana. I was really looking forward to at least hearing a few. Per the Brood 13 map, we are supposed to be getting some, anyone know?

Comment by Michael Hodge — May 25, 2007 [AT] 10:22 pm

Well, I guess Naperville is not old enough for the cicadas. I grew up in Downers Grove and we had many many Cicadas as a kid. Too many corn fields around here. I have not seen one cicadas. Where have all the cicadas gone?? 🙁 🙁

Comment by Ray — May 25, 2007 [AT] 8:29 pm

I live in Flossmoor and I have been in this area all my life, so I’ve seen the ’56, ’73, and ’90 cicadas but I have never seen so many seagulls eating cicadas! It’s amazing! They fly down the street in large groups of about 50 birds and devour any cicadas on the ground or on the bottom of the tree trunks.

Comment by Sue — May 25, 2007 [AT] 5:16 pm

We’re in Elmhurst. They first showed up on the morning of the 23rd. There were 11 on our small tree in the front yard. Today, the same tree has over 100! But we’ve got a lot of big trees in our backyard, and holes every 6 to 8 inches in the lawn, and none have emerged there yet, so I think three’s plenty more to come… yikes!

Comment by Mike — May 25, 2007 [AT] 12:05 pm

For those of you that are missing out, come to Villa Park, there are thousands. Most still in shells but in a few days they will all be out. It’s going to be a nightmare, like a Hitchco*ck movie.

Comment by Sheri — May 25, 2007 [AT] 10:49 am

I found a newly emerged adult cicada coming out of it’s shell this morning in the 200 block of North Kenilworth in Oak Park. This is the first live cicada that I’ve seen this year. I brought it home to let my cats observe and one of my cats, Dino, ate it.

Comment by Rick Pavia — May 25, 2007 [AT] 8:35 am

New Lenox, IL
Finally got a nice showing at dawn (much to our surprise). Our 7 year old old was able to bring in the largest nymph we found getting ready to crawl up a tree along with an adult (in seperate jars) to school. Never seen a crowd of kids gather so fast to check them out! 🙂 3 year old also enjoyed showing the neighbors a nymph she’s going watch shed.

There were approx. 75 around around our elm tree and many shed skins on most trees we observed in neighboring yards.

Comment by Chrissie — May 25, 2007 [AT] 8:26 am

Highland Park, IL
It has begun…
just before dusk last night we spotted several shells near the trees in our yard. Went back outside after dark and you couldn’t walk in the grass without stepping on them. It was quite an amazing site to see all of them navigating their way through the grass towards the nearest tree.

Comment by DV — May 25, 2007 [AT] 7:20 am

we now have 25/30 open shells in the backyard,and around 15 crawling around the house,hope this isn’t all will see.

Comment by j.mayer — May 24, 2007 [AT] 3:19 pm

Elmwood Park, IL.
Saw 3 shells on trees yesterday. Saw about 20 live cicadas on sidewalk at about 10 p.m. They seem to bask in the light of the streetlamp. Saw many shells on the sidewalks in E.P. while driving to work this morning!

Comment by Sandy — May 24, 2007 [AT] 8:56 am

I live in Highland Park. Last night we found 3 cicadas crawling out of their holes. With the warm weather we have been having, I was sure that the major emergence in our area would have occurred last night, but it didn’t. Still waiting…

Comment by DV — May 24, 2007 [AT] 7:00 am

Unfortunately, we won’t see any in Wilmington, even though I live along the river with huge old trees. My neighbors told me the cicadas don’t like Wilmington 🙂
Guess I’ll have to travel back to my old neighborhood in Westchester to visit with the grandkids of the cicadas I saw back in ’73.

Comment by Mary B — May 24, 2007 [AT] 6:36 am

I’m also still (impatiently) waiting in Lisle. I practically live in a forest, and I haven’t seen ONE here!

Comment by RG — May 24, 2007 [AT] 5:24 am

I want to see the Cicadas. No sign of them in downtown Naperville yet. Is tonight the night?

Comment by Ray — May 23, 2007 [AT] 9:22 pm

They’re here…..on Glenview, at least. I walked out the back door this morning — there were cicadas and shells everywhere. On the deck, the patio and all of the plants. I turned around and walked right back in! Our neighbor’s lawn had so many in it is looked like the lawn was moving. And I understand the big emergence isn’t until tonight and tomorrow. Ughhh!

Comment by Clare — May 23, 2007 [AT] 1:12 pm

Saw my first-ever magicicada on the Dominican University campus in River Forest just a few minutes ago, on the patio near the library. Haven’t seen any others yet, on campus or at home in Franklin Park.

Comment by Christine — May 23, 2007 [AT] 11:32 am

There were 11 on our tree yesterday. Today, my wife (who was in England in 1990) says she’s trapped in the house… They’re everywhere!

Comment by Mike — May 23, 2007 [AT] 10:28 am

They have just started emerging in Des Plaines, IL. Some shells on sidewalk and saw about 20 on one tree while walking dog. However, not everywhere YET!!
Very exciting!

Comment by Jan — May 23, 2007 [AT] 9:53 am

Noticed first shell on my driveway this AM. Belvidere, IL. I’m in a new sub division without any old trees so this guy had to travel more than 2-3 blocks.

Comment by B.Cihak — May 23, 2007 [AT] 7:35 am

They’re everywhere! Naperville, IL. I spotted thousands in the grass while I was walking my dogs.

Comment by Ben — May 23, 2007 [AT] 7:20 am

I was in the backyard yesterday,05-22.planting some day lillies,dug three small holes,about 8 deep,found five,young’ins just under the surface,west side of wonder lake,il.

Comment by j.mayer — May 23, 2007 [AT] 3:33 am

They were out, just as predicted, this morning in Elmhurst.

Comment by Kristi — May 22, 2007 [AT] 6:32 pm

We live in Orland Park and went on a cicada hunt last night and were able to find 6! By the time we were going in the house, they were coming out. We could hear the lava rocks in front of our house shifting as they emerged from the ground.

Comment by Kristen — May 22, 2007 [AT] 9:33 am

Thank God! I have not seen them… Lake Station, IN

Comment by Conni — May 22, 2007 [AT] 9:19 am

The last emergence I have seen of Brood XIII was in 1956 (moved from NW Indiana in ’71). I will be back in the Crown Point, IN area the second weekend in June and am looking forward to meeting the Great-grand children of the Magicada I met in 1956.

Comment by Richard Berg — May 22, 2007 [AT] 9:14 am

My students just took a field trip around our school to see if we could find any. We didn’t! We can’t wait. We are in Joliet, Illinois.

Comment by Jill Kelley — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:59 am

I wish you guys would stop whining about the cicadas. They are beautiful creatures that only grace us with their presence every once every 17 YEARS! I, for one, can’t wait to get home from work so that I can sit outside and take in the beauty of these lovely creatures.

Comment by jt — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:54 am

Lots started coming out yesterday and today here in Crown Point, IN. All stages. I grew up in Downers Grove and remember my dad shoveling them off the sidewalks with a snow shovel last time they emerged. Was curious to see if we’d see them here, and sure enough, our woods are full : )

Happy watching!

Comment by Crown Point IN — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:52 am

My wife just called to tell me the cicadas are really starting to come out in Villa Park. She was taking my son for a walk and saw them beginning to cover the trees. I don’t think i want to come home from work today.

Comment by jb — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:40 am

There are several in our backyard in Homewood (south suburbs) flying around. We saw the first two adults here Saturday, when it was 52 degrees! They almost seemed to have come out early by accident, they were pretty sluggish. I can’t wait to see the emergence really get going here, we had a LOT last time.

Comment by Vera — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:33 am

Cicadas are so cool! I love finding them in my backyard and I love holding them. How do U know when they r gonna come out next? I totally love there colors and sounds they make so many of my friends hate these things but I don’t see y they aren’t harmfull!! See ya

Comment by Shawna Baker — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:26 am

Sheri, I’m sorry that you don’t like these things. I find it simply amazing that they do this every 17 years. I wonder how long they’ve been doing this and how they got started. Millions of years??? Anybody know???

I lived in Cicero for the ’73 Cicada emergence. We really didn’t have any coming out of the ground or on trees where we lived. However, we did have a massive swarm one day that was like a black cloud that came through. A friend & I were playing wiffle ball when it happened, so we spent an hour swatting Cicada’s…kids!!!

I live in Westmont. I saw a bunch Sunday in our back back yard. A cold rain put the dampers on them and I saw NONE yesterday after work. NOT SO TODAY!!! They’re coming up out of the ground all over my yard. They’re on trees. They’re coming out of their shell, spreading their wings, and are white at first. I can only imagine the invasion when I get home from work tonight…looking forward to it.

Comment by Mike from Westmont, IL. — May 22, 2007 [AT] 6:56 am

My dog and I saw a few shell casings on our morning walk in Elmhurst, Illinois. Also, she found a still-blonde one in the grass — and ate it!

Comment by Ellen — May 22, 2007 [AT] 5:44 am

My daughter counted 13 in downtown Geneva, IL yesterday (Sunday) while working. 12 shells and 1 flying.

Comment by Bob Aldaz — May 21, 2007 [AT] 7:41 pm

Found a few on a sunny construction fence near my home in Elmhurst, IL — Saturday morning (5/19/2007).

Comment by Vincent Hradil — May 21, 2007 [AT] 10:58 am

None near the Kishwaukee river yet, but expect many as there are forest lands and parks with old trees. Looking for them in Dekalb county.

Comment by Debb — May 21, 2007 [AT] 10:48 am

Saw about 3 doxen cicadas while walking the dog this morning. I’m sure there’s more to come.

Comment by BonnieH — May 21, 2007 [AT] 9:33 am

I moved to Wilmington, IL, just over two years ago and live in a 50+ year old house with 50+ year old trees along the Kankakee River near the Des Plaines Conservation Area. I am sooo looking forward to having the cicadas in my yard, but I’m not sure if I’ll get any. I remember them from the spring of 1973 in Westchester and our yard was covered with them. I hope to see them soon (keeping my fingers crossed).

Comment by Mary B — May 21, 2007 [AT] 7:33 am

I went golfing today (Sunday May 20th) and as I went searching through the woods for my ball, I saw a Cicada sitting on a leaf near a small oak tree. The golf course is located near Henry, IL about 35 miles north of Peoria, IL…

Comment by Derek Scott — May 20, 2007 [AT] 8:33 pm

We live in a home built in 1923 with oak trees all over our front lawn just as old. While gardening on the 5th & 6th of May I noticed wholes appearing in the ground and saw a couple of dead cicadas sitting in them. By the next Monday I had counted over 100 holes in the ground. Today May 20th I saw 4 cicadas already. I think we are getting them WAAAAAY earlier then most, or so it’s sounds like.
Lombard, Illinois

Comment by Kimberly — May 20, 2007 [AT] 7:41 pm

We recently moved to MI and was wondering what parts of the state will see the Cicadas. We had them in WV and they totally freaked me out. We are in the middle of Michigan. Is there any way to check and see when they plan to attack our area? Thanks!

Comment by Carol — May 20, 2007 [AT] 7:39 pm

It’s not cool Mike, it’s terrifying, I’m already starting to hyperventilate. How can you guys be so calm about this, oh yeah, you’re guys. Personally, I don’t want cicadas getting caught in my hair and sticking to my clothes, in the car, etc..

Comment by Sheri — May 20, 2007 [AT] 7:10 pm

I live in Westmont, Illinois. The Cicada’s are coming up in sunny areas. My back backyard is LOADED. I see some coming up here and there in the areas of my property that are mostly shady. The birds are having a treat. And I’m seeing variety of birds that I rarely see going after them. Pretty cool!!!

Comment by Mike — May 20, 2007 [AT] 2:15 pm

A single Magicicada flew into me while I was gardening in my backyard this afternoon in Wheaton, IL. There are no obvious cicada chimneys in my yard, so I’m not sure where he/she came from.

Comment by Cheryl — May 20, 2007 [AT] 12:57 pm

Emergence has begun in Palos Heights, IL. The Forest Preserve accross the street is loaded with cicado. They have already shed their exoskelton and are everywhere. It’s great.

Comment by Sandy — May 20, 2007 [AT] 12:40 pm

Emergence has begun in LaGrange. As of this morning (5/20), we have a sprinling of split shells and adults in various parts of our yard. Expecting many more over the next couple of days. They look great on the salvia and iris!

Comment by Rene — May 20, 2007 [AT] 10:59 am

Mari, In 2004, we had set up 15 sites with different orientations such as south sunny, south shade, north shade, …. The cicadas emerged at the south sunny sites before the shady locations. Also, once the emergence started it continued for several days.

Comment by Gene Kritsky — May 20, 2007 [AT] 6:05 am

On a walk this evening we saw cicada nymphs emerging in Brookfield, IL south of the tracks and west of Prairie Ave. but when we crossed north of the tracks and east of Prairie into Kiwanis Park there were no nymphs emerging. Can the ground temperature be that different just blocks apart?

Comment by Mari — May 19, 2007 [AT] 9:54 pm

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 17 years cidadas. The Magicicadas began emerging in my yard this morning in Flossmoor, IL. I am located about 25 miles south of Chicago. I live in an older area of Flossmoor and expect a large number to emerge. It’s pretty exciting!

Comment by Sue — May 19, 2007 [AT] 7:51 pm

I thought I was the only cicada nut around! I’ve been talking about these criters since I was pregnant with my first child, summer of 1974. Driving throught Elmhurst in a VW beetle with a manual-control sunroof was quite exciting…expecially down Poplar where there is a canopy of old huge trees over the street. Seventeen years later, I was walking near Elmhurt Hospital when the cicada emerged. Seems like they covered the grass as they marched in unison toward tree trunks. As I recall, each hole was only a few inches from one another. Eventually, every tree trunk in town was litterally covered with cicada. My daughter was a highschooler. Now she’s teaching biology and working toward her PHD. Hope I can plan having the grandkids over at the “special moment” when the cicada emerge again in Elmhurst.

Comment by Kathy — May 18, 2007 [AT] 10:07 pm

I am moving this weekend to the western suburbs of Chicago. I am expecting to see lots and lots of them. I have asked a neighbor of mine if I can borrow her cats for a few weeks. The kitties will have the time of their life with the lil guys. I have their songs playing on my computer all day. Driving my co-workers absolutely nuts.

Comment by Erin — May 17, 2007 [AT] 1:34 pm

We have found a few nymphs while gardening (Northbrook, IL) but have not seen any chimneys yet… they are supposed to arrive May 22. I am obsessed with cicadas!

Comment by Kristina — May 15, 2007 [AT] 11:55 am

snapping off chimneys may decrease their viability.

Comment by Dan — May 14, 2007 [AT] 1:17 pm

As i mow my lawn i have no way of avoiding the chimneys, i step on them and crack them all over the place. does this mean they will die before they emerge?

Comment by jb — May 14, 2007 [AT] 1:06 pm

I say not to snap them off because you don’t want to prematurely expose the nymphs. The tunnels protect from from weather and predators.

Comment by Dan — May 10, 2007 [AT] 2:59 pm

David — the posts from California and Sharon, PA were from last year.

Dan, why shouldn’t we crack off the top of the mud tunnels? I haven’t seen any to do it, but I’d like to know why we shouldn’t (so I can pass along to the kids I work with). Thanks!

Comment by Robin — May 10, 2007 [AT] 2:52 pm

The California cicadas are from an entirely different genus (probably Okanagana) that emerges each spring. They are not periodical, although they are dark-colored with orange like Magicicada. They should not have red eyes.

The Sharon, PA emergences are interesting because there is not supposed to be brood XIII there — if those really are periodical cicadas then they are perhaps very late Brood VIII cicadas?

Comment by David Marshall — May 10, 2007 [AT] 7:35 am

Don’t crack off the top!

Comment by Dan — May 9, 2007 [AT] 4:47 am

We have the empty holes. We have some holes that raccoons seem to have dug up. But I can’t find a cicada anywhere. I’m starting to think its aliens. Where have they gone?

Comment by Kath — May 8, 2007 [AT] 10:29 pm

We’re in Downers Grove, IL. Our entire yard is covered with these little mounds of dirt. If you crack the mound off, you’ll see the cicada sitting there staring up at you. And where there are not mounds, you can scrape the top half inch of dirt off and find tons of holes! We’ve got them EVERYWHERE!!!

Comment by MW — May 8, 2007 [AT] 7:15 pm

It’s actually beneficial to your lawn because they’re aerating it for you! People pay landscaping services $100s of dollars for aerating — the cicadas will do it for free!

Comment by Dan — May 4, 2007 [AT] 7:21 am

Does anyone know if these “chimneys” in my yard will affect my grass? I am 26 years old and don’t really remember the last cicada emergence. I’m in the midst of preparing my house to sell and I’m afraid that these cicadas will ruin my lawn before we sell.

Comment by jb — May 4, 2007 [AT] 6:53 am

After a month of searching, we finally dug up a Periodical Cicada nymph in our own garden in Oak Park, Illinois! We posted information and a photo on our blog:

Thanks to all the other folks who found cicada nymphs and burrows and inspired us to try again.


Comment by Eric Gyllenhaal — May 2, 2007 [AT] 9:01 pm

Thank you JB in Villa Park — I live in Homewood, south of the city and I was totally upset yesterday when I saw about 30 or more 1/2inch holes in my back yard — as you noted they are like aerations! Didn’t even cross my mind they could be cicadas. I’m still hoping so, as I’m reading about cicada wasps (eat the cicadas) leaving these type holes also.
What an interesting spring/summer we are going to have!

Comment by CJ — May 2, 2007 [AT] 8:33 am

I’m in Wilmette, IL. Was gardening yesterday (Monday) and lifted a path stone. Underneath were about 17 fat wiggling cicadas right under the surface of the stone. Lifted another stone, same story. Also found them in the compost pile. I have also noted some exit holes near the foundation of the house under the shrubbery on the north side.

Comment by Martha Hellander — May 1, 2007 [AT] 9:41 am

I’m in Villa Park, IL and noticed that my lawn had finally been aerated. Upon further inspection, they had not come to aerate yet, but my lawn was full of mounds of dirt and holes. I’ve learned that these cicadas are on their way up. My front yard is FULL of these things.

Comment by jb — April 30, 2007 [AT] 6:21 am

I’m in Chicago Western suburbs, and I was working the garden. There were 10 that I saw less than 1 inch below the surface and I was working in a 6 inch diameter circle. Lots of holes in the dirt as well. I was working in a southwest facing garden, and the sun was very warm today. These guys are raring to go, I think!! I brought me son out to see it and he thought it was totally cool.

I don’t know if I’m ready for them quite yet. I’m supposed to be camping in a few weeks, as well as kayaking. I may have to bring the dental floss!

Comment by HueyGirl — April 28, 2007 [AT] 10:25 am

Ok i just found a magicada! Full size as my daughter was playing with it! lol. I am in Delavan Wisconsin so they are defiently here!

Comment by Jennifer — April 25, 2007 [AT] 8:38 am

A cicada is the fruit of the land. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sautee it. There’s, um, Cicada kebabs, cicada creole, cicada gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir fried. There’s pineapple cicada and lemon cicada, coconut cicada, pepper cicada, cicada soup, cicada stew, cicada salad, cicada and potatoes, cicada burger, cicada sandwich… That’s, that’s about it.

Comment by Jerry — April 24, 2007 [AT] 1:06 pm

Great news Rene!

Comment by Dan — April 24, 2007 [AT] 10:12 am

Today, while gardening in a friend’s yard in SE Elmhurst, I noticed several nickel-sized holes around me. I peeked into one and saw two red eyes staring back at me! This part of her garden is mostly barren, dry clay in a full-sun location. There were no chimneys, just exit holes. I found a dozen of these holes in a 5 x 5 area and the residents were all about 4-6 from the surface. In a spadefull of soil, I found many more active magicicadas near the surface and I carefully replanted them.

Comment by Rene‘ — April 23, 2007 [AT] 8:02 pm

Eric — looks that way to me. Looks like a nymph and a mud chimney.

Comment by Dan — April 10, 2007 [AT] 4:28 am

Hi, Dan,

Thanks for all your work spreading the word about cicadas!

My kids and I are trying to beat the late spring rush by finding the earliest periodical cicadas in the Chicago area. Could you help us out by (1) confirming that the live nymph we found last weekend was annual, not periodical, and (2) telling us if you think the burrows we found this weekend are early examples of perioidcal cicada burrows?

The photos are on this page:



Comment by Eric Gyllenhaal — April 10, 2007 [AT] 3:37 am

Hi Im from St Charles, MO. I have a bunch of dead cicada’s on my front porch. I hear them day and night in our trees.

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December 31, 2006

2006 Annual Cicada Sightings

Filed under: Annual | — Dan @ 1:01 am

I am in Prince Edward Island, Canada, on the 13th of OCTOBER, a 2" long plus insect that I think must be a Cicada of some kind, dark brown, reasonably active still this am, was on the door, (attracted by the light that I have beside the door), the weather this fall has been unreasonably ( 🙂 ) warm with ~70 degree weather two or three days this week, normally I have Cicadas on the trees and of house only in August, has anyone else seen this or is it a fluke ? I have searched the outside of the house but only the one lonesome charlie.

Comment by Tom Purdy — October 14, 2006 [AT] 5:17 am

I live in Raleigh, NC area, and just spotted my first cicada the night before last which was August 20, 2006. I freaked out when I saw this huge bug on my front porch screen, but after a few seconds realized that it must be a locust or cicada. The markings/colorings on these insects are incredible. I decided to do a little research to be sure and found this website. So, there you are!

Comment by P. Sapp — August 22, 2006 [AT] 4:36 am

my son and i live in crittenden ky. 30 mi. south of cincinnati oh.and have sighted many green and black cicadas.the noise from these are loud and the noise has been around for about 2 to 3 weeks.can anyone tell us exactly what species they are, how often these come out and when they will disappear? we are very interested. sincerely,s. goldsworth

Comment by s.goldsworth — August 21, 2006 [AT] 1:50 pm

Arghhhh! That noise! Here I take a week off from work in the middle of August to spend with my children, and every evening, I hear the deafening sound of the cicada! I thought we weren’t due for another emergency for another ten years or so. I live in Athens, Ohio, where the brood hatched in 1999 during my daughter’s outdoor birthday party (what a memory for her… kids screeming as the fly overhead , getting caught in their hair! What fun!) so we were not expecting the hissing of summer lawns for another decade. What gives?

Comment by Kirk G — August 18, 2006 [AT] 7:44 am

I am having trouble identifying this cicada I caught. I was hoping someone could identify it for me? Here are the pictures.

If you can, email or IM what you think it is to me.
Email: leogeckogirl [AT]
AIM: Reha Chan

Comment by Reha — August 17, 2006 [AT] 2:33 am

I live in Connecticut and came across a dead cicada last week. Not knowing what it was I took some pictures and posted them in my blog. Falanya from Anchorage clued me in as to what it was. Now I just don’t know what type of cicada it is — just curious.

Check out the photots at

BTW, Very nice web site!


Comment by Gerry michaud — August 14, 2006 [AT] 4:21 pm

2 cicadas spotted in Columbus, GA. First one spotted on August 1st, the second sighting was August 14 this morning.

Comment by johnny lumpkin — August 14, 2006 [AT] 1:17 pm

I have spotted a Cicada twice in the last week at my front door. It’s apparently attracted to the yellow bug light I purchased to deter all insects. When I first saw it I was shocked at how big they are! I didn’t know what it was at first until I started researching them this morning. I saw it for the first time last week, but saw it again this morning as I was leaving for work. It was right on my wall under my porch light. It makes such a loud sound! it looks just like the apache cicada that you have pictured on the home page. I thought that their were no species due to surface in 2006?

Comment by johnny lumpkin — August 14, 2006 [AT] 1:13 pm

Cicadas starting emerging around my yard about June 20th this year. I have seen more than a dozen nymph exoskeletons all over the yard: on the foundation of my house, on the fence, under daylily, squash and bergamot leaves, and even two on the tire of my car. I got photos of two adults and I think they are genus Tibicen. Now yesterday and today, the noise has been intense up in the trees!

Comment by Jenn — July 29, 2006 [AT] 7:27 pm

Two cicadas sighted in Toronto.

Comment by SSK — July 27, 2006 [AT] 3:12 pm


After an absence of over 50 years, the Giant Cicada (Quesada gigas) is back (with a vengeance) across Central Texas from San Antonio to Austin…

Giant Cicada / Chicharra Grande

Comment by Mike Quinn — July 21, 2006 [AT] 1:23 pm

I just wanted to report that I finally heard my first Tibicen of
the season late this afternoon.
It was a T.chloromera. I have yet to
find any live nymphs or exuviae though. I will update once I find any.


Comment by Roy Troutman — July 1, 2006 [AT] 9:13 pm

Speaking of Disney, I work at Disneyland, and our cicadas have just made a very loud apperance. Does anyone know what type they are? The last few days have been the warmest in quite a while…around 80. Thank you!

Comment by Elizabeth Madsen — April 20, 2006 [AT] 1:43 am

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2006 General Cicada Questions

Filed under: — Dan @ 1:01 am

These questions come from the old General Cicada Questions message board. The questions and answers are in reverse order. URLs found in comments are old and likely do not work.

Hi all Cicada Lovers, I myself love all insects. I have always been interested in insects. I have a website with insect links and photos. Enjoy

Comment by Bill D. — November 17, 2006 [AT] 9:18 am

I live in the Western subs of IL. I have an above ground pool. Will these little guys be a burden? When exactly do they come out and for how long? ew

Comment by Joyce — November 13, 2006 [AT] 8:56 pm

What are the different types of cicades??

Comment by hawill — November 11, 2006 [AT] 9:17 pm

I found this site when searching for cicadas.

There music kind of sounds like cicadas buzzing, at time.

Comment by Amazed — November 1, 2006 [AT] 7:18 am

I want to know what sounds a cicada makes. And do they make sounds 24 hours a day? How long will they make the sounds? I live in Georgia and I keep hearing the high pitch sounds.

Comment by Larry Gunnels — October 26, 2006 [AT] 8:06 pm

I’m posting again to publish my messenger ok…
brunomontanhez [AT]

Comment by Montanhez — October 12, 2006 [AT] 10:23 pm

im a biology student that was seeking for Quesada gigas pictures and then found this place! it’s looks really nice…congratulations
and….there’s any brasilian on this forum?

Comment by Montanhez — October 12, 2006 [AT] 10:21 pm

With these things it’s really the luck of the draw — they might be a no show, or they could make things miserable. It might pay to ask the owners of the property what happened 17 years earlier.

Comment by Dan — October 3, 2006 [AT] 7:57 pm

The wedding ceremony only will be in Willowbrook, IL, southwest of Chicago about 25 miles in our backyard which has trees and shrubs (but house and yard about 6 years old) and surrounded by property that has lots of trees and undisturbed (undeveloped) land. Based on reading the Wedding Planner which I found after posting my question, sounds like you need a sense of humor if you don’t reschedule. Seems it would be very distracting and take away the focus from the ceremony.

Comment by Yola — October 2, 2006 [AT] 2:28 pm

Depends on where the wedding is going to be.

Comment by Dan — October 1, 2006 [AT] 9:39 am

My daughter has planned an outdoor wedding in our backyear for 6/16/07. I think we should reschedule. Any comments?

Comment by Yola — October 1, 2006 [AT] 6:25 am

Chicago’s breed is due in June 2007. They will emerge around June 9 and will last about four weeks.

You can set your clock to that.

Comment by John — September 14, 2006 [AT] 2:19 am

Hi Anjum- your email address does not seem to be correct. Please correct for contact or email to >

Comment by david — September 12, 2006 [AT] 3:03 am

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Comment by Anjum — September 10, 2006 [AT] 5:28 am

Which month and approximately which week will the brood xiii cicada’s hatch their final molt in Chicago, Illinois?

Comment by Dario — September 4, 2006 [AT] 8:25 am

i didnt know what what outside but it was huge and then we caught it with its prey and there both still alive the the cicada is paralized, my daughter wants to bring it to school to show her science teacher and my question is how can i keep them alive and when with the cicada become un paralized?
thank you
lake charles,louisiana

Comment by angie — September 2, 2006 [AT] 2:47 pm

We were having breakfast this morning on our screen porch and a large, strange bug was sitting on the outside of the screen. I suspected a cicada and a quick web search led me to this site. Sure enough, it’s a magicicada!

The kids and I enjoyed learning about cicada habits, although we’re curious about this particular cicada because it’s so late in the summer and we aren’t due for our cicada cycle until next year (we’re in Hartford, WI). We’ve decided that this one must be a scout.

Comment by The Ohm Family — August 26, 2006 [AT] 8:38 am

I wonder, if I can find frequency distribution of cicada songs.
Thanks for any hints.

Comment by Serge — August 24, 2006 [AT] 8:30 am

I am an insect collector and recently obtained two male cicadas of the same species in Las Vegas. Based on my extensive travels throughout southern Nevada and the Las Vegas area, it literally sounds as if there is only one local cicada species in the area-I only hear one that sounds like a constant buzz saw and no other “songs” of distinctive species. Can anyone out there list the prevalent cicada-genus and species-of the Las Vegas area?

Comment by Jeff Clark — August 23, 2006 [AT] 5:19 pm

I absolutely love the sound of cicadas. I still do, though I’m watching a very creepy “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni” (When the Cicadas Cry). It’s a Japanese horror anime with a deceptively cutesy art style, and cicadas are prominant in the closing credits. The distinctive sounds appear in the soundtrack and now we get a delicious little shiver when evening falls and the cicadas begin their symphony.

But they *are* summer nights (and days) to me!

Comment by Laura — August 23, 2006 [AT] 10:40 am

okay so I KNOW these insects are called cicadas, and I love them dearly — my mother tells me she could hear them singing when I was born (july 25), so for me, hearing them is something akin to the primal scream….

But WHY did we call them “locusts” in Cleveland where I grew up? I don’t think I learned to call them cicadas until I moved to NJ in 10970.

second question: my own personal rule of thumb, based on observation, is that cicadas don’t “sing” unless the temperature outside is 70 F or above — is that true?

Kathy Harsany
cicada (and katydid) fan
Greenwich, CT

Comment by kathy harsany — August 22, 2006 [AT] 12:50 pm

Hi there
i have a diana maple it one year old,two weeks ago the leaves were brown and wilted they were flexable now their crispy and falling.I was told that there could be a fungus.Could there be a fungus,the tree is kept watered.

Comment by Joan Bowers — August 19, 2006 [AT] 9:05 pm

I live in Indianapolis, IN. Why do we have so many cicadas this year? I don’t remember the cicadas being this loud except for a couple of years ago.

Comment by William H — August 19, 2006 [AT] 5:40 pm

I’m so happy to find a site dedicated to this creature! Living in New York City, the cicada has become the sound of summer (along with ice cream truck bells and the drone of air-conditioners.) However, this summer, I’m sad to say, the sound has been absent. Is this part of the 17-year cycle? I can’t remember a summer without the sound of the cicadas each morning and evening. On the hottest days they could even be heard during midday. I’ve lived in NYC 39 years and I’m hoping that no environmental factors have led to their elimination from this area. Please advise.

Comment by Joseph Scrivani — August 9, 2006 [AT] 6:49 am

How do you say this insects name.

Comment by Judy — August 9, 2006 [AT] 1:50 am

We live in upstate New York, just east of Albany. On returning from a seaside vacation the end of July, we noticed a very loud insect sound at dusk, continuing through the wee hours. We have not heard this before, and it is keeping us up all night. My husband thought it might be locusts, so I searched the web and now we think we have them. He said he found a dead one in our yard. Can anyone tell us how long to expect this racket? It is very disruptive. We are new to this.

Comment by Cassandra — July 31, 2006 [AT] 4:33 pm

I need to get a Cicada for Biology and I have no idea where to look. Where might I find one? And when should I look for one?

Comment by Elizabeth — July 18, 2006 [AT] 12:02 am

I found a cicada grub in it’s last instar (I think), where it’s emerged from hte ground as a bronze kind of pupae on legs. It was lost groping around aimlessly on the pavement in the baking sun.
I thought it should be moved into the foliage where it could take to a leaf….so I did just that, but I noticed it had white eyes unlike any others I’d seen (usually having brown or black eyes.
It also seemed very weak. Is it unusual for cicadas in this stage of development, to have white eyes? If so why?

Comment by dan — July 10, 2006 [AT] 12:10 am

Does anyone have any tips for preserving cicadas? I find our local Tibicens rather attractive and would like to “shellac” one. (An already dead one; I’d never kill one! It’s not at all hard to find corpses once summer gets into full swing here in VA.) Do you think I could just use clear-coat enamel, or would that damage the wings?

Comment by Khate — July 2, 2006 [AT] 9:08 am

My girlfriend is from England, and had never had any experience with cicadas, she calls them “screaming bugs”. We are here in missouri, and I never knew that there was a 17 year cycle. Thanks for the site, and info.

Comment by Josh — July 1, 2006 [AT] 7:44 pm

Hi Connor,

There are many different types of Cicadas in the United States. At least 150 different species. Other names that can also mean “cicada” that people say are as follows:

Dog Day Cicada
Harvest fly
Heat Bug

And even some species of cicadas can have their own nick-names. For instance:

Tibicen chloromera — “The Swamp Cicada”
Tibicen auletes — “The Scissor Grinder”
Tibicen lyricen — “The lyric Cicada”
Magicicada — “17 year locusts”

Hope that helps.
Gerry Bunker
Massachusetts Cicadas

Comment by Gerry — June 29, 2006 [AT] 9:05 pm

I have been asked by my teacher at school to find out another name for cicada. What are cicadas also known as?

Comment by Connor James — June 21, 2006 [AT] 10:40 pm

Hi Dan, Looks as though some useless spam did get through with mesage 66!! To Debbie (67), cicadas do not bite, they suck sap through a “rostrum” (straw) like mozzies. They are quite magnificently constructed and coloured with each species having a distinct song- not too ugly once you get to know them!! Just watch one emerging and you’ll be hooked!

Comment by david — May 30, 2006 [AT] 7:05 pm

do these UGLY creatures bite and if so what needs to be done for treatment. I am in texas

Comment by Debbie — May 28, 2006 [AT] 5:59 pm

Does anyone have information regarding where in Pennsylvania Brood XIV of Magicicada has emerged in the past? I know they’re due back in 2008 and I’d really like to see them. Please email me at BigEdK7 [AT] if you have any information.
Thank you,

Comment by Ed — May 22, 2006 [AT] 11:39 am

In school we are studing about the rain forest and Im serching for people to help the rain forest from being burnt and cut down. I know this coment probebly dosen’t mean any thing to you, but it means the world to me. One forth of our rain forest are gone, and they say all the medicans in the world are in the rain forset so we are destorying medicans that we need. Now I bet you don’t care, but seens you like insects I decided to write this letter to you. Thank you for reading it.

Comment by Emily — May 15, 2006 [AT] 2:24 am

Starting a new site, dedicated to the cause. Here in the Chicago area we will be seeing our little friends next June, 2007 and will be putting up images and videos. Until then, the website
will be up and running.


Comment by John — May 12, 2006 [AT] 11:48 pm

Cicadas seem to be pretty rare here in Nova Scotia. I’m looking for a source of cicada “remains” which are intact and in good condition. I am hoping to find 10-20 at least. This is for an arts project.
Only Cicadas who have “ceased to bee” please!


Comment by Kevin — April 19, 2006 [AT] 3:47 am

I would have to say they were disturbed under the the trash box. I would think it would be very very unusual to see them this early. you are right, you probibly would not see any until at least late june-july

Comment by Matt — April 14, 2006 [AT] 3:10 pm

I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and we are just barely breaking into spring (snow last weekend, this week 20 degrees C in the day, nights around 0). No leaves on trees yet, and grass just barely poking out of the ground.

Today we found about 3 or 4 adult cicadas scattered in the parking lot — most of them squished, but one still feebly moving its legs. I’m assuming they are adults: about 1 1/2 inches long, a dark drab brown, almost looking a bit moldy. There was signs of a large trash box moved in the area, so perhaps they were under it, and were disturbed.

We usually only get cicadas in the hot part of July & August… any ideas what might be going on here?

thanks for helping with the mystery.


Comment by jeannine — April 12, 2006 [AT] 8:25 am

What is it about the cicada’s that places them in the classification?

Comment by Chrissy — April 3, 2006 [AT] 12:39 pm

You must be suffering the Amphipsalta zealandica chorus in Feb. someone from Auckland complained on this site last year about thier niose. On hot nights, cicadas can sing at intervals during the night, which drives you crazy. The Aussie greengrocers will sing at about 4hour intervals (dusk, 10pm, 2am and 6am) just in case you want to listen. By the way, many cicadas are attracted to UV lights, especially on warm humid nights.

Comment by david — March 7, 2006 [AT] 2:30 am

btw Im in NZ and that would be understood not understoof sorry!! Im used to cicadas but not this many and they have never done this before, I cant find much info on this kinda thing, there are hundreds of them and driving me crazy at times like 3am :/

Comment by salacity — February 21, 2006 [AT] 4:56 am

Okay so I understoof that cicadas were not attracted to light? however tonight the first night of the couple of weeks they have been around this year they started attacking the windows and they were all over my deck its midnight here and I dont understand whats going on Ive never seen anything like it before, is this normal?

Comment by salacity — February 21, 2006 [AT] 4:54 am

Hi Marty,
The “green grocer” in Australia sings when the temp reaches around 18C, but many small species will not sing unless the sun is shining (no matter what the ambient temp).

Comment by david — February 16, 2006 [AT] 10:43 pm

Does a Cicada start chirping at a certain air temperature? if so what is it?

Comment by Marty — February 12, 2006 [AT] 4:55 pm

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August 27, 2006

Archive of Magicicada Discussions 2005-2006

Filed under: Magicicada | | Periodical — Dan @ 1:29 pm

Comment by Brandi — August 27, 2006 [AT] 7:02 pm

I am from Sharon, Pennsylvania. My cat has brought 2 Magicicadas in my house . We have been hearing them sing the last few days . They were big and black with clear wings .

Comment by Sherry Vanditta — August 14, 2006 [AT] 3:31 pm

I live in Sacramento, California. In the past two weeks my cat has been bringing in cicadas. There have been about 10 of them so far. I’ve had three “delivered” in the last two days. I’ve done a little research on the web and this doesn’t appear to be the norm. I don’t see any outside, but pretty sure I hear them up in my huge tree. None of my neighbors hve this problem either.

Isn’t this unusual? They look like they are Magicicada cassini or Magicicada septendecula. Any enlightenment will be appreciated.

Comment by Bea Maurer — July 24, 2006 [AT] 10:22 pm

Our location is 38.2 N, 86.2 degrees W. This is a little neighborhood off of Blanton Lane and Dixie Hwy in Louisville, KY. This morning I was cleaning my pool and I heard a splash in it. This poor creature had landed in it. Not sure what it was, I got it out and came in to check on the web. From what I found on,it must be a straggler. My cam is not working so no picture can be taken. I will try to get a pic before I let it go if anyone is interested. I hear them occasionally at night, but first time I’ve actually seen one since I was a child. My grandson has found shells over the past 2 yrs, but we never found one till now. Just thought I’d let ya know for those who are interested.

Comment by Donna Denson — July 8, 2006 [AT] 7:32 am

June 17, 2006
Our dog found a Okanagana rimosa cicada in our backyard. This was in Edmonton Alberta Canada off the revine in the Capilano area. Very cool never seen anything like it. A black star with an orange circle just behind its head on a plate of some sort. It has since been taken to the University 0f Alberta; Strickland Entomological Museum.

Comment by M. Valgardson — June 22, 2006 [AT] 10:57 am

Some very late notes on brood xxiii in central Mississippi, May, 2002.
In the Jackson, MS area tridecassini was probably the most numerous species, with tridecim next, and tridecula a very distant third. M. tridecassini is the one that makes a ticking sound followed by a buzz like a weedeater revving up. There were so many that the sound was really deafening, and the intensity would rise and fall, like waves crashing on a beach. I think that each species aggregated with its own kind, but I have no proof. The much quieter tridecim—the one with the “pharaoh” song was in smaller groups. I noticed that very early in the morning, before the sun came up, the tridecims were singing, but none of the others. I also noticed that when I was going home on my bicycle after dark, my bicycle light elicited buzzes and partial songs from a few of the cicadas as I went by. The rather scarce tridecula were in small groups, and they tended to be where the trees were not tall—basically in fields where the trees were just moving in.
In 2003, 2004, and 2005, each May, I heard a few tridecassini stragglers singing. Before the big spring 2002 brood, I heard one tridecassini that jumped the gun in October, 2001!

Comment by Paul Krombholz — September 20, 2005 [AT] 9:34 pm

August 23, 2005

Went out on my deck this morning to enjoy a cup of coffee. When I went to sit down I had a visitor resting on my chair. It’s the first Cicada I’ve seen up close since the 80s. I’ve heard them humming in the trees all summer. They’re loud and they’re here in Rocky Hill, CT.

Comment by Marilyn — August 23, 2005 [AT] 6:30 am

I am in Rockville, MD and we had a HUGE emergence last year — HUGE. I didn’t realize that there would be any this year but I have been hearing the buzzing sound for a little over a week and wasn’t sure what it was. Well, when 2 were swarming around me last evening, I then realized it. I found 3 dead ones on the ground today while gardening and as I type this, every once in awhile, there is a “knock” on the window from one when they run into the glass. Nothing like last year but there are definately some in this area!

Comment by Susan — August 22, 2005 [AT] 10:38 pm

A friend of mine also has them in Mansura, La.
I had taken pics, but I think I deleted them, will try again

Comment by iluvmykhalil — August 15, 2005 [AT] 4:13 pm

8/15/05—-There are alot in Princeton, Illinois.
I have seen one on my porch about every other day. There dead skin or what ever you call it, well let’s just say in my front yard I found at least 20 of them, it feels like we are infested with them, ok maybe I am over exaggerating. I don’t like them, they are big, ugly and scare me!

Comment by iluvmykhalil — August 15, 2005 [AT] 4:10 pm

I saw 2 Magicicadas in Camden, NJ in 2 days. On August 12th, I saw a dead one laying on the walkway in front of Cooper Hospital. Then on August 14th I saw one on the screen of my front door in Cramer Hill, NJ. When I opened the door it tried to fly away but banged into the post and into the grass. Very big insect!! I have alot of trees in my yard and live close to a wooded area so if I see one on one of my trees, I will try to take a picture. It’s hard though since I am afraid of insects. Also,on my way to Wildwood, NJ I heard them singing the entire way through the Atlantic City Expressway on August 13th as well.

Comment by M Casiano — August 14, 2005 [AT] 9:15 am

The Cicadas are here un the Upstate of South Carolina. I live in a little town southwest of Greenville SC called Honea Path. We have Oak and Chesnut Trees and the are singing wonderfully all day like I used to hear them in Southern France.
Now here I need an expert for answers? I heard the same noise last year. Not quite as prominent then this year but still I could hear them well every day.
This year I have been looking around and found some dead Magicicadas.
I am a little lost about this 17 year cicle. How could I have heard some last year and this year.
Are they other types of cicadas that live every year and make a similar noise?
Also as I go about enjoying these wonderful creatures of nature I hear being closer some high pitch singing less loud and frequent?
I would be thankful if anybody can give me more information. Suggestions of site with information and an excellent book about cicadas.
I feel in heaven, romantic and this wonderful noise while reading a book under a tree is an awesome feeling.
Edmond Schafeitel
Honea Path SC

Comment by Edmond Schafeitel — August 14, 2005 [AT] 8:38 am

The Cicadas are here in Charlotte, NC in droves. I am on the southwest side of Charlote, near the SC border. The oak trees are ringing loudly. Now the starlings are showing up in flocks for the buffet. I have never been glad to see starlings until now. I didn’t see any Cicadas in my neighborhood last year, and if they were here, there weren’t very many of them. This is the third time I have witnessed them during my lifetime.

Comment by Dr.Volts — August 14, 2005 [AT] 6:16 am

I saw one two days ago, and I squished them in between my toes, ohh how I love the feeling. Anyone know when more are comming in, I did this two times so far, there blue eyes, turn red when you moosh them!

[Moderator: don’t moosh cicadas.]

Comment by Ceerie — August 13, 2005 [AT] 8:09 pm

Seattle WA, Aug 8, 2005, 2 pm 80 degrees.
I had to have my wife tell me what the hell that noise was. I have never seen or heard anything like this before, though i only moved to Seattle in 1988.
I grew up in eastern Montana, and have never heard them.


Comment by lloyd — August 7, 2005 [AT] 8:35 am

Cicadas are buzzing heavily in Narberth, Pa. Actually spotted a live one on a chair in my yard. Found several shells in a tree and on the ground. Thought they only emerged every 17 yrs? Although their sound is soothing to myself, my young child is terrified of their noise. How long should we expect them to be around? Thanks!!

Comment by Heather G. — August 6, 2005 [AT] 4:22 pm

I know nothing about cicadas but they are in my yard. I live in Waukesha WI and they have been here for a couple of weeks, yet a friend who lives 1/4 mile away does not hear them in his yard. We only hear them at night as soon as the sun goes down they start singing and are quite loud. Tonight they are not as loud and it doesn’t sound as if there are as many as there have been in the last few weeks. Are these what you call stragglers? I found 1 shell in our driveway but did not realize what it was until I started ready about them on you website

Comment by gundi davis — August 5, 2005 [AT] 7:40 pm

Location: Boone, NC, right on the TN/NC/VA border. Last year I eagerly awaited Brood X, but was terribly dissapointed. I might have heard 2 at my home, at the most. While rafting on the Nolichucky River in TN (2004), they were deafening! This year, my home is surrounded by them. We have been having some unusually hot weather breaking a long standing record by hitting 90deg last week, maybe that’s why they are so active. I have been stalking the woods with my camera trying to get a pic, but they are everywhere except for where I am! Camera shy little suckers….

Comment by Shannon K — August 1, 2005 [AT] 9:36 am

I live in Freeport, NY (Long Island) I have about 10 shells in front of my home with a new one on my front door everyday. I also see the holes in the dirt. Don’t expect me to take pictures I am deathly affraid of insects of all kind. The noise is annoying..

Comment by Tiarra T. — July 28, 2005 [AT] 10:38 am

I’ve been hearing the very distinctive sound for several weeks now in nothern Virginia. Thought sure it was cicadas. I believe we have them in large numbers. Last night, the cat brought one in the house. We were able to get it out, but there is no mistaking that it was a cicada.

Comment by Dawn W — July 23, 2005 [AT] 7:28 am

A brood has emerged in Central Texas, the top of the bug looks like the face of a grasshopper, smiling. I guessed it was a cicada, heard about it, never saw it. Recently we have been seeing bizarre looking bug shells around the home, now I know what it was. Our kid spotted it clinging from it’s recently hatched shell on our screen. They sure are not scared, didn’t fly away and moved pretty slowly when nudged. No wonder they are hard to see. Ours was a light green with transparent wings that were brown tiped, so it blends in WELL witht the tree. The nymph phase seems to be universal looking ashy brown/tan. We are in Copperas Cove, TX, north of Austin.

Comment by James G — July 22, 2005 [AT] 8:43 am


Comment by Shay C — July 20, 2005 [AT] 9:06 pm

Yeah, yeah. I know I’m late with this.

I’m a PGRC member, and on a Saturday Morining run in late May (the 28th, I believe) I’m certain I heard a lone, Brood-X cicada somewhere in the middle of Greenbelt Park (Greenbelt, MD).

Comment by Tim Holtz — July 18, 2005 [AT] 7:05 pm

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Wow, we’ve never seen these before but in the last 24 hours we’ve found two of these guy’s (or gals) perched up on the brick wall directly outside the front door. The first one had a very long abdomin, even longer wings, and generally light brown all over.
Today’s find looks much more like the photos we have seen. It has a very large/wide green/brown head, green collar, green and mostly light brown wings, and brown body with a dark stripe going almost the entire lenth of the underside.
What a racket they make! Very interesting.

Comment by James Fyvie — July 14, 2005 [AT] 11:31 am

I live in Perth County (Ontario Canada) and have just heard quite a few in the tree outside my window. It is somewhat soothing to know that they are here again.

Comment by Cathy — July 12, 2005 [AT] 6:35 pm

I heard them a few days ago (just one or two), then silence due to rain and cooler weather here in Bayside, Queens. This mornining was warm and sunny and heard the same one or two once more. Pretty early for these parts I think. I usually do not hear them until mid august. I hope that does not mean they will be plentiful cause I hate them!!

Comment by Mindy — July 10, 2005 [AT] 1:06 pm

Today, while out walking my dogs, I heard the definite music of cicadas. I couldn’t tell you what kind they were as they all sound alike to me.

I’m in northwest Nassau county (Long Island). Has anyone else heard them around here?

Comment by Marilyn — July 9, 2005 [AT] 12:20 pm

It saddens me with the extinction of brood XI. I bet if you looked on old trees you my be able to see the scars from a cicada brood that no longer exists. Perhaps we could have done some sound mapping to see if there where any existing chorusing areas left. Who knows, maybe there is small pockets left.

Comment by Matt — June 29, 2005 [AT] 3:53 pm

I live in Jacksonville, Florida and we are cursed with Cicadas. In Jacksonville they don’t come out every 17 years, 7 years, or 3 years. They show up every year! Their “song” sounds like a high voltage power line. I am not aware of any studies but my guess is Cicadas are a major cause of depression and anxiety. I hate them.

Comment by Randy Ross — June 25, 2005 [AT] 7:01 am

Found a mature female Brood X straggler yesterday (15 June 2005) in Falls Church, VA. We had huge numbers last year, especially on the 50-yr-old maple tree in our yard, but I didn’t realize there would be 1-year stragglers. Haven’t heard any singing in the neighborhood so far.


omment by Pete Jennings — June 16, 2005 [AT] 1:57 pm

They are back this year (2005) in Forest Park Ohio! YUCK!! Thankfully not in the same numbers as last year. I estimate I’ve seen about 50 shells in the yard. Thank goodness I haven’t seen any of them flying around. I can hear them in the trees. Last year, I would barely leave the house and when I did, I did it in the evening. Hopefully I will be in a cicada free town before they come out again.

Comment by Linda — June 15, 2005 [AT] 5:09 pm

The search for Brood XI is on. The “lost” brood was located in CT, MA and RI but hasn’t been seen in over 50 years. Unlike the massive Brood X which we all heard about last year, this was a small and vulnerable brood. John Cooley from UConn and I would like to enlist the help of anyone in these three states. Sorry Midwesterners, but any periodical cicadas you see are probably stragglers from Brood X. Especially if you had them in large amounts from the previous year. To fully understand our problem, you have to read the original location descriptions from 50 years ago. Basically, all that is written is a county reference such as “Hartford County.” Street locations, landmarks or any other points of reference just aren’t listed too often or may even have changed. It will be different for the next generation thanks to the GPS, but for now we have some legwork (and cyberwork) to do. Obviously, the best case scenario would be to have a live specimen. But lacking this, we ask if you could please ask your older relatives or friends if they remember anything detailed. Someone might have a journal page or photograph that could really help us hone in on a specific location. Even a memory, as long as it can provide times and locations, would be helpful. It’s already happened to us once, as a farmer was able to direct us to a previous location. (Sadly, there was a construction crew literally starting to build a house on it, but John and I think the cicadas were long gone.)
Counties that had records are Hartford in Connecticut. Bristol, Franklin, and Hampshire in Massachusetts. Providence (near Tiogue Reservoir) in Rhode Island. Brood XI’s expected cycle in the last century was 1988, 1971, 1954, 1937, 1920 and 1903. “No cicada” sightings or “negative records” are helpful from these areas as well. So if you are planning a hike in any of these locations in the next month and don’t see anything, shoot me an email. It may help us to cut down on places we need to search. Thanks for your help.

Mike Neckermann
castle10 [AT]

Comment by Mike Neckermann — June 10, 2005 [AT] 1:26 am

oh and i just wanted to say that i am in pierre part louisiana wwayyyyy down south about 30 min. southwest of new orleans it was a brite lime green color so fresh very very flimbzy!!!!!!!!!1

Comment by cody leonard — June 7, 2005 [AT] 9:40 pm

i w

i watched one crawl out of its shell tonite june 5 2005 at11.05 at nite
the wings were flopy and soft it climbed up my rocker i was sitting in so i put it on the brick wall and put an aqurium over it took some pics to

Comment by cody leonard — June 7, 2005 [AT] 9:35 pm

At Green Lane Park PA I went to the most popular Magicicada tree from last year. Saw maybe 20 or 30 shells on the ground. I wondered if they were left over from last year’s hatching but my daughter didn’t think shells would last a whole year. So we concluded that these must be Stragglers! I didn’t see any live cicadas though. However, a bit later I began hearing the call of one single Cassini among the trees!


Comment by Laura Woodswalker — June 5, 2005 [AT] 6:28 pm

I can hear 1 or 2 magicicada cassini singing in my back yard.

Comment by Matt — June 5, 2005 [AT] 7:52 am

Caught another magicicada on the same tree. Thats 3 on one tree. In Loveland Ohio.

Comment by Matt — June 4, 2005 [AT] 4:03 am

found 2 magicicada shells on a tree in Loveland, Ohio.

Comment by Matt — May 30, 2005 [AT] 7:14 pm

Stragglers in Pohatcong Twsp. (Warren County, NJ)! Heard them (decim) today and I was so excited although I would flip if we could actually see them here. Last year I heard a few but only saw large populations a bit South of here in Holland Twsp. Think I will ride down there tomorrow and see if I find any of our little friends buzzing around.

Comment by LPK — May 29, 2005 [AT] 7:21 pm

Great: take a photo and send email it to the site — if you can get a picture of a cicada next to a newspaper (for dating purposes) that would be awesome.

Comment by Administrator — May 29, 2005 [AT] 10:03 am

Hey, I know this sounds unusual but i found 11 magicicada shells on a tree in my grandmas yard in terrace park ohio

Comment by Mat — May 28, 2005 [AT] 11:11 am

Awesome. I’ll let you know (and everyone else) if I hear about anything in Princeton.

Comment by Administrator — May 11, 2005 [AT] 7:32 am

I have a friend in Silver Springs MD which had a fantastic emergence last year. He will be checking for any stragglers this week as warm weather is expected shortly. I may go to Princeton NJ in a couple of weeks myself.

Comment by AJay — May 8, 2005 [AT] 10:18 am

re: why they sing in summer

Date: Wednesday, Apr/27/2005

> If so, does >it mean that they mate only in >Summer? So what do they do in >Winter? — Som, Thailand Som, let’s just say they spend a lot of time “getting in shape” for mating season. — bissel spilkes, town, state

Largest Cicada?

Date: Tuesday, Apr/26/2005

Wow! This message board has been dead for awhile! I would like to know what the largest type cicada in America is. Here in Virginia, We have several species, some of which I don’t know the names of. First ones I hear each summer are the standard T. Pruinosa, always in old-tree neighborhoods. Next to be heard are my favorites, T Lyricen. Near the beginning of the season they are heard near dusk, but as the summer progresses, they’re heard all day. They have the sweetest, mellowist song: It starts like any other tibicen song, a rising buzz, then suddenly it changes to a soft whirring, like a rotating electric motor. A single specimen’s drums often go slightly ‘out-of-sync’, and you hear a harmonic beating in the whirring sound. Next to appear is the ‘morning cicada’, T. Chloromera <-spelled wrong! These are strange looking: VERY flat, wide heads, the most 'classic-looking' Tibicen type, powdered entiry bright white underneath, and with long, bend-down opercula. We also have the 'watch-winder', which looks outwardly like T pruinosa, but has uprasied ridges on the abdomen that meet and seal with the opercula, the chamber. Their song sounds like someone winding a clock. Later in the summer, appears (never very common) T Auletes, which I thought was the biggest. Their song has a hollow, sound, like a chorus of frogs, a long steady whistling drone, with a regular beating 'tocking' sound. These appear around here in old-tree areas, and often sing well after the sun has gone down. Latest cicada in the season, is a very small one, definately a Tibicen, has a very shrill scream that lasts for only 5 or 6 seconds. I've seen these in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where they're more common, but they also appear here in the DC area. Other unknown one that I've caught, have a song like a cross between T. Pruinosa, and T. Lyricens, and these are a bit smaller, similar color like Pruinosa, but have a black stripe down the powdered white underside of the abdomen, and black opercula. What American Cicada is the largest though? Fred -- Fred Berry, Virginia

why they sing in summer

Date: Tuesday, Apr/19/2005

Hi there. I’m fron Thailand and I wonder is it true that cicadas love to “sing” in Summer? If so, does it mean that they mate only in Summer? So what do they do in Winter? — Som, Thailand

Web de entomologia

Date: Tuesday, Mar/15/2005

web de entomologia ——entomology web in spanish — Juan, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, M�xico

More Japanese Cicadas!

Date: Wednesday, Feb/23/2005

These are my favorites! I spent many years studying and collecting them. From tiny ones less than an inch long, to those that are among the largest (and loudest) in the world (listen to a Kuma Semi, their unearthly song travels for miles and stands right out from among the millions of other cicadas singing all around you. In full swing its call sounds like an ominous, inhuman voice, very clearly saying the word ‘HISS’ quickly, over and over again! To this day, no other cicada song impresses me as much! This type and its close and equally huge/loud relative the Yama Semi have tremendous drumheads and exotically shaped opercula. From above they look like giant versions of our dogday cicadas, with very wide heads, but their bodies are polished shiney black with powdered white line behind the drumheads, and covered with sparse golden hairs/dust that easily rubs off. In flight, they are very fast and agile, looking all the world like small birds! Love my semi!! — Fred, Virginia


Date: Wednesday, Feb/16/2005

Howdy Dan and all the rest of the cicada watchers! 8>- x — cicada x, In

Leonardo Milhomem – Brasilia, Brazil Cicada Photos

Date: Monday, Feb/14/2005

Quesada Gigas can also be found in the United States. It sings at dusk and has a very interesting sound I would descibe as a tea kettle or a long high pitched whine. The location and time I have personally heard them is mid July at the San Antonio Texas KOA. — Mike, Columbia CT

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December 31, 2005

2005 Archive of Annual Cicada Signtings

Filed under: Annual | — Dan @ 1:01 am

Cicadas are emerging “down under” in Australia. Small species have been appearing for around a month, but the first emergence of the large “Green grocers” (Cyclochila australasiae) occurred around Sydney on October 14.

Comment by David Emery — October 23, 2005 [AT] 5:02 am

To Wes Phillips (Aug 21). Have been trying to contact you from Australia on your old email address(2003) about cicadas, but messages bounce back. Have you changed it, please?

Comment by david — August 30, 2005 [AT] 3:25 pm

Well make that two Tibicens now in Franconia, Virginia. Found one in my cellar well. Can’t wait until the next “17 year” cicada brood appears in our area.

Comment by Scott Dwinelle — August 29, 2005 [AT] 6:27 pm

I live in Los Angeles California. I am not sure what I saw but it looked like the cicada insect. I saw two yesterday. They caught my eye because I have never seen any insect like this in LA. It looked very similar to the cicada pictures posted in this web site; the differences are these were forest green and the body was slightly thinner. Has anyone reported seeing any in California? Next one I see I will take a picture. I do know we have had record rain fall for this year and there are a lot more spiders because of it.

Comment by Rick Rivera — August 27, 2005 [AT] 9:27 am

Saw my first Tibicen of the season the other day here in Franconia, Virginia. We really don’t see these to often. Usually one or two a year. Now Magicicada we get by the thousands!

Comment by Scott Dwinelle — August 23, 2005 [AT] 2:20 pm

i’ve a photo of a huge cicada…..cant’ find any other to compair to….ugh………can u help?

Comment by Carla — August 23, 2005 [AT] 8:32 am

I have never seen as many Cicada’s as we have had this year. Last year the buzz (pardon the pun!) was all about the Brood X, This year by far has been ALOT Worse. I am finding 10-20 shells of the molted Cicada’s every couple weeks. I have had at least 3 “Waves” of Molted and now singing Cicada’s. The Holes are starting to become Very apparent of yet another hatching and evolving. A couple weeks ago the noise was almost maddening. Just unbelieveable.

Comment by Pati — August 23, 2005 [AT] 7:42 am

This has been a great summer for cicadas in the Texas Panhandle area. My granddaughter Ashley and I made a trip down near Lubbock and found some of the smallest cicadas in this country. We found not only Pacarina puella, but also Beameria venosa. Beameria venosa is the smaller of these and to my surprise was a two-tone green color. We also collected numerous Cicadetta kansa near Fritch. Tibicen superba appears to still be the most common large cicada and we caught several of them this summer as well. Interestingly enough, I also caught some Microstylum morosum — the Giant Robber Fly which is a predator on cicadas. This is the largest fly in the united states, and some of the specimens we caught were an inch and a half long.

Wes Phillips

Comment by Wes Phillips — August 21, 2005 [AT] 4:31 pm

I thought is was some nuclear being. We don’t have insects that big in Eugene, OR. Let alone plated ones with huge tubular needles coming from their mouth. I could hear it from the back of our property. I placed it in a jar until someone suggested it may be a cicada. My children set it on the patio table and watched it for over an hour. We were able to see it “sing” but you couldn’t really tell the abdomen was even moving. What a pleasure

Comment by Kristin — August 17, 2005 [AT] 4:39 pm

I hear them continuously throughout the daylight hours here in the far northwest of Illinois. I’m about 45 minutes from the Wisconsin border. I was just wondering if anyone knew when they will quiet down and their “song” will end. It has driven me almost to the point of insanity!

Comment by Sara — August 17, 2005 [AT] 10:48 am

Hi, I just saw this website, because I was trying to do some research on Cicada holes. We recently moved to Shamong, NJ (dec of 2004), and
about a month ago, I noticed HUNDREDS of little holes in our yard. I mean literally TONS of them. I didn’t know what they were. We live in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, and I had seen lots of shells of cicadas this Spring, 2005. Then about 3 weeks ago, we saw a cicada crawling across our sidewalk to the driveway. We live in DENSE FOREST area. My front yard is a forest, and so is my backyard. I had listened to some Cicada sounds, on the internet, and then realized “THIS IS THE SOUND that I have been hearing for the past few weeks.
All I can tell you is that we have HUNDREDS of HOLES — fresh holes, that I didn’t see earlier in early Spring. I am now seeing brittle Cicada shells all over the place and especially in our front yard.

So, I assume that they have made MY HOME, their home — which is cool. My hubby took pics of the one that was crawling across the sidewalk. It was late at night, however. Is that when they come out???

Email me, if you wish, and I will send you pics of the holes, and of the Cicada we saw, AND some other pics of the shells that are all over the place.

Jolly Alaniz

Comment by Joleen Alaniz — August 16, 2005 [AT] 6:06 am

Caught a live Tibician in southeast Indiana (Aurora) this morning on our front porch

Comment by Eric — August 14, 2005 [AT] 7:45 am

August 13,2004
Southeastern Mass I found a Tibicen variety of Cicada. It was located on the side of my garage near large catalpa tree The first time I have seen a live cicada and I have lived in area for my entire life. Found while looking for food for pet Praying Mantis. I do believe she will like this special treat.

Comment by Chris — August 13, 2005 [AT] 8:33 pm

my 12 yr. old daughter found a cicada outside in our front yard at 10:oo tonight the 13th of aug., 2005 in grandbay, alabama. we looked at it for a while trying to figure out what it was, and i remembered my dad telling me it was a cicada when i was about 12 yrs. old myself. we released it.

Comment by joey heflin — August 13, 2005 [AT] 8:03 pm

Here in Detroit, we hear them every summer. It’s just not summer without them. I’ve found several moltings on the trees near my home, the garage, and even on the side of my home. My daughter actually scared the crap (to put it polite) out of me when she brought a empty shell in the house. The sparrows & wrens in the area, must love them. I’ve seen some amazing chases this year. A few chases were near fatal for the birds. Since the birds where concentating on the cicadas and not watching traffic they were flying into. Watching a bird chase a cicada is AMAZING.

I have to admit these are some ugly bugs, but I love their music.

Comment by kelly — August 7, 2005 [AT] 7:01 pm

When we were younger, about 10 or so, my brother and would get up early in the morning, ride our bikes around the Neighborhood looking for cicadas. That seems to be the best time to catch them drying their wings on the trees. We had many pets that summer!

Comment by amanda — August 5, 2005 [AT] 11:05 am

I hear them every summer in the trees here in southern wisconsin!

Comment by amanda — August 5, 2005 [AT] 11:01 am

The mystery in San Antonio has been solved. Edward G. Riley, Associate Curator in the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M, identified the species we collected as Quesada giga. He believes this species to be the largest cicada in North America and it ranges from south Texas to South America. Their call is described as “metallic”. I can say first hand that that description is accurate, and they are certainly the largest cicada I’ve ever seen. Very interesting indeed.

Comment by Greg — August 2, 2005 [AT] 11:49 am

I caught my first cicada pet ever this summer of 2005. I found him in our pool and he was still alive. I put him in a container for 2 days and I named him Bob. About 1 week later I caught a girl cicada being attacked by a pray mantis. I nammed her betty.

Comment by Katy Czarnecki — August 2, 2005 [AT] 7:59 am

I caught a tibican in Aberdeen MD. I found a dead one infront of my apartment the other day. we have a ton of the model T cicadas in my edgewood MD apartment complex. last year there were none but the magicicadas were close by it sounded like an alien spaceship. though I ve never heard an alien spacecraft before LOL

Comment by Vince Matson — August 1, 2005 [AT] 6:25 pm

I’m 45-years-old and although long aware of cicadas I’ve never experienced them first-hand. Today, July 31, 2005 that all changed. Here now the details: At approximately 10:45 AM EDT in Woodcliff Lake, NJ my wife and I were parked in the Mack-Cali building parking lot. The sunroof to my car was open and I heard a very unusual and loud sound that appeared to be coming from a tree that we were parked under. Getting out of the car to further investigate I was first struck by how loud the sound was. At first I imagined it was some strange avian call and as I tried to spot this creature hidden in the dense foliage the sound would cycle in and out. Loud, then very loud, almost frantic, then moderating. This area of the parking lot was populated by a species of tree I’m not familiar with, but it had fruit very much like large green cherries. Further exploring the trees I finally spotted a cicada that I managed to close within about 3′ of before it found me too close for comfort and flew away. Candidly, these are not attractive insects *cough*, but the decibel level a solitary insect is able to reach is truly astounding. The buzz of this entire brood of insects was like nothing I’ve ever heard before although if you’ve ever attended an F1 automobile race, the sensation is not terribly dissimilar. Wow! Thanks for this site and for wading through this report.

Comment by John Smyth — July 31, 2005 [AT] 6:46 pm

For the first time in my life I was able to watch and photograph numerous cicada nmphs coming out of their exoskeletons and gradually gaining four, straight, green wings. They were on tree trunks and the long thorns of honey locust trees in my front yard in rural northwest Oklahoma. Dan from Cicadamania identified their species as “Tibicin” annual cicadas.

Comment by Mary — July 28, 2005 [AT] 10:02 am

My 8 year old son found a cicada this afternoon! After visiting your site and listening to a few of the songs, we think it is a Tibicen

Comment by Sarah — July 27, 2005 [AT] 6:12 pm

There’s been an emergence of an interesting species here in San Antonio, TX. It appears to be a Tibicen species of which several are common to this area. What sets this one apart is its shrill call. It’s a high pitched buzz or whine unlike the Tibicen chatter we’re used to in this area. I collected a few specimens with an entomologist this morning to determine the species and will follow up with a post when we key it out. If anyone else may be able to shed some light on this particularly shrill calling cicada please post up or contact me at ghammer [AT]

Comment by Greg — July 26, 2005 [AT] 12:09 pm

I keep hearing Cicada’s in my area, not sure what kind it is, although I do know it’s of a tibicen type (yeah I’m not all that scientific) They are the most interesting insects I have come across…trying to learn more and I am ALWAYS looking to see them yet I can’t. We have many oaks and maple tree’s in our area and the buzzing sounds like there’s millions of them, yet I know that’s not the case. I love these bugs 🙂

Comment by Donna G — July 20, 2005 [AT] 2:13 pm

Concord,North Carolina — this morning found a dogday cicada. it was scary and amazing at the same time because i have never saw anything like this in my life before.
it died as it was coming out of its skeleton. it was the weirdest thing i ever saw.

Comment by lana B — July 12, 2005 [AT] 11:42 am

Central Illinois — not sure what species, didn’t even know what it was…after reviewing the web site, and waking my neighbor to see it, confirmed cicada wandering on the curb.

Comment by momma w — July 11, 2005 [AT] 6:37 am

Found 7 molting T. lyricen specimens in one of my favorite cicada walking spots on July 7th. As of today July 10th still not a peep out of them. I’m in Massachusetts.

Comment by Gerry — July 10, 2005 [AT] 4:16 pm

I heard about 1 or 2 Tibicen chloromera singing this morning around my house.

Comment by Matt — July 8, 2005 [AT] 6:51 am

Found my first live specimens of Tibicen lyricen here in Massachusetts on the 4th of July. They are not calling in the trees yet as of today (July 6th) but I did hear the call of a Tibicen canicularis in my yard on the 5th but I haven’t found any live specimens.


Comment by Gerry — July 6, 2005 [AT] 9:37 pm

Found 3 shells and heard over 10 cicadas singing yesterday. I also saw one fly past us.

Comment by Matt — July 5, 2005 [AT] 2:50 pm

heard another!

Comment by Matt — July 2, 2005 [AT] 5:22 pm

I heard a tibicen linnei in Cincinnati this evening.

Comment by Matt — July 1, 2005 [AT] 8:49 pm

I finally heard my first tibicen last friday evening(June 26th) in southwest ohio. It was a T. linnei. I haven’t found any live nymphs or skins yet but am still looking. More updates to come.

Comment by Roy Troutman — June 26, 2005 [AT] 3:04 pm

Platypedia putmani, one of the western clicking cicada has emerged in good numbers in the foothills immediately west of Fort Collins, Colorado. More than usual are being heard on the west side of town. There is some debate, whether they are reproducing in town or migrating from pine and brushlands west of town. I’m begining to believe they have started reproducing within town.

Comment by Tim McNary — June 24, 2005 [AT] 7:57 am

Subject: 2005 cicada

While vacationing at disney guess what I heard. My first cicada of 2005.
I heard them on 5/7/05 11:00 am. at Magic Kingdom also on 5/8 at Animal Kingdom, and 5/9 at Epcot. I did not hear any at MGM on 5/9. All days were mostly sunny with temps in the upper 80′s.

I am going to a meeting at Baltimore on may 18th. After the meeting im going to the same place I went last year in Annapolis were there was at least a couple 1000 Periodical Cicadas their in hopes of seeing and takeing home some stragglers. Bill

Comment by Bill Mister — June 2, 2005 [AT] 9:24 am

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July 17, 2004

June 8th – July 17th 2004 Cicada Comments

Filed under: Brood X | — Dan @ 1:10 am

Note: the archive of our 2004 comments for June 8th – July 17th, 2004 comments were missing from the site, so I’m adding them back in with this post. Old URLs were removed in some cases.

Cicada Watches Transit of Venus

Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004
Talk about rare natural phenomena!
Check this out!

“The Year 2004 CE is the first since 797 CE that the two great periodical phenomena, a Brood X emergence and a transit of Venus, have occurred simultaneously.”
John DeMelas, Oak Ridge, TN

Preserving cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004
About 5 years ago, I found a dead yearly cicada. I put it in a tin with some shells. I show them every year to my science classes. I guess if they dry out they will survive. Did the same to the 17 year. Hopefully, I’ll have them until the next sighting.
Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

Earler post

Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004
Ignore my earlier question. I found the answer on the first of the listed Cicada Links. The white, chalky stuff is a fungal infection. First your ass turns all white, then it falls off. I hate it when that happens! Mac, Bethesda, MD 20817

They’rrre Gonnne!!!

Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004
The cicadas are finally gone in Baltimore. Yes!!!! I can finally get on with my life, I have been afraid to get around on the bus. Life is back to normal. I will be old when they come back and won’t need to go outside. YES! Andrea, Baltimore, MD

Still nothing on Long Island

Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004
All is still quiet on LI. I checked in with Connetqout State Park Preserve and there’s nothing doing there. This 3,500-acre preserve was a local hot spot for brood X in 1987 and remains mostly unchanged since then. Yet, the park staff has seen nothing. No holes, no skins, nothing! The same goes for the other towns or locales in which brood X was prevalent in ’87. Through a Florida-based website, I found some historical records for Brood X activity in New York since the mid-1800,s. There are many documented sightings in mid-June, late June and even early July. So, who knows? Would it be weirder for them to show up this late, or to not show up at all? It’s all very puzzling. If it is a bust, it will be very interesting to see what happens in 2008, when brood XIV is due to appear. Lenny, Sound Beach, NY (Suffolk County)

Weird white abdomens

Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004
We’re about done with Brood X, but one question lingers. We spotted a very few cicadas with bright white abdomens, both corpses and flying around. My son took a dead one and attempted to dissect it; he discovered the white stuff was not a skin, but solid, and it scraped off like chalk. WTF? Mac, Bethesda MD 20817

None Here…

Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004
I haven’t seen cicada one where I live. Luke, North Plainfield, NJ


Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004
I remember years ago seeing the shells Extoskelton on trees when i was young. All the BIG HYPE about the cicadas so far is just that HYPE! I heard a male the other day but, i have not seen ANY! My girlfriend drives thru A2 everyday and not a one on here jeep dead either! WHERE ARE THEY!!!!!!!!! michael cox, Adrian MI. lenawee co.

Gone but not forgotten!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/16/2004
All gone except the ‘cassini’s. Why do they live longer than the ‘decim? Strangely, though there was no hatching here in Oaks, I swear I keep hearing ONE cassini chirping in my tree….
I want to thank the people who have written lovely poetry, including “My Lady Cicada” and the “Cicada Psalm”. I’ve been happy to read in so many posts a respect and love for Nature and her creatures. Hopefully many people have learned thru this experience, that this planet doesn’t belong to us alone but to other life forms too. Even ones that we think are ‘icky’! On the other hand I’ve also heard of folks who torture or deliberately crush cicadas. I certainly hope this type of person is in the minority!!!!!…Anyway, I feel better knowing I don’t have to wait 17 years to hear the magic again…I hear that in 2008 there is going to be a Brood XIV emergence in Central PA where my folks live. Time to book a campsite… Laura, Oaks PA

Maryland Cicada Vacation

Date: Wednesday, Jun/16/2004
I was amazed by the cicadas in 1987 when I was 21 years old and lived in Baltimore County. When I realized they were back I could not miss it.

Last week my 5 year old son got on a plane and visited Maryland to see them. June 5th when we got there it was very rainy an we could not here any. It was very disappointing. But When Monday the 7th came they were out in full force, just how I remembered them.

My son, a bug nut, will not forget them. I hope we will be able to make the journey again from wherever we are in 17 more years.
Craig Schmieder, Dallas, Texas

Still Not Here………..

Date: Wednesday, Jun/16/2004
Still haven’t seen one in my travels around the city. I live right next to a large nature park with big trees. I’m surprised we have none here. HB, Ann Arbor MI

Thank God they’re gone!!!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/16/2004
I heard rumors that the cicadas were going to infest Delaware and at the time I didn’t even know what cicadas were or what they looked like because the last time they paid the region a visit, I was four. A few weeks ago I went down to Maryland for a weekend for two different graduation parties and it took me no time to find out what these things were and how much they disgusted me! Giant nicey-niceroaches with wings; what could be more repulsive?! And they were everywhere!! Just know what they looked like made that shrilling noise they make even more horrifying. Needless to say I was more than happy to get back up here where the cicadas never even made an appearance. The next time they come back, Maryland and Virginia will be completely off limits. Adrian Martin, Wilmington, DE


Date: Wednesday, Jun/16/2004
I went out to lunch for the first time since early May!! THE CICADA’S ARE GONE, YIPPY!! Marianne, Herndon, Virginia

Missing those fascinating creatures terribly

Date: Wednesday, Jun/16/2004
I am so sorry that I did not get a good recording of the cicadas a couple weeks ago–without any traffic or airplane or people noise. Now they are gone. They were wonderful! They drowned out the sound of the noisy Washington Beltway! On Sunday (June 13), I drove out to Sky Meadows park near Paris, Va. and heard a little of the UFO-like sound of the 17-year cicadas high in the trees. But as it got warmer, they were drowned out by the annual summer cicadas closer to the ground. Then I drove up Route 81 to Chambersburg and east to Gettysburg–no sound. Then north to Duncannon–no sound. Thank you to all you wrote about good locations to hear cicadas, but a couple days sure makes a big difference. After a warmer morning, Sunday afternoon and evening were cool and overcast. Sure do miss those fascinating creatures. Susan Dale, Annandale, Va.

Got Wings!!!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/16/2004
Joyce, thanks ever so much for sending me the wings…they are wonderful…much more delicate and pretty than I had remembered. Marie, thanks also for offering. Now I just need to figure out how I am going to preserve them….if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Debbie, Seattle

Still here

Date: Wednesday, Jun/16/2004
I was really hoping they would be gone by now. The cool weather + rain seemed to keep them away for a few days but as soon as the sun came out today they were back. The ” drone” sci-fi noise has left but you can still hear them in the trees here…screeching away. Still lots of live ones albeit I haven’t had a problem driving into hundreds of them as I did a few weeks back. Sad to see them leaving, really. Barbara, Woodlawn Maryland

Freaking OUT!!!!!!!!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/16/2004
This just cannot get over for me fast enough! I moved to the city from the country and we did not have them in the country 17 yrs ago. I can’t take the dy-bombing, the horrible noisy, and ugliness! I don’t get why people are disappointed in them disappearing so soon! I can’t deal with them crawling all over the place and getting in my hair. Fairfield OH was hit horrible this time. We moved the weekend they were out in the millions. Cant wait for them to go away! Good riddance! Wanda, Cincinnati ,OH, Hamilton county

Where are they (in S.E. Mich.)?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
Has anyone seen the 17 year cicadas in s.e. Michigan, other than in Ann Arbor? How about Monroe or Lenawee counties or even the Toledo area? Susan, Lenawee Co., MI

preserving cicadas

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
Is it possible to preserve cicadas for a couple of years? Jacob Barger, Harford County, MD, USA

Cicadas in New York

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
I am curious as to te whereabouts of our Brood X Cicadas in New York. Suposedly Ronkonkoma, East Setaucket and Bohemia were to be hard hit. I remember in 1987, there was a strong showing in Ronkonkoma. I am still one of the hopefulls. Please keep posting about the emergence (or lack there of) in NY – thanks!
Elias, Queens New York

Males mostly gone only a few females, but what about the eggs?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
In the last couple of days, I have only seen females. Lots of flagging, but I want to see the full cycle. Has anyone seen the eggs that look like rice with leggs? My son is coming from Texas in about 2 weeks. I don’t think there will be any thing left except dead ones (like the ones in my classroom) and shells. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Shirley Jeffords Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

miss them already

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
I miss the cicadas already – no longer do they cross sidewalks waiting to be picked up, perched upon my finger until they meet a tree and hesitatingly crawl away and up onto a branch – the browning limbs of tree tops big and small are the only reminder of these harmless and surprisingly friendly creatures – I’ve never met an insect that looks as menacing as the cicada with red eyes on a dark, bee-like body, but could sit on your arm and never pinch, sting or bite, but just sit there as if resting or happy to be there before the bug realizes that it still has work to do, say goodbye to the sunlight and continue the cycle for future generations to perch on friendly people and sing one last time. Grant, Washington, D.C.

Yaay they are almost gone!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
I am so happy. They were gross, noisy and just an overall nusance. Next time they come out I will be 30-something. I will have my own car and my windows will be rolled up! Meagan, Baltimore, MD

Did we miss out?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
My husband and I have been awaiting the cicadas, but we have none at all.

What is odd is that they were very plentiful last summer… we could always hear their “music” at night.

did they just not develop in our area at all, or could it still happen?

I would love to hear some info. 🙂 Rachel , Lancaster County, PA

They’re outta here!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
Alas, sad to say that my neighborhood (North Highlands/Lyon Village) is now virtually cicada-free. However, I didn’t have to go far to see and hear them. Saturday, I drove up to an Orioles game in Baltimore, and the singing on the B-W Parkway is still pretty loud. One even got snagged on the hood ornament on my car! I even saw a few flying around Oriole Park. Also, during Reagan’s funeral procession on Wednesday a cicada landed on the cop standing guard on the curb in front of my section (between 9th and 10th and Constitution). That’s the last live one I’ve seen in DC. Phil Yabut, Arlington, VA, USA

Bye bye Cicadas

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
My cicada friends are down to about 10% of peak infestation here. I am missing them already. They were about two weeks later coming out on the west side of Patapsco State Park and are a little more plentiful there at this time. George, Elkridge, Md, USA

Cicada Status

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
I live a quarter mile south of the Mason Dixon Line. The cicadas seem to be in high gear here. Just 10 miles South they have declined dramatically and there is lots of tree flagging. Bart, MD Line, Maryland

They’re all over the place

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
Wow… I’ve read some of the messages and one by nearby Allentown, PA who said they did not have any. Well let me tell you we are overrun by them. Since we are in the suburbs it seems that they are more prevealent here. If you are located next to any tree lines, which we are, they are everywhere. You go out to cut the grass and they’re in your hair and on your clothes. They are extremely loud and my daughter, who is almost 2, will not go outside because of them. Our pool filters are crowded with them. Jill, Easton (Williams Twsp), PA

A new emergence area in 2021?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
I drove to Ann Arbor and collected some to bring home. They are happily singing in my backyard trees. Jeannette, Sterling Heights, MI

All Is Quiet

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
It is amazing how quiet it is now around my house. Occasionally you can still hear some cassini rattling, but no more sci-fi noises anymore except for the lone “weee-ooohhh” I heard this morning. Driving around you still may “run” into a few. This past weekend I was in West Va. and they are still pretty active there. Friendly too, as 3 tried to land on me outside the high school in Hedgesville. Until next time:)!!
Grace, Abingdon, MD

Cicadas fading away…

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
Sad to say, it appears the cicadas are not going to be with us much longer; I haven’t seen a live one for 3 days, and even the carcasses on the ground seem to be getting fewer. Bye-bye cicadas, hope to see your young ‘uns in another 17 years! Sue, Riverdale, MD

Last Call at the Cicada Singles’ Bar

Date: Tuesday, Jun/15/2004
The party is almost over. There is still a lot of noise, but not as many flying around or flopping around on the sidewalk.
Some trees have a lot of damage. Others (same 1/4 acre, same type of tree) don’t appear to have been hit as hard.)
In the fall, we’ll still be able to see the damaged leaves still clinging to the trees, after the healthy ones die and fall off.
In spite of the total grossness of the entire episode, I’d like to stick around for two more visits from the little things.
See you in 2021, I hope, then maybe in 2038! Iris, Baltimore, MD

Alas, they are mostly dead by now

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
Hi everybody, I’m sorry to say that those amazing and beautiful bugs who have so captivated me are mostly all dead by now (although at least they started their new brood by laying eggs & the nymphs will end up underground). I took a walk yesterday and only found one live one, I named her Shirley and carried her for a while, then set her on a plant. Also their loud roaring noise can no longer be heard around here. How I miss them! Susan Burkhalter, Bethesda, MD


Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
I saw one living cicada this morning on the way to work. That’s it. Amazing. From swarms last week to one living bug. No more flying. We’ve had rain, so the bodies are mostly gone.

What a great thing to have witnessed, a vast and predictable orgy that became an overwheming leimotif. Any outdoor conversation would include at least one little eavesdropper who was completely detached from the conversation. If I had to anthropormorphize them, I’d have them say “I have no idea what you are, but I need to land on a vertical surface to mate. Please help me.”

Sad to see them go. I probably won’t see them again. Michael, Falls Church, VA

No Cicadas

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
No cicadas as of today. Nothing, zilch, zero. Just the usual late spring sounds: lawn mowers, power blowers, power vacuums and the deafening “music” from souped up cars with noisy exhausts. Claude, Western Suffolk, NY

CICADAS Lifespan

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
Help!I have these insects in my backyard they have been there since
Mid MAY and here it is Mid JUNE and
they are still out back making all this
noise! Will i have to put up with this
horrible noise all summer! Went will
it end??? DEE, BattleCreek Michigan

Any Cicadas in Havre de Grace MD?

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
Of course it is depressing to go hiking and hear almost nothing, and see a lot of wiped-out looking cicadas that fall out of trees and die in your hand. Even though we knew this would happen and it is all part of Nature’s Plan. I went to French Creek State Park and heard a lovely concert of ‘decim (my favorite kind) along the Lenapa Trail (white/red blazes). But it was a cloudy day and they seemed played out. (Some of them were even singing off-key!) Or maybe not?? maybe it was just the cold weather?? One can only hope. But my big question is…next weekend I’m going to a festival near Havre de Grace MD. Anyone know if the Brood has visited this area? I would so love an encore… Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

Fading Away

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
The large guys are gone from my home. The little Cassinis are still active, though, but they’re fading out too. The trees in this area are very heavily flagged. In nearby annadale there is still quite a bit of Cassini activity. I am assuming the Cassini emerge later than the Septendecim. The ‘UFO’ sound is gone from this area. TIme for a trip to Michigan! Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

Brood X is going strong here

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
For pictures see..

Mark Schoof, Ann Arbor, MI

Fading Away

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
The large guys are gone from my home. The little Cassinis are still active, though, but they’re fading out too. The trees in this area are very heavily flagged. In nearby annadale there is still quite a bit of Cassini activity. I am assuming the Cassini emerge later than the Septendecim. The ‘UFO’ sound is gone from this area. TIme for a trip to Michigan! Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

Fading Away

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
The large guys are gone from my home. The little Cassinis are still active, though, but they’re fading out too. The trees in this area are very heavily flagged. In nearby annadale there is still quite a bit of Cassini activity. I am assuming the Cassini emerge later than the Septendecim. The ‘UFO’ sound is gone from this area. TIme for a trip to Michigan! Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

Brood X is going strong here

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
For pictures see..

Mark Schoof, Ann Arbor, MI

Brood X Dying Off

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
Earlier news reports seemed to suggest that the cicadas would be around through June but I am beginning to doubt that this will be the case. They began to emerge in suburban Washington DC around May 10. Within about 10-12 days of this they were in full cry. You would see lots of them flying around and there was a steady loud unmistakable din that was particularly loud in the mornings. You did not have to look hard to see them mating, either. This period lasted for a little over two weeks but then they began dying off in significant numbers. Over the past week the din has all but disappeared even in the morning and there are dead cicada carcasses all over the place. Even so my memory trace from 17 years ago is that there were even more dead cicadas lying about, although that could possibly be a function of where I live, in McLean as opposed to Arlington just outside of Rosslyn 17 years ago. Still, I would not be surprised to hear that the emergence this time around was not as great as the last. At this rate I suspect almost all will be dead within the coming week. jmgradon, McLean, VA


Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
I stepped out my back door at noon time today, and a cicada flew right up at me! I followed it and caught it on a stick. It seemed real mellow, almost like it was drugged. His eyes are really red, and cool looking! Suzanne Roeder, Upper Sandusky, OH

CIcadas still in full swing?

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
I want to come experience the madness, and was hoping someone could reassure me of a place in NJ or NY that is still hopping with Magicicadas. The last post was helpful; anyone else? Hopefully close to NYC, so I can drive out pretty easily. Thanks! Julia Mandell, Brooklyn, NY

Cicadas a-plenty here

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
The droning is unbelievable. My 5-year-old son likes to pick them up and toss them into the air, which he thinks helps them to fly away (it does seem to help some of them). We are in our third week of this, and each day a different section of the street seems to hum loudest. Tim, Kingwood Township, NJ

Cicada Free Weekend

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
I went on a trip to Englishtown, NJ & Jamaica Queens, NY over the weekend and was glad to be cicada free, not a one in either city. Back to Baltimore and here they are still in “sing.” Not much though, I think they’re dying off, plus we’ve had a lot cool weather and rain. I heard only 1 and a half weeks left. Good!!! Andrea, Baltimore

Any cicadas in Blacksburg, VA?

Date: Monday, Jun/14/2004
I have a friend visiting from Blacksburg, Virginia, which is very mountainess and wooded and they have had *no* cicadas down there. Is anyone else from that area? I showed her pics from some of your web sites and thinks they’re beautiful. I would think they would be very plentiful down there.

Debbie, Seattle

they’re still around

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
Have done some traveling in the last month in VA and MD. Cicadas came out in full force in the Fairfax area 3rd week of May and are still being heard loudly in the afternoons as of 6/10 (seem to be active but quiet in the AM). Heard them all the way driving up Rte 28 past Dulles, west on 7, then up 15 until I got 2 miles past Point of Rocks, then nothing thru Frederick and Hagerstown (this was on 5/22). Next day I went to Balt and heard nothing til crossing into Balt Co, then they were everywhere on 695! Same for the return trip on 5/30. Cicadas have also been heard for a few weeks now along I-66 from the US 50 exit to 2 or 3 miles past US 29 in Centreville, where they fade out by the time I get to the Manassas/234 exit. Have also heard them in smaller numbers at Manassas Battlefield. The boundary seems to go from the southern edge of the Battlefield, where it meets Manassas City, southeast to Rte 28 1/2-way btwn Centreville and Manassas Park, then along Bull Run. Have not heard anything between Manassas and Woodbridge. Can’t figure why Hagerstown has been quiet but have heard of sightings in Myersville and Clear Spring. I’d say the overwhelming majority of the cicadas I’ve heard have been decula and cassini. Heard decim early on, but hardly any since then. Maybe the UFO sound is being drowned out by the rattlesnake sounds. Also seen lots of flagging now, esp in Oak trees. Kenny, Manassas, VA

Still Sleeping I guess

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
I’ve lived here for 30 years and they have come in varieing degrees through the year from 0 to ALOT. but so far this year as of 6/14/2004 it’s been a zero 0./but its been cooler than normal. John, Levittown, NY

cicadas still in Princeton

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
As of 6/12, there were still plenty of cicadas singing in Princeton. I did not see any new ones molting though, and a lot of the ones on the ground seemed to be on their way out. There were orioles, a titmouse with 3 hungry fledglings and robins eating. Today (6/13) was overcast and cool, so things seemed quiet.

How far would birds go to eat cicadas? Found lots of wings on a nature trail about 10 mi from Princeton… cw, Pennington NJ

Losing hope on Long Island

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
Still no Magicicada action on Long Island. Once again, I checked the area of East Setauket where there was a small emergence and there are no cicadas to be seen or heard. Lots of guilty looking grackles and starlings though. I guess they get picked off pretty quick when they emerge in small numbers. I wonder if that was the case for the other areas of LI where Brood X appeared last time around. Perhaps, small numbers did emerge and got picked off before anyone had a chance to notice them. At the very least, some skins and holes have been found in East Setauket, so we know they were there. They sure didn’t last too long though. I was hoping that this was just a small group making an early emergence and the real action would soon follow. But at this point, it’s not looking too good. Over the last week, it’s really started to warm up on the Island, so I guess if it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. The nights, however, have remained very cool. So, perhaps we are just a day or so away from the big emergence, or maybe it’s just wishful thinking! Lenny, Sound Beach, NY (Suffolk County)

Ivy League Cicadas

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
All over Princeton University Campus! Extremely loud in the wooded sections, but even flying into shops that inadvertently leave their doors open. Saw a few scare a few small shoppers out of a toy store!

Should be a lot of happy fat campus birds this summer…. Laurence Gould, Princeton, New Jersey

Could They Still Emerge?

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
I have been looking under every mature tree I come by around town, and always find countless chimney’s. I even dug up a chimney in my yard and found a brood X nymph. After it rains I notice mud activity around the tunnels too, but no cicada’s yet. They have already emerged in nearby towns, and I would love to find out if I can still expect them in Fairborne Ohio. I will be so sad if the amazing creatures avoid my area. Denise, Fairborne, OH


Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004

i have found only two empty shells in my yard

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
no infestation in my yard and yet outside of sharpsburg, maryland they are everywher in horsebend development. susan f cass, washington county maryland st james lappans road

Thriving in Nockamixon State Park

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
Hello Everyone,
The Cicadas are very much alive and well in the Nockamixon State Park in Quakertown PA on 6/12/04. Looking across a field the size of a baseball field there were maybe 50 to 80 flying through the air. On the park benches there were 3 to 7 live ones crawling around and quite a few dead ones on the ground. And they were LOUD. We finaly had to leave because my wife could not take them flying into her and hanging on. My daughters loved it though. Richard Foulkes, Quakertown, PA


Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
We didnt know what they were until we did some research. Its a very odd sound, but amazing! Josh Oliver, Clarkston, MI

Cicadas in Hoosier National Forest, Indiana

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
Went to Hoosier National Forest, IN June 11-12 to see/hear Brood X. On the way, first heard them from the highway about 40 miles east of the IL/IN border on I-64. Saddle Lake had low numbers but high diversity. Most calls were Cassini or distress, with a few Decim and what might be the little-known 3rd species. Also heard a few early Tibicen “annuals”, the same call I’ve heard at home (MO) starting June 7th. Heavy rain on the 12th. Pioneer Mothers’ Memorial Forest had enough Decim for the cool “Martian” effect, and seemed to have the other two species. Monsoon occurred at end of hike at Pioneer Forest, sending me home. Am done chasing broods in other areas; this is my third time as a storm magnet with low conentrations (IV in 1998, 13-year brood in 1992, and X this year).
Eric, Hoosier Nat’l Forest, IN

Starting to die off on the east coast

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
We just arrived home in Indianapolis from a driving trip to Washington DC. Last Sunday and Monday, we heard and saw (and hit with our car) many cicadas along I-70, especially in Ohio and W.Va/Va areas. But, while we were in DC, we saw no live cicadas. On our drive home yesterday, we saw maybe one or two, even in Ohio. We did see, however, a great deal of flagging. Sometimes we would drive by huge groves of trees and every second tree would be dripping with dead branches. Here in Indy, we still have a number of noisy and active cicadas in the areas of heavy infestation, but there are noticeably fewer flying around. Holly, Indianapolis, In

The cicadas are singing in Ann Arbor!

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
You don’t see them in the urban city, but just go to the forests on the outskirts of town (Marshall Park for example) and you can hear their chorus. Amazing! Neil, Ann Arbor, Michigan

No Brood X in Wash. State 🙁

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
Jeff, I hate to tell you but I seriously doubt that what you found was a 17-year cicada (Brood X)…they are only in the East Coast and alittle bit into the midwest (Michigan):( You probably found a distance cousin though 🙂 Unless one migrated out here somehow…hey all we need is two and we can get them started out here! I have a feeling the humidity back east is what makes them thrive though. Debbie, Seattle

Sightings Aplenty in Ann Arbor, Mich

Date: Sunday, Jun/13/2004
To rasmussen from Detroit. Almost sure that they will not arrive in the Detroit area. Your best bet will be to seek out the wonderful creatures in N.E. Ann Arbor (specifically at Domino Farms..towards the back woods or Matthaei Botanical Gardens, off of Gedes Rd. close by) Don’t miss this opportunity to know one of Creations most amazing insect. They are fun to watch…and Oh that Sound! Hurry before they fade away for another 17 years. Deborah, Westland, Wayne County, Mich

still waiting in detroit

Date: Saturday, Jun/12/2004
i’ve seen in recent days post about sightins in ann arbor mi., to my west.
looking at the Brood X map i see that i’m on the fring here living on the river 3 mile east of downtown. there is a historical district across the street with large yards and trees, this in giving me hope.

kevin kevin rasmussen, Detroit ,Mi,

hypocenter of activity

Date: Saturday, Jun/12/2004
We have hit a peak today in cicadas. My son and I stopped at a gas station and couldn’t hear each other talk, due to the earsplitting volume. The cicadas were swarming all over the nearby trees and crawling all over us. We collected some dead bodies to preserve and show the unbelievers. We watched spiders carry off the ones that were hitting the ground. If it hadn’t been loud enough to hurt our ears, we could have stayed there all day observing and catching/releasing the lovely creatures. I am glad I don’t live near that station, I would have to leave from the noise! Karen, Kingwood Twp. Hunterdon Cty,NJ

Cicadas in New York

Date: Saturday, Jun/12/2004
Mindy – no longer need to be scared until the annuals come out. I am personally fascinated with them as they are living proof of the work of God. Imagine 17 years underground – all to comeup together!!
Where are the reports from Long Island -are the cicadas here yet or no??? Awaiting their arrival anxiously….. Elias, Queens County, New York

Not Dead Yet!

Date: Saturday, Jun/12/2004
After the cold weather this week and the doleful messages, I figured Brood X was finished… I was very happy to be proved wrong today at Green Lane! There were still lots singing and flying around and perched high up in the treetops, which my friend & I could observe thru her binocs. Interestingly the Cassini were way livelier and more prevalent than the ‘decim. I wonder why… maybe the ‘decim are clumsier because of their size, and die sooner? My friend got a great introduction to the cute little critters–glad we were able to have this experience before they are gone. I took some of them home, and they are still climbing around in my homemade bug-keeper. Laura , Oaks

Found One

Date: Saturday, Jun/12/2004
After hearing of all of the cicada on the east coast for the past month, I didn’t think we had them out here. I was suprised to find one in my driveway this morning (6/12) and captured it my kids insect kit. I wasn’t sure what it was, until I came to this site just now.

Jeff Berg, Vancouver, Washington

Answer to “Where are they?” (Karyn, Hazlet, NJ)

Date: Saturday, Jun/12/2004
Probably they are not there because you live in a city. You can find millions in areas around edges of forests away from the city. Someone, Columbus, OH, USA

Cicada Countdown

Date: Saturday, Jun/12/2004
Although they have been gone from my neighborhood for the past several days, I am glad to report that Magicicada is alive and well in nearby Annandale. I have twice recently been able to turn back time and enjoy and record their mating calls and their distinctive aerial antics. For those in the area who want to experience Brood X one more time, I recommend the park area next to Annandale High School. Enjoy and remember! Stephen, Alexandria, VA

Will some males be alive on July 2?

Date: Saturday, Jun/12/2004
I was in DC on memorial day to enjoy the cicada “chorusing centers.” I will be back in the area (Northern Virginia) on July 4th weekend. I hope some will still be around, but with a six week cycle, I doubt it. Are there “late” molters that may stll be around? In May they were particulary loud and melodious in Vienna, Virginia. If not in the DC area, did they emerge in late May anywhere else–and hence still be around in the first week of July?
Miami, Fl. David, Miami,FL

Finally found some….

Date: Saturday, Jun/12/2004
I’m putting together a short doucmentary on the Periodic cicadas for a summer film class at my university. Unfortuneatly I was not having any luck finding any cicadas in my area. I had almost given up hope, and planned to turn my documentary short into a piece about the lack of Cicadas in the area. As I informed a friend of my troubles with them, he informed me that the bed and breakfast that he works at in central bucks county was teaming with them. I took a trip up to the place he works yesterday, located just outside New Hope. I lucked out, as the area was teaming with them. Not only were there an abundance, but most were drying off from the morning raistorm, and so were very docile, and easy to capture on film. Michael, Bucks County, Pa.

To Marie about the Cicada wings

Date: Saturday, Jun/12/2004
Marie, how thoughtful…Joyce from Columbia is sending me some but if for some reason they don’t arrive okay, I’ll let you know. What did you use to mount them to the cards? They are so fragile and I don’t want to tear them. That triple-winged one sounds neat! We are now watching coverage of today’s funeral at National Cathedral for Ronald Reagan and still no cicadas as the guests are arriving….either they got sprayed down, died off, or just sense somehow this is not the time to sing…..kind of interesting. Debbie, Seattle

They are Gone! (I hope!)

Date: Saturday, Jun/12/2004
To those of you in NJ going to Baltimore – my husband and I went to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore about 2 weeks ago when the cicadas were in full swing in Bethesda, MD and I was thrilled to be able to eat outside in the Inner Harbor without seeing one of them! I’m not sure about Fells Point, but since there are not a lot of trees in either area, I bet it will make for a cicada-fee vacation for you.

I spent several nights watching these creatures from my front window crawl up and hatch out of their shells onto my rhododendron, and I was both freaked out and facinated by them. Mostly freaked out by the fact that there were about a million of them in my front yard! The stench of the dead ones has been dreadful, but over the past couple of days it seems the birds and squirrels have taken care of them.

Although I know they are harmless, I am truly glad to see that they are perhaps gone – mostly because I haven’t been outside in about a month! It’s hard to tell here if they really are gone since the weather has been cool and rainy and they tend to not be out and about in this kind of weather. But I will be glad to enjoy spring outside without them again. We’ll see what happens this weekend….

Lori, Bethesda, MD

To “CicadaX2001”

Date: Friday, Jun/11/2004
You were trying to reach me about cicada recordings: Anyone can email me or visit my site at … , where I wrote a little Brood X story. Right now I am trying to deal with my grief that Brood X will soon be gone. Note to Self: next time, don’t have insects for pets, they just don’t live very long!!!! However, for those into Earth Religion, the Magic Cicada makes a great Totem. It symbolizes patience, perseverance, and courage in pursuit of one’s goal: the goal of creating magic & beauty in the world. (yes, since they didn’t hatch in my backyard, I didn’t get any backyard concerts, but I also didn’t have to get the bad parts, like the decaying corpse thing.) Laura, Oaks

Scared to Death

Date: Friday, Jun/11/2004
Once again, thank you Elias for putting my fears to rest. I can answer
your question as to why I hate them so in two words… GROSSED OUT!!! They fly into my hair, land on my back and clothes, bang into my windows all day and night long. Also, to tell you the truth, I don’t even like flies. Insects and me don’t mix. And giant insects and me truly don’t cohabitate well together. I am an animal lover, however, so please don’t think I hate all of G-d’s creatures. I asked my friend if the ones he dug up last month had red eyes and he thinks not, so I guess those are our usual annuals on their way to making my life a miserable hell this summer. But like I said, thank goodness it is not the swarming brood X’ers. Mindy, Queens

cicada sighting

Date: Friday, Jun/11/2004
Found (1) Cicada in East Hanover, NJ. My daughter named him Sam-e, Sam-e the Cicada. Makes lots of sounds!!!! Wow they are ugly. Bill, EH NJ

1987 Film Fest in honor of Brood X

Date: Friday, Jun/11/2004
From a dude named Josh Ford: Break out your lawn chairs and get those tiki torches ready. Summer is
here! And in honor of the departure of the cicadas, The Screening
Roomís Urban Drive-In is featuring films from 1987 ñ the last time Brood X
walked among us. Weíre also joining forces with the annual parking lot
book sale for three unforgettable evenings of books, music, barbeque,
and cicada-free movies under the stars. Grab a bite, catch some tunes,
browse some incredible book bargains, and catch a summer flick ñ all in
the Washington DCJCCís parking lot on 16th & Q. Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

Cicada wings

Date: Friday, Jun/11/2004
to Debbie in Seattle, wondering if you have received the wings of cicada’s which you requested. I have some mounted on 3X5 cards here. Would like to send them to you if possible. Incidently, we have observed dozens of cicada’s and have found only 1 with triple wings. I agree, they are quite beautiful. Also thanks for the nice comment regarding the “Lady Cicada” poem we submitted. How can we get in touch ? Marie Chibirka, Dalton, PA

Cicadas in Baltimore

Date: Friday, Jun/11/2004
To Jennifer from Princeton: I work a little north of where you will be, but still in Baltimore City. You can hear a few in the parks and open spaces when it’s sunny, but for the most part, they are finished. There are a few dead ones on the ground.
I’m sorry to see them go, they have been a great experience. I live south of Baltimore and they have been an overwhelming presence there, but they are waning there also. Joyce, Baltimore

Mostly females remaining here…

Date: Friday, Jun/11/2004
Well, I guess they are finally dying off, I am sad to say. Out of the 10 cicadas I caught in the last 2 days, 9 were female, one was a male with that bacterial infection.We had a week of chilly rainy weather & I think that affected them, when it finally cleared up for 2 days, there were very few to be seen or heard, now today it is in the 70’s & cloudy and will be that way for a few days, so I guess it’s farewell to the cicadas who I grew fond of. I will watch the trees where the females layed their eggs & see if I see the eggs hatching. I guess the weather cut their already short stay with us even shorter. I hope I’m here in 2021 when they return (I’ll be 51….)I wonder if all of this dampness has also caused a more than usual occurence of that bacterial infection they get?? Staci, Beltsville, MD

To Lisa about Kings Dominion

Date: Friday, Jun/11/2004
There are no cicadas that far south. You will be safe. My sister lives in Fredericksburg, VA which is about 45 miles north of Doswell and she doesn’t have any either. I think once you are south of Prince William County you are safe. Robert, Fairfax, VA


Date: Friday, Jun/11/2004

Puzzel of the Chinese Cicadas

Date: Friday, Jun/11/2004
I was born in Northern China, and I fondly remember playing with cicadas and cicada shells as a child. However, there is something quite puzzling about the cicadas in my hometown. Rather than invading my hometown every 17 years, they come every single summer. For an entire summer, they would cling to trees, sing (or make loud noises, depending on your perspective).

No, those Chinese cicadas are not of a different species; from what I have learned, they are of the same species as their American counterpart — since the cicadas were such an omnipresence, we devoted considerable time studying them at local schools, and I remember distinctively what I was taught: that cicadas only emerge after 17 years deep down the earth.

The only reason I can think of is may be at the beginning there were simply was too many cicadas in my hometown area, and they had to lay their eggs at different intervals, and the result is that although their larvae still had to stay underground for 17 years, they emerge out of the ground at different intervals (every summer in this case) rather than all at once. I think it would be really interesting if some biologists can look into this issue. Does anybody have another explanation for this?

Another thing about cicadas is that their shells are considered to be of excellent medicinal value according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, for its anti-inflammatory and other magical properties. I remember that my mother lost her voice after a failed surgery (she was a singer), and she went to see some Chinese herbalists, and brought back a bag full of Chinese herbal medicine to boil, and one of the ingredients was cicada shell. My mother did regain her voice eventually, so I think the cicada shell soup really worked. As a child, I used to go out with my siblings collecting cicada shells and then sell or give them to the herbal medicine people.

Any way, great website. I am really glad I found this site. Shelby, San Francisco, CA

Mindy’s Prayers and LI Cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
Hello from New York!

Mindy, I am glad I can allay your fears. Every year as you know – we do have pretty strong emergences of annual cicadas. They are Tibicen species. In my neighborhood, I know they are Tibicen Chloromera ìThe Dog Day Cicadaî and Tibicen Linnei ìThe Harvest Flyî. Their songs sound like variants of a circular saw cutting wood. I have on occasion dug a few nymphs up as well which should be getting ready for their emergence in late June and July. The Periodicals (Magicicada spp.) unfortunately do not come out here and I have never seen or heard a living specimen in Queens (except the ones I bring home from other emergences ñ ha ha!) Trust me ñ I searched the land looking of them when I was younger. Usually traveled out to Suffolk to find them however so you are safe in Brooklyn and Nassau too. One question to ask your friends ñ what was the eye color? Magicicada nymphs have red eyes like the adults before they molt. Tibicen nymphs are stockier and have greenish/brown eyes.
I hope the above was the answer to your prayers! Why do you dislike them so much Mindy? I am curious.

Lenny in Suffolk ñ please keep posting. I am awaiting the emergence too. I traveled to Ronkokoma in mid-July and missed the emergence in 1987. I did catch Brood XIV in Mid June 1991. I called the park in Ronkonkoma yesterday and they reported nothing. They will come. Please keep posting ñ I am sure I and a lot of Long Islanders are waiting anxiously for their arrival! Itís strange Michigan is getting them before us!! Ajay what happening by you??
Elias, Queens County, NY

it’s been weeks of cicada events

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
we noticed the holes everywhere around our house – -then we watched as everything, every tree around us became covered with their first brown suits – even witnessed various ciciada emerging from the shell – -dripping, white with shriveled wings – and then the singing began – -flipped on one morning at about 8am and waxed and waned for weeks during any sunny day. They are fading away now – -my second cicada event in Princeton Eileen, Princeton, NJ

Dying Out in DC

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
To Debbie from Seattle–you are very perceptive. The cicadas are dying out here. I work in DC and went to Reagan’s procession, and while ten days ago you couldn’t stand on Constitution Ave. without being hit by 4-6 cicadas, now there are none in the city. Honestly, the silence is rather disconcerting. But at my home in Falls Church, I can still see a few slowly crawling in the streets and I can still hear some tired humming…I’ll miss them! Rachel, Falls Church, VA

So far, so good!

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
Nothing seen here in the greater NE part of the city (Philadelphia). Sort of worried about hearing about them in the general vicinity. Was told to ask around and see if any longtime natives remember them. So far, the few people that I have been able to talk to say they don’t recall anything like a cicada invasion…EVER. (one person said that they certainly would remember something like that, and I told him, “Yes, you would, because *I* remember the last time when I lived in Baltimore”.)

I’ll still keep my “holding” pattern until July, and see what happens.

PS-thanks to the person who wrote the word entomophobe in their posts…I can finally put a name to my fear! :p LadySycamore, Philadelphia, PA (Far NE part of the city, near Bucks Co.)

They are here!

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
After weeks of hoping to avoid these flying, noisy things (that I thought my husband actually was joking about)I found one in my pool today…. kate , flemington, NJ

I Hope it is True

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
Elias, thank you so much for responding to my question as to whether or not these creatures will be coming to Queens. You told me no. What is confusing me is that a month or so ago, a friend of mine was doing some planting and he saw them about 10″ down in the soil (in the nymph stage, of course). Could these have been the annual brood that we get every August working it’s way up already? All maps show that New York is a brood X territory. Still praying you are right. Mindy, Queens, NY

No cicadas during Reagan’s procession

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
Thanks Joyce!! I’ll be writing you!
CW Boyce…thanks for the beautiful poem about My Lady Cicada…that was awesome!

I watched the entire procession for Ronald Reagan last night on CSPAN up to the Capitol, where there are a lot of trees, but heard not a single cicada 🙁 Are they waning in DC now or are they just being silently respectful of the somber nature of this event? I was sure I’d hear them whirring in the background, esp. since it was hot, muggy day. Debbie, Seattle


Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
Driving home from work yesterday evening, I noticed the “UFO” sound not as long as weeks prior. When I got home I noticed a lot more dead cicadas in my yard. Is this the end?? I thought this nightmare would never end.

It is already stinky in most parts of Cincinnati and with me being 10 weeks pregnant with a heightened sensitivity to fragrances….you can only imagine how I am feeling.


Waiting for Magicicada on Long Island

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
Still searching for confirmed emergences on Long Island. I made a second trip to the area of East Setauket mentioned in the Newsday article from May 27. I have found a few holes along some property edges and have even found one skin, but I have not heard or seen any active Magicicada. I’m still hopeful that the action just hasn’t started here yet. Two archived articles from Long Island Newsday in 1987 plot the emergence as happening in mid-June. May 25, 1987 – Cicada’s in 17-yr cycle to emerge by the millions next month, and June 16, 1987 -Cicadas make a quiet entrance. Although the 1987 emergence was not Island-wide, several towns experienced some heavy cicada activity. It just seems weird that they wouldn’t appear at all this time around. It’s true that development and pesticide use has increased on Long Island since 1987, but many areas that experienced fairly large emergences back then are still in their natural state. One such area is the 3,500-acre Connetquot River State Park Preserve. This was a cicada hot spot in 1987. I have talked to people who work in the park, and they have yet to hear or see any cicadas this year. It would seem very strange that the small scale emergence in East Setauket would be the only appearance of Brood X on Long Island. Could this still just be the calm before the storm? Lenny, Sound Beach, NY (Suffolk County)

Baltimore again …

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
Thanks to Andrea and Lisa for the info – to clarify, I will be staying by the Inner Harbor and spending most of my time there and in Fell’s Point – would you say these areas are relatively “cicada-free”? (It’s bad enough that I am dealing with them every day here – sprinting back and forth between my car and the building I work in! – but am hoping they are not going to ruin our vacation too …)

Thanks in advance for any additional info! Jennifer, Princeton, NJ

They have arrived in South Brunswick

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
Although they have been on a rampage in neighboring Princeton for almost a month, I haven’t seen a one in my town–Till yesterday. While cleaning the pool skimmer I found one. Several minutes later I see one flying from my backyard oak. This morning while walking out the door I see one fly from our shrubs. Then I listened…the “UFO” is in the tall wooded section across the street. Our development was built after their last emergence…so, they are not underfoot, but close. Finally! And I thought they would miss us… Tom, Kendall Park, NJ

Going away anytime soon

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
Hello Jennifer (Princeton, NJ)…I hope you enjoy your stay here in Baltimore….it really depends on where you go…if you stay in Towson, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, or West Baltimore, in general, you are in cicada land….if you stay in East Baltimore you are ok because they are subsiding…I hope this will help you… Lisa, Baltimore, Maryland


Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
I am going to Kings Dominion this weekend and I have a terrible fear of cicada…can someone please let me know if there are any cicadas in Doswell Virginia. Lisa, Baltimore, Maryland

Seventeen years? Or Sixteen?

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
We have cicadas in our yard every year. Neighbors leave our patio late in the afternoon, early evening because the sound is too loud for comfortable conversation. Last year, 2003, was a huge year. There was a lot! The girls found them in each stage and lined them up for a photo. Every tree trunk and branch was lined with shells. We were both dreading and anticipating the number that would come this 17th year. We have none. Zero. Perhaps we had the scout group last year. Oh well.
Naughtons, Greenwood, Indiana

Cicadas in Baltimore

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
This is to Jennifer, Princeton, NJ – We still have cicadas in Baltimore, in full “sing”. I will be glad when they leave, die or whatever they do. Just GO!! GO!! GO!! Andrea, Baltimore, MD

Waiting and Hoping (still)

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
All remains quiet here in Allentown, PA. I thought the recent hot weather would help (90-plus degrees yesterday), but so far it hasn’t.

I have found about a dozen or so open holes in the ground under a tree. However, I’m rather stumped about this since up until 14 or 15 years ago, this area was covered in brick. There would have to be a previous generation under a tree to allow this emergence this year, correct? With no tree back then, plus a ground cover of bricks, I’m not sure what these holes are now. They appeared last weekend.

My daughter was stuck in traffic on the NE Extension of the PA Turnpike south of Quakertown. She said they were extremely loud and were flying into her car. This area was very loud when she and I traveled down to a Phillies game a few weeks ago.

At the time, I was hoping that the northern fringe would continue to move northward — but it appears to be stationary.

Still have fingers crossed. Frank DeFreitas, Allentown, PA (Center City)

Magicada Cassini confirmed///

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
kind of bummed out here today given the overcast gloomy conditions i barely here any , yesterday with the nasty heat i just started to hear them and only grew in numbers as the day progressed.. my backyard has countless mud chimneys around the trees.. think i few renegade ones came out over past 48hrs..
leaving overseas next Monday! hoping for one good hot sunny day to get these suckers to swarm out in full bloom.

dan , ur from iselin area? seen / heard anything yet?

just cheacked the species calls and confirm as the Cassini strain ..

call consists of a few quick clicks followed by a very shrill whine..

excited but maybe the weather will hold it back.. maybe later this afternoon they come in force.. John, Colonia, union county NJ

Cicadas in show business

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
We are producing a production of Much Ado About Nothing at an outdoor venue. Although the cicadas have been decreasing in numbers the last several days, we had an invasion last night. It was a very hot night and we used stage lights for the first time in rehearsal. The combination of hot weather, hot lights, and hot actors made them “attack” the stage. They left us alone until the stage was filled with overheated actors. Then, they came like moths to a flame. As soon as the actors left the stage, they stopped.

Cicadas are fans of the theater- I guess. Ian, Ellicott City, MD

they are coming

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
just over the past couple days i’m starting to hear them , especially later in the day yesterday.Only handfull so far but looking forward to all out swarm.
it was only a few years ago we were pounded by the 13yr cicada.
John B, colonia NJ


Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
Look at a map. Find PA Turnpike. You can see them in the forested hills to the NORTH, from Morgantown in the east (less common further east) the whole way out to Somerset (heavy populations there). Still plenty in Lancaster, Lebanon, and Berks Counties. The “cicada line” is only about 5-10 miles wide in most areas. Mike, Lititz PA

gone to soon

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004

on the wane

Date: Thursday, Jun/10/2004
They are definitely dying off in Towson, Md. Their legacy is the millions of dying leaves in the trees where the eggs have been laid, and the billions of cicadas that will emerge in 2021. It was a fascinating experience here, and definitely lived up to the media hype (for once).

Having said that, I’m glad they don’t last longer. One month every seventeen years is just about enough for me. The incessant noise, the white gloop on the windshield (and don’t even think that wipers/fluid will do anything but smear it), sweeping the porch every evening, it gets old fast.

And with that, I bid the cicadas, and everyone here, a fond farewell. Seeya in 17 years. greg, towson

Cicada Psalm

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
Cicada Psalm
By Gila RuskinO Cicada
Your passionate love song serenading
Its decibel defying waves pulsating
Golden orange wings and green iridescence
Mating hues of your adolescence
“God blessed them and said be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth…”*

O Cicada
In my yard your tunnel of soil aerates
On my hedge your carapace decorates
Each seventeen years, the Creator rejoices
With the harmonizing hum of all your voices
“Let all that has breath praise God, Halleluyah”**

O Cicada
Your crimson eyes shine as you seek romance
You choose a maple limb for your mating dance
You sacrifice your life for the next generation
And you renew my faith in ongoing Creation
“How great are Your works, God, in wisdom have you made them all” *** *Genesis 1
**Psalms 150
***Psalms 104

Gila, Baltimore. Maryland


Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
There are no cicadas in Somerset but boy are there cicadas in Gettysburg! My class took a trip out there today. They were noisy all day and they were flying everywhere. We went up to little round top in the park and i was climbing on a semi-dangerous group of boulders with my friend. I knew as long as i was careful I’d be fine. This was already dangerous enough when all of the sudden a cicada runs right into me from my left. I flipped out and almost lost my balance and would have dropped 15 ft. to the boulders below. Hopefully they don’t come to Somerset! Chelsey, Gettysburg, PA

On the Wane

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
They are fewer, to be sure. The remaining individuals are acting like it’s last call at a singles’ bar. I can’t help but admire them. Imagine living for 17 years underground, going through a metamorphasis, and suddenly being able to fly in a completely unfamiliar environment.

A friend of mine told me a joke today:

“What did one cicada say to the other?”

“Sorry for bumping into you.”

These little things bump into any smooth surface they try to land on, and end up landing with a thud on the pavement, where they sit as is if stunned, their wings tucked back, until they receive a signal to fly again.

I’ve seen scores of them on outdoor Metro platforms doing a strange dance that seems to involve the grouting between the tiles. The trains come along and the cicadas get knocked over by the wake. I try to set them back upright. What else can you do for a creature who is simply trying to have sex after 17 years of celibacy?

They unnerve me, because I don’t like having insects attach themselves to me. But many times now I’ve discovered one hitching a ride on my shoulder, quite content to sit quietly and await its destination. It’s a very cute and peaceful experience, after all. Michael, Falls Church VA

To Jim @ West Chester/Pottstown

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
Hi! You may not have seen my earlier messages. If you ride a bike, you must know about the Perkiomen Trail which goes to Green Lane Park. Green Lane Park is Montgomery Cty’s Cicada Grove. Go north up Rt. 29 past Schwenksville and Rt. 73, and turn left at Deep Creek Rd. Park in the L side parking lot. (Brood X doesn’t like the R. side of the park, only the left.) I don’t know how they’ll be this week; last weekend was cold & rainy & they were lookin pretty bedraggled. I sure hope they can get their steam back up for another weekend of song before their curtain closes. Also, it is a nice quiet state park & you can park your car & just hang out. That is nice because the last place I went to hear Brood X was in a wealthy wooded neighborhood (Valley Forge Mtn) with Security Watch. I was afraid the residents were going to call the cops about this strange woman who was wandering around enraptured, staring at the trees…Also, I did call French Creek State Pk. & the ranger said they DID have cicadas, but I never got a chance to go visit. (I have this thing called a job…) On another subject, does anyone know about resin casting? When Brood X is gone, I’m going to try & forget my sorrow by making castings of a few specimens which I tried to “freeze-dry”. Laura, Oaks PA

sightings along rt. 519, NJ

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
Took a long trip down to Princeton to see and hear the phenomenon. The noise on the campus was great, but didn’t see many flying around or dead ones either. A groundsman told us that he had cleaned them all up from under the trees for graduation ceremonies since some people find the sight and smell offensive. Traveled to a park nearby off Lovers Lane and heard even more great sounds, but not many flying. They all seemed to be high in the trees, maybe because of the heat (90’s). Heard plenty along Rt. 519 in Kingwood Township on the way home. The epicenter seemed to be around the intersection of 651 and 519. Also plenty on Sanford Rd. off Rt. 519. Many more flying around there, but not the swarms that I expected.
Susan Susan, Sussex County New Jersey

What’s going on in Baltimore?

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
I am heading to Baltimore on June 22 and would love to know if they are dying down at all down there. I have been reading this website everyday since the emergence first started because I’m afraid of bugs and thought that they were going to be around my house in Central, NJ. So far they aren’t in my area but I’m going on vacation to Baltimore and am totally paranoid that they are still going to be there 2 weeks from now. Can someone please let me know if the situation is getting any better. I would REALLY appreciate a response. Thanks and good luck to all of you who have them all over! Rachel, NJ

Cicada Wings for Debbie

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
I would like to respond to Debbie’s message asking for cicada wings. I will send you some. Try to send me a message at joyceyens at yahoo dot com. Joyce Duffy-Bilanow, Columbia, MD

There gone!!!!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
There gone from here. We had a three day cold spell with rain and they never came back. The day before the cold, there were hundereds of them flying around and like clock work at 4am starting to hummmm, the first sunny day after those three days………… nothing. No noise, No flying, it was like they never exsisted. The only evidence they were here are empty shells and many many dead branches. I will actually miss the noise. I use to float in my pool and listen to them all day, now there is silence. I hope i’m around in 17yrs to see them again Lisa, Centreville, Va

We’ve had lots of them for 2 weeks strong

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
I’ve questioned friends east and south of me (Dauphin and Carlisle, Pa.) and they don’t have any cicadas yet. I’ve had them for 2 weeks now! They are flying all over, can’t put out laundry. (smile) They try to land on us as if we were trees. It is a wonderful site. I’ve taken pictures around my house: How loud on the decible scale do they get? We already are talking much louder than normal to hear each other over them. Chris, Duncannon

cicada microscope images

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
Me and my dad took microscope pictures of a cicada, and I posted them on my web page. Visit, click on microscope images, then click on insects. Also, please sign my guestbook and let me know what you thought of the pictures! Erin, Keyport, NJ

Going away anytime soon?

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
The cicadas definitely seem to be at full peak around Princeton – the activity level has been high for the past week to week-and-a-half but seems to grow daily in terms of the noise and the number flying around. (Unfortunately, for people with phobias like me, this makes for an extremely uncomfortable time!) Can anyone remember whether they suddenly seem to go quiet and fade away, or whether it is a long, drawn-out process?

Also, am heading to Baltimore this weekend for vacation – can anyone in Baltimore calm my fears by telling me they are subsiding there? (I’ve heard that they are but am not sure what to believe.) Thanks! Jennifer, Princeton, NJ

Saw only one today….

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
I live in Northeastern PA. One was in my neighbors yard on a canvas tent. I walked over slowly with my camera, but it flew away. All day I have been on the look out so I can get a shot of one. Michele, Pennsylvania

Cicadas in New York

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
I have good news for you (bad news for some of us that actually like them!!). I have lived in Queens for 31 years and there has never been a Periodical Cicada emergence here. Brood IV and Brood X are the largest that involve NY. So you are 100% safe. I know this to be true because I looked everywhere for them in 1987 and did not hear a single sound in Queens.
Ajay – keep up he good work my friend. I look forward to your updates and will make the trip to Port Jefferson or Ronkonkoma when they finally come up. Interesting that the soil has remained cold out here. Keep the updates coming for cicadas on Long Island! Elias, Queens New York

Return to the ground

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
Hopefully they will be gone in two weeks!

It seems as though the cold and rain kept them at bay over last weekend which was great for a scaredy cat like me.

They are back with a vengeance this past couple of days…is it my heightened sense of paranoia or does it seem that their flying isn’t as clumsy as when they first emerged?? Maybe they know they don’t have much longer which is admirable, which for an entomophobe like myself, is hard to say.

I have seen the “flagging” on several trees in the area which is an interesting sight.

All in all the past four weeks have been hell for me but so far I am unscathed! Scaredy, Silver Spring, MD


Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
Dan from CicadaMania – Please tell me when they will be gone from Northern Virginia. My life is suffering. I have a huge phobia!! This website said 4 weeks, but it’s been 4 weeks and they are still here!! Please, Help!! Marianne, Herndon, Virginia

Im so scared

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004

Tell me what these bugs are going to do. When they are coming and how long they will be here. And what is this I hear about them leaving shells? And how do they mate.
Scared in Detroit Cicada, Michigan

Not seen any

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
I have not seen any yet. I remember them from 34 years ago. Would prefer they don’t come out. cicada disliker, Lehighton, PA

Where they won’t be:

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
You won’t find them in New York City, or New York State with the exception of Long Island. You won’t find them in most of New Jersey with the exception of Princeton and random areas in Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset, and Huntington counties. You also won’t find them in Philadelphia. If you do see a cicada in these areas it’s probably not a 17-year cicada. Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

Great Fishing!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
Spotted several Cicada’s landing on the water while fishing in Pinchot State park in Lewisberry on Sunday June 6. Since I heard they were good to use for bait, my intention was to grab one off the water try my luck. The rumors I had been hearing were true as I could not get to them fast enough. The fish were getting to them before I could. Finally, I managed to get one and it did not last a minute on my hook untit a huge carp sucked it in. I held on for the ride and landed a 10 pound carp with the “bugger”. I’m sold! Rick, Harrisburg, PA

Poem: My Lady Cicada

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
Like a surprise, she came to me from nowhere, filling me with delight. Sitting on my knee, her radiant beauty glistening in the sunlight. A lady of distinction, lovely eyes, her legs so graceful, so unique. She sat for so long, motionless, her body quivering, so trim and sleek. Then suddenly she left as quickly as she came, with no goodbye. She knew her life was nearly over and was about to die. She left like a butterfly, quietly on a gentle breeze, floating away. I would never see her again, not to return another day. I will always remember how fortunate I was to have met her. To keep her in my thoughts, I will name her Antoinette. C W Boyce/Marie Antoinette Chibirka, Augusta, WV

cicada sighting

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
One cicada found on my pillow in morning June 8. I have not seen any others nor heard the noise. He was about 1 3/4″ long, had black bug eyes, a mottled grey-brown back and I went to put him in a cup and he appeared dead, his legs all curled up. I left him in the cup, no lid, during the day and when I came home he was gone. I looked for him but couldn’t find him. I thought the cicada’s this year had red eyes, so was surprised by the black eyes. Newsday had pictures of them so I know it was a cicada. Charla Bolton, halesite ( e/sHuntington Harbor) Suffolk County, NY

Traveling for Cicada’s

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
Hello all…

I have been bike riding this past week all over SE PA…up to Poconos, down to Wilmington, West to Lancaster, and back home to Pottstown…

318 miles in all…No Cicadas…none?
Quiet rodes, busy traffic, rural, urban?
Guess I just have to wait another 17 years..

Jim Jim, West Chester, PA

No Cicadas yet!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
No sightings of them yet in Hershey, PA (Dauphin County). Any change they won’t be coming since we’re half way into June now?? kate, hershey, pa

None here yet

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
I have been reading up on these creatures for a long time now. I am so envious of all of you who do not fear them, for I am terrified to the point of phobic. But there is a rumor going around NYC that for some reason they should have but will not be emerging this time around. I pray for this to be true. I have already decided to stay in for the month or so that they would be in town. But if they don’t emerge my job, my social life and my mental well being can be saved. So I guess what I am asking all you kind and knowledgeable people out there is if you know that they are coming to the NYC area.- Mindy Mindy, Queens, New York

Cicada (Locust)

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
I just found a hatched cicada this morning in Mashpee Ma. (cape cod)…..
Only 1 so far – when are they supposed to reach that area? I thought it was 2008
Cris, Mashpee, MA

they are here :oO

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
found one this morning , brought it to work told everyone it was a flesh eating space bug Drew, Dallas, TX

Wings/Recording Cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
I’m still trying to get some wings…anyone game?
I recorded them 17 years ago near where I worked in Adelphi MD…don’t know if I still have the tape though… Debbie, Seattle

Long Island Update

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
This evening I went To Port Jefferson Station LI to check the Brood X situation. The security guard at the local high school told me that he had seen a couple of shed skins but that there had been a huge cicada eruption in 1991 which left all the small tree branches brown and drooping. That would have been brood IV. I brought a lab thermometer and measured soil temperatures between 61 and 62 F at a depth of about five inches. This strongly implies that any brood X cicadas are still awaiting warmer conditions. I doubt if we will see anything like Princeton but there is still hope for Brood X here. (I will be investigating New Jersey myself soon) With 90 degree weather on tap for tomorrow here, we may not have long to wait. AJay, Suffolk County LI

Cicada City

Date: Wednesday, Jun/9/2004
In Princeton, NJ off of Harrison St.there is a huge amount of Cicadas. My dentist office is located there. This appointment I decided to bring my camera to record the noise that they make, it is unreal. It is sci-fi like. The problem is that I am extremely fascinated but freaked out by them at the same time. Logically, I know they don’t bite or anything. I really wanted to take a close-up picture of at least one but I chickened out. Even when I stopped to get gas one almost flew in my car.

On the way to work, I stopped at the mall to get something to eat. I felt something tickling my arm and I lookover and there is a 3 inch long cicada crawling on my arm. I screamed and flung it off and it landed next to some kid in a carriage.

When I went into work I felt like I had them crawling all over me. It was a creepy feeling.

I live in Mercerville (near Trenton) and there are no Cicadas here. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Nicole, Mercer County, NJ

PA – where to see them

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Northern Lancaster County – Rt 501 about 3 miles north of Rt 322. Have lunch at CJ’s Corral with the cicadas – they are numerous and louder than in more remote areas. Adds to the theory that auto traffic sounds cause the cicadas to get louder. Cassini can be heard in selected areas – one is Middle Creek, on the hiking trail west of the visitors center. Much louder than Decim found all over. 2004 emergence impressive, but not as large as 17 years ago in 1987. Mike, Lititz PA

Where are they?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
I am a science teacher in Hazlet,NJ who has 2 classes of eager students waiting for cicadas! We have not found any! I am looking for any information about their emergence in Monmouth County. Karyn, Hazlet, NJ

To Gerry in North Mass.

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Thanx for the tips. I am very familiar with the route you posted. I have actually stopped at that church to look around in the graveyard. It is the usual route I take when I go there. I LOVE that road. Will let you know how it was when I return. Grace, Abingdon,MD

Cicada songs

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Hi All,

I’m writing on behalf of my husband Chris, who’s working out of town and away from a computer (and, sad to say, far from any cicada sightings). (I must confess that I’ve never heard or seen the cicadas in person, though have fallen in love with them through him!)

Chris is a huge cicada fan; he became infatuated with Brood X one night 17 years ago, when he heard them in a field outside Ann Arbor, Michigan. He wound up standing on top of his car, with a microphone in his hand, breathlessly recording the cries of one lone, desperate cicada. That cicada became the “star” of a song Chris later wrote, called “Cicada Baby” — a wonderful love ballad sung, naturally, from the point of view of a cicada looking for that one moment of happiness.

Just recently, Chris rerecorded his music bits and submitted the song to NPR’s “All Songs Considered” show — and the whole song will be available to hear as of tomorrow on We’d love to share the song (which incorporates these nice cicada cries) with other people who love these insects too — so we hope you’ll check it out! Jackie, New York, NY

I’ll sure miss this Magicicadical craziness!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
I’m hoping it’s just the cold weather that’s made them so quiet. It seems like they should have had another week or 2 before falling out of trees into oblivion. It all passed so soon!! Anyway…I had a strange experience. I picked up a cicada that looked like it was done for. It didn’t want to leave my hand, so I put it on the car floor & drove home. A soda bottle rolled onto it and it let out a SCREAM! I didn’t know insects could scream like that.
…it does make a person depressed thinking about how long 17 years is. What are all of us nuts going to do for magic & excitement now?… I write fantasy & SF, and I was inspired to write a little tale about Brood X. You can read it on my website at …. And if any of you have made mp3 recordings of the cicada songs, PLEASE get in touch with me; my email is on my website. I’d like to put together a nice CD to remember these magical times. Laura, Oaks

Visited Princeton as per Advice: Great!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Sunday (6/6): cool, rainy; cicadas sluggish; no singing. Second one we saw had classic fungal infection.
Great car show on the square – nice treat!Monday (6/7): 70’s, sunny; cicadas singing their little hearts (timbrals) out. See my few pictures at: Paul Rader, Canton, NY

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June 18, 2004

June 17th – Nov 26th 2004 Cicada Comments

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Found nymph in shallow soil

Date: Friday, Nov/26/2004
Earlier this month (November), while digging for worms in the backyard, found a large nymph (almost certainly a Tibicen) in the soil. He was shallow, within five inches of the surface.
Eric, Missouri

thanks Lindsay

Date: Monday, Nov/22/2004
Thanks for that address change Lindsay.
I can also say that the cicadas in New Zealand are starting to emerge.
I have 4 species for the season so far.
Kikihia subalpina, Rhodopsalta sp, Amphipsalta strepitans and Maoricicada hamiltoni.
Things here are a bit behind you Australians, give us 1-2 more months and we will be fully into our season. Kees, Dunedin, New Zealand

Australian cicada website moved

Date: Wednesday, Nov/10/2004
Hi all. The website “Cicadas of central eastern Australia” has moved to Please update your bookmarks. Southern Hemisphere cicadas will soon be in full swing. Extensive rain across the east of Australia should bring the big ones out over the next few months. Lindsay, Australia

just sayin hey

Date: Wednesday, Nov/10/2004
Just stoppin in to say hey and howz it?
See ya later… Cicada x, In.

About the microhabitat selection of the emergence of cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Nov/3/2004
Most papers study in the adult cicadas,e.g.,sound. Is there any study focusing on the nymphs emergence to eclosion? Lin, Y. H. , Taiwan

Because they don’t

Date: Saturday, Oct/30/2004
Cicadas don’t emerge in 12, 14, or 16 year cycles because they don’t. Occasionsional cicadas will emerge a year late or early, howeever for the most part they emerge in intervals which happen to be prime numbers. Cicada Mania, Cicadatown


Date: Tuesday, Oct/26/2004
Why are there no 12,14,or 16 years locusts? tb, sc

found cicada

Date: Sunday, Oct/17/2004
sighted a green and black cicada, we thought it was dead or almost dead so we brought it home it was warmed up and is now crawling ang flying around, were not sure to release it just yet because of bad weather. -anonamous, canada, hamilton, ontario

Want that sound

Date: Tuesday, Oct/5/2004
If you’ve ever seen any Anime cartoons, you will hear that distinctive intermitant sound in the back ground – kind of 5 or 6 electric sounds, short, then a long one. I believe this to be a type of Cicada, but can not find any info with that sound. Do any of you know what makes that sound? Trent Kuver, Federal Way WA

NH sighting

Date: Thursday, Sep/30/2004
I have NEVER ever seen a Cicada before. Sunday there was a HUGE bug on the deck of my home where it remained for an hour or so and walked around and apparently flew away at some point………Did this guy take a wrong turn and wind up in NH? KP, Tuftonboro, NH

Cicadas in Il

Date: Sunday, Sep/26/2004
I found a cicada in our yard about a week ago. I had never seen one and have just found out through this sight. It was on our tree trunk, seemingly drying out it’s wings, and it’s old body was not far. I was going to get it, but I think the neighbor’s dog got to it first. Jay, Vaugh

Howz it.

Date: Monday, Sep/20/2004
Dan, hows your cicadas doing, are they still singing or have they all gone…in my area, I havent heard any since the first week of aug. Cicada x, In.


Date: Sunday, Sep/19/2004
Thanks Cicada X and Laura from the Yahoo! magicicada group. Dan, Cicada Mania


Date: Friday, Sep/17/2004
If you did not get enough 17 year cicada shells, look on the underside of leaves. Up to about 2 weeks ago, I still found them clinging to the leaves. I am trying to get as many as I can before the leaves fall. I have collected many to show in my science classes for the next 17 years. Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

It was a GREAT cicada season!

Date: Thursday, Sep/16/2004
Well, I was sorry to see Brood X go, but then the Annuals started coming out (Tibicen Chloromera), and it was an awesome season for them… more than I have EVER heard in my life. So many of them it almost sounded like a periodical cicada brood, the sound kept flowing like ocean waves. That’s why I got a minidisc recorder and became a Nature recordist. The crickets and katydids were phenomenal too. It must have been because of the abundant rain, more eggs hatched than usual. Whatever the reason, it was an incredible summer! But now, regretfully, the cicadas are gone. Fall Happens! Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

They say there is a monster underneath the bed…

Date: Wednesday, Sep/15/2004
Oh my GAWD!!! I had a cicada underneath my bed and I almost fainted from fright. They are HUGE. I wouldn’t mind if they slept for another 17 years. Maria, Montreal, Canada

welcome back!

Date: Tuesday, Sep/14/2004
Welcome back Dan, hope ya had a great vacation! cicada x, In.


Date: Tuesday, Sep/14/2004

cicada season

Date: Tuesday, Sep/14/2004
I arrived in Bhutan in summer and suddenly only last week the cicada sound was there from morning till late at night. I am told they herald the start of autumn. Is this true? kleen, bhutan

found cicadas in yard

Date: Monday, Sep/13/2004
A fifth grade student found two cicadas in his backyard. Since I have never seen one, I looked it up on the internet. I didn’t think that they were around her and especially in Sept. Sharolyn, Minneapolis, MN USA

Cicadas are everywhere

Date: Sunday, Sep/12/2004
The cicadas are all over. My cats are constantly bringing them inside! (which is okay since I’m doing a bug project for school!) Sara, Olathe, KS United States

What’s that noise?

Date: Saturday, Sep/11/2004
I just moved here from Southern California about two weeks ago (don’t ask why) and I don’t think I’ve ever heard or seen a cicada before. Is that what I’m hearing? At first I thought I was hearing a power tool or weed whacker from a distance but was told it was an insect and the person didn’t know what type. I also heard that from a Jamaican woman the when she heard them in Jamaica, it meant that the coming day would be hot. Is this true? Denny, Ottowa, Ontario, Canada


Date: Thursday, Sep/9/2004
Good to see you guys back.
Well its about another 6 weeks or so before us cicada enthusiasts here in NZ can expect to hear our first cicadas for the new season. I cannot wait, make the most of the time you guys have left in the northern hemisphere.
Kees Green, Dunedin, New Zealand

Cicada on my window!

Date: Thursday, Sep/9/2004
I know nothing about the Cicada but I went to go make lunch and noticed a hige insect on my window, I thought he looked like a locust so I checked online at pictures and came across the Cicada and it’s a definite match. He is massive! I looked at the chart stating when they should be in MA and this guy is about 4 years too early…he must have got lost somewhere along the way! Stephanie Joyce, Everett, MA USA

Back from Vacation

Date: Wednesday, Sep/8/2004
We’re back. Dan, Jerzey

cicada sighting

Date: Thursday, Jul/29/2004
I’ve lived in Washington state for 33 years and have never seen a cicada, (locust)until today! I had one land on the side of my face while weedeating. To say the least, it freeked me out. I’m not sure what species it was, but I know what it is.
I’m originaly from Texas, and lived with the noisy little creatures for 17 years. I can’t say, that I’m pleased to have them here. I have a small apple, cherry, and grape orchard. I know how distructive they can be. I’m also an organic grower.(no pesticides) So, for all of you who enjoy their presence. I won’t be spraying, and will be purchasing some net covers for my trees and vines.
I just thought I’d leave a sighting message, and see if anyone else in Washington has seen any locusts.(cicadas);>) Bo, Graham, Washington. USA

It isn’t over until the last cicada sings…

Date: Thursday, Jul/29/2004
I couldn’t believe it! I was eating a bowl of ice cream and latently listening to the chorus of dog day cicadas when in amongst them – all by itself – one little cassini calling. Unbelievable – but it was there! We had only 4-5 in the woodlot earlier this spring that I could count by their calling. It was a delight to hear that ratcheting sound one more time today. Hopefully, he’ll be there tomorrow. Michele, NW Ohio


Date: Wednesday, Jul/28/2004
I had given up, but today they are finally here! I think our weather has perhaps delayed them, it’s been very cool with lots of rain this month.

Our elevation here is approx. 3,400 feet, so that might have had something to do with it too.

I have only seen one so far, but their song is filling the forest! S, Boone, NC

Deer Tick = LYME

Date: Monday, Jul/26/2004
Ajay, I read your post and can’t stress strongly enough to you, to please, please, please get checked for lyme disease!!! The rash only occurs in 50% of people who were bitten by a tick. THe fever indicates an infection, which is probably the lyme bacteria. You MUST be evaluated by a “lyme literate” doctor. My daughter has been battling lyme disease for about 12 yrs now. She is only 22 yrs old. Don’t assume that just because the fever dissipated quickly that you are free from lyme. The symptoms could be varied, and can appear much later. It is best if treated early; late stage lyme can be very difficult to eradicate. Sorry for the alarm, but most folks don’t know enough about this devastating illness to know how to proceed. I hope you don’t have it, but don’t just assume you don’t. My daughter was treated at 10 yrs, and 12 yrs later still has it, even tho we thought it was eradicated then. Don’t mean to be an alarmist, but this has been a nightmare in my home. If you need further info, or want to discuss, email me.
“during my fruitless June cicada I brought back a deer tick from Connetquot State park which I extracted from my lower leg with difficulty. Last weekend I suddenly developed a high two day fever which exceeded 103.5. It vanished as suddenly as it appeared. With no rash, or joint pain I do not think it is Lyme but there are other tick borne diseases. I hope my LI cicada was not even worse than I suspected. — AJay, Stony Brook ” Marilyn, Great Neck,NY

lots “o” cicadas!

Date: Monday, Jul/26/2004
hey! theres tons of baby cicadas at my house in Arizona. atleast every morning I wake up and go to my back yard and find 5 to 6 baby cicada shells. Ive seen how a nymph is born into a cicada, it was pretty cool. sometimes i find dead cicadas with there wings preformed, the neighborhood cats might like the noise they make when you BUG em. Collin, Gilbert az ,america

LI cicada sightings!

Date: Monday, Jul/26/2004
I live in Great Neck, but currently go to school in Valley Stream. I hear them every morning as I walk to class from my car. Haven’t heard any in Great Neck though.

Marilyn, Valley Stream, NY

Brood X: the Next Generation

Date: Sunday, Jul/25/2004
I’m overjoyed–I finally saw some Magicicada Brood X eggs! I went to the groves and picked up branches with oviposit marks, that had fallen onto the parking lot. I discovered you have to break the branches open to see the eggs. They look like miniature grains of rice, hardly bigger than a grain of sand. I had expected them to really BE the size of rice grains–hadn’t seen them before because I never thought of breaking the twig open! I planted them in a bucket with dirt & water…now I’m hoping to see hatchlings in a few days or so. How exciting to be witnessing the next generation of Brood X! The cycle is completed!

Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

saw first cicada

Date: Saturday, Jul/24/2004
A cicada flew into our kitchen last night and spent the night on the window sill. This is the first one I’ve seen. Julie, Nashville, TN

They’re here!

Date: Saturday, Jul/24/2004
Saw several cicadas in the yard today. Can’t recall ever seeing them before. Incredible little creatures! Hope to get a photo of them soon so I can identify which exact species we have and find out how often they come topside. They look like little hunters dressed in green camo. They need some flying lessons though — seem about as coordinated as my wife. Joe, Karnes City, Texas


Date: Friday, Jul/23/2004
The hatching nymphs wont have any wings that are visible or even formed…as for photos of hatching eggs, I dont have any or know where to find some,, if you were asking about molting photos, I have plenty of those.
Howdy Dan, Im still around and watching your site for new stuff on cicadas. Im glad you have this site, its awesome. cicadax, In.

I’ve got at least one

Date: Thursday, Jul/22/2004
How common are cicadas in California? I found one in my back yard today (loud sucker!) and now he’s perched on high on top of a tree making his noise.

I didn’t see CA in the Cicada calendar. Mark, Los Gatos, California

where are they

Date: Thursday, Jul/22/2004
charlotte nc,,,, none at all yet. wondering if our weather the last few years delayed them dave, charlotte nc

A huge one fell into my pool

Date: Thursday, Jul/22/2004
My mom told me to come outside real quick, because the birds dropped something huge and buzzing into the pool. I took it out with a skimmer, put it in my killjar and now I’m waiting to add this one to my collection. Its body is about 3 cm long, a dark green color. I am officially creeped out! Ivanna, Warren, MI, USA

Baby cicada

Date: Thursday, Jul/22/2004
There’s a picture of a freshly hatched baby cicada on this page: Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

Waiting for Hatchlings, and Remembering a Long Hunt

Date: Thursday, Jul/22/2004
I brought many egg branches back from Princeton and festooned the trees around my property in Stony Brook LI with them. I do not see any hatching yet, but I do not know what changes to look for. Sadly I suspect that this will be the only tiny Long Island emergence of Brood X in 2021. Perhaps there will be thousands but unfortunately, there must be millions to overcome the invasive bird predators. Wherever I am that spring, I will post the precise location and perhaps some rescuers will arrive with bird proof netting to provide small safe havens.

I am sorry that I did not save far more dried specimens for my display. They dried so nicely that with a little red nail polish I think they will look almost alive. I even have one female decula. While I hear a few Tibicens outside, they just are so less interesting than the Magics. Meanwhile, during my fruitless June cicada I brought back a deer tick from Connetquot State park which I extracted from my lower leg with difficulty. Last weekend I suddenly developed a high two day fever which exceeded 103.5. It vanished as suddenly as it appeared. With no rash, or joint pain I do not think it is Lyme but there are other tick borne diseases. I hope my LI cicada was not even worse than I suspected. AJay, Stony Brook

Nymphs Hatched from Eggs: Clarification

Date: Wednesday, Jul/21/2004
cicadax, In. pointed out that “only when they emerge and molt for the last time will their wings be fully formed.”
That’s exactly the stage I saw—maybe my earlier message wasn’t clear—nymphs hatched from eggs prior to heading downward for the next 17 years. Here in Maryland, we are in that stage about now. Do you know of any photos of this stage? Ann, Chevy Chase, MD

No Brood X’s live in Texas

Date: Tuesday, Jul/20/2004
As an FYI: only cicadas belonging to the genus Magicicada arrive in Broods. There are no Magicicadas in Texas, so there are no Broods in Texas. Plenty of other species of cicadas though… Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

Cicada Brood Unknown

Date: Tuesday, Jul/20/2004
Played golf Sunday in Universal City, Tx (Sub of San Antonio), the cicada singing was so loud it hurt my ears. I really mean that they were really loud. Guess since we’re in the 95 plus temps now, they are in full glory. During the day time hours today in the city, I can hear them as if there were no other sounds.. Bill Rain, San Antonio


Date: Monday, Jul/19/2004
Magicicada hatchlings have no wings out and durring nymph stage, they have none out as well. only when they emerge and molt for the last time will their wings be fully formed. You may have seen Aphids or young leaf hoppers, which both are related to cicada family. cicadax, In.

Hatched Nymphs: Think I’ve Finally Seen Them?!

Date: Sunday, Jul/18/2004
Yesterday I saw what I think are the cicada nymphs that have hatched, but would like some verification. They were of two ages, I think: the smallest were tannish grey and the larger were all white. Wings folded like a very narrow tent over their bodies and three pairs of legs. They were crawling on a box elder tree near areas where eggs had been laid. If these are the nymphs, I’m excited!
Ann, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Very last septendecim?

Date: Saturday, Jul/17/2004
OK, it wasn’t alive, but today I found a freshly dead septendecim that still LOOKED alive. The annuals have been chirping away for a few weeks now. And here’s to the possibility of a few Brood X stragglers next year! Phil, Arlington, VA

I got pictures!

Date: Saturday, Jul/17/2004
I took pictures of a newly emerged cicada on the frame of our back door last night! The aqua-blue veining in the wings was spectacular (I never realized they had that color), and the entire body shimmered with a metallic gold sheen. This is the first time I’ve seen a newly emerged one. I’m so excited! MrsJennings, Tulsa, OK USA

first one tonite

Date: Saturday, Jul/17/2004
hadn’t planned on seeing any in this part of the country, but found one on our patio earlier tonite! mikee, conway, sc

they are hatching!

Date: Friday, Jul/16/2004
Magicicada are hatching in full force here! I just watched several within a few moments! Look closely though, hard to see! Best to watch right where the ovipositing took place, you can see the nymphs slowly exit! ENJOY! cicada x, In.

They are here!!!!

Date: Friday, Jul/16/2004
After reading several reports expecting very little or no activity this year on Long Island. I stepped outside my office today to the wonderful sound of the Cicada! There are many singing their songs and buzzing through the air! I will try to get some visual evidence this evening! mikebober, Little Neck, NY (Long Island)

brood x in 2005?

Date: Thursday, Jul/15/2004
brood x delayed til 2005? is that possible? has that ever happened before? if so…i wanna know; that way i can experience the beauty i did this year all over again…..let me know! cicadia cruz, puerto rico


Date: Thursday, Jul/15/2004
Cooooooooool! They are everywhere! :):) cicadax, In.

Wait Till Next Year?

Date: Tuesday, Jul/13/2004
There is a slim chance that the awful cold spring and summer of 2003 may have delayed Brood X on Long Island. I am not very hopeful but next May on the first hot day I will be searching Connetquot River State park once more. I hope to find the exact location where they were seen in Ronkonkoma also. Meanwhile, my empty terrarium which I had hoped to populate with local Brood X specimens will have to be the host of far less interesting Tibicens. I wonder what will be the effect in areas of Brood X emergence of cicada tuned predators now hunting the “Dog Day” species. I suspect this will not be a good year for them. Maybe they should also wait for next year! At least I have some dried Brood X specimens to glue to a branch for an unusual wall trophy. AJay, Stony Brook LI

another Brood X location on Long Island

Date: Tuesday, Jul/13/2004
I received a call yesterday, in response to the recent Newsday article “Fearing the worst for cicada brood”. It was from a Ronkonkoma resident who was very surprised to read the article. At the end of May (she wasn’t sure of the exact date), she witnessed an emergence at her residence. She had just assumed that everyone else in the area was seeing the same thing. She first noticed emergence holes all over her lawn and property. Then, she found multitudes of skins littering the trees, bushes and grass. Finally, she saw live cicadas flying between the trees, which she sometimes had to dodge. Unfortunately, she never heard them calling. She remembered the deafening noise in 1987, but this time not a sound! Ronkonkoma was one of the hot spots for Brood X in 1987, but there had been no confirmed reports for this year, up until now. Once again, the birds must have been on the scene right away. Anyway, she’s going to call me back if she notices any flagging in the area, but I’m sure the cicadas never made it that point. So, I don’t know if it’s important, but here’s one more town to add to the list. It may be of interest only for the fact that these may be the final emergence locations ever listed for Brood X in New York State. Lenny, Sound Beach, NY

They’re Here!

Date: Monday, Jul/12/2004
I can finally hear them! I’ve been waiting all summer for the song of the cicada, but until tonight, July 12th have not heard them!

I don’t think there is anything unusual about the volume (such as there are millions of them)!

I know that summer has finally arrived in Michigan! Patty Thompson, Redford, Michigan

Cicada siting

Date: Monday, Jul/12/2004
Lots of Cicada in my backyard! I kept wondering what these brownish looking shrimp like shells are that are hanging on my kids jungle gym. I checked it out on the internet and found out about these marvelous bugs! I suppose the live ones are still in the trees. It truly is a phenomenon.

-Anna Anna, Bergen County, NJ

Christmas in July

Date: Sunday, Jul/11/2004
That’s what it looked like along Rt. 322 just west of Harrisburg PA. It appears that our Magicicada friends must have been busy there, flagging the trees so that lots of orange branches hang down like Xmas ornaments. No one reported a cicada emergence there, and I wasn’t even sure if it was in their range, but while everyone in the cities was bemoaning their absence, it seems they were quietly going about their business in more remote areas. Perhaps there is hope for their survival. Long live Magicicicada! Laura, Oaks PA

Comic strip

Date: Sunday, Jul/11/2004
Check out todays ‘JULY-11’ strip of “Over the hedge” Looks good! Jeff Jeff, waterford,NJ

Don’t expect questions to be answered on the message board

Date: Sunday, Jul/11/2004
But here’s a bunch of Tibicen sound files: Dan, Cicada Mania

Tibicen soundfiles?

Date: Saturday, Jul/10/2004
I’m definitely hearing annual cicadas around now, but I can’t tell the difference between species. I know I can hear more than one species, but I’m not sure which is which. Does anyone know where I can get soundclips for the various Tibicen songs? Mitya, Falls Church, VA

2004-07-09 ARIZONA /TUCSON /CHERRY ST /(Just So. of UofA)

Date: Saturday, Jul/10/2004
The Cicada’s are plentiful in this area (for the Desert Southwest). About 2-3 for every tree in this section from 6th down to Broadway St. Perhaps 2-300 or more there. They’re still humming along despite the 100 degree temps. Most of the trees they’re in are Mesquite. The ground out this way is cement-like. I wish them lots of luck digging into that! Rich B, Tucson, AZ

cicada fairwell

Date: Saturday, Jul/10/2004
The sun, warm in the trees and a breeze rustles the leaves as the last cicada finishes laying her eggs. She turns to take one last look at her own brood, the part of her life she lived for in the ground 17 years. She then flys away, knowing they are safe, she lands on a stone at the base of the tree and sits in the warm sunlight, knowing she has finished her job. With a flap of her wings and a touch in the air, she says goodbye to the world around her and slowly she begins to fade. She is happy, she has spent a lifetime in a day,a day in a life and lived in a huge world of wonder and excitement. Now, it all fades, but she isnt dying, for she lives on in her children and our memories….to brood x a cicada fairwell untill next we meet again. Cicada x, IN

Cab i cicada???

Date: Saturday, Jul/10/2004
Can a Cicada ever fight back agianst a cicada killer wasp? landon, Batesville ark.


Date: Friday, Jul/9/2004
I was under the impression that the cicadas would not be this far south, but tonight my husband and I spotted one on our patio screen. We had heard an evening sound that we had not heard for a long time and a friend from Minneapolis was visiting and said he believes the sound was the cicadas and after tonight we believe.
The Cabeza’s, Greer SC
Pandora, Greer, SC

They are invading Vegas

Date: Friday, Jul/9/2004
OMG….I saw these huge shells of a bugs on the side of all the houses where I live and I had no idea what they were until i read about it on a post somewhere came here and saw the pictures and realized what they are. They are all over the place. My dogs like playing with them. I think I actually saw one fly by my face when i was walking yesterday. EWWW. Angela, Las Vegas, NV

First Chloromera

Date: Friday, Jul/9/2004
I heard my first chloromera yesterday. Also, I’m starting to hear increasing numbers of canicularis (at least, that’s what I think they are). Ah, the sounds of summer! Lenny, Sound Beach, NY (Suffolk County)

Cicadas…in Goethe’s Faust!

Date: Friday, Jul/9/2004
I’m reading Goethe’s Faust just because I feel like it, but in the very beginning–the “Prologue in Heaven,” Mephistopheles relates the “small god of the earth” to a cicada. The quote (as translated by Walter Kaufmann) is thus: “He seems to me, if you don’t mind, Your Grace,/Like a cicada of the long-legged race,/that always flies, and, flying, springs,/And in the grass the same old ditty sings;/If only it were grass he could repose in!/There is no trash he will not poke his nose in.” Mitya, Falls Church, VA

Cicadas in Texas

Date: Thursday, Jul/8/2004
So I have looked at pictures of these things and have read up on them. This morning my roommate has me go outside to see these (what he calls) big bugs on the side of the house. After looking at it for a moment it dawned on me that it was a cicada and its shell. Looking at the tree out front I found more shells. I didnt think they were suppose to be in Texas. Has anyone else seen them down here. I have a picture but its on his telephone…what good that does me. Jenn, Celeste, Tx, USA

Finally Arrived!

Date: Thursday, Jul/8/2004
They are emerging in my yard as I write(9PM). Two shells are on my tree and two live ones are climbing the tree to emerge. I’m going to try and video tape some of it. It rained last night. Dylan Johnson, Kutztown,Pa

lots of cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jul/8/2004
We’ve heard and have seen them for about a month and a half and they usually stay through September. You know when winter’s coming here in Pflugerville and the hot summer days on the flip side. It’s kinda lonely when their sound disappears for the winter. My mom used to fly them like airplanes when she was a kid in Oklahoma. Not many toys. Drema, Pflugerville, TX., USA


Date: Thursday, Jul/8/2004
I have seen several Cicada Bugs in the Columbus, GA area! Why so early? CeeCee, Columbus, GA

First Tibicen!

Date: Tuesday, Jul/6/2004
Well, brood X was a flop on Long Island this year, but summer’s here and the tibicen show is beginning! I heard my first one today at Blydenburgh County Park in Smithtown (Suffolk County). I think it was a canicualris. It definitely wasn’t a chloromera. Lots of great dragonfly activity as well! Can’t wait to get my fill of Magicicada when brood XIV comes around in 2008! I’ll be counting the days! Lenny, Sound Beach, NY (Suffolk County)

Cicada Protection And the Endangered Species act

Date: Tuesday, Jul/6/2004
I think that we may be able to use the Endangered Species act against those disease bearing feathered vermin, sparrows and starlings. The seven species of periodical cicadas, divided into the 15 broods of 13 and 17 year species and incipient species are a unique North American phenomenon which are evidently in serious jeopardy from the invasion of sparrows and starlings. The extinction of Brood X on Long Island and the total extirpation of Brood XI are warning signs that Periodical cicadas may be less secure than many people realize. When predator satiation is not reached, the total destruction of entire populations can be nearly instantaneous. Certain native bird species such as the bluebird are also under great pressure. I propose that the invasive exotic species in effect constitute a form of environmental degradation and pollution which can and should be controlled. (Certain potentially deadly fungus diseases such as histoplasmosis are also spread by the massive excrement deposits left by these invaders) Avitrol for example is not only very effective but in addition, predators feeding on affected “feathered rats” have been shown not to suffer any deleterious effects. I Propose that as many people as possible (especially cicada fans) contact the appropriate Federal agencies to undertake feathered vermin control measures as expeditiously as possible. AJay, Stony Brook LI


Date: Monday, Jul/5/2004
I have 2 cicada’s sitting just outside my back door and am terrified to venture out there. What is all this talk about their beauty and myth? They are frightening looking and give me the willies! Donna, Bayport, LI, NY

First Cicada

Date: Sunday, Jul/4/2004
Just heard cicada last night. Old timers in the neighborhood say there was a huge brood here 17 years ago… Russell Young, Summit, NJ

A cicada in our yard

Date: Sunday, Jul/4/2004
I found a cicada hanging from our car’s tire that had just been parked on the grass overnight! What a beautiful creature.Does that mean there should be more of them nearby? Bob Doolittle, Memphis, NY

The Very Very Last Magicicada Septendecim!

Date: Saturday, Jul/3/2004
Greetings! People have been talking about “the Last Cicada” for about 2 weeks now. So here’s my very last word: I went hiking at the Green Lane Reservoir today. Did not expect to see or hear ANY Periodical Cicadas. Picked up a few tree branches that had been heavily oviposited…didn’t see any eggs. If they hatched, they fell onto concrete. But there we were, hiking along the lake, when we began to hear lone Cassini’s here & there, cranking up their “rr-rrr-bzzz”. And suddenly I heard it: the very very LAST Septendecim. I couldn’t believe my ears. He sang clear, long drawn-out notes lasting a good minute each…there seemed to be lots of wind and life left in this heroic holdout. They were all supposed to be gone by the end of june and here it is July 3. What an inspiration! Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

One cicada heard Friday am, July 2

Date: Saturday, Jul/3/2004
After a long silence all week (at least in the early am and evening), I heard one single cicada on Friday around 8:30 am “whoa-ing” in the woods in Princeton. Nobody was answering.

Haven’t heard any since.

Fairfax Fairfax, Princeton, NJ

Lack of sightings on Long Island

Date: Friday, Jul/2/2004
Hi fellow cicada enthusiasts,

I’ve written several stories in Newsday about Long Island’s Brood X representatives. Sadly, they seem to have fizzled out twice – first in East Setauket after a very brief showing and more recently in the NE part of Connetquot River State Park, where a Parks Dept. employee heard them in scattered locations, but only for a few days. Then nothing. The experts I’ve talked to so far are at a loss to explain it, since there are no obvious differences in the areas where the cicadas emerged in 1987. I would welcome comments from anyone who had been looking forward to seeing the cicadas and had actively sought them in different areas around the Island. You can contact me directly at Newsday at 631-843-2583.

Bryn Nelson, Melville, New York


Date: Friday, Jul/2/2004
Finding many Tibicens and hearing them more often. Got up this morn and couldnt believe my eyes, found one female cassini hanging on a limb, she looked as if she hadnt mated or layed eggs, ovipositor was still tucked away and she was quite active…..I held her for a few and then she flew away. I havent heard any males so she will die unhappy…..guess nature has its reasons. cicadax, in.

Cicada eggs and nymphs

Date: Friday, Jul/2/2004
I am interested in seeing pictures of the nymphs that emerge from the eggs that were recently laid. IF any one sees these little hatchlings please photograph them.
Well, here in NY looks like we missed the Magicicada. I heard a Tibicen cholomera singing on this early humid morning! Elias, Queens County New York

Lonely cicada heard

Date: Friday, Jul/2/2004
I was walking in the woods at Schooley Mill Park in Howard County in central Maryland around noon today (July 2) and I heard one cicada calling at the bottom of a little stream valley. The last time I saw or heard one before that had been June 22. Jim Glenn, Clarksville, MD

Magicicada e-group

Date: Thursday, Jul/1/2004
If anyone has questions or would like to discuss something at greater length, you can try my e-group at I changed the settings so that anyone can view messages and post. (the default is “members only” and that’s kind of a turn-off.) I think you have to create a Yahoo login first, though. See you there, maybe! Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

heard one

Date: Thursday, Jul/1/2004
heard one at 2:29 pm in a tree in front of my house. luis, tucson,az

Heard one

Date: Wednesday, Jun/30/2004
Periodical cicada was heard at the Shady Grove Metro near the new garage on June 30, 2004, around 3:30 PM, loud and clear. Hadn’t heard any for at least a week. Beth, Laytonsville

Eggs – part 2

Date: Wednesday, Jun/30/2004
Ooops, just went to the “Gallery,” saw photos of the eggs…. will try to find some! Sue, Riverdale, MD


Date: Wednesday, Jun/30/2004
I think the idea of an “egg rescue” is great; so what exactly are we looking for, something tiny IN the branches, on top, or? Sue, Riverdale, MD

Alas, absent in Ann Arbor

Date: Wednesday, Jun/30/2004
Larry from Detroit: Went in the Dixboro area yesterday, to see the Magic Cicadas (just south of Ply-Ann Arbor street)where the Botanical Gardens are. There was a huge showing here in the begining, but unfortunately they appear to be all gone. No singing and no flying..not one live soul spotted…and it was 80’and sunny. This is unusal as their life span was short of 3 weeks. Last week they were hardly singing (on July 24th)and the birds were plentiful, squawing,flying wildly and picking them out of the trees with ease. I suspect these predators, plus the cooler than usual nights (46’to 52′) and the days in the lower 70’s (with hardly any sunshine) wiped out alot of their numbers way too early. I will miss the Stars of Brood X (their air acrobatics, those pretty eyes,and friendliness) and hope their little ones make it safely back into the Earth. And thank-you Dan for this great board. Deborah, Westland, Wayne County, Mich

X Files

Date: Wednesday, Jun/30/2004
An X Files Episode tonight on TNT dealt with strange predatory humanoids living in a Florida Swamp. They had glowing red eyes and the only sound they produced was that of Magicicada Cassini! I thought I was gong to have to wait till 2008 for Brood XIV to hear that sound again! Ajay, Stony Book LI

Some cicadas still around in Western PA

Date: Tuesday, Jun/29/2004
We just returned from a trip to Kentucky. There were no cicadas left in Cincinnati but there are still some singing away near Bedford, PA – easy to hear if you are on the PA turnpike. I work in MD and commute along I-95 every day. The flagging starts just north of the DE/MD line between DE 896 and DE 273 – there is no singing left here. On 6/21 we heard lots of singing in Catoctin State Park. The heavy concentrations I saw this year seemed to be along old MD 924 in Bel Air and at the North East exit of I-95. I will sorely miss these fun insects and look forward to 2021. I was so disappointed they didn’t come out in my area. Joan, Chadds Ford, PA

Cicada Wedding in 1987

Date: Tuesday, Jun/29/2004
Hi I was looking at my articles on the cicadas from 1987 and I have
one about a lady who got married then and had a cicada-themed
wedding. Her name is Liz and she was married in the DC area.
She was born in a cicada year (1953) and graduated in another
cicada year (1970). So it was fitting that she got married in
1987…her third cidada year.

Liz, are you by any chance on this board? I would love to hear your
perspectives 17 years later on the cicadas and your wedding 🙂 What
life event did you celebrate this time around? The article even has
a pic of the invitation and pic of Liz’s sister with a cicada
wedding cake topping that she made (not a real cicada).

What an incredibly creative idea….I am so glad I kept this article.
Debbie, Seattle

Cicada Display

Date: Tuesday, Jun/29/2004
I have a half dozen dried cicadas on my microwave and they still look quite good; some have reddish eyes still. I plan on carefully gluing them to a small branch and spaying them with some plastic coating for as lifelike display as possible.
It is sad that this has all come to an end so quickly. I suspect that there still might be some left in NE PA. I remember years ago finding Brood II singing loudly in that area on a small mountain around July 1. I was training for my first NYC Marathon and stopped my run to enjoy the amazing sights and sounds. I was sure “Them” ants as big as busses would shortly come crashing out of the forest! When I brought some home for my yard in Flushing I found how quickly those vile starlings can appear out of nowhere. They were devoured within two minutes of release 🙁
AJay, Stony Brook LI

Rainy days & Resin

Date: Monday, Jun/28/2004
Someone asked about rainy days. The cicadas were definitely quieter on cool/cloudy days and I don’t think they would sing at all when it rained. As to the resin-cast: I haven’t tried it yet, I’m letting my specimens dry out more. The newest ones are 2 weeks old. I experimented w/ red nail polish to bring back the red in their eyes, and clear nail polish on other parts to get rid of that ‘dried-up dead bug’ look. On the resin can it says “to avoid trapping air, dip embedments into catalyzed resin.” See for information about resin products. Very toxic stuff. Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

Singing, Flagging, eggs

Date: Monday, Jun/28/2004
Someone asked about singing in cold, wet weather, they don’t sing. We had some weather like that and I noticed that they were on the trees but under leaves and no singing. The singing became less and less and one day it did not happen. We have alot of flagging in my area. In fact, I saw a lady today with a leave blower out because her yard was covered in small batches of leaves. It looks like fall here because of the brown leaves on the ground and on the trees. I still have not seen any eggs drop. Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

Egg Rescue

Date: Monday, Jun/28/2004
Areas with large Magicicada populations now are littered with huge numbers of egg laden branches. I hope that some of the cicada fans out there can rescue as many as possible from lawnmowers and trash piles and place them in wooded areas, especially those with relatively small populations. A large garbage bag could hold lots but done forget it in a close car. The unnatural predation by starlings and sparrows is already putting severe pressure on these amazing species and we should all try to preserve this amazing beautiful natural resource for future generations to enjoy and marvel at. If I had thought of the idea earlier, I would have obtained some of the protective anti cicada mesh and used it to provide a safe haven for my Princeton cicadas by putting them inside out of reach of the disgusting disease bearing starlings and sparrows which quickly annihilated them. (I have a perfect peach tree for that too and extra compost could have compensated for any use of the trees’ resources) AJay, Stony Brook LI

Periodicals quieter, Annuals making some noise

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
Noise has really dropped off in the last two weeks in the Fairfax/Clifton areas. Only hear a few lonely souls at a time now, instead of thousands. Last Friday I was surprised to hear some and see flagging SW of Clifton and along Yates Ford Rd east of Manassas. It seemed to stop as soon as the road ends at Prince William Pkwy. I’ve found cicadas north and east of Manassas now, but they disappear as soon as I get to town. Haven’t actually seen one in person since 2nd week of June. We must get the brood that comes in 2013. Interesting how they’re spaced 8 and 9 years apart from each other. BTW This morning was the 1st time I’ve noticed the song of the annual cicadas. It’s officially summer now that I’ve heard them!
Kenny, Manassas, VA

Nearby sighting, for the record

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
My location, near Atlanta, GA, isn’t within Brood X’s range, but it’s close enough that I decided to try to drive fnorth to see it. My first attempt, at the end of May, was a drive through Gainesville. Nothing.

My second attempt, a few days later, went up 515 and took me as far as Ellijay. I didn’t find anything, but on the way back, about two miles south of Ellijay I stopped at a rest stop named “Scenic View”. There were about a dozen dead cicadas there; I spotted a single live one flying around the trees. A map tells me that this is probably the southernmost extent of the entire brood, so maybe this information is useful to someone.

My third attempt was a trip to Amicalola Falls State Park at the start of June. It was raining and I didn’t walk very far down the trails. I spotted the occasional dead cicada here and there–maybe 6 or 7 total–but nothing live, no singing (not unexpected given the weather), and certainly nothing even vaguely swarmlike. Ken Arromdee, Norcross, GA


Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
i caught my first cicada today at 2:00 he was a crawling one with no wingsand at 6:45 he molted grew wings and at 7:51 i set him free i have never experienced them coming out of their skins i have seen the skins and full grown but never the transformation it was a cool transformation i will have to catch another one and watch him too. Lex, Sanger,TX

First annual (Tibicen) cicada heard today!

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
My family & I visited the Cincinnati Zoo this afternoon & I finally heard my first annual cicada there. It was a “Tibicen linnei”….my favorite of the annuals. Hopefully I will find an emerging nymph soon! I have heard no periodical cicadas since last Tuesday. Roy Troutman, Batavia, Ohio

Are they still singing around here?

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
Need some help – the emergence was large west of me, in the Ann Arbor area, but I heard it was spotty. Any reports of these wonders still singing?
Must hear more, a wonderful sound.
Larry D
Larry DiVizio, Detroit, Mi. USA

Periodicals quieter, Annuals making some noise

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
Noise has really dropped off in the last two weeks in the Fairfax/Clifton areas. Only hear a few lonely souls at a time now, instead of thousands. Last Friday I was surprised to hear some and see flagging SW of Clifton and along Yates Ford Rd east of Manassas. It seemed to stop as soon as the road ends at Prince William Pkwy. I’ve found cicadas north and east of Manassas now, but they disappear as soon as I get to town. Haven’t actually seen one in person since 2nd week of June. We must get the brood that comes in 2013. Interesting how they’re spaced 8 and 9 years apart from each other. BTW This morning was the 1st time I’ve noticed the song of the annual cicadas. It’s officially summer now that I’ve heard them!
Kenny, Manassas, VA

Nearby sighting, for the record

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
My location, near Atlanta, GA, isn’t within Brood X’s range, but it’s close enough that I decided to try to drive fnorth to see it. My first attempt, at the end of May, was a drive through Gainesville. Nothing.

My second attempt, a few days later, went up 515 and took me as far as Ellijay. I didn’t find anything, but on the way back, about two miles south of Ellijay I stopped at a rest stop named “Scenic View”. There were about a dozen dead cicadas there; I spotted a single live one flying around the trees. A map tells me that this is probably the southernmost extent of the entire brood, so maybe this information is useful to someone.

My third attempt was a trip to Amicalola Falls State Park at the start of June. It was raining and I didn’t walk very far down the trails. I spotted the occasional dead cicada here and there–maybe 6 or 7 total–but nothing live, no singing (not unexpected given the weather), and certainly nothing even vaguely swarmlike. Ken Arromdee, Norcross, GA


Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
i caught my first cicada today at 2:00 he was a crawling one with no wingsand at 6:45 he molted grew wings and at 7:51 i set him free i have never experienced them coming out of their skins i have seen the skins and full grown but never the transformation it was a cool transformation i will have to catch another one and watch him too. Lex, Sanger,TX

First annual (Tibicen) cicada heard today!

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
My family & I visited the Cincinnati Zoo this afternoon & I finally heard my first annual cicada there. It was a “Tibicen linnei”….my favorite of the annuals. Hopefully I will find an emerging nymph soon! I have heard no periodical cicadas since last Tuesday. Roy Troutman, Batavia, Ohio

Help with casting…

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
I found this link on a taxidermy website last night…
That page is specific to what we’re trying to do but it’s a whole leaflet so to speak so you can read the whole thing if you like.
Looks like some things that I didn’t do were wait till the resin was gelled before I put in the cicada, I didn’t dry him out first with silica gel or something like it…
But that link should be pretty helpful and I’ll probably try again soon. I’ll probably try with one of the not so hot looking dead cicadas that are still outside rather than the “good” ones that I picked.
I hope this helps!!!!
Karen Karen , Catonsville

Resin Bubbles

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
I had the same experience as you — lots of little bubbles, even this cloudy mold like stuff. This was my first try without talking to anyone, so I’m not 100% disappointed. If I let the cicadas dry first, and then poked a hole in their abdoments so the air would get out sooner… maybe that would have helped. Or maybe it would have hurt… I should have practiced on roaches! Dan, Cicadamania

Haven’t seen one

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
Was checking the site because I was excited about the 17 year brood. Now I am disappointed that they have been here and gone. Not in North Jersey. Eric, Saddle Brook, NJ

Casting In Resin…

Date: Sunday, Jun/27/2004
Anyone tried this?
I tried today and although it was easier than I thought, my cicada ended up looking like she was covered in carbonation or covered in ice. No other air bubbles in the mixture except for around the cicada.
When I put her in, it didn’t appear that there was any problem.
Anyone have any suggestions?
I’ve seen a few casts on ebay and none of them look like what mine did.
Here’s a link to all of my cicada pics. At the end I’ve uploaded the pics of my cast.
By the way I took some photos of some eggs that I found. To get the full effect, there’s an option to view the original picture which will take up more than your screen but will show great detail if you’re interested.
Forgive the monotony of the pics, I just kept snapping in the hopes of a few coming out well 😉
It’s just a test and looks like a huge ice cube 🙂
Take care,
Karen, Catonsville

A few straggler Cicadas still going in Princeton

Date: Saturday, Jun/26/2004
They get a late start now-10:30 am as opposed to 4:30 am-but a few stragglers are still going. Suspect they’re the Cassinis. We call them the “ratchets” as they wind up their calls. They will be sorely missed. They’re the only insects that make alarm calls if I’m disturbing their habitat (low key agitated buzzes) or down right scream when I inadvertently close a barn door on a Cicada leg stuck in the door jam. They’ll be sorely missed. Fairfax, Princeton, NJ

Cicada singing

Date: Friday, Jun/25/2004
To all of you who have had the privilege of living with cicadas, I have a question I haven’t found on any site yet. Do the magicicadas sing on rainy days? Cloudy days? Cool days? Just curious if they are like the Dog-days. Also, when they start dying off – what does it sound like? Does the whirring and buzzing just get softer and weaker until there are only the sounds of individual singers? I had to drive 1 1/2 hours from where I live to enjoy them. Two trips I made were a weak apart and the second time I noticed that the decims weren’t as loud and many were dead. The cassini’s were still going strong. I went to Highbanks Metro Park in Columbus and it was freaky because just in one parking area I found numerous decims infected or dead with that gross fungus. Just in that one area! Gave me the creeps and I got out of there. It was kind of dark and shaded there too, which made it more creepy. Appreciate your comments on my questions and “dying” (oops) to know. Love this site and all the input from everyone since I wasn’t blessed with their presence. Michele, Ohio

New Search in Connetquoit Park

Date: Friday, Jun/25/2004
Connetquot State Park Today. Park Employees including Gil Bergen who has been
there for decades, told me that there definitely were a small number of periodical cicadas
in the tree tops a week ago. They disappeared quickly it seems; I suspect starlings and
sparrows wiped them out. I went on a long hike toward the North east section of the park
where the sounds were heard. I saw no trace of our ephemeral friends and had to cut my
expedition short when I found one of those nasty deer ticks embedded on my leg. I also
circled Lake Ronkonkoma, Again lots of great cicada habitat, but no trace of cicadas.
Gil promised to keep in touch and admitted that he was not absolutely positive about the
exact years of long ago emergences but will look through old records. I had prepared a
really nice terrarium with live small maple trees growing in moist soil but sadly have no
little red eyed singers to fill my living room with joyful sound. A disappointing day.
AJay, Stoy Brook LI

A cicada carving

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
I just finished carving a cicada today.It turned out good, I think Ill make a necklace out of it. Im starting to see more of the green cicadas, the ones I get every year and the funny thing about them, they seem to tune up their tubas in practice…then begin to sing a little in the evening. They are a pretty cicada and faster than brood x.
Once you catch one though, they are quite tame and like being petted on the back. The one I held and petted leaned from side to side,the side I petted is where she would tilt. I placed her on a leaf, but she flew back to me as I headed back to the house, so, I had to carry her around a while, she stayed on my shoulder, even in the house. I guess Ill call her Kayla. She finally allowed me to put her on the tree, guess she was thirsty for some tree sap. Way cool bug. Went back out before going to work and she was still in the same tree, flew to me and landed on my forehead. I placed her back on the tree. will check on her in the morn. Cicada x, In.

Patapsco State Park Cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
I saw about a dozen monday, and heard some in the trees, but for the most part not more than one at a time. Today I heard a few, but didn’t see any. I was in the park from the swinging bridge south on both the sides of the river. George, Elkridge, Md, USA

patapsco state park?

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
Which part of the park have you seen cicadas? I know at the tire park in Catonsville they are probably gone; they arrived more than 6 weeks ago now.
If I could see another live one that would be so cool!
karen, catonsville

thanks to marie

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
Thank you Marie for the info about the poem, it was very good and thank you for the touch….thank you Dan for the info on the resin and thank you for this wonderful site. i will visit often and hopefully get to read new messages.I do apologise for the shouting, i never knew all caps meant that. To all cicada lovers and haters, take care and be safe. 🙂 cicada x, in

Waning cicadas and messages

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
The cicadas seem to be waning and so do the posts on this message board. Thank you so much Dan for setting up this message board so all could share their cicada experiences. It has been really wonderful for me to relive another emergence through hearing about it through all of you, even though I wasn’t there to experience them in person this time. And thanks for those of you who offered to send me wings and for those of you that posted awesome pics. I may go the web site that’s been set up and post my display of the wings Joyce sent me there. I have really appreciated being able to share my love for the magicicadas with all of you….. Debbie, Seattle

Long Search At Connetquot State Park

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
I ran and walked close to 10 miles in and around Connetquot State Park today, carrying a new 3 CCD Panasonic camcorder. A woman at the gate described her daughter seeing “hordes of disgusting insects” around her home on Connetquot Avenue near the park. I missed Gil Began the resident expert and will try and go back and talk to him tomorrow. Unfortunately I saw and heard not one Magicicada. I had found cicada wings miles from Princeton last week but saw no wings, no exoskeletons and no exit holes during my long exploration today. The park was very beautiful, however, with mid 80s tomorrow, I will make another investigation. I still am hoping for some success. AJay, Stony Brook LI

New Yahoo Group

Date: Thursday, Jun/24/2004
Laura, who “noticed that it is hard for people to communicate directly with each other on this message board”, started a Yahoo! e-group . Check it out: Dan, Cicada Mania

Don’t go to Cincinnati

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
I just got back from a couple of days in Newport KY and Cincinnatti (well, north at the King’s Island amusem*nt park)… I believe the cicadas are finished in that area. We spent a lot of time outside, and there were none to be heard or seen. An employee of the natural history museum told me she hadn’t seen any for a few days. Sadly, the magic seems to be mostly over in the midwest. Holly, Indianapolis, In

Forget about periodical cicadas LI

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
If they haven’t shown up yet it is because they are dead and gone. Today I heard the first tibicen of the season and no doubt those creatures like soil temperatures a good bit higher than 64 degrees. It’s past that point – if they were going to come out they certainly would’ve been here at least 3-4 weeks ago. In fact, the tibicen is about 10 days earlier than usual which would point to above normal soil temperature.
Joe, Long Island

Cicada Time Line for Elkridge Md

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
May 12: Zero.
May 13: Cicada entrance.
May 15: Started singing.
May 22- Jun1: Approx peak.
Jun 18: Cicada exit.
Jun 19: Zero.

There are still a few in the Patapsco State Park. George, Elkridge, Md, USA


Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
I have seen eggs and a few hatchlings today,tiny white bugs…cute…they seem to wait till evening here to come out of the eggs, they drop from the branches almost like a feather falling slowly.Very interesting to watch. if you see any its best not to handle the hatchlings. Very fragile, but enjoy them when you can. cicada x cicada x, in

Anyone know when they will be gone?

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
For over a week now things have been dying down in the Princeton area – although the mornings are quiet, in the afternoons I still hear the cassini “singing”/screeching and from time to time have seen them. Does anyone know how long until they are “officially” gone for the next 17 years? Day after day it seems that they are but then they reappear. (I thought by late June they were gone but guess I was wrong.) Also, when the eggs start dropping will they be apparent or is it something most people don’t even notice?
Thanks in advance. Jennifer, Princeton, NJ


Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
I haven’t seen any hatch, but so many branches have fallen to the ground where eggs have been laid. The little dude and I were at the park yesterday and decided to investigate to see if we could find eggs. It was really easy to do. If you find a branch; there are tiny scratches in it. Break it apart where the scratches are and you can see the eggs inside; like little grains of rice. We didn’t see any that had hatched but then again I’m not sure how you’d see that. I’m sure as soon as they hatch they probably fall to the ground.
I think I’ll stay away from sitting under trees for a while 🙂
Karen Karen , Catonsville

How can you tell when the eggs are dropping??

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
I see lots of scratches on the branches of the trees in my yard. How large are these eggs or larva going to be when they “drop”?? I’d like to see it happen if possible, just want to know what I am looking for…..All cicadas are gone here, have been gone for 2 weeks now, I miss their songs & watching them interact up close. Staci, Beltsville, MD

Any eggs dropping yet?

Date: Wednesday, Jun/23/2004
I really want to see the eggs hatch and drop to the ground. Anything like that happening yet. There is a lot of flagging on the trees where I live. Some big trees are completely covered. I am surprised at how high these little bugs climbed to lay their eggs. Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

CICADA Sightings and Hearings

Date: Tuesday, Jun/22/2004
U say they are just now coming out ? got news for you dudes, they are hot an heavy in our yard and make noises every year. OUr back yard is full of wonderful trees for them to play their tunes in. Tracey, East Prairie, Missouri USA

PA – still a few

Date: Tuesday, Jun/22/2004
(Middle Creek) I can still hear the UFO sounds, but it keeps sounding farther away and you can pick out individual ones. Cassinis still chattering away. I got the chance to observe several up close while singing (the cicada, not me). Dead bodies are littering the ground but the frequent thunderstorms are washing them away Mike, Lititz PA

A Magicicada Mystery on Long Island

Date: Tuesday, Jun/22/2004
I drove around the perimeter of Connetquot River State Park yesterday morning and there were no Magicicada to be seen or heard. I think the Brood X cicadas are playing games with us on Long Island. To AJay in Stony Brook – the cicadas in Connetquot River SP were reported by the regional environmental education coordinator for NY State Parks. He is extremely knowledgable and was at the park in 1987 for the last Brood X emergence. So, I’m sure they were Magicicadas. We just have to hope they didn’t pull a quick disappearing act like they did in East Setauket. To Michele in Ohio – Thanks for that info! Plum Island is a concern to a lot of folks here. There are a great deal of stories and rumors going around. I just hope the spotty Magicicada activity here can be attributed to natural causes, like AJay pointed out. Time will tell! Lenny, Sound Beach, NY (Suffolk County)

Fruitlless Search Tonight In Suffolk Co. LI

Date: Tuesday, Jun/22/2004
Results of a long search tonight: I went through Setauket and focused on Branch and Mayflower lanes, epicenter of the early Newsday report. Not a single exoskeleton was visible on any surface. (They were still everywhere in Princeton.) I also passed near Ronkonkoma earlier with nothing visible During last weeks’ search around Connetquot State Park I heard quite a few crickets. I HOPE that is not what those park employees heard earlier. Will go back for a second look within two days (Gotta work on my radio talk show tomorrow) AJay, Stony Brook, LI

Fruitlless Search Tonight In Suffolk Co. LI

Date: Tuesday, Jun/22/2004
Results of a long search tonight: I went through Setauket and focused on Branch and Mayflower lanes, epicenter of the early Newsday report. Not a single exoskeleton was visible on any surface. (They were still everywhere in Princeton.) I also passed near Ronkonkoma earlier with nothing visible During last weeks’ search around Connetquot State Park I heard quite a few crickets. I HOPE that is not what those park employees heard earlier. Will go back for a second look within two days (Gotta work on my radio talk show tomorrow) AJay, Stony Brook, LI

Miracle Cicadas

Date: Monday, Jun/21/2004
Very well said, Deborah…these are not just bugs to me either…they are a miracle of God….now roaches are another story 😉 But I suppose God has His reasons for creating those too….just don’t know what they are…I hear they can survive a nuclear blast… Debbie, Seattle

got some!

Date: Monday, Jun/21/2004
Went to Ann Arbor yesterday to Domino farms and got a fair number in the wooded area right next to the parking lot. I also got poison ivy, but that’s another story 🙂 I brought them up here to Algonac, so in 2021, maybe there will be another small pocket of activity! I used a net for the first one I caught, until I figured out that they are really rather slow, clumsy bugs and I can easily just pick them up. I only had 2 or three notice my approach and fly off. In 2021, I am SO going to Cincinnati! Elisa, Algonac, MI

Magicicada Musings

Date: Monday, Jun/21/2004
After not seeing (or hearing) any cicada activity since the 15th, was pleased to see them flying around in Jessup, MD on Friday afternoon on the way to a weekend conference near Northeast, MD. Being further north, I was hopeful that there would still be some cicada activity and was not disappointed. On morning walks both Saturday and Sunday was able to hear the calls of individual male cassini as well as a solitary ‘decim and to hold and watch several ‘decim females found among those who had recently completed their 17 year life. At the risk of overstating but to illustrate their uniqueness, I think that, given their harmlessness, their lack of fear of humans, their self-sacrifice for the brood as well as their dependable but transient appearances, magicicada can in some sense be considered a “holy insect.” Stephen, Alexandria, VA

Ann Arbor Cicadas

Date: Monday, Jun/21/2004
Neil, that’s perfect! Cicadas if you want them; no cicadas if you don’t.
And so one more reason for Ann Arbor to
stay on that most liveable city list 🙂 HB, Ann Arbor

My Dad and the cicadas

Date: Monday, Jun/21/2004
Talked to my Dad today in Baltimore…he was in NYC for the last two emergences so hadn’t experienced the magicicadas before…he said “he’d never heard such a racket” and he’s hard of hearing! I’m noticing that in the Washington Post webcam they seem to be gone now 🙁 He is fascinated by them, like me, and unlike my mother! Debbie, Seattle

Cicadas in NY!!!

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004

Thanks you for your persistence Lenny! I was losing hope rapidly reading about the majority of Brood X dying out. It would have been a very sad day if Brood X dissappeared entirely from Long Island. I will make a trip out there in the upcoming week to enjoy this once every 17 year spectacle!! Elias, Queens County, NY

Havre de Grace, Cassini behavior etc.

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
I went down to Havre de Grace MD this weekend. Going south on Rt 95, I saw an incredible amount of tree flagging. I wondered “why did the cicadas like the environment along Rt 95, do they LIKE the noise & pollution of thousands of cars?” And when I got to my campground near Churchville along the Susquehanna, there were almost none…I did pick up one little Cassini with a broken-off wing. I thought he was nearly dead, until I passed another Cassini grove. When he heard his buddies chirping, he started singing his little heart out, then took off and joined them! It is funny how these critters seem to do cute things and have more ‘personality’ than your average ‘bug’…that’s why some of us have gotten so attached to them… I also spoke to someone who preserves furs & antlers. I asked him about preserving cicadas. He says “they are fat & juicy, so you should air-dry them.” I had some in my car & he said that would also work, it is equivalent to ‘baking’ them. (the car gets very hot.) I mentioned about how the red eye color fades & he said “some red nail polish works just fine for that.”
Laura Woodswalker, Oaks PA

Heard some in Towson, MD on Fri. Sat.

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Although I did not see any adults, I heard some in Towson,MD on Fri. and Sat. I am still waiting to see the eggs drop from my trees in Silver Spring, MD. I am going to Emmittsburg, MD on June 26. Anyone know if they have any there? I had fun with them and I miss them already.
I saw the display in the Natural History Museum in DC today. It wasn’t much. I had more in my backyard. Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

RE: Large Cicada

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Your ‘large cicada’ is an annual cicada. These appear every year. With extra hot weather happening, these are emerging a bit early in some areas. I have heard a couple of T. Chloromera around here this weekend. T. Chloromera is black and green with dark eyes, and powdered white underneath.
Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA

Why So Late On LI

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Central and eastern Long Island probably have some of the chilliest weather in the Northeast. When we are not getting cold northwest winds from Canada, what would otherwise be warm spring days in May tend to be greatly chilled by southwest winds coming off of an Atlantic Ocean with water temperatures in the forties to low fifties. Not only does this keep the soil extremely cold, but it would provide for a very dangerous climate for cicadas, making them very sluggish at a time when birds are made extra hungry trying to keep warm on cold days. As soon as the current one-day cold snap is over I will be going back over all of the promising areas where cicadas were expected. Perhaps, the sandy soil makes pre-emergent holes unnecessary and difficult and that is why they are not being seen. (Hopefully this is not a case of Newsday crying wolf {or teneral cicada} again!) AJay, Stony Brook Long Island

Large cicadas are Tibicens (“annuals”)

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
The large green cicada is almost certainly an “annual”, probably of the genus Tibicen. Their broods emerge every year.

It’s neat when periodicals and annuals overlap in late June.

The first Tibicen I heard this year was extremely early: June 7th! Their numbers have increased in the past week, but still only one speices. The common species with the “zing-a-zing” call should appear soon, usually shows up here the last week of June, as does my favorite Tibicen call, the one that sounds like Ms. Pac Man when you eat a power pill.
Eric, Eastern MO


Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Happy Father’s Day! I woke up today to the news that the emergence has finally begun on Long Island. In a quarter page story in Newsday titled “Better late than never, cicadas”, reports of cicada activity in Connetquot State Park have begun. The first cicadas were heard on Friday by park staff. This was one of the hot spots on the Island back in 1987. No other reports from elsewhere on the ilsand yet, but confidence seems high that this is the beginning of the action! What a nice father’s day present! Lenny, Sound Beach, NY (Suffolk County)

To Lenny looking on Long Island

Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Get the book titled “Lab 257”. I forget the author. It is about what is going on a Plum Island which is not far from Long Island. Personally, I hope what they are doing out there has nothing to do with the ‘cadas being late or no-shows. Let us know if they show up late! Michele, Ohio


Date: Sunday, Jun/20/2004
Extreme close up:
Yellow eyes:
Exoskeletons up in one of the three silver maples in my yard:
I made a t-shirt: Mitya, Falls Church, VA

Brood X meets Transit of Venus photo

Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004
I’m the one who took the photo. The sun’s image is projected by a 3inch refracting telescope. At this writing (Sun., 6/19), the photo’s original sharpness has degrated and become too fuzzy to show Venus (near sun’s 4 o’clock edge), plus the famous cicada is not looking its best. Monday AM will contact Kodak, which put the image(s) online for me and ask it to please restore the original clarity! Regards, Herman P.S. Subtracting 797 from 2004 and dividing by 17 gives the number of Brood X cycles since last they coincided with a TOV! Herman Heyn, Baltimore, Maryland

Fond of Cicada’s

Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004
To Cicada X, from one cicada lover to another, touche’.
go to the archives June 9 and see the beautiful poem to a lady cicada. Thanks, Marie Marie Chibirka, Dalton, PA


Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004
This morning I found a very large cicada. It did not have any orange on its body . It was 3 times the size of the regular cicadas we have been having and it has black eyes, a green and black body with bluish wings. We have caught it and it is in a cage.
Does anyone know why this one is different? alex brownlow, loveland, ohio usa

Go To Princeton For Last Look

Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004
Considerable action still in Princeton yesterday (June 18) though well past peak. Saw and heard lots of noisy singing, flying and landing on passersby in the blocks around the Revolutionary War Monument and walking tour areas just south of downtown. Mostly Cassinis however; not many Decims for flying saucer sound effects fans. Spectacular architecture and gorgeous landscaping made the trip worth while; bring a camcorder and watch the sights and sounds again on a cold winter night while dreaming of summer and hoping for a surprise deceleration next spring. AJay, Stony Brook LI


Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004
Cicada X, first turn off your Caps Lock button. Then go to a craft or art supplies store to find the “Casting Resin” you need. Dan, Cicadamania Headquarters


Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004


Date: Saturday, Jun/19/2004


Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
Unless you live in Princeton, or a few select places in Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset or Hunterdon counties, you most likely won’t see cicadas this year. Dan, Cicadamania Headquarters


Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
My husband and I went to Winchester, Virginia over the Memorial Day weekend. I’m glad because I would have never gotten to experience the Cicada. They were everyone, in the trees, on the ground, flying…One landed on my husband. We accidnetly brought one home in the back of our car, (dead), but I put it in a baggie and took it to school and showed it to the class I was in. Told the kids that this is all it was and it was nothing to be afraid off if they came out in New Jersey. Unfortunately, I guess we are missing them in New Jersey. Debbie, Haddon Heights. NJ

Any Cicadas Left in New Jersey or Pennsylvania?

Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
My family will be traveling to New Jersey the weekend of June 19th . We would love to spot some cicadas. Are there any left in the Princeton area? We will also be in the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania.
Cyrena, Massachusetts

PA – fading away

Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
But some are still there! Now you can more easily pick out the wheeee-Oooooo of indviduals. The Cassinis are still readily heard; I just think it’s because they are louder. Mike, Lititz PA

Where are they???

Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
Fri. June18th ’04

Not a cicada in sight (nor earshot)
Has our 2 consecutive 5 year droughts
‘done them in’?

We had a freak partial-emergence
a few years back of the “X” variety.
Those early birds mated & died in days.
So the line may bounce back, but on a
different schedule. (?)
We shall see what we shall see. 😉
Jake, Bloomfield, NJ (Essex Co)

Andrea, you may be old in 2021

Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
But you will still need to get around. Probably in a large car at a slow speed. greg, baltimore

To Michael in Adrian

Date: Friday, Jun/18/2004
For cicada lovers and cicada haters, I think Ann Arbor is the best of both worlds. They’re not flying around in the city center and scaring the bejeezus out of the bug phobic. But go to the woods on the northeast side and they are everywhere!

Neil, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004

preserving cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jun/17/2004
I bought some resin today and plan on making casts of some exoskeletons and some adults! It should work well; I’ve seen some resin paperweights and jewelry with cicadas inside on ebay 🙂 Not to mention I’ve seen insects in resin before.
I just hope the eyes stay red, that would be great!
I have a bunch in the freezer and then two live ones inside of my son’s sherrif’s playset thing. They were in the jail but escaped.
I miss them already 🙁 Karen, Catonsville MD

Comments (1)

June 8, 2004

May 25th to June 8th 2004 Cicada Comments

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Cicadas Numbers Declining

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
The cicadas have been declining here. They are about 60 percent peak as near as I can tell. George, Elkridge, Md, USA

No more bird talk

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
We’re ending the bird thread for now. I do encourage everyone to educate yourselves about invasive species. Dan, Cicada Mania

cicada’s after dark

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Saturday, June 5 we went on a cicada hunt near Augusta WV and spotted cicada’s that glowed in the dark, only much larger and brighter than any firefly. Has anyone else observed this
phenomenon ? Marie Chibirka, Dalton, PA

Enough with the birds?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
This is for Brad, from Birmingham. I don’t think its ever inappropriate to discuss cruelty to animals, be it birds or insects, as has been discussed here. Yes, this is a cicada board, but Fred from VA was killing birds to protect the cicadas, so the connection is not that remote. And, I think decisions on what we should be allowed to talk about here should be left to the creators of this board, not to just any poster.

I don’t know the solution to dealing with unnatural, invasive species, but I do know that the existence of those of us who are not Native Americans might be considered unnatural here in North America, and we certainly have been invasive. Should we be killed off now, too?

And, yes, I am a devout cicadaphobe, but I still wouldn’t hurt the little guys…they just scare me, rationally or not. Cicadaphobe, McLean, VA

To Grace in Abingdon, Md.

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Hi Grace
I wish I could go with you this weekend, I’d love another opportunity to study them again. Out of the 20 cicada’s I captured most have died. 🙁 I contacted UMASS Amherst’s Entomology Dept and asked them if they’d be interested in my specimens for study and they jumped at the chance. They are sending me a box of dry ice to perserve the little bugger’s to ship them back to. They also want copies of my videos and pictures. It made me feel pretty good that I was able to contribute these to a respected University up here.
I strongly suggest I81 South from the Maryland border. Take the exit for Route 901 Spring Mill Road. It won’t be far once you cross the Patomac River.
When you come to the top of the off ramp, you will see a shell station straight ahead. Go right. Follow 901. Not only is it a very nice drive, the road is very windy with a lot of old standing trees. Please remember to open your windows and you will start to hear the Septendeculars singing. They sound like a giant weed-wacker. I followed 901 about half-way through and stopped by a big church that has an old graveyard next to it on the left there is an old colonial style brick building on the right where they are doing some construction to rebuild it. Park in the church parking lot and wonder the little graveyard. I spent an hour here. There were tons of Septendeculars and Septendecims taking turns chorusing. I talked to a lot of the locals and it seems that anywhere along 901 seems to be the biggest concentration of cicada’s. Once you get back in your car continue on 901, you will come to some orchards and go over a set of railroad tracks, the road get’s really windy and hilly, your kids will like this area as it’s like riding a roller-coaster. Eventually, 901 ends and you will come to a stop sign. At this stop sign is rte 9 and you will be in the center of Hedgesville.

Good luck and please post your experience once you come back.
Gerry Gerry, Northern Massachusetts

No Cicadas!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Are we too far north for Cicadas? We haven’t seen anything up here! Sharon, Pequannock, NJ, USA

Enough with the birds-This is a cicada board

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Everybody is welcome to his or her opinions. Please do educate yourself about invasive species before posting such sharp responses. There are many websites devoted to invasive species and the damage they cause. English Sparrows and Starlings do not belong in the US and have devastated natural bird populations. Bluebirds, native sparrows, and woodpeckers are just a few that are becoming endangered as a direct result of competition with these invasive species.
Now lets hear about those CICADAS!! I am taking the whole family (wife, 3 and 7 year-old daughters, and myself) for an hour-long drive to Ann Arbor, MI in hopes of finding Brood X. Everybody is very excited about the outing. Brad, Birmingham,MI

They have landed in Georgia…

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Three years ago I moved from the city to a home near 500 acres or preserved forest…I had never seen these things before. They are loud and trying to land on or near me whenever I am working in the yard in the evening.

Last night I had to stomp one FOUR times before it stopped moving…I thought moving to the country was supposed to be peaceful?!?!?

Tamara, Douglasville, GA

Birds and “fung-cadas”

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Hi Deborah, Your message was very polite and I liked your wording. I’m sorry about the sparrows and starlings. I treasure our natural bird life, and these two species are wiping them out. This is why I destroy them. They are unatural to this country. Take another example: the common Grackle. This species as multiplied to the point where towns are starting to destroy them with chemical warefare. I have never harmed a grackle and never will. This is a NATIVE species, and they are multilpying for reasons that are above me. I have watched Robins, Catbirds, mockingbirds, song sparrows, white throated sparrows, common crows, bluejays and even gray squirrels eating cicadas. Although I hate to see ANY cicada destroyed, this is nature at work and I’ll not interfere with that. English sparrows are NOT nature (in this country, anyway)and they are UNBALANCING nature here. I could kill MILLIONS, but it would not interfere with their growing populations. I see your point about life and karma. I just value our natural species of ALL life over invaders. I am seeing quite a few “Fung-cadas” (cicadas with the cicada fungus), around here. Both sexes. I have watched males singing with only half an abdomen! The song is quite a bit louder and ‘buzzier’ without the enclosed sound-chamber needed to make their true song. I am seeing quite a few more than in 1987. Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA

I hate cicadas!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Why are all you weirdos so infatuated with these ugly bugs? They are ruining my life, i can’t go anywhere without them diving at my head. They are the stupidest creatures I have ever seen. They have no comprehension on how to fly which is the only thing they do with their lives other than breed and die. I can’t wait till they all die. All i know is that in 17 years i will not live anywhere that these bugs could possibly show up again. P.S. For all you people who eat them, you’re disgusting, I wonder if you eat their huge beady red eyes. sammy, Bloomington,IN

I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
The stupid things dive bomb my head so I have to take a text book everywhere with me to swat them away. I hate them. Only a week or two left before they all die and I am SO glad!! Oh, and Mrs.Cahill, are you here?!? Christine Croke, Baltimore, MD

Flying Like Mad

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
The noise level in my neighborhood has dropped some since last week. Well at least the decim anyway. I am definitly hearing more from the cassini now. My husband makes tons of “friends” when using the weedwhacker. Now I know why. The cassini sound alot like it and they must think it is a giant cicada. Even though the cicadas aren’t making as much noise now, they are flying about like crazy. Guess they are trying to fit in as much bug lovin’ as they can before their time is up. THANX TO GERRY IN NORTH MASS.-I am heading to Hedgesville this weekend to visit my sister and was glad of the bug report from there. Grace, Abingdon,MD

Squirels Enjoy Cicaras

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
When the cicadas first emerged, my family & I watched the squirels campure the cicada & eat them. We have approx 100 trees on our land & from our house windows we could see several squirels scooping the cicada from branches & munching on them.
You knew when the squirel moved to another branch, as you could see just the two wings slowly fluttering to the ground.
Dick in Bowie MD Dick Bolt, Bowie MD

Terrible Practice

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
To Fred of Alexandria,Va: Your practice of killing Sparrows and Starling is just plain Wrong!! You love the Cicadas (as I do and am awaiting the emergence of the wonderful creatures here S.E. Mich) yet hate these birds. An obvious contradiction…and a fraud.
How horrible to take a life of one of Earths creatures. Who are you to condem them to death? How would you feel if some entity judged your life worthless?
You are in fact no different than the stupid people who go around harming the beautiful Brood Xers.
I feel pity for you and your resultant Karma…and hope you find it in your heart to stop this awful practice. Deborah, Westland, Mich

Cassinis are still in full swing

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Yesterday, I drove to nearby Fall Church, VA. for an errand. The Cassinis and ‘deculas’ are still in full numbers. They were flying accross the roads, landing on the traffic lights, my car’s hood when I was stopped, and in the road! This is great! I stopped and watched the Cassinis in a 12 foot tall tree next to the road. Again, these guys were ‘doin the Cassini Caper’ by singing all at one time, flying to the next twig, (all at one time) and then laying down another chorus. I aggree, the Cassinis are my favorites too. Alot of ‘deculas’ are mixed in with these. Their ending ‘Tick, tick, tick, tick’ stands out from the Cassinis’ shrill buzzes. The deculas sound very much like a South Eastern species of Annual cicada which inhabits the scrub and scrub plants on the beaches/dunes of South Carolina. These guys’ songs are the same steady ‘tick tick’ such as heard at the end of Decula’s song. Anyway, todaze weather is very hot and muggy, and the 17 year cicada still persists to my pleasure!
Fred Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

Invasive Species

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
To follow up on Fred’s post, here’s more info about the Euro starting, and invasive species: Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

Killing Birds

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
To Elena from “Farfax” VA:

I have forgotten more about birds than you’ll ever learn. The English Sparrow (European Weaver Finch, scientific name PASSER DOMESTICUS) has no business being in this country. A few individuals were introduced by some IDIOT back in the 1800’s along with the notorious starling (Sternus Vulgarus) because he/she/it/they desired to have all the birds from Shakespere’s time in this country. These two species have devastated our native species, especially the precious Eastern Bluebird. English Sparrows have devastated populations of periodical cicadas mainly because the sparrows are UNATURAL to this country! There are laws in place concerning the English Sparrow: They may be hunted, trapped and killed in unlimited numbers all year around in all fifty states also including our territories. I have killed countless thousands of English Sparrows and starlings with the blessing of this state. I submit: The cicadas are natural and are true natives of this country. You are NOT. Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

Killing birds, are you?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
I never heard anything more disgusting than that – killing birds to save insects!!! And how CLEVER is that – just think how much he’ll achieve, does he think those creatures’ miserable few weeks life time is a good enough reason to start murdering the NORMAL NATURE? Thanks God, they’ll be dead in a month anyway – birds or no birds.
Besides – when we are talking about Nature’s performance, we should remember that everything that Nature does is BALANCED. This cicadas’ invasion may as well have a purpose of multiplication of OTHER SPECIES.
Such people should be punished by law – that’s my opinion.
Elena, Farfax VA

SO SAD! Cicadas are fewer and fewer!

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Feeling rather blue today….the number of cicadas have diminished in our back wooded area dramatically. Although I heard some in the hottest heat of the afternoon, the numbers are down dramatically. Lots of deceased ones lying on our porch etc. I will really miss them when they are all gone, and feel blessed that we were able to witness such an amazing event in our lifetime. Makes me acutely aware of the passage of time, and how brief life really is. Cheryl VanDaalen, Falls Creek, Louisville, KY

Another location: Valley Forge Mt.

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
There is a small grove of -decim at the top of Valley Forge Mt. in Chester County PA. It is a wooded, wealthy suburban-type neighborhood–the vicinity of High Point Drive and N. Forge Mt. Drive. (you’ll need a map of Chester County.) The cicadas were singing softly and I could pick out individual singers. I saw few live ones, and I did see a lot of “flagging” on trees. I wonder if they are they already starting to diminish? I’ve been going to see/hear them every chance I get–who knows if I’ll ever experience this magic again? Laura, Oaks PA

Yellow Eyes

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
I found two cicadas with yellow eyes in my yard today. One’s eyes are more gold in color, while the other’s were more of a cream yellow. I was able to get a picture of the one with the gold eyes.
Are yellow-eyed cicadas as rare as blue-eyed ones? Mitya, Falls Church, VA

Still eagerly awaiting

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Lived through a large emergence in the 70’s in Clinton County, was thoroughly fascinated. We have three children looking forward to brood X. Sadly, there have been no signs of any. Nancy Sakowski, Unityville, PA (Lycoming County)

Ryan in Towson

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Hey Ryan, if you can’t find a good place to record around Towson, come to Allegany County! They were pretty quiet the last few days, but today was hot and humid, and they were singing their little hearts out! They are flying all over the place all of a sudden. I had to clean my windshield twice today, it was so covered with bug guts. (I didn’t mean to hit them…honest!) kiersa, Cumberland, Md

The Cicadas are here….still

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
We’ve had the invasion of the cicadas in our area for almost a month and they seem to be getting louder and louder. We hear then 24/7. They are all over the trees surrounding our home and every time we venture out of the house, we usually have one fly right at us. We’ve counted at least 50 of them at one time resting under the deck of our house. They make a horrible sound too when you pick them up or swat them away. When will they go back to their underground homes? Kathy H, Mertztown, PA, USA

On their way out

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
They are mostly gone now. I don’t see them flying around anymore. The noise sounds quite distant now. But I do see lots and lots of corpses. Dennis, Silver Spring MD

They’re back…

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Friday, Saturday & Sunday were cold and rainy here. Sunday afternoon we got a little sun and a bit warmer, and the reward was some half-hearted Cassini’s. But today (Monday, 06/17) it is nice and warm and the Septendicum are back with their chorus (a bit less volume), and the Cassini and Decula are in full swing. While photographing some I noticed a Septendicum male with bright YELLOW eyes, that matched his wing veins! I got some good photos of him by himself and with some red-eyed Cassini & Decula. If you’re interested, I’ll send a few photos for your site. I don’t know how common a yellow-eyed specimen is. The trees around here are showing serious flagging, and the girls are steadily inserting their loads in the branches. The weather is supposed to be warm this week, so hopefully we’ll have at least another full week of chorus. Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

cicada destruction

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
They have been here since May 12-my yard is full of millions of cicadas.The noise is deafening,the smell is awful, they have destroyed more than half of the annuals and perennials in my garden by laying eggs in their stems.The theory that they only do damage to small tree branches was way off.Apparently they will lay eggs on any type of plant they can.I am so tired of people saying they wish they had them,or that they love the noise they make.PLEASE.I can’t wait until they leave and I hope to never experience this horror again. Floralgirl, Maryland

I drove 500 Miles to see them!!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Hi There, This may sound strange to some but, this past weekend, 6/4 – 6/6 I drove over 500 miles from Northern Massachusetts to just outside Martinsburg WV just over the Maryland border to see the Cicada’s. I grew up in Baltimore but unfortunately, in 1987 which supposedly was there previous appearance, I moved to Massachusetts and I do not remember the previous appearance back in 1970 so I’ve been missing them. Anyway, I figured if I didn’t go down to see them now, the next time they arrive I’d be 57 years old (I’m 40 now) so I just had to go. I was glad to discover that there are two different species currently out, Magicicada Septendecim and Magicicada septendecula. I have identified these from their songs and coloring and I think I got it right. Anyway, I was in bug-heaven. When I was a kid, I collected the annual Cicada’s and ever since then I’ve been in love with them. They are the coolest things ever, not too bright but still cool. So I just had to come down to see the brood this year. Anyway, I managed to collect about 20 specimens. 10 of each species and broken down into 10 males and 10 females. Man what a bunch of noise the Magicicada septendecula made on the drive home from WV Today!! Anyway, when I brought them home, I took tons of pictures. I wanted my pictures to be in sort of a natural setting so I went in my yeard and cut a piece of bush, stuck it in water and shined a 1000 watt light on it and placed some cicada’s on it. I was happy to report that the Magicicada septendecula started doing their chorus right in my house hoping to entice some of the females!! It was pretty cool. After a while I placed some of the Magicicada Septendecim females on my natural – looking bush and am happy to report that several of them actually started to lay eggsI I don’t know if they mated with the males in my specimen container or they mated previous to me collecting them. I suspect the latter. Anyway, I have tons of great pictures and also some AVI files of songs, and alarm sounds and also of the females laying eggs. I’m going to hold onto this little piece of bush for a while to see if the eggs hatch. You never know, by me doing this we may experience an emergence of these cicadas up here in Massachusetts in 17 years!! Also, I am also sorry to report that approximately 1 out of every 10 Magicicada Septendecim that I looked at seemed to be infected with the fungal parasite Massospora cicadina. Most were alive but I suspect it wouldn’t be for long. The actual places I went to to see, listen and collect cicada’s is Route 9 in Hedgesville which is Exit 16W off of I81 south and also Spring Mill Road which is route 901 I forget the Exit number off of I81 but it is the second exit in WV after you cross the Maryland Border. Gerry, Northern Massachusetts


Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Their here in our part`s of OHIO ,,, We`re 18 miles east of Richmond Indiana ,,,, And these screaminnnn Cicada`s are all over here! ,,, My yard is FULL in the Tree`s ,,, Bush`s ,,,, fly`in all around!!!!
When drive`in on these back Country Roads ,,, In the Woods You can hear em
and VERY THINK in sum parts! Jas, Lewisburg Ohio

Lots of Them, AND a Bonus

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Since posting my other message, I’ve gotten to see lots of activity and taken tons of pictures. One thing I didn’t figure on was the “buffet factor” – many different kinds of birds chowing down on the flying feast, from bluebirds to starlings. Nicest surprise was a flock of cedar waxwings (never saw this kind of bird at my house before). They set up shop at one of the cicada hot spots in the yard, and gorged themselves for a couple of days. One pair liked it so much, they moved in. I spotted them building a nest in a tree just ten feet from the front window. This has been a great experience! vbert, Kintnersville (Upper Bucks County), PA

cicada sightings

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
I have yet to see or hear any in my neighborhood, but this morning coming through the parking lot where I work in Plainsboro, one came flying up and landed on me. I was surprised at how much smaller they are than the yearly cicadas, and the coloring with the red eyes is really something. I have been watching through my office window and see quite a few of them flying about. Jennifer tee*ts, Roebling NJ

Have seen them in northern surburb of Philadelphia

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Last Tuesday I saw hundred of them in the state park of Lake Nockamixon, about an hour drive to the north from Philadelphia. It was at the marina in the northern part of the lake. They were everywhere in the wooded area and were very noisy. Tonny, Philadelphia, PA

Reply to “West Michigan Cicadas?”

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
To Freddy of Grand Rapids MI, I was just out visiting my parents in Muskegon (on Lake Michigan) and they have found a couple dozen cicada shells in their 10 acre oak forest. Growing up there, I remember we could hear them every few years… but NOT the sound of a UFO! You could actually hear the individuals calling to each other. So they are there, but you really have to look for them. Kathleen, Ann Arbor, MI

Cicadas in Long Island

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Hello all
We are up to a balmy 67 degrees today. It has been a cool spring so far. THe emrgence here has probably been delayed. Supposedly the heaviest numbers should be in Ronkonkoma. A few days ago, I was there and heard nothing. Then it rained and went down into the 50’s. If any one spots any cicadas in Long Island, please post here. Thanks! Elias, Long Island NY

A few show up on S.I.

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
On Staten Island, our big emergence is from Brood II, which last occurred in 1996. Brood X has generally been represented in the past by only a few individuals. On June 3, my co-worker Ray had 3 decim and 1 cassini singing in the woods in Blue Heron Park. That will probably be about it for us. Can’t wait until 2013! Ed Johnson, Staten Island, NY


Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004

Cicada sighting

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Try going to Anarundel Mills Mall. Across the street from the mall at one of the hotels, they were swarming everywhere 2 weeks ago. They were very noisy too. There were tons and tons of them. DT, Washington, D.C.

Still waiting…..

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Still no sign of cicadas here in Northwestern Indiana. Either it’s been too cold, or they have been killed off. If and when they do show up, I will post it on this site. Dan, Valparaiso IN


Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Their here in our part`s of OHIO ,,, We`re 18 miles east of Richmond Indiana ,,,, And these screaminnnn Cicada`s are all over here! ,,, My yard is FULL in the Tree`s ,,, Bush`s ,,,, fly`in all around!!!!
When drive`in on these back Country Roads ,,, In the Woods You can hear em
and VERY THINK in sum parts! Jas, Lewisburg Ohio

Where are they?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I am director of a day camp in Hatboro and we were hoping to spend a whole week talking about and observing cicadas. I have seen NONE in the area – just north of Philly in Montgomery county. Anybody close by seen any besides in Jenkintown???? PLEASE tell me they will come!!!! JoAnne, Glenside PA

cicada noise near towson

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Ryan, try Lutherville. Lotsa big old trees. You shoulda been there last week, but there’s still some around. greg, towson

drooping branches

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Ann, yes that’s the cicadas. They slit the tree branches near the end and deposit their eggs. This causes the rest of the branch to die. Since it’s near the end of the branches it doesn’t harm mature trees in the long term any more than pruning does, but it does look like some kinda disease. The eggs would be in the underside of the branch just before the droop. I think they drop to the ground in a couple months. greg, towson

Canton Michigan

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I am going to Canton Michigan and i was wonderfing if there are Cicadas there?
Thanks Renee, North Carolina

cicada sighting

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
if anybody is looking for cicadas in the berks county area, i heard that there are some up at Nolde Park in Kenhorst on the watershed trail. im going to go up there this week on a nice sunny day and look for them myself. stephanie, Reading, PA


Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
they’re not where i live yet but i went up to Alexandria for a soccer game and they were there… not a lot but they were there. Just a warning to you guys… they stink (as in smell). Lyndsay, Virginia

Emergence in Ann Arbor

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I have been waiting for brood X with baited breath, wondering if one of those little blips in the Michigan area would be a big emergence. It was. I was in Ann Arbor today and everything in Marshall Park was covered with them. (Corner of Plymouth and Dixboro rds.) If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and check them out. I heard that they are also along the Huron River in Superior township. Brett, Ann Arbor, MI

Scared Sister Will be OK lol

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Looks like I am safe on Staten Island, my friend says im cicada obsessed.. I will say this much, i dont like the bugs but this website sure is fun..

Yuck [AT] cicada pizza Lisa , Staten Island NY

Today’s Golf and Cicadas in southern IN

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I don’t usually follow golf, but watched today’s coverage of the PGA event on CBS because the cicadas could be heard in the background. Loud! Heard both Decim and Cassini.

Am headed to Indiana in a few days for the purpose of hearing the cicadas, so someone please warn me in the event they’ve stopped singing there. I’ll be on 64 between the IL border and 37, and north and south within the national forest.
Eric, Eastern MO

Cicada Hypothermia

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Went back to Green Lane to visit the Brood. It was cold & rainy all weekend and they were just sitting under leaves, barely moving. I was afraid they were going to die if it got much colder. Some were just sitting on the pavement ready to be run over so I started “rescuing” them & letting them crawl on me to warm up. I carried so many cicadas around I thought I was gonna turn into a big cicada myself! I also noticed something else: this was a very quiet state park, and when a car came by, the Cassini chorus would get way louder (causing the Decim to sing louder too.) I wonder if they thought the car engine was ‘competition’! Um, maybe that’s why they are so deafening in places like DC… so they can hear themselves over the traffic! Laura, Green Lane

Michigan/Ann Arbor Cicadas

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Was just out in Ann Arbor today. There was some loud cicada activity all along Warren Road which runs sort of parellel to M14 just north of it. Most of the Action was Between Dixboro road in the west and some other road I cant remember on the east (where Warren Road dead ends into a big cemetary.) It goes without mentioning along that same stretch of road they are all over plants, trees, signs, mailboxes, etc. Josh , Detroit

Where Are the Eggs? Why All the Dropped Branchlets?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Everywhere I walk I see small branchlets that have fallen from trees or drooping on shrubs. I think they are connected with the egg-laying cicadas. But how?

I want to try to see the eggs and perhaps some nymphs hatching. Where should I look? And when? And what do I look for?

I love the cicadas!!! And I mourn their slow passing as their songs are dimming. Ann, Chevy Chase, MD

Dexter-Ann Arbor cicadas

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Anyone else here do the Dexter-Ann Arbor half-marathon run this morning? Quite a cicada-choral accompaniment there in the middle miles! Sounded like they were north of Huron River Drive west of Maple in several areas. Jim, Ann Arbor, MI

cicadas around here?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Last night when I took our dog out I heard this sound, at first I was clueless, later I had my dad hear it, he looked at me curious and said “cicadas??” later a couple popped up on our patio they were 1 1/2 inches (about) clumsy, fat in appearance, but looked like they were still in a “shell” anyway I looked it up and they matched to the description of the okanagan species, is this possible here brian, emerado, north dakota

It looked like a cicada,

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I was in Westwood where a bright green bug about the size of a pencil eraser it had red eyes and its wings were translucent, didn’t appear to have a mouth at all.

I’ve seen cicada’s before around my house but this bug looked like a more colorful and smaller version of the regulars.

Could this be a cicada also or did I find a leaf hopper of some sort? Zara Fabian, Massachusetts

Come Back Cicadas!!!

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
For the last week, it has been rainy & a bit on the chilly side, and it seems to have affected our little friends. I have not seen ANY males, or heard them for that matter, I have spotted a few females in the trees laying eggs or just sitting there very quietly. I have also noticed alot of males are dying off. Are they coming back when the heat returns (they are supposed to be around till the end of June, right?) or has the weather shortened their already short stay with us?? I have a sandwich bag full of cicadas of all species that I am going to pick from & preserve them. I hope they come back, even if it is just for a few more short weeks…… Staci, Beltsville, MD

loudest area around baltimore county?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Hi I am hoping to get a nice loud recording of the cicada chorus ( i know i waited a little too long) somewhere in the towson md area. anyone have any tips for loud areas? are they starting to die down in md?

ryan, MD ryan, jarrettsville, md

no cidadas yet

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
in dauphin county, hershey, pa, no sightings here yet (june 6, 2004) kate, hummelstown, pa

cold affecting cicadas

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
It’s been pretty chilly and rainy around here for the last two days and the cicadas were silent. Then today as the clouds started to give way a bit, I heard a few trying to chorus. Funny thing was they sound like an electrical device shorting out — as if all the dampness affected their noisemakers! I’m expecting they’ll be back in full noise tomorrow Jane, ashburn, va

bluebird eating cicada

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
Saw a bluebird eating a cicada today- (about 2 miles south of Wwashington Crossing State Park). It was not easy for the little bird; kind of like a person eating a live lobster with no utencils. CW, Pennington, NJ

nearest Cicada site

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I read the message that Cicada have been sighted in Punxsutawny, PA. which is probably a 4 to 5 hour drive from us. We would like to find the nearest locale so we can view them next weekend or later in June.

Yesterday I called several state parks in PA, and a professor at UCONN recommended this site. I am grateful for his input, and any other. Thank you for the detailed directions.

State College would be even closer than Punxsatawny but when I called the nearby Bald Eagle State park, the person who answered the phone had not heard Cicadas. He suggested I contact the naturalist there.

I did find out that Cicadas are abundant in Gifford Pinchot State Park, PA which is a little south of Harrisburg. The person I spoke with expected them to be abundant at least until the end of June. She also said they are very noisy when it is sunny but real quiet when it is rainy.

I thank anyone for any information. Janet, near Buffalo, New York

Light-eyed cicada!

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I found this cicada on a tree off a bike path in Arlington (Lyon Village). Almost yellow eyes! Phil Yabut, Arlington, Virginia

Cicadas on a golf course in China

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I played golf at Zhongshan, the first golf course built in China, yesterday.

I saw and heard a lot of cicadas at holes 1,2 and 3 of the Arnold Palmer Course.
Paul Tsang, Hong Kong


Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004

hi, i want to know why does cicadas shed there skin every certain time

Jose, beirut

still nothing and happy about it

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
Still waiting for the invasion. We live in a very wooded area with lots of birds and other small animals. Could this be part of the reason for no sightings? How long before its safe to say they wont be here? Even the dog is not digging anymore so are they dying in the ground? Seems strange they are in Haverford which is so close by. D.C., Devon, Pa.

To Fred in Alexandria and anyone else being invaded by the Cassini

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I’m so glad someone else finally noticed the cassini and their synchronized chorus. I think they are amazing and they are my favorite Magicicada species by far. If anyone else has the cassini cicadas out in force in their area, they should take the opportunity to watch them in the upper and outer branches of the trees while they are in chorus. The best time to do that is mid afternoon. Later, Nick Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

None here…

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
Haven’t seen one yet, just a few big dobsonflies. Anybody know if west Michigan gets a cicada hatch? Freddy, Grand Rapids MI

Cicadas still with us!

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
The cicadas started coming up from the ground up here probably about 2-1/2 weeks ago…fascinating to watch them emerge from their casings. They seem to be in very discrete locations here, you can tell when you’re driving by the sound of them where they are. We are lucky enough to live on about 10 acres with a lot of old, undisturbed trees, and they are out in force here. I’ll be sad when they’re gone. What a miracle of nature! Patty E. , Holland Township, NJ

No Bugs

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I live in Northern Indiana and we have had no cicadas outbreak in our neighborhood at least Buzz, Elkhart IN


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
How long do cicada’s last? Susan, Ohio

New cicada pics!

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I have posted more cicada pics from Bloomington, Indiana:
What an amazing phenomenon!

They are actually quite sweet, as some other visitors attest. They seem to like people, like to crawl on us, and like to be stroked on their upper back, just above their wings. Janee, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Here in force

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I live in the 13th story penthouse of my building. I come home for lunch, stand on my balcony and look downwards to our tree-covered landscape. I see countless thousands flying back and forth. The have layed eggs in the branches of my fake trees on the balcony, most of their smaller branches have been slit on their undersides by the females. One of my fake trees experienced a Cassini gathering, wherein the males (about 30 or so) were all taking off to another branch, singing one song, then taking off for a short 6 inch flight to another branch and singing a single song, ALL IN SYNCHRONIZATION! These insects are NOT thoughtless robots like some people insist; I see a sort of joy in their actions! I have also become expert at picking off english sparrows around here with my hunting slingshot. These unwanted pests have devastated some cicada populations, making them fair game! I don’t bother native birds, although I hate to see one take a cicada! I narrowly missed catching an alert blue-eyed Cassini on a smaller tree on Edsall Road. He also had a blue vein on each wing, and what appeared to be blue spots on his legs. Not really a true blue, but a very pale bluish white. If I can catch one, I’ll photograph it. In 1987 I caught some cicadas and mounted them in glass cases. This time I haven’t harmed a single insect.
It is now June 4th, and overcast and cool. The regular Septendicum are silent, but I am hearing some Cassini & Decula across the street. Some of our forest trees are now showing ‘flagging’. I hope this doesn’t mean the fun is over. We started seeing them around the thirteenth of May.
Please keep up this wonderful site! I have been with it since its conception!
Fred Fred Berry, Alexandria VA.

CIcadas in Long Island

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Hello All

Ajay – I wish I read your post yesterday. I read that same Newsweek article and took a drive to Ronkonkoma and East Setaucket this morning. Looked all around by ny forested area I could find. Not a peep! No skins found either. I will stay tuned for the mid June invasion. In 1987 – I missed them because I went in early July so I will stay tuned! Anyone with infromation on Long Island townships with true emergences – please post here Elias, Long Island NewYork


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
yesterday I thought I was lucky, I got an upclose and personal look at one on a pole. But today, it’s like there’s a thousand UFO’s hovering in the sky! wow. Jen, Princeton, NJ


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Oh, God, can it be true? They’re all gone! This morning and up till now – 1PM – there is no sight, no sound of them! Are they really gone? Did they all die last night? Did the cold night kill them all? They can’t be asleep, can they? Elena, Fairfax, VA


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
i am angry
i want a pefrect swarm
this sucks Dan Bissell, jounalism new providence

PGA Golf Cicadas

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
The cicadas have invaded the Memorial Tournament in Dublin Ohio this weekend, and you can hear (and maybe see) them on TV. ESPN on Friday 6/4 at 4pm EDT, CBS on Sat 6/5 at 3pm, and CBS on Sun 6/6 at 2pm. One of the bugs landed on Tiger Wood’s nose yesterday while he was putting, and on another golfer’s shoulders while he was putting too. The commentators mention them now and then, and you can hear the buzz in the background. I’m going to check it out in person this weekend !! Greg, Findlay, Ohio


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Love the guy building airplanes out of them…….finally, a purpose for the gross out, fat, sloppy, monsters. Jane, wilmington, de

Enfin! Les cigales sont voisines !

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I have been waiting with mounting anticipation for the cicada’s emergence here.
Disappointed and thinking that none would emerge in this area because of all the new construction, I had almost given up hope. Today I rode my bike 3 miles north of New Hope along the towpath, between here and Center Bridge. The cicadas song excited me and I started looking. I found four adults before I had to turn back to go to work. I will return tomorrow to marvel at the magic of the cicadas! Enfin! Cicada Sara, New Hope, PA

Things I have learned about cicadas

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I have been surprised by a few things….

– I expected our city to be completely covered with cicadas, but they are very localized. You can walk 5 blocks and move from heavy infestation to zero.

– Cicadas are more active in heat and quiet and less active in cool weather.

– There are several different sounds that can be heard from individual species. They can sound like a bird chirping!

– They are smelly when they die.

– Cicadas can affect a golf game (did anyone watch the tournament in Ohio yesterday?)

– most children have a natural curiousity and very little fear… but many/most adults are afraid of the size and movement and sound of cicadas.Anyone want to add anything? Holly, Indianapolis, In

They Are Here!

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
We have been seeing these unique creatures for at least two weeks now. More are showing up daily. Desiree, Fayetteville, TN

They are here

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
The Cicadas are here in Monmouth Jct, NJ about 5 miles northeast of Princeton. I love watching the birds dive bomb to eat them in mid air! Golfman, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Performing Outdoors with cicadas

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
To the actor from New Jersey-

we postponed the opening of an outdoor Shakespeare production in Maryland because of the invasion- we’re now reahearsing outdoors to open in a week, the great news is that by 8:00 PM, they get real quiet and stop flying around. As long as you’re doing a show in the evening- you’ll be fine! Ian, Ellicott City, MD

To Priscilla from Smithville

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Hi, I posted to you previously…we would definately love to see the casings you brought back from students are beginning to think I’m imagining these buggers. I’m disappointed that we didn’t get any here! We are in school until the 16th of June…hope to hear from you! Kim kim, Smithville, NJ

The Cicadas scared my pet

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Just a few days ago I was taking my pet wombat(a good friend of Punxsutawney Phil) for a walk in a nearby park when the sound of the cicadas became quite deafening. My poor wooly wombat Willy became very frightened. The only way I could calm him down was to hum the theme song from Leave it to Beaver( his favorite show). Hope these things leave soon! Clive Carbunkle, Punxsutawney, PA

WHen ??????

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
When can I expect them to be around MI and how do I scout for the nearest forest where I can find sheds. Is there a particular tree or something they like? Please help I dont wanna miss the show. Rob, Jackson , MI

Still no sightings

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I havent seen any cicadas yet.Have been as far as Princeton KY and none spotted yet. In a way I am glad but I would like to see a few before the next cycle emerges. Adrienne, Hopkinsville, KY

Investigation on Long island

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Update on LI Cicada Hunt: Today I investigated an area in Port Jefferson Station where I had been told that cicadas were present in 1987. I found several hundred acres of old-growth oak trees, and a few possible holes in the ground. (I don’t know how long the holes appear before emergence) One longtime resident told me that his wife had stated that this was going to be the year for cicadas in their nearby backyard. A second resident described seeing cicadas flying around in 1970, two cycles ago. The weather here has been quite chilly (and will be so miserable this weekend I postponed a trip to Princeton) and unpromising but I remain optimistic, and will conduct an immediate investigation as soon as hot weather arrives. AJay, Suffolk Co. Long Island


Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
::shudders:: I cant belive I let one crawl
up my arm. They were noisey and all over
the Place Here in VA. I wonder
how old I will be for when they
ome out again in 2025??? Betsie Beadling, Fairfax, Virginia USA

no cicadas here either

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Like Greg in Brunswick I am wondering where are the cicadas just over the river here in Lovettsville? Christy, Lovettsville, VA

concert in Indiana

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Was planning to go to a Rush concert tomorrow outside of Indianapolis…suspect cicadas will affect my enjoying the show…and word on similar occurences? Vicki, Columbus, Oh

Black colour is definitely kind of protection

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Thanks, Joe from Vienna – you have confirmed my guess. I generally wear black – and I was spared so far, not a single cicada landed on me. There are several guys in my office with whom I regularly go outside for smoke breaks. I am seeing those buggers bumping into my smoking buddies every minute. They seem particularly like WHITE and RED. So – if you are as disgusted of them as I am – wear black colour. It is not 100% safe, of course, but it’s less attractive to the enemy. Elena, Fairfax Villa, Fairfax VA

Not here, thank GOD!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Ok, so I’m in a “holding” pattern waiting for these things to come already. So far, so good..none to be seen. Sorry folks: I am a city gal, and bugs are evil as far as I’m concerned. Small bugs are ok I guess. I was living in Baltimore the last time they came (1987), and boy was I hating life. I cringed after reading the post about Jenkintown…that’s like 15 minutes from me…nooooo! I’m hoping against hope that they won’t show up. I just don’t have the physical strength to be ducking and dodging cicadas all dang day long (I am a dialysis patient with so-so health).

Crossing fingers and praying for a miracle! LOL! LadySycamore, NE Philadelphia

Still none Near Philly?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Live in the burbs near Philadelphia, still no sign of any cicada’s. I work in Princeton where there are billions but nothing here. The noise is out of this world. Very active in Princeton, flying around, noisy, and happy. They seem to be very localized, . A few patches here and there near New Hope,PA. As I head home from princeton I’m starting to here more and more closer to Philly so we’ll see. I’m starting to lose hope for an appearance in my area, they are starting to die in Princeton. Tim, Abington,PA

Cicada location in Princeton and feelings about the buggers

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004

When the cicada’s first emerged, they were all at another part of the campus in Princeton and I was BRAVE, seeking them out, until the first one dive bombed into my neck. Now a week later, I don’t want any harm done to them, but I sure would like them to go away. At this point, all my co-workers have new routes to pick up mail, get lunch, and all the other things we did without fear of these little bugs (irrational fear, I know! but it’s not fun having them dive and splat all over the place). Anyway, if you really want to see them (millions I’d say), go to Princeton, to Alexander and College Road. You’ll hear them and know they have arrived!!!! Enjoy *s* Lori, Princeton, New Jersey

We went to Princeton…

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I homeschool my children; we took a field trip today to Princeton. We’d read about the cicadas, and seen pictures, but there’s nothing like experiencing it yourself!

I got a good picture of a cicada with its wings outstretched…I hadn’t seen a picture like that before.

One cicada hitched a ride on the windshield wiper of our van…we probably made it about 40 miles or so before it lost its grip. So, if 17 years from now there’s an unexpected emergence around Route 195 in Jackson, NJ, we’ll know why! Rhoda, Toms River, NJ

Not a single Cicada in site!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Not a single bug or any noise in the Brunwsick, MD area (in Frederick County). I am begaining to wonder if we’ll have them at all. I am near /along the Potomac river so I would have thought they would be here by now. Anyone know if they are just “sleeping in” ? 😀

Greg, Brunswick, MD

what is that?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
why does white stuff come out of the cicadas body when they mate? jensen, ohio

Scared of them

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
if you are scared of cicadas i think that they dont like black clothes.ive watched at my school and they dont go on people with black clothes.write back if you have any thoughts about it. joe, Vienna VA

Will they be here?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Does anyone know if they will be hitting Central PA, around State College? If so, when?

Tom, Central PA

Cicada locations in MD

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I heard them in Hagerstown during Sprint Car races last Sat night, but not in Deep Creek Lake area (1&1/2 hrs West) on Sun & Mon?
Dick Dick Bolt, Bowie MD

Cicada airplane with two cicada engines

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I just built two balsa model planes using cicadas as engines. They printed the story with photos in todays Bowie Blade.
During early engine testing, I found out the males fly upward & the females land down ward. I think 2 out of 11 females did go up.
Planes are 2$ each at hobby store.
Super glue is slow to dry & results in less fingers being used for a few hours!
% minutes in freezer kills them. 15 Minutes in a refrig makes them act like dead, but they come back to life in few minutes. Its for easier gluing.
They were mostly removed from my fruit trees where the females are killing the
tips of my nut & fruit tree branches.

For results, tune in at 10!
Dick, NASA Engineer in MD Dick Bolt, Bowie MD

Missin hind quarters possible answer

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
A possible answer is a fungal disease. If you go on to University of Michigan cicada site in the links it has listing of diseases and deformities. It states that Magicicada are subject to infection by the specialized fungal parasite Massospora cicadina Peck. Cicadas infected early in the emergence develop asexual spores, which become evident as the rear of the infected individual’s abdomen breaks off, exposing a white, chalky mass of spores. This infection sterilizes the cicada but does not kill it immediately. These spores spread among the population, infecting other cicadas who will develop a secondary infection and whose abdomens will later break open, releasing sexual resting spores to infect the next generation of cicadas. This site is very good it has a lot of wonderful information about periodic cicadas. I hope this helps.

Heidi Hubbell, Arlington, VA

washington crossing

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I was there just last weekend and there was no sign of them so don’t count on seeing them there. joe, nj

Just go to Princeton already!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
If you live in Jersey or New York, just go to Princeton within the next 14 days. This weekend is prime! Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

performing with cicadas in Washington’s crossing?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Is anyone out there from the Washington’s Crossing State Park area? Did our little friends invade the Park in a big way 17 years ago?We’re about to open in a show in the Park’s open air theatre, and we’re wondering how much we’ll be sharing the stage with them! There were no signs of them last week, but who knows? Any recollections would be very much appreciated! An actor prepares! JQ, NJ

Where Will They Be?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Am I too late to catch an emergence with my son? Where will they be on June 5/6th? on June 12/13th?

Are they still emerging in Princeton?

Thanks! Paul Rader, Canton, NY

Alive & missing hind ends….????

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
To Shirley in Silver Spring…I have noticed several cicadas alive & flying around but missing their backs as well, they have all been males..Anyone know why this happens?? Bird attack?? Staci, Beltsville, MD

cool weather and cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Seems like with the weather affects cicada sound and movement–we’ve had cool days here for a week, and they’re much calmed down. Disappointing, cause I thought they’d be here much longer.

But thanks to this list, I find cool weather does have an affect on them, as so amny are reporting it. Great! We’re extremely heavily infested, and though the smell in some areas is picking up, that’s OK, it’s part of the process.

Behnke’s Nursery here told me they wouldn’t hit the crepe myrtles–WRONG!!! Branches are dropping like flies!

This is a wonderful event-I am eagerly awaiting any brood we have coming next, though I regret having to wait 17 years for the next Brood X.

Merry Merry, Chevy Chase (Rock Creek Forest area), MD

Have arrived here!!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
After visiting Princeton for lunch everyday, I was wondering if we would see them around here. We are only 5 miles from Princeton. The started emerging 2 days ago and are now in full swing. I love it !!! it’s starting to ebb in Princeton and starting here. I wonder if I will see an emergence in my home town of Keyport? Ed Hawley, Monmouth Junction


Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
This is the gyst of what I TRIED to say before I hit the wrong key(s): WHERE are they emerging so my son and I can see them on the weekend of June 5/6? June 12/13th?

Thank you.
Paul Rader, Upstate New York

17 year cicadas at Haverford College June 1

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004

Walked by Haverford College and saw
red eyed cicadas on side walk and
heard loud squealling sound like
a fan motor with a bad bearing.
But it was coming from all directions.
and for miles. High pitch steady
not quite as high pitch as Hor Osc
of TV set [16KC]. Jeff Justin, Philadelphia Pa

still nothing

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Still seeing holes in the ground but no cicadas.We have had tons of rain and was wondering if that was the reason. If they don’t appear soon does that mean they arent coming at all? It’s amazing they are so close by and we haven’t seen any, yet. D.C., Devon, Pa.


Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I am the hope-I’m -not-too-late father of a 14-year old who still thinks bugs are cool. Paul Rader, Upstate New York

Noise level

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I had a speaker in my classroom last week Friday. He had a decebel meter because he was giving a talk about sound to my students. With my windows open, it was 60 decebels from the cicadas. Shirley Jefffods, Silver Spring, MD

theyre everywhere

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
We have them all over. they are covering the trees, they’re everywhere. if you want to see them come to dayton theyre everywhere! Tim, Dayton, OH(miamisburg)

To Chelsea in Ellicott City…..Got Wings?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
To Chelsea in Ellicott City, MD….can you save me some well preserved cicada wings that you find lying about. This board will not allow me to post my email address so we’ll have to figure out some way to hook up…for now, I just want to know that someone is saving some wings for me…maybe 5 or 6…their wings are so beautiful. Thanks ever so much! Debbie, Seattle

Don’t Give Up on Long Island

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I investigated a false report published in NY Newsday about cicadas in Setauket. I went to the precise streets mentioned: No shed skins, no holes in a nearby park, not a single chirp. HOWEVER I was told today by a fellow in a nearby Circuit City that there was a massive and deafening invasion in Port Jefferson Station a long while back. His wife INSISTED it was the year before his 16 year old son was born. That means 1987. (Wanted to be sure it was not brood XIV) He told me that they did not appear until MID JUNE and stayed beyond July 4. Will carefully investigate the location tomorrow. Hoping to have a tasty cicada pizza and some nice video is a couple of weeks! I hope my informer was correct! Meanwhile I am jealous of my friend from the Travel Channel who lives in Silver Spring, MD. They invading his house, yard and even his office bathroom) AJay, Suffolk Co Long Island

Nationalistic Cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I just returned from my weekend vacation to D.C. for memorial day, and I did not march alone in the parade. Everywhere I went, there were these monster size bugs flying off people, leaves, and cars. Being a city girl, a little house fly can creep me out. Good luck to all those who actually live in the heavily populated cicada areas. Mikai, Brooklyn, NY

For you folks near Philly: Green Lane is the place!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
For you guys in Philly, Jenkintown, other parts of Montgo county PA: If you want to see some cicadas, get a map of Western Montgo County. Go up Rt 29 toward Green Lane Park. (Formerly called “Upper Perkiomen Park”.) Turn L. on “Deep Creek Rd.” There is a parking lot on the Left and a big lake a bit farther up on the Rt. As you approach this area the rattle-buzz of the Cassini species (the ‘weed-whackers’) will be unmistakable. Once you get out of your car you can hear the Septendicim (the “UFO’s”) singing as well. At least, that is what I heard on 5/22. (I will warn you I saw a LOT of dead ones clustered around a few trees. PA must not be as healthy for them as VA and MD.) I took a ride up the Perkiomen Bike Trail, and as soon as I passed Spring Mountain I began to hear them. Not in the quantity that Arlington VA has them, but certain groves were rockin’ and I could also hear individual calls. If I were you I wouldn’t delay. I’m going back this weekend–hope the Brood is still hanging in there! (I hear they are also plentiful near the Haverford train station on the Main Line. Haven’t gone there.) Laura, Oaks PA

They’re All Over Princeton, NJ

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I work in Princeton, NJ and they are all over the place. We go walking at lunch and the noise from these bugs is so loud, it gives me a headache after about 10 minutes. My sister in CT came here for the weekend and I took her to Princeton so she could see them. Yet, as soon as you leave Princeton, there’s none. Pretty neat. Victoria, Hamilton Square, NJ

We are moving in 15 years!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I am sick of this. Since the invasion, we sweep our back porch EVERY day. We are now using the snow shovel to heave them into the mulch pile. Boy do they stink! I now have to mow the lawn with shoes since the mower doesn’t move them, and when I’m done the lawn flutters with their wings. And what is up with their attraction to our Blue recycle bin and my blue tarp they are swarmed all over it? I have advised my better 1/2 that we will move before they return… Ross Clemens, Silver Spring, MD

I have now seen 2 species in my brood X emergence

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I have now seen two species: M. cassini as well as M septendecim here at my property. I am still looking for the third species. I have pictures at

The pictures I have of the cassini are all females because the cassini males
keep getting away but I plan to catch one tomorrow. Bonnie Dalzell, Hydes Maryland, north of Baltimore City

wonderful occassion

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I think it’s wonderful that so many people are communicating with each other! The cicadas bring out the good in us! ilona, grove city

No Cicadas Sightings on Long Island

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
It has been raining here, still haven’t seen yet a one. Have given up and have taken the netting off my small shrubs. Kathy, Long Island, New York

Found A Nymph Skin!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I’ve been searching on a daily basis around my home and in some woods nearby for signs of cicadas. I finally found a nymph skin in the woods today. I am about 15 minutes from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I hope more are to come! I lived in Springfield, Virginia the last time they were around and it was a spectacular sight and sound. Hoping to see it all again in Michigan this time! Lindsey, Canton, Michigan

They’re everywhere!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
If you wanna see a lot of Cicada’s come to good ol’ Indiana University, I guess human’s aren’t the only one’s who know that IU is known for parties, the trees here are a magnet for the lil buggers. When walking through campus more often than not you will see girls screaming and running in zigzags or guys trying to “deke” them out. It’s actually really funny, however it’s starting to become a pain because whenever you walk there’s a distinctive crunch sound that follows you around. Not to mention the noise that cannot be completely drowned out by loud music. Oh well, I’m thinking there’s only going to be a couple of weeks left b4 they start to die off! Amos, Bloomington, IN

Blue eyed Cicada

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
My husband has found a blue eyed cicada. Who is requesting them for research?

Thanks Cindy Cindy, Oella, MD


Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Cicada’s are really nasty when they splatter all over your windshield. Miranda, Tennessee

Now we’re seein ’em

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
In Hagerstown they are not too plentiful, I have seen some on the wing but I have not heard any large gatherings. However cicadas are very plentiful on the mountains to the East & west of here, as well as on the
Potomac river. BTW for those of you who fish, they will make great bait. I am going to preseve some by freezing and we’ll see how it works come late July or August…
Greg M., Hagerstown, Wash. Co. MD

Cicada Love

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I really enjoy reading everyone’s messages! I have a suggestion: why don’t we change things around? Why can’t we have cicadas every year and mosquitos & ticks once every 17! LOL!!! Now since someone else mentioned he watched a Cicada Mama laying eggs, let me describe a tender moment. I saw a male & female positioned face-to-face. He seemed to be holding hands with her & stroking her w/his orange front legs. Maybe he was crooning some sweet nothings? Then I went back to look a bit later and they were positioned end-to-end. Aww, how Romantic! Laura, Oaks PA

Close up in Va.

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Last week, went to races in Charlotte NC. On the way down, in the Eastern panhandle of WV (Martinsburg WV/Winchester VA area) they are out by the millions. From Edinburg southward I saw & heard no evidence, and in NC I only saw one- a male -decim. Brood X apparrently is not active in the central/upper Shenendoah valley. Today I went to Clearbrook VA (WV/VA border) and spent some time in several places where they were gathered by the millions. I observed their behavior close-up. I find it fascinating! In one brushy area, the sound was nearly deafening and one could see them flying in such great numbers it looked like snow. (Cicada-blizzard!) I observed 3 seperate species, identfied on the net as M. Septendecula, -decim and cassini. I can also make out some of the song differences I am spending some extra time with this phenomenon since it is so rare, but God willing I will see it again.
Greg M ., Clearbrook VA

Nowhere to be seen in Jenkintown Pa.

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
We are just outside Philly in Eastern Montgomery County and I have yet to see any Cicadas

Anyone had any sightings in this area?? Greg, Jenkintown, Pa.


Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
My husband brought home a friend from work today. Apparently our lil “Brood Xer” found my hubby attractive enough
to land on the back of his neck. The only one we’ve seen so far. So thrilled he stopped by for a visit! B&L, SP,NJ

To Holly in Indy

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Thanks for the post on Skiles Test Park. I took my children and my grandmother there this morning (Wednesday), what a wonderful experience. I can’t believe that my oldest will be 23 when they come back. I sure do hope that she remembers this and is as excited the next time they come around. It is truly awesome!!
Kim, Indy, Indiana

to Lisa Hornel from ny

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
If you want to see them go to wilkes barre pa. I was there and I guess its the closest to you so far. They are in the woods next to a Best Western on route 115. Take route 115 and turn on wildflower ave. When you get to the top off the hill there will be woods to your right. Go threw the woods cross another little road and they are right there. You will here them so just follow the sound. Ray , NJ

I’m Overwhelmed!!!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
They are definitely here and are starting to wear out their welcome.

I have alot of trees and they are loaded with them. Their dead shells are all over the place.

But I have noticed that everytime it rains, they go away for a while.

Lisa, District Heights, MD

Woo Cicada Hoo!!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Thanks To Buzz at CM..we went to Princeton.. Nassau and Vandeventer.. it was awsome! The hover sound was unlike anything we ever heard! The chirps were neat too but the “ufo” hover sound was really something to write home about. My four kids had mixed reactions.. but my oldest daughter had them on her back, her legs.. her hair.. in her shirt.. it was great. We took lots of pictures. Well worth the trip. My twins.. Emily and Maria call them tickle bugs : ).. My lil man Anthony just kept saying Bug.. Bug! Mom & Dad had a swell time watching thier reactions and experiencing another one of Nature’s great awes! YaY Brood X! The Steitz Family (Nicole & Company), Westfield NJ

The Howard County Swarm

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I grew up in College Park and was there in 1987, but I think there are more in the Ellicott City/Columbia area. Mowing my lawn has become fun, dodging them as they come at me. I have loads of dead ones (and the smell too), but there are just as many if not more flying about. My backyard will seem kind of boring when their gone. I can watch them for hours because they have no sense of direction. But, they are getting better using those wings. John, Ellicott City, MD

Cicadas attempting to leave Baltimore!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
After suffering withering losses on the killing fields of the 695 Beltway, it appears that the cicadas have begun to defect via BWI. Massing on and around the parking garage, a few can be seen inside the terminal. One was spotted on the shoulder of a gentleman about to leave for South America. Alert security prevented this from happening. Homeland Security has upgraded the alert to “Red Eyes”. Mike, Lititz PA

cicada behavior

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Shirley: They definitely make less noise when it’s cloudy and cool. When the sun comes and it gets hot they will resume raising hell. greg, towson, md

None in Philly region = predation or delayed emergence?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I took a trip up to Lake Nockamixon today to see and hear the cicadas. They were out in full force near the boat rental parking lot on the north side of the lake. I’m still puzzled that they haven’t been seen closer to the Philly suburbs and wonder if they a) have been overcome by urbanization and the remaining few eliminated by predation 17 years ago, or b) some climatological event has occurred to make them wait another 1-4 years before emerging. If so, would we have a new brood on our hands, specific to the Philly area??? Mike, Chalfont, PA

Milky White on my wall

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
There it was, a perfect description of the Brood X phenomenon. One inch, milky white and stuck to the side of my row house. The transforming cicada. Who would have thought that these guys life cycle could survive in an urban atmosphere. I only seen one. We have a large tree and a few bushes in front of the house. I will asume he survived off one of those. To think three life cycles ago our houses weren’t here. I wondner if there are more to come there sure are alot of holes in my yard. Johnny Johnson, Philadelphia/Mayfair

Do they sing only when it is warm?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
We had colder weather (60’s and 70’s) this passed weekend and there was little or no singing at times. Do they sing less if it is cold? My students and I noticed some cicadas with their back portion missing but they were still alive and moving. What happened to them? Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

Scared Sisters

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Can anyone tell us where we can get up to date info as to when the Cicadas are supposed to arrive in our areas.. Im on Staten Island and my sister is in East Stroudsburg PA. We are both freaking out at the thought of these meaty little buggers landing on us or in our hair! Yes we are 31 and 37 respectively.. lol…

Any advice. Lisa & Diana, Staten Island NY & East Stroudsburgh PA

Friendly cicadas…

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
There are a lot of cicadas in this area; the poor things litter the sidewalks and roads. There are a lot of places where the ground is littered with wings only, their bodies long gone… quite weird.
Saw a deformed cicada today, with three wings… unfortunately, my hands were full, or I would have taken it home to photograph!
Anyway, there are still plenty of living cicadas; sometimes I find them lying on their backs and flailing their legs, so I pick them up and right them. Often they will cling to my finger for a good period of time, or will crawl about… They really seem very sweet, somehow, despite their limited intelligence. They’re quite possibly the friendliest bugs I’ve met, and I’ve grown quite attached to a few despite myself. I let them all go free, of course, but it’s nice to hold them for a little while. There’ve been plenty of run-ins with cicadas. I’m very glad they’re here. Chelsea A., Ellicott City, MD

To Bob in Baltimore

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Take a good picture with a good camera. The eye color will disappear when the cicada dies, no matter how you preserve it. Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Cicadas are Princeton’s school colors 🙂

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Laurel, that’s interesting…I don’t remember them singing at night in 1987…I thought they all went silent…they just want to sing you to sleep ;)…..My friend is back from NJ and said they were all over Princeton, who’s school colors were black and orange. Since the cicadas are black and orange, they were used in a school reunion theme 🙂 The other day I saw a news story out there that they are breaking the law in MD…their legal noise limit is 90 decibels and the cicadas come in at 92! Am still looking for a way to get some cicada wings….. Debbie, Seattle

The Party Has Resumed

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
My Cicada friends in Elkridge, Md have resumed their cherubic chatter after three straight days of sub par weather. Uh oh, I see storm clouds moving in to threaten the fun. George, Elkridge, Md, USA

Pesky Cicada Critters

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
What is all the excitement about these pesky little bugs. I must take cover when leaving my house. When !! anyone!! will these creatures leave my area? Sharon S, Indianapolis Indiana

Where are they?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I know not to expect an answer but I am still hoping that I will get one… I would love for my kids to experience this. BUT where are they? We live near Rochester/Elmira New York… We haven’t seen any? What is the nearest location that they have been spotted, we are willing to travel.

Thanks & I’ll keep looking! Lisa, Hornell, NY, USA

my beagle and kids love them

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004

New Englanders: Go To Princeton To See Them!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Sunday, May 30: From what I could gather from the experts at Uconn, UMich, local officials, this messsage board (Thanks!), and others, the closest place to New England to see Brood X is Princeton University, NJ. All OVER campus – 1000s alive and dead, can’t miss them. Land on pedestrians, cars, sidewalks, etc. Not present just two miles away. Dave Norris, Princeton, NJ

Good Riddance!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I am not quite a prisoner in my house, but I would prefer to stay indoors. I’ve lived through the emergence of the cicadas, pulled the shells off my trees and shrubs (with gloves), and am now trying to cope with them flying around all over. I cut the grass this morning and had to wear a hat and swat at them to keep them off me. We have a lot of them, but from what I can tell, no where near the number that are elsewhere in northern Virginia. I can’t wait for them to disappear as they are ruining the spring and early summer for me. I want to take my grandchildren to the park but too many cicadas are flying around. Does anyone know when they will really be gone??? I don’t mind the noise, just the flying BUGS! Alice, Vienna, VA

Cicada Calendar

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Well, this has been the longest three weeks of my life (except for the last brood X attack 17 years ago). I have an extreme fear of cicadas. And, yes, I know it’s irrational. Does anyone know how much longer we have until their numbers start to dwindle? Is their an up-to-the-minute calendar on the Web somewhere that tracks the current progress of this invasion? I read that the emergence was about a week early, so I was hoping that the end was near. Is it?
Scared to Death, Fairfax, Virginia

Can hear them from the mountains

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I haven’t seen any in my backyard but if you go up into the mountains of Western NJ in Warren County they are everywhere. Sound is so loud you can hear them from my back yard which is over a mile away. Merril Creek is a great spot to see/hear them for anyone interested. Jimmy, Warren County NJ

For folks in DC area

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I have read some messages from people around the DC area like Fairfax, Wheaton, Silver Spring, etc etc who were really grossed out by these nasty things (much like I am). Some people asked where to go to escape them, and I have good news. While I work in Rockville and have to run to and from my car with arms flailing to avoid the nasty buggers, once I travel out 66 past Centerville, they are gone. Have not seen or heard a single Cicada in Manassas. So there you go, that’s where you can move 🙂
Make it stop!, Manassas, VA

Cicada infestation wrecks havoc on HVAC

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
According to the building engineers where I work on Eaton Place, a cicada infestation in the HVAC system has shut down our air conditioning today (June 1). They are currently working on the problem. It feels like 90 degrees in my office and it’s only 10 am. Luckily I have a small fan to circulate some air around me, otherwise it would be unbearable. This building was constructed in 1988, one year after the previous Brood X emergence. Maybe these cicadas are mad because their previous habitat was destroyed, and this is their way of getting even. Mike, Fairfax, VA

well where are they???

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
All the hype said end of May. Well…it’s June and none in sight. What is up with that? susan miller, somerset county, new hersey

Loads of them here!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
We were in this town 12 miles south of Baltimore this past Saturday. My car had several plastered on it. We were watching a soccer game and the players kept running into them. They were also landing on the spectators. It was a funny sight! Dave, Ellicott City, MD

Are Cicadas Blind

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
are Cicadas blind? Some people have been telling me that is why they fly so poorly, but I can’t find anything to prove or disprove this. Ken, Gaithersburg, MD

Where are they?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
It’s already the beginning of June and I still haven’t seen one little cicada. Any sightings anywhere in Metro Detroit or Livingston County? I really want to see these little guys and I’ll drive to see a large number of them. Please let me know… Peggy, Plymouth, MI

Invasion of the cicada’ s (while on riding mower)

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Does anyone find it impossible to mow, particularly with a riding mower. The Cicada’s attack!! We have a mowing service and my 21 year old (former football) player son is finding it impossible to mow the baseball fields because of the invasion of the cicada’s…We’re talking 50 to 60 landing on us and swarming around. Any tips you can offer. I’m sure it’s the noise but what can we do???! vikki, Covington, Kentucky

Maryvale Castle Events

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
For anyone having a wedding or event, during the day the Cicadas are definitely singing a loud song, but not flying around – (we were scared at our wedding rehearsal which was at 3:30 pm). But, the wedding day (May 30), at 6:00 pm, the Cicadas were quiet! Night time and cooler temperatures really make a difference. Good Luck! Julie Maguire, Brooklandville, MD


Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
where i captured blue/gray eyed individual the m.cassini outnumbered m.septendecim 10 to 1.i have many extra cassini.thanks. robert gardner, red lion penna

Washington DC

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
We saw thousands of them in Washington DC this past weekend. Gross! Svante Pettersson, Malmo, Sweden

Cicadas emerging in Michigan

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
They’re finally coming out in Ann Arbor! The trees around Oak Trail School (that Jim mentioned below) were teeming with them today. Tons of larvae were climbing up the tree trunks with many in the process of climbing out of their skins. The lower leaves were filled with hundreds of adults, just sitting there quietly. The ground was littered with shed skins. But so far no noise. That should come soon when the adults fly up into the trees to sing. Marshall Park off Dixboro Road is another place to find them. There’s not quite as many of them there but they are still abundant on the trail near the parking lot. Neil Richards, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I had the ride of my life!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I was in Maryland over the weekend riding my bike and so many cicadas flew on me and started flapping their little wings that I became like Elliot in the E.T. movie and flew around about 15 scenic miles. It was awesome! I love those little guys. Joey Shnook, D.C. Metro

blue eyed cicada

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I found a blue-eyed cicada! It is in my bug box-but it died. Carly, Cross Junction, VA

Where to find cicadas in Indianapolis

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I posted a couple of days ago about finding big numbers if cicadas on the east side of Indy, north and south of 56 street just west of 465.

We have also discovered that you can visit these noisy friends in a couple of public places… Skiles Test park and Skiles Test Elementary School. Also, if you drive toward Fort Harrison, you will likely find a few public places to experience the sights and sounds.

We discovered that their singing cooresponds with temperature as well as light. They will not sing if it is chilly, even if it is light. Once it warms up, they are singing, chirping, buzzing and hummmmmming and flying around.

My oldest daughter found one that sounded almost like a chirp when she held it… the next day (in a different place), many of them made a loud buzzing sound when they were touched. I wonder if the chirping one was a different species or one with a malformed buzzer. Has anyone heard one of the big ones make a chirping/blurping sound?

If you want to visit these swarms, be aware that they like to crawl up your legs or land on the tallest object around (which with me and my girls is usually me!). I love these creatures, but I still get creeped out when they come buzzing and flying at me like tiny out of control airplanes.

My personal goal before this is all over is to be able to not scream and duck when one wants to land on me. I’m in awe of my children who (rightfully) have no fear. Holly, Indianapolis IN

North of the Turnpike, Dinosaur Rock

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Well, I finally found some cicadas. If you live in Lancaster county in Pennsylvania, go North of the PA Turnpike. Also if you know where Dinosaur rock is, take a trip there, there are tons there. Josh, Manheim, Pa

cicada sightings

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
i dont have any cicada’s in my area but i just got back from visiting family in baltimore and they are all over the place there. we watched birds flying around haveing a field day catching them and eatting them. one even flew in our moveing car and hit my husband in the cheaek while he was driveing tabitha, virgina

I Have Heard of them before – Finally saw them!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I have been hearing a lot about Cicaddas in the past few months but have never seen them. My mom, brother and I went to Springdale, Maryland to visit my aunt & uncle. The sound was incredible, they were flying (blindly) everywhere, on every tree. I will never forget it. We took some dead ones home with us. I am writing a report for school. Isabelle Jackson, Blackwood, NJ

Cicada Count: Zero

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Nothing yet. Jim, Bridgewater, NJ (Somerset County)

Not here but tons in in southern West Virginia

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I just returned today from a trip up north. I took 81 South through Maryland and West Virginia into Virginia to 66 East. I could hear and see them in the in the last 10 minutes of West Virginia on into Virginia. I must have hit at least a dozen with my car. I left interstate 81 to head east on interstate 66, and then I exited interstate 66 for a McDonald’s at Front Royal. There were swarms of them in the trees and bushes surrounding the restaurant and gas station. I am originally from upstate New York and have never seen nor heard anything like it! Based on the fact that they kept flying in my face and hair – I hope I don’t see them near where I live – I was happy to get away from them. Kelly, Richmond, VA

Not a Sound!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Not one sound of the pests here in Ballsville. Just waiting for now.Jack Pollio. Virginia Jack Pollio, Ballsville, Virginia

Kind treatment of Cicadas and egg laying.

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I am a science teacher in the Maryland/DC area. My 4th and 5th graders have been going outside to study these unusual insects. They are not allow to hurt them. They are allowed to handle them gently. I also work in our after care program so the same rules apply. All the teachers are making sure that the students do not hurt them.

Today I saw several females laying eggs on the tree in my yard. My husband took some great pictures. I should have taken movies but I wanted to watch. After the female inserts the body part (I forgot what it is called)into the branch, she pumps her abdomen up and down. It take about a minute. Hope you all can see it.

Shirley Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

Cincinatti is loaded with Cicadas!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
My family spent this past weekend in Cincinatti… it seems that the Cicada love the Cincy area. We just heard the Cicada in the masses while driving, but we were almost attacked by the hordes of Cicada at the Cincinatti Zoo. A Zoo worker said it best “This is Ground Zero for Cicada”; I think she was right. Tons of Cicada flying around, landing on people, freaking out little kids. Once jumped in my van and hitched a ride to Columbus. They were neat and you could hear them while driving (with windows up and with the A/C and radio on). Truly amazing. Erik, Columbus, OH

Bike Riders Beware!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
We have plenty of cicadas around here. When riding bikes on the bike path along the Big Miami River the cicadas are flying everywhere and their singing is quite monotonous! You’d best not open your mouth for any reason or you just might experience a nice tasty cicada snack! Karen , West Carrollton, OH

Another bathroom cicada encounter!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I work on the south side of Capitol Hill in DC, in a fairly new building. I have seen only a couple of cicadas around there so far – which didn’t surprise me, since the ground has been torn up quite a bit around there in the past 17 years. What DID surprise me was that yesterday, in the bathroom at work, I felt something on my shirt, which I went to brush away – and then looked down and saw I was holding a cicada, and jumped about a mile! I’m not really afraid of them, he (she? It was the women’s bathroom) just startled me.
My home is in Cleveland Park, DC. I haven’t seen that many on my street – maybe 20 total. Just a few streets away, though, my neighbors say they have tons. Elizabeth, Washington, DC

Any in Long Island Yet?

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Planning a trip to see (and hear) the cicadas. Was hoping to hit Long Island bacuase it is a shorter trip than New Jersey, but I have not heard of any showing up there yet. Any sightings at all? Al, Westborough,, MA

Pssing Through

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
On a road trip from middle tennessee to monmouth county NJ, we used interstate 81 north. We left Roanoke Va at 9:30 am, May 30th, didn’t see any cicades until we hiy West Virginia around 1:30pm. They were lots as the highway wound through the more wooded areas. Once until Maryland we saw very few and once in PA, we saw none. West Virginia had plenty. I do not know how to estimate, but through many miles we were hitting a cicada about every 2 or 3 seconds. (was driving a truck).
Bob, Aberdeen NJ

No Cicadas here !

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
We are still waiting here. There were exploring in a few areas and noticed just west of here in Berks County. Heavily infested pockets seem to be the rule. Steve, Pottstown, E.Coventry Township PA

Can anyone explain this??

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
We have had cicadas emerging here since at least May 12th. We are in the middle of a 500 acre forest at 2000 ft altitude just west of Murphy and near the TN border.
The mystery IS that we have not heard any of the cicadas singing in the trees surrounding our house although we see them flitting from tree to tree, but we have heard them for a week or so in the distance to the east of us.
Why don’t they make noise in our trees or anywhere around our house???
We usually feed hundreds of birds here with our feeders but they have been gone the last few weeks apparently on an Atkins diet of cicadas instead of our sunflower seed so I can’t see that the cicadas would be afraid of our bird population…they aren’t here!
Can anyone venture a theory? We’re mystified. We want to hear them up close and personal. 🙂 Hope, Murphy, NC

Located in North Georgia Mountains – Amicalola Falls

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
We hike at Amicalola Falls State Park almost every weekend… 05/23 and 05/30 we saw many holes in the ground, the Cicada Nymphal Skins on the trees and Cicada Periodical adult bodies on the ground… then of course, the mating calls in the trees. All very cool! I grew up in Delaware with the Dog-Day Cicada which I saw/heard every year. It is fun to learn about the different species.

No Cicada Periodical sightings in Gainesville GA (just 35 miles away) C Dew, Gainesville, Georgia

Protect your ears

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I have somewhere between 30-50,000 in my area and have found the sound interesting but uncomfortable. I decided to measure how much sound they were producing.

Standing on my deck mid afternoon the din is a steady 85-90 dBA.
Per O.S.H.A’s guidelines 8 hours/day is the limit before hearing damage may occur. Many audiologists believe hearing damage may happen in a shorter period of time.

If you are working out in an area where Cicada’s are bountiful you may want to consider hearing protection for the next few weeks.
Karl Freudenreich, Columbus, Ohio

A lot of Cicadas

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Near the University of Cincinnati Ryan, Clifton, Ohio

Are they gone already?

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I went away last Friday to the mountains where there were no cicadas, when I left they were chirping as loud as ever, when I returned home yesterday, I heard no chirping & saw many dead or dying cicadas…I was able to catch a few males & a couple of females. Today, it’s rainy & only in the upper 60’s, could the weather have something to do with this??? Anyone?? Also, how can you tell that a male has mated? Or can you? I have heard that males can only mate once then they die… Staci, Beltsville, MD

WARNING: Cicada’s and Skirts

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I don’t know how many other women have had this experience? I’m tired of it. I can’t until they are all gone. These nasty bugs keep flying up my skirt. It seems to happen mostly when I’m about to go into my car. I start driving, have to pull over and get them out. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Only a few more weeks and it will be just a memory. Lori, Pikesville, MD

New photos of Terpnosia vacua

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
New photos of Terpnosia vacua (Japanese name is Haruzemi, which means ‘Spring Cicada’) are available from my Cicadae in Japan website:

Please enjoy them. Yasumasa SAISHO, Hiroshima, JAPAN

Cicada Panic

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Has anyone heard if they are headed for Staten Island? You guys in PA are freaking me out! I have never seen a cicada and I am not looking forward to it. I may have to live under a bug net for the rest of the summer. Karen, Staten Island

They are in Gettysburg…I heard them today!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Today, my husband, son, and I drove down to the Boyds Bear Country Barn in Gettysburg, PA. On the road to the Barn, my husband said, “do you hear that?” Well, our windows were all rolled up, our airconditioner was on full blast, and my son had his CD player blasting (headphones half off his ears, of course). Heck no, I didn’t hear THAT! Then, he slowed down the car, turned off the air, and my son got quiet also. When we rolled down the windows, it sounded like a million crickets in the creek gone haywire. A non-stop buzz that could drive you nuts if you lived in the midst of it. A gleeful grin came over my husband’s face…CICADAS!!!!! We have been waiting for them for the last month…talk about media hype….but have had no signs whatsoever. I truly hope that today’s encounter will be my one and only experience with these bugs. Heard but not seen! Nancy, PA

VDOT Against Cicadas?

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Prior to the emergence of the cicadas, I noticed VDOT workers every morning (I drive 150 miles round trip on 81 South everyday) spraying some kind of liquid on the medians and hillsides.

Was this intended to reduce the number of emerging cicadas? They certainly weren’t watering the plants.

Just wondering.

Cardo, Winchester, VA

in my neighborhood, finally!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
When the cicadas were first to emerge, i went out everynite with my flashlight and hoped to see one emerge from its shell. i gave up hope, and realized i was just going to have to listen to them at work, in severna park. but two days ago, i started to hear them in my area, and now they are everywhere. I say that i am very brave, because i actually go outside during the day. For the last 3 days the weather was very warm and sunny, and those little guys were singing their little hearts out, and flying everywhere. today was cool and overcast so they were not as loud or active. i did have a close encounter at work on friday, i heard this growling noise behind me, and when i turned around i was eyeball to eyeball to one. boy did i run.
carolyn, glen burnie, maryland

To “Unique Blue Eyed Cicada”

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Release your cicada so it can breed more blue eyed cicadas. If it is already dead, bring it to your local university’s biology department and ask the teacher there most likely to know about insects how best to preserve it without harming the eyes (an entymologist, or other biologist). We have no cicadas here in the triangle. I’m disappointed. SG, Triangle, NC


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I have seen so many cicadas and dead cicadas in my yard! before I used to be freaked out with them but now they are ok. Im 9 yrs old so the next time ‘I see cicadas is when I’m going to be about 26. Im trying to enjoy the first time I meet cicadas because I wont see them again for a very long time! Mary, Maryland

South Jersey cicadas

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
For the person who asked about cicadas in South Jersey: There are not many sites in that area for this brood, but there is a decent population along Woodstown-Alloway Rd., S. of Woodstown, NJ, and mainly north of the Timberman Rd. junction (and in that general area). You can also look along Pierson Rd. off Commissioners Pike. Those locations are in Salem County, NJ. There are also odd spots scattered around NJ to the northeast of that, but I do not know the specifics. Much of NJ, including the northern areas connecting with the Hudson River Valley of NY, belongs to a different brood (Brood II) which emerged last in 1996, so most New Jerseyans do not have them this year.
Dave Marshall, Evansville, Indiana, for the next few days

None In Hagerstown…

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I left my cicada ridden neighborhood for the mountains of northern MD & not a SIGN of even one cicada…..It was much cooler there than it is here in the D.C. suburbs. They may stink, but it was nice to come home to their singing…..This happens only every 17 yrs, that’s alot of time, I think we should make the best of them for the short time they are here…Buy your child a “bug cage” or a “Critter Keeper” available at any pet store. They are pretty cool to watch & listen to when there are only 4 or 5 in the cage….Make sure you put plenty of sticks & leafy material for them to eat & drink from, I change mine daily, let the cicadas go & catch new ones & fill the keeper with fresh branches & shrubbery. I keep a water squirt bottle close to spray them occasionally. I think this is really a very interesting time, they may stink, but they are harmless & cool to watch! My 3 yr old will be 20, omg, when Brood X appears next!!!! Does anyone know hoew to keep the dead cicadas on some kind of display behind glass?? I would like to keep a few males & females & compare them the next time they come around, God willing I am here 🙂 Staci, Beltsville, MD


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
According to the Michigan website, I won’t be getting any cicadas… I’m so bummed. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I’m about an hour north of the PA border. I’ve been soooo anticipating this, too. Sebastian , Binghamton, NY

None in Rochester but alot in D.C.

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I was just in D.C. last weekend this weekend and there was thousands of cicadas. Especially in Arlington Cemetary. There are none in my part of New York. Probably never will be. Brendon, Rochester, NY

None here but plenty there!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Still none in my area, but I went to Hagerstown MD yesterday and heard none down I-95. Heard some around Baltimore, but not on I-70 and none in Hagerstown. Went from Hagerstown to Artemas PA and started hearing and seeing them as we traveled on I-70. When we got to Artemas we saw plenty! We then went to Hannicey-nice MD for dinner and saw plenty there also by the canal. It was great to see them. Today we went to Antietam National Battlefield (a great place to visit) and saw a few there but heard many in the surrounding area. On the trip back I heard them all the way until the Newark DE exit on I-95. David, Media PA

Found Them!!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Kept waiting for these things to show up at the house and they didn’t so we went looking. Found them in Southern Lancaster County. Loads of them driving on 340 tword Pinacle Point in Holtwood. Stopped at Pinacle and got dive bombed! Loved It!!The sound is amazing, so incredibly loud. So, if your hunting, just take a drive in the southern end of Lancaster, keep your ears open and pull over when it gets really loud. Kelly, Lancaster, PA

Plenty on the Mountain

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Lots of cicadas in the western part of Hillsborough, especially up the Sourland mountain. Sounds like a million tiny little chain saws buzzing in the trees! christine, Hillsborough, NJ

To Kelly in Columbus, Dated May 24- White Cicada

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Hi, Kelly!
Yes and yes! I have seen and photographed an albino cicada, too! Isn’t it exciting?! The white body really shows up the striking red eyes, doesn’t it? Makes it look rather alien. 😉
In my necka the woods, the cicadas have peaked in noise level and are now dwindling down a bit. We are having coolish weather, now, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it, because when it was hot last week, boy, the cicadas really buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzed and flew around!
If anyone knows the answer to this question, please do post it: Now and then, we’ll hear, above the “running water” droning sound, a sudden burst of a low, buzzy, WEEEEEEEEEEEEohhhhhhhhhh, WEEEEEEEEEohhhhhhhhhh sound, like it’s from an individual cicada. Does anyone have any clue what that means/is? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

+Becki, Who will miss them when they’re gone! +Becki, Landover Hills, MD


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004

When will they arrive? Not here yet….

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival here in the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania, VA area. Can anyone tell me if there were here 17 yrs ago or if they are coming? Terri, Spotsylvania, VA

So fascinating to watch them up close

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Am I lucky to be visiting Cumberland MD this week (was in Arlington 2 weeks ago. I get around!) The mountains are echoing & vibrating with their incredible song. I stood under a small tree and watched them closely for the first time. I saw the females laying eggs with a long ovipositor that she inserts into the twig. And I saw the males fly in & land on a twig and start singing, lifting their abdomen and making their “whee-oh” call. The “oh” part is when they relax their abdomen at the end. It is a soft, mellow call…hard to believe that ambient whistle in the woods is just millions of insects making this little noise all at once. This really is a magical phenomenon. The guy who named them “magicicada” had it right!! Laura Woodswalker, Visiting Cumberland MD


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
TOO MANY CICADAS!!! The sound is INSANE, and they are flying EVERYWHERE!
I fled to my parent’s this weekend to get away from the deafening noise, and to hopefully get some sleep. I have a few that attatch themselves to the screen on my bedroom window and sing to me all night long!! Lucky me. Lauren, Reston, VA

To Priscilla of Smithville

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
We will certainly all be disappointed if we do not see the cicadas here. That would be wonderful if you could share with us your exoskeletal “bounty”. My class and I would greatly appreciate it! I still have hope that they will come….but starting to doubt! Kim Kim, Smithville, NJ

still waiting

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I have seen holes in the ground for weeks but no signs of any cicadas. Don’t hear any either. We live in a wooded area and expected, still do, to be covered. Would like to get this over with. Any sightings near here? D.C., Devon, Pa.

TO CHRIS, Carlsbad, CATO

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Would you like to move into my house? Would you like to be imprisoned in the house with windows and doors tightly closed – so you wouldn’t smell decaying “friends” from outside? Would you like to drive in rush hour being bombed by these lovely creatures, and then spend an hour washing the mess off your car?
That’s very good of you to be such a wise guy, who is reading about cicadas from afar. Come and stay here, then we’ll see how you feel about these “friends”.
Elena, Fairfax Villa, Fairfax VA

They’re here!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Thanks to Mike, my kids and I went to Middle Creek last evening (Kleinfeltersville, PA, just North of PA turnpike)And they’re there by the millions, I would say. The ground is peppered with their holes. We saw a whole lot of cases, adults, but no freshly emerged ones. You have to look UNDER the leaves mostly, and surprisingly, not on the big trees, but the small vegetation (mind the poison ivy!) So, we had to drive 30 minutes to see them, but my kids were impressed. A nice outing, with a happy ending. Steve, Leola, PA

my new friend

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
i was driving home yesterday on a beautiful day and had all my windows open, and next thing i knew a cicada flew in my car! i guess i’m not too much of a girly girl cause i think cicadas are the coolest things ever so i closed my windows and brought him home with me. i showed all my friends my new cicada friend but they weren’t as impressed as i. then i set him free but he only made it a few feet before a bird ate him. poor little booger… Leah, Dayton, OH

Where are they???

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
We were covered up with them when the 13 yr. brood arose. I have not seen a single one yet this time. Are they coming to this area? Theresa, Southern Middle Tennessee

1987 Cicadas

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
We lived in Reading (Berks County) from March-October 1987. I can honestly say I NEVER saw one cicada that year. Since that was 17 years ago, the sidewalks should have been literally covered with them. We lived near the museum and used to go there several times a week. Saw lots of chipmunks but no cicadas. And I *KNOW* I would have remembered swarms of ANY kind of bug. This whole cicada cycle thing is very puzzling to me. Mindy, Las Vegas, NV (formerly Reading, PA)

For Kim at Smithville School

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
No cicadas here yet, but my sister and I took a ride up to Princeton today to see them. They were everywhere! And that noise! It was like a million crickets over our heads. They were quite clumsy, and even friendly, as they allowed my sister and I to pick them up and carry them around.

I don’t know if we’ll be seeing them here, but I have a feeling we won’t (too many pines and not enough deciduous trees). If not, I brought home a few exoskeletons and can drop them off at the school for you and your class. Let me know if you want them. You can post it here. Priscilla, Smithville, NJ

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May 29, 2004

May 25th – May 29th 2004 Cicada Comments

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For Kim at Smithville School

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
No cicadas here yet, but my sister and I took a ride up to Princeton today to see them. They were everywhere! And that noise! It was like a million crickets over our heads. They were quite clumsy, and even friendly, as they allowed my sister and I to pick them up and carry them around.

I don’t know if we’ll be seeing them here, but I have a feeling we won’t (too many pines and not enough deciduous trees). If not, I brought home a few exoskeletons and can drop them off at the school for you and your class. Let me know if you want them. You can post it here. Priscilla, Smithville, NJ

still no cicadas!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
where are they ? i haven’t seen them here in stuarts draft virginia yet! patiently_waiting, stuarts draft, virginia

cicadas do pee

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
A cicada pee’d on my car the other day and then flew away. It was gross!! I didn’t know bugs could pee like that. Judy, Hamilton, Ohio

Bunch of Cicadas out in NEPA

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I took a walk up by Pittson Area High School in the woods behind the school and I found a bunch of old shells, and was about to just leave when I spotted an adult. I snatched him up and put him in my jug, and I looked down at this bush and there were a ton of them under the leaves. I snatched up about 20 of the. 2 vibrated or made that noise they make when I picked them up. It must come from deep within their angry, demonic soul, because it couldn’t use its wings to make it the way I was holding it. All had red eyes except one had orange. I noticed some of them had one wing that was smaller than the other also. Vel, Pittston, PA


Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Today I spent the day in Cincinnati. From what I noticed, there are cicadas just about everywhere in town in some number. However, the two places I found the most were Alms Park in Cincinnati (it’s a big park, on just about any map) and Withrow Nature Preserve in Anderson Twp. In Alms Park, there were literally hundreds on every single tree in the park. They were also flying EVERYWHERE. The noise, of course, was nearly deafening. If anyone reading this is planning to goto Cincy to check the cicadas out, I highly recommend the two places I mentioned. Josh , Detroit, MI

Finally found some

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I went hiking today in Caledonia State Park (near Chambersburg, PA) and saw hundreds of exit-holes in the ground, as well as about 50 shells and two dead adults. Didn’t see any live ones, although we could hear their sound emanating from somewhere in the distance, varying in volume depending on our location. Upon returning to our starting point at around 5:30 PM, the sound was completely gone. I don’t know if they moved on to somewhere else or if they just get quiet at certain times of the day. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t see any live ones. During the ’87 emergence, I lived up in the central part of the state and we had cicadas out the ying-yang. I was eight years old and I remember the playground at my school was covered with them.
Jason, York, PA

Cicadas found in Cincinnati

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
There is a big swarm covering some small trees in the Kenwood Mall parking lot, easy to catch. Also I heard there were some at an office park off of 75, but I’m not sure where. Ellen, Cincinnati, OH

anyone know where i can see them locally?

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I heard on NPR that they emerging in a few spots locally. The report said Haverford College and i forget where else. i tried to search their website for more info. anyone know any local sightings?

trish trish, philadelphia

cicada golf hazards

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I missed an important birdie putt yesterday when a cicada altered the path of the ball by landing in front of it. Can you believe it? A cicada hazard. Are these things blind or just stupid? Why didn’t it move? Don’t these things realize just how rare a birdie is, or do they just hart all birdies?
also, while driving the cart through wooded areas, I must’ve taken a hundred cicadas in the face. They make great targets for practice swings, but you have to wipe the guts off your driver. Bob Goldberg, Baltimore

unique cicada caught!!!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I have captured a living cicada with unique eyes. The specimen, caught in Mt. Washington (Baltimore) Maryland, has silvery or light blue eyes, depending on lighting conditions, and has what appear to be dark eyeballs. How can I preserve this specimen without destroying or altering the eyes? Alcohol? Formaldehyde? Please advise. Thank you Bob, northern Baltimore, Maryland

Cicada at work

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Yesterday I found a live cicada in the men’s room at work. It was a male. How did he know which restroom to use? Can cicada’s read? Probably it had flown onto a man who entered the restroom but it was funny to find a male cicada in the men’s room. Lorenzo, Baltimore

cicada spotted

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Cicada spotted in Massachusetts!
Last in the neighborhood Summer of ’90.
Are they early? Marje, Mashpee, Massachusetts


Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Where are your teachers? They should be telling the kids not to hurt them! Elaine, Sterling,VA

PA – where they are (and where they are not)

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Advance news had hyped the cicadas as “they will be everywhere”. They are not EVERYWHERE but where they are, there are a LOT of them. Look for them in the woodland hills just north of the PA Turnpike. Not many south of that (till they reappear in the Baltimore area). Mike, Lititz PA

PA – Still emerging!!!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I drove up to Middle Creek Wildlife preserve last night at dusk and saw hundreds emerging. Looks like the emergence is slowing down a little but the chorus is just getting under way. Took pictures, will put them on web site as soon as I can. Mike, Lititz PA

Hearing them from afar

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I finally heard them on TV!!! Just barely during a news story with Bush out in the Rose Garden of the White House….it didn’t even hit me at first and then realized that that whirring sound was the cicadas! It will be interesting to see if you can hear them during the WWII Memorial dedication tomorrow
Rachel, good for you for saving the Cicadas and Mike, I loved your web site 🙂 Debbie, Seattle

my cicadas wings are wilted 🙁

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I found a nymph today and it quickly turned into a winged black adult. the thing is, the tips of the wings are wilted and the cicada doesn;t seem too active. also there are 2 thin strandy white things still attached to the shell. what went wrong with this guy? Vel, pittston, pa

Will they come to Minnesota

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I am pretty jealous of all the sightings in the east coast. Will they every appear in Minneosta? Or it is too cold for them.

Where is the sighting closest to Minnesota? I would like to drive over and experience it.

Thanks Larry, Eden Prairie, MN

Where are they!?

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I must admit, if you haven’t seen a cicada..then count your self lucky!
Those little frisky fellas are everywhere!

They might not like pine trees a lot, but they seem to have no problem hanging on to them.
In fact, there’s hardly anything I don’t seem to NOT hanging on to!
They don’t bother me and I won’t bother them..I do carry my trusty badminton racket with me to help them on their way though!

The First 2 weeks wasn’t that bad, but this week is just plain crazy!!
I have so many buzzing around my house, I call it ” Alpha Base Charlie”
Look, if you don’t have’s a blessing.
Take a road trip to go see some if you must, but for God’s sake don’t bring them home!
Squashed cicadas stink too, so the recent rain was a real big help.
They truly ARE a sight to behold, especially while fleeing! 🙂
Michelle, Randallstown, MD


Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
PLEASE, CSI and DC metro area trackers–STOP THOSE CRUEL KIDS AT SCHOOL FROM HARMING THESE WINGED WONDERS!!! Leave them be in peace! We’re missing out on all the fun here in cicada deficient CA, but tracking the daily emergence from afar…BE KIND TO OUR FLYING FRIENDS!!! They’ll soon all be gone. Chris, Carlsbad, CA

Where are they?

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I have yet to see any around here. We visited VA and DC last week and they have tons. Where are ours? Eisey, Hazleton PA

Archbald PA

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I saw my first cicada in Archbald PA yesterday. 8 miles east of Scranton. Rick, Archbald, PA

Lake Nockamixon, Bucks County, PA

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
We went on a cicada quest today, since there are none in our own area. We found them in Nockamixon Township, Bucks County, PA. On Top Rock Trail Road off of route 563 they were so loud that my daughters had to plug their ears! (That was mid-afternoon.) We caught a bunch there, including some as they were flying. Then we went to the lake, where the boat rental is, and in the woods by the parking lot there we found hundreds of live ones in the bushes on and the trees. We came home with a terrarium full of dozens of them, and they sang for us all the way home. We decided that, close up, their sound alternates between a machine gun noise and a chain saw noise. Ed, PA

Still not here

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I heard them heading into Quakertown on rte. 309 in various places, but still none in Chalfont or Horsham, PA. They seem to be to our North (Q-town), South (MD), East (Princeton), and West (Valley Forge), but not here! Waahhhh! Mike, Chalfont, PA

My Home Isn’t Safe Anymore

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
What is going on? I am losing weight by having to drive in a car with the windows cracked, if not rolled completely up. Sick and tired of cicadas flying in the car and having to fumble with getting them out. There have even been a couple found in my basem*nt. This isnt a MOTEL! When will these buzzards leave!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! They are EVERYWHERE I GO! Completely Disturbed, Baltimore, Maryland

Feel stupid

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
U know how sometimes you feel stupid looking at or hearing someone say stupid things. Well today this guy was on the bus talking to a woman about the cicadas. This dumb dumb said cicadas don’t have eyes. lol, they have eye sockets ,but no eyes oh and they also don’t have mouths. I felt so stupid hearing him say that. lol , oh ,but the funny thing is the lady listening genuinely beleived what he was saying. so she was like oh they don’t have eyes i thought they didn’t then she was like so if they don’t have mouths how do they eat he said they don’t eat. then he said well they do ,but u know how some fish don’t have mouths? well the cicadas are the same way and eat through there gills .HA HA HA what fish do you know of that doesn’t have a mouth. Also when did cicadas evolve and grew gills ? LOL Lil Paul, Seat Pleasant, MD

They are still around

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
For the last 2 weeks that the cicadas have been out i barely saw any around here. I’m takeing a guess that the rain last night bothered some that were not yet out of the ground ,because when I woke up this morning they were swarming everywhere and loud as ever. I could hear them even with my walkman on full blast. Paco, Laurel Maryland

cicada sighting outside Ann Arbor!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
These are the first I’ve seen in Michigan–a little sluggish in this cold, wet weather and not making much noise. But there are some at Oak Trails School off Warren northeast of town. There are quite a few, charmingly, on the sign that says “Oak Trails School” itself. More to come, I hope! Jim, Ann Arbor, MI

I hate cicadas…

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
… and they’re coming to get me.
VS, Nashville TN


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I work at Princeton University and man is it load.Everyone I talk to says the same thing.It sounds exactly like the alien spaceships from movies.Although I’m sqeemish around bugs I’m glad Ive been able to experience this once in my life.Its the noise thats most impressive.
Mike Mike Peloso, Princeton NJ

Still waiting!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Haven’t seen any yet. I’m in an area that hasn’t had a house built for at least 50-60 years so they should be here. David, Media PA Delaware County

how much longer?

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
does anyone know how much longer the cicadas will be around? Becca, Prince George County, MD

Cicadas in Dublin

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Amy in Dublin: can’t imagine cicadas in Dublin (I used to live on Avery Rd) They’ve poured so much concrete in the past eight years, how could one EVER crawl through??? Helen, Ann Arbor MI

Yeah for the CSI ‘-)

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Good for you Rachel (and the CSI). I am not crazy about cicadas, but it’s not right to abuse anything for fun. I’m proud of you. Helen, Ann Arbor MI

My House is Possessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Just when I thought I was fearing something pointless (none of my friends in Grove City, Columbus (Polaris area) or even Sunburry had seen any cicadas)…I wake up this morning to see them in my lawn by the hundreds…didn’t think we were on the map to get them, but they tried to mate with my husband while he mowed the grass. I thought I was lucky since we live in a brand new subdivision, but just as the real estate is moving to Lewis Center/Delaware, I suppose the cicadas are attracted to Olentangy schools too! After growing up on Lake Erie (Huron, OH) I thought I’d never see another swarm of May Flies when I moved to the Columbus area…but I’d take those nasty things ANY DAY over these Cicadas!! Heather, Delaware, OH

White Eyed Cicadas

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Has anyone seen any of these? My son just brought one in. He wanted to take it to the police station to get his $1000 that he heard at school was being paid for them. 🙂 JW, Trenotn, OH


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I am starting to think this whole thing is overblown–not a cicada in sight, not a buzz or hum in the air. What’s up? c, union, new jersey

They’re Close!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
We don’t have any Cicadas in our woods yet, but we’ve been hearing them from a distance for several days. We’ve been getting a lot of T-Storms, that may have something to do with it. Mike, Macungie, PA

Loud little buggers, aren’t they?

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Jeez. We’ve got cicadas! They started emerging about 2 weeks ago- and we aren’t seeing any more new skins anywhere, so I guess we’re done with that aspect of things. However – now my backyard and trees are filled with VERY LOUD cicadas. Our lot backs up to a woods, and so we have more cicadas than our sparsely wooded lot deserves. My daughter won’t go out to her swingset now. It’s pretty Hollywood ugly out there. Hopefully this will all be over soon???
Amanda L, Fairfield, OH

“Anti-Cicada Policy at My Son’s School”

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
My son and I collected a few cicadas a few miles north of where we live in Hilliard, Ohio so he could take them to his elemetary school and show them to his classmates. After he came home from school the next day, I asked how it went. He said, with sadness in his eyes, his 2nd grade teacher made him throw out the cicadas before he could show them to anyone.
Apparently, she has a anti-bug policy in class and has a “zero tollerance” toward all bug bringer-in-ers. I was amazed and upset, too! So much for trying to bring the wonderful world of nature and science to thier classroom. I think his teacher needs to rethink her additude toward those red-eyed creatures from below.
For instance: “1-cicada, 2-cicada, 3-cacada, 4. How many cicadas can we get past her door?” Chris J., Hilliard, Ohio


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Kids at my school rip the wings, legs &heads off cicadas.. me, Carson, & Katie are the CSI, the cicada saving industry. I’m making flyers now! 😀 Rachel, MD

Went to Princeton today

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I went into Princeton today and as I was walking around downtown it sounded like a giant transformer. The area around where Princeton Pike, 206, and Nassau Street come together was unbelievable load and full of Cicada. Saw two that were still white, they must have just emerged. Also saw a lot on Vandeventer Ave. Leaving Princeton via Harrison Street the sound faded and by the time I reach Carnegie they could not be heard. Amazing how localized they are. Jim, nj

Not as loud as before…

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Finally, they noise from these annoying critteres appears to be tappering down. Definitely not as loud the past couple of days. I hope this marks the beginning of the end of this “emergence”.
Alan, Fairfax, VA

Finally found the mother lode of cicadas in Indianapolis!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
So I’ve been bummed because we’ve had so few cicadas… then I’m driving along 56th street on the east side, between 465 and Keystone, and I notice a loud buzzing/humming sound … it was thousands of cicadas! I had to roll up my windows for fear of one flying in the window! Holy cow!

I got my daughters and we went back… we drove through a neighborhood there and were amazed. These creatures were crawling on everything from the ground, grass, low lying plants, up tree trunks and all over houses. There are hundreds flying in the air.

The sound was unbelievable. There was a recognizable buzzing that seemed to ebb and flow in unison… and overlaying that bug sounding buzz was an eerie high pitched hum. Now I understand the references to lasers and UFOs. It’s really undescribable.

We drove past one house that had a blow up jumping toy set up in the front yard apparently for a birthday party this weekend… but I’m afraid there will be more than a few kids and adults who will refuse to go outside in the midst of all those flying monsters.

My daughters begged me to let them out to catch a few… so we got out a bag and they each brought in a captured cicada, but my oldest daughter caught a mating pair! When we got home, she transplanted the mating pair to a tree in our yard hoping this couple would populate our yard! My other daughter’s friend flew off only to be IMMEDIATELY picked off in mid-air by a bird! My daughter was more than a bit honked off.

The sheer numbers of this emergence is overwhelming. We are so happy that a) we finally got to experience this phenomenon and b) there are not this many in our yard! Yuck!

If anyone in the Indianapolis area wants to experience this – head to the neighborhoods north and south of 56th street between 465 and Keystone (closer to 465). Open your car windows a bit, you can’t miss the sound! Holly, Indianapolis Indiana

Just back from Hershey Park

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
We just spent 2 days in Hershey and there were no signs of any cicadas there yet. Christine Lisciak, PA

They are everywhere

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Just had two on my back from walking to my car and back. Store owners are sweeping live ones up like they were discarded cigarette butts. My car is covered in smashed cicadas from the beltway around DC. I left for a trip last friday and there were none and I came back to this. ARGH john, Rockville MD

Cicadas — Come Baaaack!!!!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Not a sighting or sounding for these creatures — when are they coming to South Jersey? We’re waiting!! Anneliese, Pine Hill, NJ

Cicadas in Towson!!!

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
This is my second time around with these things and the first time I don’t remember it being ANYTHING like this. I work in Towson, and there is not ONE place that I’ve been to that hasn’t had hundreds of Cicadas per tree. I’ve noticed that they don’t particularly care for the pine trees, but they certainly LOVE the maple trees! I thought that I would not be seeing them near my home since I live in the city, but yesterday I had one in my front yard, then today I saw at least 5 or 6, so they are definitely emerging slowly but surely and my SUV windows are taking a lot a of misguided Cicadas. Smashed Cicadas are hard to clean off your windshield!!! Tiffany, Baltimore, MD

New Gallery and Blue-eyed Cicada

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Arlington’s in full swing. My neighborhood actually doesn’t sound as loud as earlier in the week, but there are more in the city area than last weekend.

I have some pictures and commentary at
There are two pages. Next weekend, a birthday party for my daughter with cicada pinata, cake, and racetrack (tried it out, and it’s a little underwhelming– they’re perfectly happy to sit still). Mike, Arlington


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I saw the post below about Quakertown PA. I live there and havent seen or heard anything! Mike, Quakertown PA


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I have been looking forward to seeing these creatures, but I have yet to see one. Are they coming to Georgia? Jenny, Locust Grove, Georgia

Where should we go?

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I am going to head up to Princeton on Thursday June 3rd in the hope of finding and documenting some cicada activity. Could any of you fine folks in Princeton reccommend some specific locations to seek out? Much obliged. I. A. Bodulait, Brooklyn, NY

Sooooo Loud

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
The cicadas are definatly here. Too noisy to be outside. We are on 2 acres just outside of dublin. My black lab thinks they are delicious! A,my, Dublin,ohio


Date: Friday, May/28/2004
My back yard is like a Hitchco*ck movie. The smell is getting stronger and so are the cicada’s. I saw one trying to carry off my neighbor’s kid much to my joy, only to drop him in the middle of the street. Cutting the grass is a growing adventure. Several have found me to be a suitable mate, but I guess they don’t like Italian. Can’t wait until I’m able to hear the music coming from my stereo again, but I’ll miss them nonetheless. Born in the cicada year of 1987 ties me to them I guess. Sorry for those of you not able to enjoy this craziness. It’s quite memorizing. Terp Fan, Ellicott City, MD

I found which direction they are moving in.

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Thur. May 27th, i was driving through Dublin, OH when the setting outside went from normal to erie. I soon relized that when I had crossed the Scioto River that I had entered Cicada central. I wonder when they will cross the river and arrive at my house? They are so loud. I could hear them in my car with the windows all up and the radoi playing. I thought something was wrong with my car. It was incredible. Dustin Z., Dublin, OH

Where are they???

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Sadly, none to speak of in Warrington. No one can tell me if they remember them from 17 years ago. T. Hess, Warrington, PA (Central Bucks)

Cicada songs – fading away 🙁

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Sad to say, the cicada songs are fading in my area; presumably they’re ending their stay? I’ve rescued a few from the street over the past few days, and when I picked them up, they started “crenelating” (is that the proper word?) I don’t know if they were singing to me or swearing at me, but it’s a fascinating sound! Also, I was out walking last week and it seemed every cicada in the area was using me for a landing strip; a man was walking 10 feet in front of me, but they were leaving him alone; any thoughts on “why me?” (not that I minded, I think the Magics are just that – magic!) Sue, Riverdale, MD

Webcam with audio?

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Has anyone found a webcam with audio yet in a cicada-intense area? Still haven’t had a chance to *hear* them (my mother still won’t open her window, even though she has screens…she’s completely freaked out) Debbie, Seattle

Philadelphia, PA suburbs

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Saw 2 live cicadas (one with deformed wings) and their exoskeletons here in the near western suburbs of Philadelphia on 5/25. Several more exoskeletons each day since, though no more live cidadas. Perhaps 20 cicada holes readily visible under the maple in our back yard.

Former homeowner told us there had been a relatively large emergence here in 1987. Dawn, Wynnewood, PA

Friend visiting Princeton from Seattle

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I have a friend who grew up here in Seattle who’s visiting Princeton this weekend with her boyfriend for a college reunion….I did not have a chance to talk to her before she left so she may have *no* idea what she’s in for! It sounds like they are all over Princeton campus from what I’m reading here…am I correct? It will be interesting to hear her comments when she gets back.

I wonder if researchers would be interested in these special colored eye cicadas? I know the person who found the blue-eyed cicada in MD turned it in to researchers at the UM. Debbie, Seattle

Not here yet……

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I have not seen or heard even one yet here in Northwestern Indiana. I thought perhaps our recent spell of cool and wet weather is postponing the emergence. I do not remember seeing any in 1987, but I vividly remember the brood in 1973, when to a child it seemed to be the coolest natural thing on earth. I am hoping that our human race has not obliterated these fascinating creatures; but I am afraid with deforestation and rapid urbanization of countryside in this area, this may very well be the case. A sad thing to happen to a harmless and interesting animal. Dan, Valparaiso, IN

Brood X Street Locations

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I was wondering if we could give more specific street locations for some of the hotspots. I just came back from Maryland and Brood X was not as widespread as I thought. I did not hear any in Hagerstown. Baltimore was incredible though. Specifically: Edmondson Avenue. The noise level was amazing. I located all three species near a middle school on that street. Septendecula sang loudly around 8 pm. I also found a tree with roughly 5000 skins underneath. Anyways, I want to see other sights but to save time (and gas)I would like specific locations. Also, I believe this info will prove useful for future seekers. Thanks cicadamaniacs!
Mike Mike, Connecticut -Maryland

NE Extension / PA Turnpike

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
Nothing in the Allentown, PA area yet . . . but my daughter and I were driving down to the Phillies game late afternoon and could not believe the intensity of noise coming from the woods beginning just south of the Quakertown exit of the NE Extension/PA Turnpike. Stayed that way for several miles towards Lansdale, then — just like that — it was all over with for the rest of the trip south into the Phila. area. The wave of emergence must be making it’s way north a little each day.
Frankie D, Allentown PA

Traveling into Hillsborough

Date: Friday, May/28/2004
I am about 10 miles north of Princeton and I spotted 3 fluttering cicadas on Hwy 206. None on trees yet, and nothing like Princeton! Was in Princeton yesterday, and one was traveling with me on my windshield. Set it free before I left Princeton. Can they survive if they are transported into other areas by cars, buses, etc…? Janet, Hillsborough, NJ

Smithsonian attack

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Just fyi for anyone visting the new Dulles Smithsonian National Aircraft and Space Museum in Virginia/DC — the cicadas were swarming the place. They were blindly running into the glass building, a small pile was at the front door where they had all haplessly landed. We were there on a field trip for my son’s class and had to eat outside. When we re-entered the building, one teacher found three had landed on or in his collar area and students pulled them out for him YUK!!! In general, I feel sorry for these bugs. The cicadas are about the dumbest, saddest flying insects ever. They look as if they’re struggling horribly when flying and they just run into anything. And if they land upside down, they just lay their waving their feet in agony. And half the time when you flip them over, they flip right back onto their back. Jane, Ashburn, VA

cicadas and hershey park

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
LOL to the guy asking about Hershey Park. I emailed the very same question to the park a couple of days ago and this is the LONG answer I got back: Thank you for your inquiry regarding Cicadas. It is projected to be a peak
cyclic year for these insects to mature to adulthood in the Northeastern
United States. So far I have only heard one adult within HERSHEYPARK. We do
expect numbers to increase and the projected peak breeding season is to be
mid-to-late June. One will expect to see evidence of the metamorphosis to
adulthood by the time of your visit. However, I do not expect that the
presence of these insects to impact greatly on your visit. I expect the
sights, sounds and excitement of HERSHEYPARK will overshadow the impact of
this natural, but harmless, phenomenon.

To hypothesize regarding one of your concerns, I suppose it is conceivable
that one could encounter one of the insects while it is in flight. The
likelihood seems improbable, but I suppose possible. All I can tell you is
that I’ve been an adult living in this area long enough to have been here
for two previous peak cyclic years, and I do not recall an incident of that
type happening or having had my lifestyle impacted in any way during these
“peak” cycles. As Director of the zoo associated with HERSHEYPARK, I and my
staff attempt to be aware of all of these natural occurrences. In our area
some cicada reach adulthood every year, but there are these cyclic peak
years. The sound of these insects competing for mating rites and seeing an
occasional adult in flight is expected. These insects do not bite or seek
out any sources of food throughout this portion of their life cycle. I do
reiterate that so far whatever we may see remains to happen. I have only
heard two adults so far, and only one was within HERSHEYPARK as of this

Please feel free to contact me if I can offer additional information.

Troy E. Stump
ZOOAMERICA Wildlife Park
Jane, Ashburn VA

I am 15 minutes from Princeton and still I do not see any!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Are the people surrounding the Princeton area supposed to be Plagued with these bugs? I have been in fear of these little buggers, sticking their heads above ground, for some time now. I know people who live in Princeton and they say that they are everywhere! What I am asking is this….. Is this the first generation that wants an education from an Ivy League school or are more supposed to arrive and be in the area of Plainsboro, Cranbury and the surrounding areas??? I pray that they just stay in Princeton and become graduates of 2004. 🙂 Michael, Cranbury

White eyes?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I’v heard there are a few with blue eyes. This ones eyes are for sure not red. My wife says they are white? Earl, Lancaster Pa.

None yet.,

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004

Are they blind?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I have been trying to convince my roomate that these buggers are not blind. But she insists that they are.
How about it? Anyone else want to back me up on this one?
Tony Roberts, Columbia MD

Gold eyed cicada

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Hi everybody, today I found a gold eyed cicada and I’m thinking that it has to be rare so im keeping it in my room. If anyone knows about the rarity of this color, please send back a message because I’m very interested in knowing If my discovery is actually a discovery. Thanks for your time, Nick Nick Kostreski, Wheaton, MD, U.S.

can they see?? or just stupid..

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
here’s my ‘cicada’ question..are they blind?? everyday driving home on kenilworth avenue in the berwyn heights area (cicada central), they fly into my windshield..they MUST be blind or incredibly stupid..they r EVERYWHERE..very creepy and SO BIG… michelle, greenbelt, maryland

Keeping my ears open for the Magic

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I am listening closely for a sign of our Magic friends. Sometimes I’ll think I hear it, but it just turns out to be a malfunctioning car engine. How disappointed I’ll be if they dont’ visit me… I have heard an occasional sound coming from the trees, which sounds like a weed-whacker. I wonder if it might be one *solitary* cicada. Up at Green Lane last week, there were 2 different species singing. One of them made that hollow whistle that could be compared to a jet at the other end of the runway. The other breed sounded like a chorus of weed-whackers. Then I also detected the ‘howling’ or warbling– I think that’s the actual mating call. Also, the females make a clicking sort of sound when they are ready to, um, get it on. I learned all this from a web site from a university in michigan, which has .mp3 and .wav files of the different cicada calls. I think the link is here on this site. Check it out! Laura, Oaks PA


Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
They are everywhere! When will they leave?! I m going to lose my mind or not go outside until they go away! Hannah, oakton, va

how to avoid cicadas?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
i am scared of cicadas….how can i avoid them? Jan, Indiana

Cicada Attack!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I was working off the Beltway in Falls Church looking out a fourth story window Tuesday morning as the Cicadas starting bouncing around. By noon the side of the building was covered with thousands. By 6pm when I left they were 5 to 6 inches deep along the bottom of the walls crawling over each other like something off of fear factor!
We have none of these in Yorktown.
Taking the family to Hershey PA two weeks from now…can anyone tell me if it is that bad there? I don’t want to take my kids on a roller coaster going 70mph if these things are flying around!
Regards… Jeff Dixon, Yorktown, VA

Where are they?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Haven’t seen any here yet. Lots of ticks (yuk) though! David, Media, Delaware County, PA


Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I work off Rolling Road. Man, they’re invading my freakin’ job!!! They’re all over the place here! I run into them in the truck on delivery, they come into my warehouse… they’re everywhere! I really wonder how long this thing will last. Hope not too long, I’m tired of having to flash my towel when I’m walkin’ outside to ward them off, lol. Have fun, cicada lovers! Obie , Springfield, VA (Where I work anyways…)

Black Eyes

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I found a female this afternoon with grey-black eyes. Has anyone heard of this sort of anomaly before? Joyce, Rockville, MD

first live one

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I have finally seen a live one and they look really cool and they are not the least bit scared of us I still have not seen what I was expecting, I have seen about 5 shells but and one live one but still not what others are seeing. I hope I get to see that. Scott Davis, Bel Air, MD

welcome cicadas!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
the cicadas have been here for about a week. They are very “patchy” in their gathering, you can drive the down the street and not hear them, then turn the corner and hear 100s of them in one tree. You can hear their melodic droning in the distance all day, but standing under a tree where they are all hanging out is UNREAL! I always smile when i see or hear them. Paul, Germantown, MD

what a buzz!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I thought I remembered how LOUD these guys were from the last time… The buzz started here a few nights ago, but this morning – after some heavy, persistent rain moved off – the buzz is truly in the air! Amazing too how isoloated some of the noise is; even in town you can drive past a city block and there’d be a sudden and very noticeable increase in the volume. rick xaver, bloomington, in


Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
They’ve started to swarm big time in Falls Church VA. Riding home from the lunch, we saw scores of people on the sidewalk flailing haplessly at the air. It resembled a science-finction movie. It’s dangerous–a co-worker almost hit a child who jumped into the street to escape a cicada. michael, Falls Church

They’re back!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
They are all over Princeton Borough. Depending on where you are – near old trees and woods – you can see zillions of them and hear them buzzing very loudly.

I remember them from 17 years ago when I worked in town. They carpeted the streets and side-walks. You had no choice but to step on them. They were everywhere! Cyn, Princeton, NJ

Crunchy Critters invade West Virginia!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Coming home from Virginia this weekend (5/25), north on I81, my fiance and I stopped in an antique market in West Virginia. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! Crunching off the windshield as we pulled off the exit, swooping down from the trees, crushed under our feet as we walked…The shop owner said they’re looking forward to 4 more weeks of the squealing, crunchy critters! Ichhhh! Jen, Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Guess What?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I saw a cicada today! I’ve been waiting for a moment like this! I didn’t think they existed until I finally saw one myself. They’re a lot bigger than I thought they were! YAY Cicadas! WEEEEEEE!! 🙂 Ryan Swift, Georgetown

Flying Everywhere Heere!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Please, Please tell me when this madness will end!!!! There are BIG Cicadas flying everywhere. It must stop soon or I am going to lose my MIND. Saw a different breed this morning just a bit smaller with white wings. I am petrified!! Rock, Northwest Baltimore, MD

They’re so cool!

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
I live right by the water, so I haven’t seen any at home. But we were at a Baysox game on Sunday, and there were so many we could catch them in the air and pass them around. And they feel really neat when you hold them. sort of like little prickles… Mer, Annapolis, MD

Cicadas like blondes

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
One of these nasty things flew into my wife’s hair. Alan, Washington DC

Found Brood X

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Thanks to this message board and the earlier posting from Green Lane, PA.
We found the brood.

See ya in 17 years !!! Danny, Audubon,PA

Cicadas in Upstate NY?

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Does anyone know if the cicadas are coming to upstate NY. I’m only 17, and curious to find out as much as I can, I obviously cant remember the last time they came, as I was born that year. Let me know… Melanie, Lisbon NY (St. Lawrence County)

Trip To Washington DC

Date: Thursday, May/27/2004
Yesterday I made a quick trip to Washington National Airport and had a couple of hours to collect cicadas and bring some home to Chicago. There’s a beautiful bike path that goes north from the airport along the Potomac, and it was heavily populated with cicadas. I collected a few males and females and brought them home. They’re in a big jar climbing around on a big ball of wet paper towels.

Odd thing is that they seem to have two or three distinct mating calls. Do they vary by family, mood, or both??

I’ll probably let’em go free tomorrow in the forest preserves up here. They’ll have a ball in these here woods… Philip, Chicago

On the Mall

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
There are pockets of cicadas on the National Mall in Washington that emerged late last week. Most of the trees there are pruned regularly of their low brances so there aren’t a lot to be seen up close anymore, but you can definitely hear them in patches around the National Gallery of Art and the National Museum of American History.

Meanwhile, my neighborhood in Arlington has been droning for almost two weeks. I’ve had cicadas land on my shoulder and sing — it’s loud, but OK by me. The courtyard below my 7th floor apartment just became active in recent days, and cicadas sometimes land on my window screens and sing. I haven’t seen any new emergences in several days. P. Yabut, Arlington, VA

Sightings in NJ?

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
We’re on the look-out, but haven’t seen any yet! Is it possible they won’t emerge here? Chuck, Montclair, NJ

Where are they?

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Why haven’t the cicadas invaded this town. I saw one today for the first time and it was probably blown here from a storm we had the night before. Don’t get me wrong though, I am relieved not to have that rotting smell but I would like to know the reason if there is one. M.O., Glen Burnie, MD

100s [AT] Battelle Darby Park

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I took my dog on the Wag Trail. They were all over some of the bushes. The sound came in waves. I found a few dead ones on the ground. I brought them back with me, along with a couple of ticks. I got some tick spray and plan to head back out on a daily bases. Tim Hamilton, Columbus, Ohio

koo koo bugs

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Funny bugs. They’ve become part of the fabric of life. They land on you because you’re vertical. Had one on the car the other day, demurely staring with red eyes. Funny.

I have sympathy for bug phobics. Oh my God. michael, falls church VA

Cicada in NJ

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Nothing in EB NJ but I know that they will come soon. If they don’t then I guess I’ll try in another 17 years. Jason, East Brunswick, NJ


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Just wondering if anyone along the Jersey shore has seen any abundance of these buggers yet? I have my tunnel builders on standby and I want to make sure they have enough construction time! My mother went to Crofton,MD yesterday for a few days to visit and only lasted a day! She said the cicadas were so bad she was having a nervous breakdown and went back home to upstate New York! Ha-Ha! Hope some followed her… Kimmy, SMITHVILLE, NJ

need a few

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
in my middle school classes, we do a number of comparitive studys. i would love to have a few males and females to compare to the annual cicadas that we have in kansas. we are not due for an emergence until 2015, and with all of the discussion
on the news, my students are really interested.

d butler, leon kansas

white eyed cicada

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
found a white eyed cicada when I was walking up to my school so I picked it up and put it in my backpack. I can’t bring cicadas into my school so when I got home I took it out to take a picture. Then I put it in a jar with a branch.
SEAN WILKINSON M.D sean wilkinson, upper marlboro maryland

Not hear yet! 🙁

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I’m about 30 miles south of Nashville and no sitings yet! Although I hear Knoxville, about 150 miles east of us, is covered with them.
Cicadas, come west, young bugs, come west! Sandra, Murfreesboro, TN

Boy are they ever loud!!

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
These cicadas are deafening. Our house is surrounded by woods and the noise is really unbearable during the day! We have to turn up the TV to hear it and that’s with the windows shut! The end of June won’t be here soon enough! Karen, Gettysburg, PA

None spotted Yet!

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Will they reach as far east in NJ as Howell? Randy, Howell NJ

I heard them over the phone from Princeton!

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Nothing here in NorthEast Somerset County so far, and looking at the Brood X territory map, we’re really close to the edge of the expected emergence so I’m not 100% certain we’re in the zone. My husband thinks it’s Brood II that emerges here based on the year he remembers it, so we’ll have to wait and see.

However, my husband was on business in Princeton today and called to say he didn’t see cicadas anywhere! I told him it was impossible based on the reports on this site. He pulled over near a wooded area and when no cars were going by, he said he could hear the UFO noise. I urged him to drive closer to the noise and sure enough, it got much louder and I could hear them over the phone! It really sounded like the attack of the giant bugs in old horror movies. He only saw one cicada flying – it might be too chilly today – but they were very noisy in the tree tops. This was along the Raritan canal and just a few blocks from the older part of the University campus. Loretta, North Plainfield, NJ

looks like dive bombers

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Sitting here in clinic and looked out the window…must be a hundred i have seen in the past few minutes…7 floors up…flying through the air like dive bombers…males chasing females??…females looking for a tree branch???…in the heat and heart of a urban center…more buildings than grass and trees… health provider, Baltimore

The noise is deafening

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Even tho’ I’m 17 years older than I was in 1987 and us old folk are supposed to be losing our hearing, the noise seems louder than it was the last time.

Also, the smell of dead and dying cicadas is starting to be a little gamey.

I don’t know if I can make it another 4 weeks without going mad! Iris, Baltimore, MD

where the heck are they?!

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I read your message shorty from kunkletown, pa; we’re neighbors and I haven’t seen any yet. I’m getting the feeling we may not see any, and that makes me sad! becky, saylorsburg,pa

The Maddening Noise

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
The noise level in my neighborhood is getting pretty loud. Everyone said that we wouldn’t see too many here because my neighborhood was built about 10 yrs. ago. Not true!! And now they “sing” at night, too. My husband likes the noise. He says it is soothing.
To Debbie in Seattle: Here is the web page with the article you were looking for:
Grace, Abingdon, MD

They freak me out

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
They are EVERYWHERE! They fly around all over the place and they have landed on me a few times. I wanted to cry. I’m trying to accept them, I’m actually starting to like them a little bit. They are kind of cute in an ugly sort of way… Melody, Hanover, MD


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Cicadas are disgusting and thats all i have to say about that!! Amanda, MD

are they coming?

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
ARE THE CICADA BUGS COMING TO SHIRLEY?????????????? OR MASTIC?????? Brittany, Shirley

manhattan cicadas

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004

i am very excited about the prospect of seeing cicadas in manhattan. it drives me wild, in fact. when will they be in manhattan. will they even be in manhattan? does anyone remember from the last outbreak. im talking about in the parks eg central park, riverside park etc…

reply back soon,
manhattan cicadamaniac TK, new york, ny


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
So far, not any sign of them over here.
However, saw them yesterday, while driving, only 25 miles south of here. “Hope” we’ll have them soon in northern NJ. Peter, Long Valley, NJ

Washing the windshield

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
They seem to be very active this week. And there lots of them dead on the sidewalks – perhaps the first to show up had done their dirty business already and can die in peace now. Anyway – driving home from work yesterday, I got quite a few killed on my windshield. And it’s not an easy task to wash the mess off – no way it would come off with water or regular fluid. Even Windex wasn’t working very well – you have to rub it and scrub it.
And boy, do they stink! I guess people who eats them consider it “delicious”, but I’m actually thinking of getting a gas mask – it’ll be much worse in a week or two…
By the way – to those, who love them so much, and say they are totally harmless: DON’T YOU KNOW THAT ROTTEN FLESH IN LARGE AMOUNTS CAN BE BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH? Have you read (in history schoolbooks perhaps?) that they use to bury corpses after a battle, instead of leaving them around to decompose. And it isn’t only because they honor their soldiers – they bury the enemy soldiers as well. So – who’s gonna bury those “harmless” and “cute” and whatnot things? EIU, Fairfax, VA

Cicadas take a lickin’, but keep on tickin’

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Yesterday evening (May 25) we experienced a serious thunderstorm in Stonewall Manor with nickel sized hail stones. The hail lasted about 5 minutes and shredded leaves of trees in our community. So how did the cicadas, which were perched high in the treetops, weather this assault, you ask? This morning they were singing their usual tune, although at a somewhat reduced volume from the day before. It sounded like most of them survived. Mike, Vienna, VA

They all may have died…

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
…from all the fertilizer and lawn care products being absorbed into the ground, I feel it will be just another normal year for the Cicada.

McKenzie McKenzie, Bucks County


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004

Still waiting in NC mountains

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
We are in the northwestern corner of NC very close to TN and VA. Elevation 3400′. So far, not a single cicada has been seen. The past month has been cooler than normal, so we are thinking the soil temp has not reached the magic 65 degrees yet. We are hoping they come soon! SK, Watauga County, Boone, NC

Cicadas Make Great Models

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
They’re often so slow and docile, and so large, that they take great photo close-ups. Here’s one from my back yard that sat still long enough for me to get this great shot. B. Marshall, Annandale, VA

nothing dramatic

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I found some larvae that was ready to emerge while digging the garden but I haven’t seen any adults. Haven’t heard them yet either. Last weekend near Quakertown Pa on Rt 663 they were very loud. MJB, Mountaintop pa

Egg laying

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Yesterday, I noticed that some cicadas have started to lay eggs on my 13 year old tree. It looked like thread on several branches. I plan on checking the trees at my school. I will try to take a picture to send to you. Shirley Jeffords , Silver Spring MD

Cicadas everywhere

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I live in knox county tennessee. my 2.5 wooded acres are absolutely covered with these buggers. They haven’t caused any trouble but they make a lot of noise all day and now all night. first time i’ve ever seen them Wayne, Knoxville TN


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
They are here by literally the billions!! This small quiet town literally sounds like a big city now! Just one tree in my yards has 1000’s of them!! WOW! Scott, Marshall, IL

Egg laying

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Yesterday, I noticed that some cicadas have started to lay eggs on my 13 year old tree. It looked like thread on several branches. I plan on checking the trees at my school. I will try to take a picture to send to you. Shirley Jeffords , Silver Spring MD

Cicadas everywhere

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I live in knox county tennessee. my 2.5 wooded acres are absolutely covered with these buggers. They haven’t caused any trouble but they make a lot of noise all day and now all night. first time i’ve ever seen them Wayne, Knoxville TN


Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
They are here by literally the billions!! This small quiet town literally sounds like a big city now! Just one tree in my yards has 1000’s of them!! WOW! Scott, Marshall, IL

Cicadas a no show

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Cicadas have not shown up in the Englishtown/ Manalapan area. If anyone sees them please let me know which community. Thanks. Lauren, Englishtown, New Jersey

Another blue-eyed cicada

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
Just read that a blue-eyed cicada turned up in McLean (where I’m from)….there’s an article on the WTOP web site about it. Mom still lives there…I’ll have to tell her to keep an eye out for blue-eyed cicadas… Debbie, Seattle

“The Eyes”

Date: Wednesday, May/26/2004
I am on a message board of folks that ‘appreciate’ (to say the least) Frodo from Lord of the Rings and we are especially always talking about ‘The Eyes’….those deep blue, wide eyes that enhanced Elijah Wood’s character throughout the movie trilogy.

Well, I pulled a meanie last night and posted a pic on that board from the PA station Priscilla mentioned that shows a cicada quite up close and personal with the bulging red eyes 😉 and called it ‘The Eyes’……had a mixed reaction on that one….LOL!!!!!

My Mom is in McLean, VA so from the sounds of what’s being posted here, it sounds like she’s inundated. Dad is in Baltimore….I asked Mom to open the weekend so I can hear them singing a couple of weeks ago (Mother’s Day) but she doesn’t even want to think about them. It must be much worse now….after the post I saw about hitting 40 or 50 of them going down the beltway.

It sounds like they are even more of them than 1970 and 87. Back then my boyfriend and I had tshirts that said ‘Cicada Invasion Summer 1987 with a bunch of cicadas all the the red eyes…if anyone sees a shirt like that can someone let me know.
Is there a news article anywhere on the woman who hit the fire hydrant? Debbie, Seattle

how far upstate will they come?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
are they coming to upstate ny. at all? i took my kids out to look for them, found a shell of one in a knothole in my pine tree, it was very old. covered in spider webs and sap. bill, modena, ny.

attracted to light?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Are cicadas known to be attracted to outdoor lighting? JLB, Louisville, KY

Still No Cicadas!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Had them in ’87, but so far I haven’t seen any here in Matthews, NC or 50 miles away at our lake cottage. They were abundant at the lake in ’87, so I’m wondering where they are now!!!
Lisa in Charlotte, NC Lisa, Charlotte, NC

Where are they?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I drive an 18 wheeler, haven’t seen a live one yet. Maybe thats what the big splat was on the windshield? shorty, Kunkletown, PA USA


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Havent seen any either. I saw a lot in Bloomington. Dr. Dre, Indianapolis


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Anyone have any ideas if these things are coming to South Jersey? I think I may have seen 2 babies on my screen door the other day. They were pretty small but had those red eyes and one was making a pretty loud sound! Haven’t seen (or heard)anything since then but I’m still looking. Is it possible to have just a few and not mass quantities? I’m building a tunnel… KIMMY, SMITHVILLE,NJ

Michigan Sightings

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Have there been any reports of sightings in Michigan? sc, MI

Cicadas early arrival

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I think our Cicadas arrived early . In April we had a deafening sound in the woods behind our apartment complex. We couldn’t figure out what it was. It was so loud. It was done by May. And now we have no cicadas around like everyone else does. Our woods out back are quiet and down the road is filled with them. I think they came early. Amy Murberg, Bel Air, Maryland


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Still none here in Ann Arbor MI that I have seen. Helen, Ann Arbor MI

PLEASE Say it isnt so!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I’m in Washington NJ too Danny, and I dont have them at my house yet. I look outside every night and every morning…so far… complete relief! None here! I lived in Colonia (Middlesex County) in 1996 when Brood II was there. That was so incredibly bad I cant even imagine what this year has in store! You could scoop up many MANY handfulls at the base of each tree back then…OMG what am I instore for this year??? I’m sooo freaked out! New Jersey-ites….please keep me posted!!! B.T., Washington NJ (Warren County)

Are any hatching still?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Does anyone know where any more cicadas may be hatching still in the Cincinnati area, as of 5/26? I would like to try to watch one emerge out of its shell (I missed them in 1987, as I was in Pearl Harbor serving in the Navy). Carol Ann vivedly remembers 1987, and is looking forward to the “peak” time of this “Brood X” emergence.


Thanks for allowing us to share. Larry and Carol Ann, Cincinnati, OH

Just a few – bummer

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
My family has been waiting to experience this invasion, but, alas, we have just had a few emerge under one tree. For the last week we have seen 4-8 new shells each morning. Most of them are being eaten by birds. I can hear an occasional weee-ooohhh, but it’s just one or two at a time. Looks like we are going to have to drive down to southern Indiana to experience the big numbers. Holly, Indianapolis Indiana

Cicadas Everywhere!!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Oh, if you really want to see some cicadas just come to the DC metro area and you will see more than you need. I am on the campus of my school (Trinity College) and cicadas are even flocking inside the dorms. You can here the cicadas all around you…they actually sound like car alarms. Also, can you believe that one little cicada cause a huge accident in Maryland. A lady was driving to work when a cicada flew in her car and she instinctively went to swat it away and crashed into a fire hydrant knocking out all of the water for the neighborhood. I am totally scared of bugs…if you want the cicadas come to DC and take them all because I have had enough of them. 🙂 Ndara, Washington, DC

Where are They?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I live in williamson county about 15 min from downtown and haven’t seen them yet I hope they come soon! danny, nashville TN

Giant cicada!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Just saw the first cicada in our neighborhood- it’s in an oak tree on our street. It is huge! This is the first one we have seen, even though we live in a rural area about seven miles from Princeton (which is overrun with them). Hopefully, we will see more. Sue, Franklin Twp (Somerset Co) NJ

The Enterprise is here

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I live in the country and man do they like to make noise it sounds almost like a Spaceship hovering over our house. We have holes around every tree i mowed the lawn and saw about 100 holes Joe, Pennsylvania

The smell of Cicadas

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
We have had cicadas for over two weeks and the smell from the rotting shells and dead bugs was overwhelming in our back yard. We have been shoveling cicadas into trash cans and putting down lime and cedar mulch to deal with the stench….

KP, Gaithersburg, MD


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
These critters are deeeeeelish! Catch a jar full, freeze them. Next day rinse w/cold h20, pat dry. Toss in flour/salt/pepper/creole season and fry 2-3 min in hot canola oil.
Eat them like popcorn! Great w/beer or Cheerwine… ‘Hoss, Knoxegas, TN

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May 25, 2004

May 23rd – May 25th 2004 Cicada Comments

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Giant cicada!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Just saw the first cicada in our neighborhood- it’s in an oak tree on our street. It is huge! This is the first one we have seen, even though we live in a rural area about seven miles from Princeton (which is overrun with them). Hopefully, we will see more. Sue, Franklin Twp (Somerset Co) NJ

Cicadas are up in eastern PA!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I dug up a cicada a few weeks ago while planting trees, so I knew they were coming. I went out today to take some pictures and they’re everywhere! Still not as noisey as I remember in years past, but I don’t think they’re done emerging yet. Jon, Zionsville, Lehigh County, PA

Unsuccessful Hunt

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Searched through Setauket, Old Field, Stony Brook and Lake Grove in Suffolk County without success. Not a single shell or chirp. Getting hungry and jealous after reading all those cicada recipes! AJay, Long Island


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I visted this site for more info on them since we have people calling our landscaping business worrying about their plants. Its all very interesting. Nothing here as of yet as I am anticipating will will have many at our home which is a few acres of untimbered forest land. We do have an unusual amount of mosquitos this year though, and are HUGE! Looking forward to hearing and seeing this phenomenon, hopefully our young nursery trees are not too hard hit!!! Anyone near us see any??? Susan, Elysburg, PA

Emerged 5/22

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
They’re heeeere. JOhn, Downingtown PA

blue eyes

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Are you still looking for the blue eyed one?

Got it. Bryan , ft thomas


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
people at my school are trying to kill them they have killed 70 bob, U.S


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Are Cicadas blind? Jay Schultz, Silver Spring MD

When will this end?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
There are thousands, they’re everywhere, and they’ve been here since the 8th. They were cool to look at and photograph for a while, but I’m so over this… they are really stinky, loud and annoying now! Donna, Rockville, MD

17 Years Ago

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I have not yet seen them in the suburban Philadelphia region, but understand they are around. 17 years ago, I remember them quite well. For a few weeks, I was qondering what that constant din outside was — they were not in our neighborhood, but quite heavy in the surrounding area. Then one night, I saw a piece on the news about them. Much different today with all the TV & newspaper coverage and Web sites dedicated to the emergence. I’ll have to keep an ear open on the way home. GFE, Glenside, PA

They’re heeeere!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Yep.. we have cicadas here in Bloomington, Indiana! I have some photos I took on 24 May 2004 here:
I hope to get more as the season progresses. I love these bugs! Janee, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

They’re DEFINATELY here!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Have been watching my trees and finding scads of exoskeletons. The awful noise started over the weekend…can barely here myself think and I can’t close the windows because I don’t have central air! Ugh.. Jeanne, Perkiomenville, Pa

No Sightings Yet

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Where are they??!! I want to see these little critters… I hope that I haven’t missed them yet. Mike, Hanover, PA – near Gettysburg

It’s Like a Science Fiction Movie!!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Carcasses are everywhere as nymphs transform into adults and a constant cacaphony fills the residential forest community known as Spring Hill Acres (near Mt Gretna), Lebanon Co., PA. I ran through the woods along the Horseshoe Trail up to Gov. Dick Lookout last Sunday and could hear the “courtship songs”, even though listening to Smooth Jazz on my Walkman!! Stan, Spring Hill Acres, Cornwall, Lebanon Co, PA

Cicada’s coming to Hagerstown??

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
It appears the Cicada’s are everywhere around Hagerstown, MD, but not in the city. They have invaded all surrounding towns, and rivers but not here yet. Are they coming here??

Marcia McKnight Marcia McKnight, Hagerstown, MD

“There Back!”

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
My boys had me outside in the woods looking for them. This morning while looking out the window there they were, three of them in a white birch tree still in the shells. I cannot wait to see the boys faces after school today! Raquel Lutton, Schnecksville, PA

They’re Heere!!!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I have only seen little to none in the city. Will they be in Englishtown, New Jersey? I am going on a trip there on June 12. Andrea, Baltimore, MD

Hoards of Them

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I got attacked on the ear by one this morning, nearly broke my glasses. Freaked out really bad! When are they leaving already? I hate the eeery sounds too. Enough! Enough! I am ready to leave home and stay with my Aunt. How many more weeks of this terror? Shelly, Gwynn Oak, MD

OMG that’s loud

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I’m here on the Ohio/Kentucky border near Cincinnati, and they’re everywhere. My brothers and I were out working on a car and they kept landing on us.

In some parts of Hamilton, Ohio (where most of my family lives) they’re so loud you can’t hear anything else!

BTW – these things seems to have pupils. It looks like when I hold one in front of me and move around, it follows me with it’s eyes. Or am I just seeing things? John Davison, Florence, Kentucky


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
We have them…BIG TIME! There is a swarm on our ridge in the woods. I can hear them starting as soon as it’s warm enough in the morning until it cools down in the evening. They’ve been here for about 2 weeks (first emergence was the morning of 5/15/2004. I have a question for anyone, however. I keep hearing something that sounds like crying, wailing, or lasers in addition to the buzzing that’s like a machine or water running. Does anyone know what this sound is? THANKS! Sharon Heller, 7 mi. west of Newport, PA, USA

There Here!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Since last Friday (May 21) they’ve really invaded Princeton. It sounds as if the mother ship has landed and is beaming everyone up! Marjory , Princeton, NJ


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
they are real thick in the vineyard but nowhere else Mitch Boatman, Hillsboro, Ohio

Our cicadas make great “scarecrows” for our cherry trees

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Typically we don’t get a chance to enjoy the fruit of the cherry trees in our back yard because the birds beat us to it. Not this year. We have thousands of cicadas and lots of delicious ripe cherries.

We figure the cicadas’extremely loud call is scaring the birds out of the trees.

Anyone else getting the same results? Will, Mary, Cindy, & Jim, Ft. Thomas, KY


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
My oldest son and I have been waiting anxiously for them. We heard the noise (finally!) early Sat morn (21st) and went on a walk to coleect some Sunday night. It’s very cool, exciting and GROSS! It must be a BOY thing!!! Shawn Marie & Michael T., Belcamp, MD (Harford County)

You can have some of ours!!!!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
For everyone who hasn’t seen or heard any cicadas yet, consider yourselves lucky…They are so loud, they started this morning at 4 am, and of course the ones my daughter has in a “critter keeper” started singing as well, so I had to take it outside. I let them go & catch her new ones every day. It would be a shame to just have them live 17 yrs underground & die without doing what Mother Nature made them for……I have seen birds feasting on them, red ants eating them, my cat even ate one yesterday….YUCK! They are kind of interesting, though, I got a pic yesterday of a pair mating on my tree. The only thing that really bothers me about them is their smell, it stinks outside, I can’t imagine how bad it will be when they all start dying off & laying under trees in mass piles…. Staci, Beltsville, MD

They are learning to fly better!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I think the Cicadas are learning to fly better after the two weeks of practice they have had since emerging from the soil. If you drive for about a mile on the DC Beltway, one should expect to hit between 40 to 50 Cicadas. They are flying everywhere. Watch your head!!! Jared, Arlington, VA

Finally Found An Adult

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
After several days of finding about 6-8 empty cicada shells in the grass under the same tree, I finally encountered and adult. It seemed to be caught up in the tall grass so I scooped it up and off it went up into the tree. If your in Wilmington, De and haven’t seen one yet, keep looking they’re here! KJ, Wilmington, DE


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
we have TONS of them… everywhere!! traci, new jersey (princeton)


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I wanna see some, but no luck yet… Joe, Long Island

They are in MD/DC area

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Was down at the Potomac River fishing this past weekend and heard them just south of Rt. 95 bridge that crosses the Potomac.
Also heard them on the way home while stuck in traffic on Rt. 95. Had the windows up and radio and A/C on and could still hear them. Just glad I don’t need to sleep through that, YET! JON, PA

Anxiously Waiting

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
There are no cicadas in Tennessee yet, as far as I’ve seen. I wonder if they’ll even get down here this year? I can’t believe I’ll be 42 when they come back… Marijean, Nashville, TN

The emergence pattern is not what I was expecting

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I thought that we would see maybe 1-3 nights of mass emergence, and the subsequent mating & dying. Instead, it seems like they are coming out little by little in my neck of the woods. When will they STOP emerging? Chrissy, Mt. Pleasant, Washington, DC

They are most definitely here!

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I have been amazed at the sheer volume…both in numbers and in decibels! They are all over the Miamisburg-West Carrollton area of Dayton but are not downtown as of yet. They were out in great force this weekend at The Srping Fling in Miamisburg. You could hardly walk 20 feet without one dive-bombing into your hair or landing on your arm, back, shoulder…etc. Watching people scream like little school girls and flail about was a bit entertaining (including yours truly). I’m trying to get “used” to them…really….

For all you cicada enthusiasts…enjoy!

PS: the birds are getting fat! :-> Kharis, Miamisburg

Every Where

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I never saw so many in my life. We have to watch were we step, and shake off our close before we come inside. Theres shells all over the trees and on the ground. Wesley, Delaware, Oh

Where are they

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I want to photograph Cicadae. I live in Providence RI. Does anyone know where some are that are close to me? Scott Lapham, Providence RI


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004

They’re Here

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Found my first shell, followed by about 20 more scattered around the base of our huge Pin-Oak. I’m sure there is many to follow. Hope to se a live one soon. J Stauffer, Columbus,Ohio

When do we get them?

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I live in Atlanta, GA. Do they come this far south? If so, when? I haven’t seen a one. Sheree, Atlanta, GA

In Princeton

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
They’re in Princeton CB, Princeton


Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
Here in Bell Buckle (40 mi SSE of Nashville), ther are no cicadas yet. Everyone that was here in ’87 says that there were plenty, so by all accounts they should still be in the ground……planning. Hopefully I’ll see some when I go backpacking in East Tennessee at the end of this month, I’ve never experienced an invasion before and I feel like a child before his first Christmas. Jake Stringfellow, Bell Buckle, Bedford Co., Tn

First noticed them Thursday May 20

Date: Tuesday, May/25/2004
I have only seen one and it was dead, have only found one shell. The woods across the road sounds like there are millions. They are real loud till way after dark. L:inda Napier, Winslow Indiana

the plagues of Egypt? Nothing compared to what’s coming!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Why has God decided to torment us this way. Have we come to the end of our time. We’ve boarded up our house and only have enough supplies to last us for a month. Save yourselves!!!!!!!!!! the Booher’s, Quincy, MI

They’re everywhere!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They are all over the College Park, MD area. There must be thousands around the house and in the trees. The noise is AMAZING… it’s like being on another planet… I feel like the alien here! It’s absolutely incredible! I’m in cicada heaven! Scott, College Park, MD

None here yet

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Magicicadas have supposedly been spotted near the Delaware-Maryland state line, but none up here in the northern Delaware hills near Pennsylvania. Not even a hint of nymphs crawling out of the ground.

We’re all eagerly awaiting their arrival here…

Michael Sensor, Hockessin, Delaware


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Driving home from work this evening with the windows down I heard a buzzing sound. I pulled over in Warwick Park to check it out. As I walked into the woods the noise was rather loud and I saw a few dried shells, but I never did actually see a cicada. Hopefully I will find more in the days to come, but they are finally here. Dave Fuertsch, North Coventry,Pa


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I have experienced a true natural high!
At Clark Park, about 2 miles from my home, I experienced Cicadamania, up close and personal!

I found by the roadside,
A small tree with a chrous of MagiCicada septumdicem…
Unearthly beauty…
Absolute calm…
No fear…
Is there any other creature on earth that has NO FEAR of humans?
They bumble through the air
They do not have a care
They sing … Delightful!
Landing on me, they linger
Sitting on my finger!
Calling, chourousing, tumbling
Ruby eyes looking,
Cellophane wings flicking
Their clocks are a-ticking
Phhharrrooohhh! They cry!
Soon we will die!
But we will be back
You can count on that
Thank You, Oh Magic Ones
You may outlive me
But you will always be with me. John DeMelas, Oak Ridge, TN

Still going strong

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
It seems they’re still going strong here and at Tysons Corner. The parking lot where I work looks like a little cicada cemetary. We’re almost “attacked” every time we step out of the office. You have to do a cicada check before going back in to remove the unfortunate ones that bump into you and stick! I saw more today dead, dying AND flying around than I have in the last few weeks. I saw new ones still emerging at Wolf Trap over the weekend as well! Entertained, Vienna, Virginia-Fairfax County

First sighting of the year.

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Tonight I went out on the patio and in flew a rather large flying bug. I don’t know anything about these, but I caught it and looked up a picture and sure enough it was a Cicada! It’s the only one I’ve seen, scared the **** out of me. Matt, LaFayette, New York, USA

Our cicadas arrived May 11th! Love ’em!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Hey, they are so exciting! I saw them in 1987 here, too. Each day there are hundreds of new ones in our yard. I love to see them fly like tiny red-gold helicopters. I like to get them on my hand or arm and take them for a walk – they just sit quietly. My cats enjoy stalking them, too. I have named some of them – Loretta & Isabel sit on the back screen door. Susan Burkhalter, Bethesd, Maryland, USA

Just a few of them are here!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
There are abot 10 of them in my backyard! Daniel KIm, Franklin Lakes, NJ


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Because of previous West Carrolton posting, we went there to see them (drove down fron Canada!!). Took exit 44 off of Interstate 75, and they are everywhere. High concentrations (perhaps millions) in Sycamore Trails Park, West Carrollton, Ohio. Joe Minor, West Carrollton, Ohio

they’re everywhere

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Wow. It’s humbling, really. They’re everywhere. It’s their party, and we just need to avoid having them bump into us.

Fearless little things. Zen bugs.They didn’t start flying until this weekend, and now they’re flying everywhere, going about their business. Today it struck me that it’s lucky these things aren’t inherently malevolent/poisonous. The early colonists wouldn’t have had a chance. michael, falls church, va

White Cicada’s?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
My son found a white cicada. Has anyone ever seen a white or albino cicada? It still has red eyes…. Kelly, Columbus, Ohio

Sitings but no singing

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Drove 75 miles from Toledo and camped. On May 18 saw 1st skins and adults, hundreds more each day till I left Powell Creek Camprounds on May 20. One or two sang. The proprieter called May 23, said they are now coming out in woods in camp but still not real load yet. Gary Lovell, Ayersville, Ohio Route 15


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
cicadas creep me out…there r some in my yard, but TONS in the crescent hill area…my friend says theres some in her house…EW…there arent any cicadas by the summit shopping center…probably bc it was farmland b4 and then they covered it with cement, mulch, and sod…and killed any trees that r there and planted new ones…well, at least theres 1 place where im safe lol rachel (again), louisville, ky

cicadas everywhere!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
there r cicadas everywhere, especially on my school campus. one got in my shirt 2day…it scared me 2 death…i got it out and i didnt kill it! rachel, louisville ky

They took the city

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I live in downtown DC (Dupont Circle). So far, I haven’t seen more than any other year…until today. It’s full of them. And I am sorry, I don’t like them. I am scared even of walking on the street. Pablo , Washington, DC

Camping with Cicadas

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Cicada’s everywhere. Spent a weekend camping at Big Bone Lick State Park. Averaged about 5-600 cicadas on the tent at any given time. Had to use a broom to sweep away the cicada’s from the tent entrance. The sound of Cicada’s crawling around on your tent at night sounds very much like a gentle rain. I thought my memory of these little guys from 1987 in Cincinnati, Ohio was bad……this definitely tops that!! Neetz3t, Big Bone Lick State Park, KY

no live ones

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I have not really heard any cicadas here in my area I have seen a few shells here and there but no live ones or sounds that I know of yet. I’m hoping that maybe I’ll have a better chance of hearing them at night. Scott Davis, Bel Air, MD

where are they?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Where are these creatures? I don’t they are in my area? mark, N. Royalton, Ohio

The big bug invasion

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I saw a single hole in the back yard today. No dought it was from brood x. I think the ivasion is about to start. J.P., York,P.A.


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Cicadas, where are you? I so desperately want to see them around here so that I can show my foreign born boyfriend the craziness that are Cicadas. Back when I was in high school there was a different brood going about and though I hate bugs, it was still really neat. Does anyone know if they’ll be headed up here eventually or should I drive my boyfriend (who doesn’t want to see them at all) down to Princeton? Thanks! Tiffany, Edison, NJ

so curious…

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I will be in the DC area this upcoming weekend, and I’m really looking forward to the cicada experience. Can someone tell me when and where is the best time to experience them in their most …annoying? 🙂 BigMac0420, Jacksonville, FL

great there here

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
yup there here, saw the first one today sunning itself on rhododendron flower. Big ugly and many more to come I’m sure…….. Ryan, Brookline, MA

Crabapple Trees and Cicada

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Evidently, cicadas love crab apple trees. I have one in my front yard and it is covered completely in cicada. I don’t mind, except when they chatter at me for stepping out side my own house. Rachel, Cincinnati, Ohio


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Ok guys. This thing is getting intense. I really don’t like leaving my house because there are sooooo many of them now. A few weeks ago I thought I was lucky b/c we really didn’t have that many. Well that was then, this is now. Does anyone agree that they seem to be less active at night?? Or is it just me? I know that they are supposed to be leaving by late june, but does anyone know if this week and the next are their peak times??? I’ve heard that from my mom and a friend and I’m just praying that it’s true. simone , Silver Spring,MD

Where they this noisey?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I don’t remember them being this loud the last time during the day. Meg, Bedford, PA


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They were gross from the beginning, but now they are actually flying around. There are hundreds of them within a hundred foot radius. I have already been unfortunate enough to see about 4 explode upon flying into my windshield. I drive with my windows up, the air on, and music, and they are still loud enough to slowly drive me insane before getting to where I need to be. I’m sure there are many people in baltimore and surrounding areas wondering who the nut is running around with a hoodie on and a tennis racket. yes folks, it’s me. I take all necesary precautions before venturing out into the land of the cicadas. For the next month or so, they are in control. I, personally will be thrilled when they go back to ruling the underworld!! Kee, Randallstown, MD

Still no sight of them!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
We’re close to Phoenixville and Malvern – both locations have representatives on the message board. And yes, there’s little if any activity here. When will they show up? Elaine, Oaks, PA

None Spotted

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
We have nothing but woods surrounding our home and have yet to see a single one here is Harrisburg. Jeremy, Harrisburg, PA


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Okay, the cicadas came slowly, but now they are in full effect !! Man these things are a pain, but fascinating. I don’t want to kill them but when they in sorrounding my apartment I have todo something. I’ll be glad when this is over. My biggest worry is going to work with one of these things in my hair. Felicia , Arlington, Virginia

Nothing where I am

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I’m 20 miles or so north of Princeton. Nothing by me yet. Maybe tonight. Jim, Bridgewater, NJ


Date: Monday, May/24/2004

They’re Heeeeeeere

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Baltimore is now experiencing a cicada invasion. Over the weekend they finally started appearing in mass quantities in my neighborhood. Wherever I go in town, I can always hear the alien-like hum of the cicadas in the background. It is quite loud here and the smell is already pretty strong. Every time I walk to my car, at least a handful of them fly right at me. This morning one flew down the collar of my dress shirt. I think I invented a new dance. I heard on the news that only 25% of them have emerged which is staggering. I can’t imagine how there could possibly be MORE in a few days. They are already everywhere, hitting the windshields of moving vehicles, climbing my house, in my bushes. Amazing. Chris, Baltimore, MD

None here yet 5/24/04

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Nothing here yet. Last evening was quiet, no casings around. D.F., Medford, N.J.

Cicadas Are At Or Near Peak In Elkridge Md.

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They emerged on May 13 and have been as loud or louder than I have ever heard them since Saturday. This is my fourth time around with them since 1953. George, Elkridge, Md, USA


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
None None None.. Nowhere to be seen here. Yeah!! Carrie, Allentown, PA

None here yet!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Not a peep! I love the sound of the cicadas – they are truly the sound of a lazy summer day. I heard they have arrived about 1/2 hour from here in Green Lane. Karen Romano, Conshohocken, PA

All Over!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
The Cicadas are every where!! Disgusted With, Reston, VA

Cicadas in full tilt

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They’re here, hundreds of thousands, probably millions of them. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. We moved to this house about 5yrs ago, it’s in a heavily wooded neighborhood. The sound is intense. I can best describe it as rushing air, something like air escaping from a valve. It’s loud and the cicadas are flying everywhere you look. What happens to the carcases when they die? I heard the stink as they decompose…like land-shrimp. Alex, Downingtown, PA (40 mi west of Philly)

There are everywhere!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Any very very loud – like someone vacuuming in the next room! Jen, Baltimore, MD

Cicada Experience

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Just thought I’d relate a story about my 1st cicada experience. Back in 1998 I was camping with a bunch of fellow geology students in Providence Canyon state park in east Georgia….we did the back country hike through the canyon and we camped overnight down in the canyon. A bunch of us slept out under the stars that night….meanwhile, while we were sleepling and unbeknowent to us, the cicadas (13 year variety)were emerging…when we woke up we literaly had hundreds of hollow cicada exoskeletons all over our sleeping bags, hundreds more in out shoes and a large nearby tree (maybe 5 ft. away) had thousands of exoskeletons ont it…needless to say we were alittle freaked out knowing that thousands of creepy little bugs were crawling all over us and our stuff. But it does make a cool story to tell. thanks. Gristlejaw, Flroiduh


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
We are very excited that this is the year the cicadas are emerging. We are busy learning about all aspects of their lives. Daeshawn found one on his oak tree last weekend. Patrick found one on his apple tree. It was head-down, four feet above the ground. We are waiting to find more! Mrs.Moynahan’s Third Grade Class rade, Coquillard Primary Center, South Bend, In


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I thought the worst was over, but boy was I wrong! There were so many cicadas on my patio on Sunday morning that my boyfriend had to come over and sweep them up just so I could get outside. I’m just an innocent person trying to live my life. When will this be over? Heather, Falls Church, VA

Yippee! Cicadas at last

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
After much anticipatory dread, I had actually begun to get into Cicadamania. But there were no signs of the little buggers in Owings Mills while surrounding areas got tons of them. They finally began singing on Saturday. Can’t see many, but the sound is just awesome!!!!! Kathy Valentine, Owings Mills, MD

Mmmm mmmm good.

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I haven’t seen too many in Germantown, but I did gather about 100 post-teneral female cicadas. Over the weekend, I made about two dozen dry-roasted, chocolate covered cicadas, which five co-workers tried today! I’ve got a few more recipes I want to try. The verdict? So far, so good. Not exceptionally delicious. But, not bad either. Mike K., Germantown, MD

Still looking

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I’ve never experienced the Brood X cicadas but have heard stories. Someone said that they won’t be in Union County, NJ this year! Say it ‘aint so! Anybody hear this? SMC, Summit, NJ

Cicada clear for the 28 approach

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Like a blink of an eye they are flying all over the tarmac….just yesterday there were none JP, BWI

Cicadas in Full Force

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Went camping/horseback riding this past weekend at Fair Hill, MD. Large pockets of Cicadas everywhere. You could hear them from the barn constantly. I enjoyed listening to them–although others did not. Sometimes when riding through the pockets they would be flying everywhere and landing on you and the horses. It was amazing how loud they were. The horses didn’t mind the sound but didn’t like when being hit in the head by them. It was a pretty neat experience. They are quite amazing. Barb, Fair Hill, Maryland

Faster than a speeding cicada

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I went for a bike ride yesterday from my house in Stonewall Manor to Reston via the W&OD bike trail. It was a challenge to avoid hitting these flying creatures while zooming along at 18+ mph on the bike trail. I happened along a cicada flying parallel to the trail, so I slowed down to match its speed. It was flying at about 9 mph into a slight headwind. So, for anyone wondering how fast these little buggers fly, my empirical evidence suggests about 10-12 mph without any wind resistance or wind assistance. Mike, Vienna, VA


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Hello –
Cicadas began emerging here in Arlington 2 weeks ago. Since they came out so early here, will they leave sooner than other areas. It is unbearable. David, Arlington, VA

They’re Heeeeeeeeeeeeere!!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
First spotted Saturday, 5/22. Noticed a few “shells” on a row of short lilac bushes while cutting the grass. Closer inspection revealed TONS of them on the undersides of almost every leaf, often piggy-backed in bunches of four and five. A few hours later, heard the first sounds, like the string section of an orchestra warming up. Sounds and sightings of adults wobbily making their way to the trees is steadily increasing. vbert, Kintnersville (Upper Bucks County), PA

Merrill Creek Reservoir

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Went for a walk at the Merrill Creek Reservoir. Cicadas were everywhere. Pretty awesome to actually walk through them, and to hear them. Danny, Washington, (Warren Co.), NJ

Indiana Cicada

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Haven’t seen any Cicadas here at home in Hamilton County, but I spent the weekend camping at McCormick Creek State Park in Southern/Central Indiana (~60 miles south of Indy). As I drove south, the chorus began. At times the noise from trees on either side of the highway was just plain creepy. At camp they were everywhere, in various stages. Many little holes on the ground where they had emerged. Many shells and living Cicadas on the trees. Shells all over the ground. Many carcasses of those that didn’t make it as well. Lots of “music” from the trees until dusk, when it would quiet down until morning. Angela, North of Indianapolis

Still Waiting

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Still no cicadas in Damascus. Still waiting patiently. I think they are cool looking, but not in such large quantities. Donna, Damascus, MD


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
The Cicada are everywhere even inside the metro rail cars. Doreen, Forestville, Maryland

They’re Singing in Crownsville!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
We have a constant concert going on in Crownsville — they are plentiful, large and LOUD!

CM, Crownsville

Nothing yet

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I am anticipating a most enjoyable show of the cicadas,but as of now 5/24/04 I have been disappointed. When should I expect this 4th of uly explosion of Brood X? Jim, Hamburg,New Jersey


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
i was visiting Dayton for the weekend and it’s incredible on how many cicadas there are! It’s hard to believe, and they are so loud! It seems like Chicago is still a couple weeks away from this adventure! Christopher Byczko, Dayton, Ohio


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They are so bad in my neighborhood, particularly my house with the most trees on the street, hovering over it. I moved out this weekend to go stay with my mother. I can’t handle it, the noise is deafening. My daughter screamed, “I CAN’T THINK”. It’s terrible. I don’t know how I am going to survive this. MzTJones, Baltimore, MD

Still not too bad

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
We have them… but not real bad. I hear them (how could you not!) and see them, but they are not as bad as other ares. My sister lives on the other side of Delhi and is confined to her home. I cut my grass yesterday!! I am really waiting on being hit hard-my kids are going to FREAK!! Cindie, Delhi Twp, Ohio (Cincinnati)

Where are they?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I understand that York, PA should be in the thick of it, but so far, nothing. I am not especially fond of bugs, but I am fascinated by the life cycle of these particular insects and can’t help but be excited. Anyone in my area seen any? Karen, York, Pennsylvania

Found a few

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Went in search of cicadas this weekend. Heard or saw a few in Harleysville, Pa. A fair number reported by friend in Spring Mt. area. A large number (maybe a few thousand to ten thous./acre)in area west of Quakertown, emergence began around 15th of may. Andy, Montgomery County, PA

None Here

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I have been looking, but I haven’t seen or herd any at all. It’s probably to cold and rainy. There are a few wholes in my garden. Maybe it’s the nymphs getting ready to emerge???

I went to Toledo on Saturday May 22 and didn’t see any there either. Mark, Washtenaw County

Where are they?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
i live in Beavercreek, Oh, Just east of Dayton. I found one shell on my sidewalk yesterday. That has been it!! No more to be found.

Roger, Beavercreek, OH

they’re here

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Yesterday, there were thousands in my back yard. Extremely loud even when I was inside with windows closed. Outside it was almost deafening. Jeff, Dublin, OH

Are we getting them???

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I live in Ringwood N.J. and have seen one shell,I work in Suffern, New York and there aren’t any there either. Will we be getting them? My sister who lives in Baltimore, M.D. has been freaking out about them being everywhere for 2-3 weeks already. Lori, Ringwood New Jersey

The smell of the Cicadas

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Hi! I came to this site to see if anyone else smells this “gargbage in the heat” or “dead animal” smell..I hope it’s coming from them..I thought my sewer system was backing up!

I’m sorry,I don’t like them and when are they leaving? 🙂 Maysa Leak, Baltimore

Nothing in Pottstown, PA

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I’m in the North Western Philadelphipa suburbs. We’ve got holes in our yard but haven’t seen or heard any cicadas yet. We’d like to see a few but don’t want the numbers that others are reporting. Vic, Pottstown, PA

will I see them???

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
My niece is having an outdoor party for her 5th birthday. She is NOT a “bug-lover”, to put it mildly. My sister is freakin’ out….do they show up in Manhattan or Brooklyn? We are native Floridians so we are completely ill-equipped (emotionally) for cicada swarms/sounds/urine-mistings. lissa, brooklyn, NY

I’m going crazy!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I thought I was petrified of spiders, well not anymore! The cicadas are everywhere! They were exceptionally loud between 5 and 6am this morning. I opened my door this morning to dead and dying cicadas all over the breezeway! I was horrified! They were all over the hallway stairs and were flying everywhere! I had a couple fly at me and buzz me – I was screaming like a lunatic! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO GO AWAY! Lynne, Alexandria, VA


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I was walking around outside and they just seem to fly from one place to another. One flew into me and I was walking.Are cicadas blind or is it hard for them to turn directions? Kanika, Washington,DC

Where Are They?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the cicadas. I thought I heard one last week, but none since then. Where are they? I’m jealous to hear that there are other people in PA that are experiencing them! I’ve been patiently waiting, but now I’m getting worried I might not see them or I’ll miss them! Becky, Saylorsburg , PA Monroe


Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Last week we noticed a few skeletons in the trees (about Thursday, May 20). Saturday morning, we went outside and could hear the eeriest sound. We thought someone had left a pump on somewhere. Then we realized it was THEM!!! Yesterday, May 23, we went to a nearby woods and they were EVERYWHERE. Thousands of skeletons and the noise was so loud we could hardly carry on a conversation. Awesome! Paula, Newark, DE

Where are they?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I live in a Detroit metro suburb and haven’t seen or heard one little cicada. And none of my other family members scattered throughout the area have seen them either. Has anyone else seen a large siting of them anywhere in Michigan? I’m patiently waiting… Peg, Plymouth, MI

Cicada sighting

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They’re out, but certainly not in the numbers I expected. Our weekend house is in a wooded, rural area; most of the cicadas are at the edge of our property on trees and shrubs, but not many near the house. Maybe the big invasion has only just begun. Linda, Upper Bucks County, PA

Cicadas in Montgomery County PA

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
They’re here in Green Lane Reservoir, Montgomery County PA, sounding like a million weed whackers running at once. They are so pretty. When you pick one up it squeeks! Mary A. Phalan, Philadelphia PA

Albino Cicada

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
This morning (May 24) a co-worker told me of an albino cicada. My first thought was he saw a newly emerged one and mentioned that to him. He said he knows the difference between a “soft” one and a “hard” one — this one was hard and had fully expanded wings. His wife is a photo buff and I think she planned to take a picture of it. I will post a picture if possible. Ron J, PA 17339

Hey Priscilla from Smithville

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I teach at Smithville Elementary School and did a short unit on the cicadas. We are anxiously awaiting their arrival but I am getting a bit nervous! The kids and I will be totally bummed if they don’t show up. Please let us know as soon as you see one! Thanks and happy hunting! Kim, Smithville, New Jersey

TAKE THEM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
As I left for work this morning I had to wake my husband to make him walk out with me. There were probably 1,000 walking on my decks and the other door (sliding glass) the doors were totally covered with these nasty, creepy, noisy critters. The security light above this door attracted them and my whole side of the house was covered. GO AWAY – GO AWAY – GO AWAY Missy, Lexington, Indiana

Cicadas in Delaware?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Has anyone observed the emergence in Delaware? My daughter is graduating from UDel and I was wondering if they were present on campus.

Yesterday, Sunday 23-May, I went down to Princeton University. Some realy intense “outbreaks” down there. Really cool.

Jim jim occi, Cranford, New Jersey

To Kristen from Rockville, MD

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Answering your questions – “DO THEY SMELL?” INDEED THEY DO!!! My husband killed hundreds of them on the ground cutting the grass – and now they STINK. The smell which some call “peculiar” is really terrible – so we better prepare ourselves for the end of June, when they will be going back to hell by millions… Elena, Fairfax Villa, Fairfax VA

Cicada Feast in Tennessee

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
I saw a newsclip from Tennessee tonight where they had a Cicada feast…they had all different types of cicada dishes, though not the Choco-Cicadas that I saw a recipe for somewhere.

Priscilla, thanks for the info…I couldn’t get the video but did see the images…love that last closeup shot of “the eyes.” 🙂 Debbie, Seattle

How long do they live

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
How long will the cicada’s be here? There are billions of them. -Shelton KY Shelton, Louisville, KY

Cicadas around Princeton, NJ

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Hey Alan:

Re your post maybe Cicadas like the upper crust of the earth but not society. I’d stay underground if I were near Princeton also! Go Rutgers! Pete , Bridgewater, NJ

NJ Cicadas Where are You?

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
Funny to see all the messages from Central NJ. We were plagued 17 years ago but nothing yet here in Bridgewater. Maybe tonight or tomorrow (Monday) after a few days of hot weather. I see holes in the lawn and think that might be them but we also have chipmunks and a lawnmowers that could do that. Can’t believe that we could miss it all. Do these guys actually migrate? I thought they lived straight underground a foot or so down.
Maybe the wet spring weather (not more than usual-we’ve had worse springs) has put a damper on it. My guess says any day now if not tonight. Pete, Bridgewater, NJ

PA – emergence picks up steam

Date: Monday, May/24/2004
In the woodlands along the Lancaster / Lebanon / Berks County lines, sightings have gone from “a few” last week to “dozens” on Friday; now thousands tonight. I watched (and took pictures) This afternoon, you could hear them singing. Not really loud yet. Mike Frey, Lititz PA


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
after hearing what sounded to me and my girlfriend like a cat being murdered, i found a HUGE “casing” of some insect ive never seen on the post of our front porch, it had a big hole in the back…after looking on the internet i have found out that these are cicadas!! I guess the season has begun!–gotta admit, i hope they stay outside! Josh Crager, Lexington ky

Awesome sound

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Spent a weekend getaway in the country in Clinton Falls Indiana and those noisy things were everywhere. It’s like being in a twilight zone. God’s nature is awesome!! Cindy Towne, Clinton Falls, Indiana

I’m gonna cry!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Oooooh, I’m so jealous! I’ve never seen a live cicada, only mounted. I’m a bug afficianado and am so envious of you guys that get to hear the calls and see such an amazing event.

Heck, I’m jealous that other states even have TREES. Those are a rarity in freakin’ LA. Enjoy the cicadas! I’m seething with envy. Alie, Los Angeles, CA

Cicada Sighting

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I was at my cabin on the Ocoee River about a mile outside Copperhill on May 16th and heard the Cicadas singing and they were still singing on the 23rd. Carlton Williams, Copperhill, Tenn.

They’re Here!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Cicadas arrived in my neighborhood yesterday (Saturday) in mass, but they do get quiet and disappear at dusk, till the a.m. Briana, Abingdon, MD

The Hills are Alive!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Visiting N. Georgia from Atlanta. As we pull into the drive way of the farm, I see what I thought was a small hummingbird. As I step out of the car, the sound was so intense I thought a house alarm was going off. Turned out to be the sound of meellions of Cicadas. They are awesome! Gavin , Blairsville, Georgia

Cicadas spotted in Clover SC

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
2 yrs. ago I lived in Clover SC on the border of NC and my daughter and I found 3 in our backyard,we knew they were different so we watched them from day to day,,but I realized today what the bugs were Cicadas, my daughter was so excited to learn about them,they must be good to eat because my cat jumped on this big brown one and tore into him,Ive since moved but we’re on the lookout in Lumberton NC,,,Good Luck! meltripper, Lumberton NC

Crawling back yard

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004

They are eveywhere in my backyard. My family and I have had the priviledge to see them coming up out of the ground in their beetle shells to the final transformation. What a great sight. One night at about at 9PM there were hundreds of beetles crawling up the tree. At 11:45PM several of them were hanging from the leaves clutching to their formal shell as their wings dry out and expand and their fragile white bodies strengthen as they also darken. Our back yard is full of them so that no step can be taken without looking down to see that you’re not smashing one. The background noise is
similar to the strange sounds used in old science fiction movies. I thank God for creating such a fascinating species and for the invention of the video camera. Pete, Timonium, MD

Attack of the creepy crawlers!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
May/23/04:Been watching these amazing but creepy creatures for a few days.Increasingly getting more abundent.Don’t really mind them because i know they are harmless but they still make me scream.I have to say the noise is amazing!Somewhere between a horror movie scream and a machine running badly.I like the UFO sound comments.Nothing too much but except alot more,Alot more.Have fun:)
michele, mohnton,PA

cicada sounds

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Has anyone else noticed that there seem to be different layers of cicada sounds? There is a general din that has been getting louder and louder for days, and then there are the cicadas right near us that seem to go up and down in pitch in unison, so that it sounds like waves. How do the cicadas coordinate their sounds like that? How do they all go up in pitch at the same time and then all down at the same time???

P.S. My wife looked pretty funny trying to get the cicada out of her blouse, believe me. John , Louisville, KY (Crescent Hill)

a cicada down my blouse!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
My husband and I were eating lunch outside, enjoying the cicadas (he was encouraging them to go ahead and try flying) when a cicada hit my face. I screamed and threw my yogurt across the grass—and the cicada ended up down my blouse! How do I describe what happened next? I went through a lot of contortions to get that cicada OUT of there! Tamara Meinecke, Louisville, KY (Crescent Hill)


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
There are hoards of cicadas in my yard, they are bouncing off the windows, and the house. I have a tree that overhangs my second floor balcony and there are so many that I can’t go out back without being hit by them. My 12 year old cat isn’t paying attention to them, but my dog is crazy for them. He’s eaten a couple but I’m making an effort not to let him eat any more. I still feel freaked out a bit by them but they are pretty cool as long as they don’t land on me. Liz, St. Bernard, Ohio

Still Waiting!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Well, I’ve yet to read or hear about any cicada sightings here in NC!!! I remember them from 1987. Now that I know more about them, hopefully they won’t seem as gross and scary!
Lisa in NC Lisa, Charlotte, NC

Still waiting…

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Haven’t seen any here in Frederick, MD yet. Got off a plane at BWI (Baltimore, MD) this morning and it sounded like a UFO was in the area. Maybe the “UFO” will land this week in Frederick… Tony, Frederick, MD

cicada sightings

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
lots of cicada’a… Lisa, Kettering ,Ohio

An Unwelcome Alarm Clock!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I spent 3 nights with the critters watching them emerge last week, and then spent the next few days observing and enjoying. We have a lot of cicadas in the neighborhood, but not so many that they’ve become a nuisance.
I was so disappointed when the droning began in the distance, but none were singing in our yard. Where were the little guys (and gals) I had sat up with all those late nights?
Well, a few days later they began to sing in the neighborhood – an even steady drone, nearby but faint. When I told my son I was disappointed that the cicadas had left our yard he replied, “You have to be here at 3 in the afternoon. They sure are singing here then!”
Turns out I was looking for the song when I came home from work, late in the day, after the singing wound down. Sure enough, on the weekend the droning and chirping was IN the yard and created an incredidle din. Like other message posters, I’d describe it as a combination between a buzz and the throbbing whine of a 1950’s UFO movie.
It begins at about 4am and continues only until late in the day. By sunset, there’s no sound from them at all. I hear only a very occasional chirp as I write this now, after a very constantly noisy day.
Well, its been interesting waking to the buzz each morning for the past few days, but today took a new turn. I’m sound asleep whe I’m startled awake by a tremendously loud WEEEEEEEEE-ooooooooo! I bolt up out of bed only to realize a single cicada must have been sitting in the tree right outside our bedroom window. I look at the clock and it’s 3:05 AM! My single songster must have taken off after that because I shortly fell asleep again to a sleep-inducing soft buzz off in the distance.
But the “song” had begun for the day, and it became a rousing chorus that lasted all day until about 7:00 pm! Pat, Gaithersburg MD

there here!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Saw my first cicada on Saturday. What a surprise! What a racket. It was amazing how the dead exoskeletons hung on to the bottom of the leaves while the adults were on top feeding

onemoremile, Oley, pa

Cicada Urine

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Have you felt unexpected drops of liquid outside where cicadas are present? I read an article in the New York Times that said:

“A passer-by may experience the harmless mist of cicada urine if there are enough of them in a tree overhead…”

Today I was taking photos, trying to get a shot of flying cicadas. I did, and also got some added value… Dona, Bethesda, Maryland

they are here

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I am a recent transplant to this area (from Fl). My son-in-law was telling me this would be happening soon. I arrived in Md. from a trip to Fl. Sat. w/ my grandson- turned the car off and we sat trying to figure out what the noise was!!! Opened the doors and realized it was the cicads. They are EVERYWHERE and very loud but quiet down around sunset.
How long will they be here?
Sandi, Chevy Chase, Md.

male and dead female

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Hi.I’ve questions. Why do cicadas loves my car tires? They always there. Second, I caught a male cicada trying to mate with a dead female.Why don’t he understand its dead? There are many lives cicadas around? His sex organ inside her and he attached himself and apparently can’t get loose. any reason to mate a dead female? sezai, springfield, va

Emergence in Kingwood Township, NJ

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Emergence in Kingwood Township -Hunterdon County.
Many dozens seen flying and hundreds of shells in trees. Mostly seen at forest edges adjacent to crop fields. Chris Arthur, Kingwood Township, NJ


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I’m still waiting for these creatures to arrive. I really don’t want to see what they look like in person. I’ve heard that they can be ankle deep in some areas. Now with a big back yard like I have, and lots of trees, knowing my luck there going to be EVERYWHERE! I’ve listened to recordings and now I’m even more scared. Can’t wait to see how I’ll be able to sleep or even get out of the house! Rachael, Green Brook, NJ

They’ve Taken Over My Neighborhood!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
For those who haven’t seen them yet – come to Maryland. The trees in my backyard (and neighborhood) have come alive with cicadas… Quite active and noisy from 7 AM – 7 PM and flying all around. My kids are intrigued, my wife was fine until one flew in her ear while walking the dogs. Saw hundreds (perhaps thousands) of nymphs crawling in the stree last night as they continue to emerge. Definetly a seen from a B-Movie. Cheers… BJ, Ellicott City, MD

miss the cicada’s song

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
originally from north central ohio, now in north central texas…miss the song of the cicada 🙁

just thought you’d like to know i’m thinking of y’all. 🙂 karla, burleson, texas

Upper Bucks (by the Delaware river)

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
We spotted our first cicadas yesterday, on the tires of our car. They seem to like the hotter black surface to hang and molt off of. Since he racket has started further out in the terminal forest that surrounds our house, we hope more will be visible soon. At the time of the previous brood X emergence we were in Chester Springs PA, and it was a non-event. Kurt, Upper Black Eddy PA

Their everywhere

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I go to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. They are Everywhere and they are very loud!!! Last week I must have seen about 200 on the wall of a ramp leading up to a building. Every step I take im stepping on a dead carcass! They are everywhere, loud, and gross!!!! Annie, Bloomington, Indiana

We are INVADED!!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
We have THOUSANDS in our back yard–but at my parent’s place, a mile and a half away, they’ve had not a peep!

My husband and I stood in the back yard under the trees, and they were so loud we had to shout to be heard!

This is incredible! Beth, Spring Mount, PA

They are all over here!!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I have millions of them in my yard, on my trees, covering the side of my house and barn. Any one that wants them can come get them. The noise is deafening! Kathy, Southern Indiana

Yay Cicadas

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
The cicadas of Brood X are special to me because they came out when I was born and also when my mother was born. There are a lot of them here now, and their beautiful (and loud!) music is drifting into my room as I type. I am on a mission to help ciacadas in need! If I see a cicada struggling on its back I will help him/her onto a tree. Long live the cicadas (no pun intended)! Allison, Washington DC


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
there are cicadas everywhere, i cant go outside without being divebombed. and they are loud too. i actually kind of like though, people dont know what to do. pete, cincinnati


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I have been watching and tracking this message board for the last three weeks. Watching and waiting for the cicadas to come to my town. THEY ARE FINALLY HERE. I am so excited. I hate bugs but these things are incredible. missy, Topton, PA

Population is fragmented

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
There’s a lot of cicadas in several parts in the princeton area, including my backyard and the cemetery near the Princeton Public Library. Some parts of princeton though do not have any cicadas. The cemetary smells real bad due to the fact that millions of them are dead crushed on the little roads and baking in the summer heat. Quite a lot of them have wing deformities. There’s cicada shells everywhere around the large trees. Right now the noise volume is not too bad but it’s definately quite loud, although in southern France, every summer, during the month of july, the cicadas can get extremely loud. Right now you can easily hear Magicicada septendecim in the background, seems like there very high up in the trees. In my backyard you can hear Magicicada cassini and seems like Magicicada septendecula is also present. For those of you in other parts of Jersey, seems like brood II (last seen in 1996) is much more of a nuisance then Brood X. Alex, Princeton, New Jersey

First Evidence of Cicadas

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
We were in the yard doing some yard work today and we found about 6 or 7 cicada shells on various trees. We even found one poor soul who didn’t quite make it out of his shell before a spider got him! Still, no live cicadas to be seen, or heard…yet. John, Anderson, Indiana


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I stood under a pear tree in my yard, and the cicadas were so loud my ears were vibrating. There are thousands in that tree. The cicadas closest to the house have a shrill screechy sound, in the distance they have a more humming type noise. Both are at a very high volume. I’m enjoying them while they are here, but also glad we don’t have them every year. Trish, Silver Spring, MD

they’re nearby…

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
After days of rain, we’re now having hot humid weather. We live on the edge of a forested area a few miles north of Elverson,PA and we started to hear them in the distance yesterday, today the noise is louder but still seems to be coming from quite far away. This morning I found two dead adults and one empty nymph skin, but so far haven’t seen any live ones. S.B., Southern Berks County, PA

P U!!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
It’s official. They STINK! I thought it was only happening at my mom’s because she has so so many of them. But as of this afternoon, it stinks here too. This is truly a bummer. I was really starting to enjoy them. Why do they stink so badly?

Lori Lori, Herndon, Virginia

cicada sighting

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I have seen about a dozen adults, starting yesterday, in my yard. robert fulton, Scio Township, Michigan (near Ann Arbor)

Cicada shells smell

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
An earlier posting asked if there was a smell to cicada shells. Yesterday I was standing under a big tree that was very popular with cicadas and there was a very strong smell; similar to crab shells that have been sitting in the sun for a couple of days. There were a lot of shells, cicadas that fell off the tree and were attacked by ants and those that were unable to emerge from their shells. When raking up the shells (preparing for a party!) it was clear that this was the source of the smell. Joyce, Columbia, MD

A strange question…

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I know this is an odd question, but I have a little bug cage so my 3 yr old can watch these creatures up close, and when I picked up a female cicada this morning, it expelled two drops of liquid on me…..Do they do that when they are frightened??? I had no idea…Last week, I thought we would not be getting a whole lot of these insects, but they are EVERYWHERE now & I have noticed they have a strange smell to them… Staci, Beltsville, MD

THER’RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
The cicadas are here they came to Rising Sun first and covered the trees with shells and we go around picking them up and collecting them. They’re coming everywere!!!! BEWARE OF THE INVATION Keep young trees in cheescloth so mothers can’t lay eggs and kill them!!!!! Samantha, Dillsboro Indiana

All three kinds!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I’ve been observing how these guys spread over my backyard woods the last few days, and as of this morning can now say I’ve heard all three Magicicadia species. The ‘buzzers’ were first (five days ago), then the ‘spaceships’ joined in (two days ago), and now the ‘phaaa-roahs’ started up. The cats think they’re fun (they think the females are tasty and the males – that chirp – are nifty toys), but I’m keeping the cats inside now, much to their annoyance. Like I want to step on cicada hairballs in the dark, if you know what I mean! …I don’t want to think about what this is going to smell like when they rot – like the garbage strikes in NYC I remember, probably – ick. Feel like I’m in my own episode of the ‘X files’. Kat Nell, Bloomington, IN

Holy Molting, Batman!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
We took the kids to Batelle Darby Creek Park in Central Ohio yesterday, and boy did we pick the right day! There were hundreds, thousands of cicadas just emerging from the ground and shedding their skins. The trees were absolutely covered with cas-off brown skins, and milky-white, newly-emerged cicadas were working their way up the trees. The kids were astounded. DuffyMoon, Columbus, Ohio

Yee Haw!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I drove out to my mother’s in Alexandria/Franconia last weekend (5-15) to see the cicadas because there weren’t any at my house, 25 miles west of her.

But I got up the next morning and I could hear them very faintly in the distance. Each day they got louder and louderand more and more of their little armor suits appeared. And now it’s official, I have cicadas!!

This is my 2nd go round with them for my lifetime to date and I don’t remember them being this loud 17 years ago. I can hear them from inside the house with the air conditioner running and the music playing.

They start their day with their consistant humming sound and as the day grows, they get louder and louder and more high pitched. It actually sounds like they’re mating when they really start shreeking. But the constant hum is always present in the bachground. I am truly amazed at how loud they are!

I love it. I’m sure it’ll grow old in another week or so, but it happens so rarely in a person’s lifetime that I think we should enjoy them while they’re here.

Lori in Herndon Virginia Lori, Herndon, Virginia

They’re here!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I found a cicada ‘shell’ yesterday, and today have seen several cicadas, but not swarms yet. We are located near Hellertown, PA. JenniferP, Easton, PA (Williams Township)

Southern Indiana

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Here in Bloomington, Indiana, they’ve been coming out in earnest for about 12 days, and, at least in the cooler places, there seems to be no end of them yet. This morning I again saw hundreds of new ones in my backyard that had emerged during the night.

The sound, which is of course still getting louder every day as the numbers increase, is awesome. You can easily distinguish the calls of the three species, though septendecula sometimes get drowned out by the other two, which are apparently more numerous. Mike Gasser, Bloomington, Indiana

What an amazing thing! Like a giant car alarm

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
The cicadas have been here for more than a week and my dogs are in snacking heaven! I have to keep an eye on them or they will get very sick. The noise is unbelieveable, so prehistoric and wonderful. Today they are thicker than ever and yesterday while cutting the grass (I hear they are attracked to the lawn mower noise) one flew into my mouth. Yuk! Today they are flying around like crazy, bumping into everything! I have to make a run for my car to go visit family that don’t have the cicadas yet, about 5 miles away. Weird huh? Mary, Louisville, Kentucky


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I cannot believe how loud these things are….they really hit their stride yesterday afternoon, when the temp. reached near 90. Still loud in the house with all the windows shut. And this morning at 5:45, I could hear that metallic hum starting. Cathy, Cincinnati (Silverton), Ohio

None here

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I remember hearing that cicada species don’t overlap on territories, so I don’t know if western Prince William County is home to another brood, but in my neighborhood which is heavily wooded, there are no cicadas, but when I head eastbound into Fairfax County, there they are! Andrew D, Haymarket, VA

full swing

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
The cicadas are loud, proud and many. The community and surrounding area has been extensively developed in the last 17 years, but has swaths of untouched land, so we have quite a number of cicadas. Some of our pre-invasion worries have not come true and I thought I’d share in case anyone else is still awaiting their emergence and has some similar worries.

So far kids’ soccer games have not been impacted. The bugs usually stay higher up in the trees and at least in our area there aren’t many old trees left by the soccer fields. My daily walks have not been affected. I thought I’d have to curtail walks as I hate flying bugs hitting me, but none have hit me so far. I do have tons flying around in my backyard as I back to woods, but I don’t think they would interfere with a barbecue if I were to have one. I’ve found three on my deck, but they’ve just flopped around helplessly. And while some dogs like to eat them and my boss’s cat has gone nuts wanting to go outside all the time to catch them, my finicky terrier won’t eat them. He does like to torture them (poor things), but that’s it. Jane, Ashburn, VA

1st sighting

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I didn’t really see them. What I found were a couple of their shells they left behind, plus the holes they came out of. I looked on the trees and didn’t see them. Coulda been there or coulda got eaten by something. I’ve been checking regularly and this is the 1st sign that they are on their way. It rained 4inches on Friday so ground is very soft. Tim Hamilton, Grove City, OH


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
none yet.. Anybody see them on LI? scott, Eastern Long Island

Ivy League Cicadas

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
If it were not for my friend Lori, I wouldn’t have known what this HUGE bug was that flew by me in downtown Princeton. That afternoon as I drove home, I heard this constant humming sound which I thought was a saw from a construction site but as I drove further out of town, the sound did not go away. Perhaps they’re looking for a better education!! Cathy, Princeton

Still waiting

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I thought maybe I heard one today but only one. A cicada expert at the University of Michigan (now retired) says that Washtenaw County should see millions this year, especially in the northeast and northwest parts of Ann Arbor. Maybe now that the storms have passed, they’ll come out. Neil Richards, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“They’re on our doorstep!”

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
None in Ephrata, but went hiking near Mt. Gretna and they’re out, noise and all. Can’t wait! Tom Wettach, Ephrata, Pa.


Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Just wondering if anyone around here has seen any….i’m starting to think this is some kind of orson welles deal because i have not seen any hordes of insects…let me know! Tracy, Dover, DE

cicadas everywhere

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Already a stinking mess in Cincinnati plastered on the pavement and piled corpses at the bases of trees. They are just emerging in the northern Centerville and southern Kettering areas. found none in the sugarcreek area yet. What a sight to see I have been watching and photographing the emergence for the last week from cincy to Dayton Larry Hill, Kettering Ohio

None Yet!!!!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Kinda want to get it over with! Alan, Hauppauge. Long Island

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